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The origin of the boy who would be King, and other Arthurian tales, retold for modern audiences.

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Sir Gawain

Explore the legendary life of Sir Gawain, King Arthur’s noble nephew, known for his loyalty, valor, and the famous Green Knight encounter.

Pangu Featured Image

Pangu was one of the chief Chinese gods involved in the Chinese creation myth. However, his existence is rather unique. Find out why.

Chretien de Troyes featured image

Explore the legacy of Chrétien de Troyes, the Father of Arthurian Romance, in this detailed article covering his life and legacy.

Helen of Troy Featured Image

Looking to learn more about Helen, the legendary Spartan queen at the heart of the greatest Greek epic of all time? Learn more here.

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Read this before you purchase! Learn if Wondrium is the right online learning platform for you and your needs.

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Edutainment is a melding of education and entertainment, a method proven to be effective in learning for children and adults. Learn more!

featured image that says the battle of camlann

The Battle of Camlann is one of the most important events in Arthurian Legend, and one that may have a slight basis in fact.

banner image that says Aurelius Ambrosius

Aurelius Ambrosius is a figure with a lot of mystery surrounding him. Was he historical or is his legend purely fiction? Find out here.

Featured image that says Castle Corbenic

Castle Corbenic, the mythical Grail castle, features enchantments and adventures, and is home to King Pelles, Elaine, and the Fisher King.

featured image that says avalon

Discover the enchanting world of Avalon, a mythical island of legend and lore. Explore its history, mythology, and enduring appeal.

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