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Mythology Books: Lists and Reviews

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Notice: I am currently accepting review submissions for mythology-related books only. There must be a clear connection to at least one of Earth’s mythologies, legends, or fairy tales. If you are interested in submitting your book for me to review, please contact me via my Facebook page.

Welcome to the place where I review books! For a long time, I loved making lists of books and media, then plowing through them one by one until I became thoroughly knowledgeable about that topic.

Now, I do the same with Mythology books. In addition to writing my own mythology books, I like to read the work of others, both for inspiration and to give back a little.

The following are some of the lists I’ve created, along with any individual reviews I’ve done so far. Enjoy!

Mythology Book Lists

Below you will find featured lists for various mythologies, coverings mythology retellings, modern-day adaptations, and more.

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Learn the secrets of writing a myth! Get tips on how to create characters, research myths, and write your own original story with our guide.

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Want a nice book to read that involves King Arthur and the knights of the round table? Have I got a list for you.

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Looking for more authors like Rick Riordan to read? Well, I’ve assembled a list of several authors that are similar. Check them out!

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Were you a fan of Percy Jackson but want something better suited for adults? This article is exactly the list of recommendations you need.

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The Percy Jackson books exist in the same continuity with multiple other series, but how does it all fit together?

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Percy Jackson is a great series, but what if you’ve finished the series and want more books like it? I’ve got a list of possibilities for you.

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A complete list of Rick Riordan books in release and chronological order, as well as a list of Rick Riordan presents novels.

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