Gesta Regum Anglorum

Gesta Regum Anglorum

Gesta Regum Anglorum, or De Gestis Regum Anglorum (On) Deeds of Kings of England/(the English), or (The) Chronicle(s)/History of Kings of England by  William of Malmesbury Authorship and Content of Gesta This work is an early 12th Century (AD 1125) history of the Kings of England by an Anglo-Norman cleric, William of Malmesbury (born c … Read more

The Lay of the Honeysuckle (Chevrefoil)

lay of the honeysuckle

The Lai’s Subject and Sources Chevrefoil is a Breton lai by the mediæval poet Marie de France.  A lai is a mediæval type of short tale in French literature that is usually in octosyllabic (eight-syllable) verse, often connected with King Arthur or the Round Table.  Typically, Chevrefoil is the eleventh poem in the collection called … Read more

Erec by Hartmann von Aue

Introduction to the Text, its Summary, and its Manuscript Tradition Erec (Erek, Ereck) is a poem written by Hartmann von Aue in Middle High German rhyming couplets. According to Joachim Bumke (2006), this poem is thought to be the earliest of Hartmann’s narrative works and dates from c AD 1185.  A version of Chrétien de … Read more