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A Beginner’s Guide to Star Wars Legends
With the most recent film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker that ended the Skywalker Saga, networks swell up with people eager to catch up with history. After buying the Star Wars fanchise in 2012, Lucasfilm soon thereafter made the (slightly controversial) decision to take many of the stories that came before and designate them...
Tips to Become Fit like the Dark Knight
Superheroes make us wish things that have zero percent chance of happening. For example, there is no chance that a spider bites you and you gain the powers of web slinging. Still, thanks to DC we have an example of a superhero who became a superhero without possessing any supernatural powers. Yes, that’s the Batman....
Can Batman Beat Superman?
We may be talking about the history of comics itself: two of the top ambassadors of this industry and the two biggest emblems that DC Comics has above other great icons of this art such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern or Flash. Despite this, they are two superheroes that are very different from one another...
The Author's Journey
How to Become the Best Epic Fantasy Writer
Hello, dear reader. In my last post, I wrote a fantasy blurb by breaking down the individual components of best-selling blurbs in the genre, then used those pieces to create my own. The result was very well received. I posted my blurb to a group that specialized in blurb feedback, and other than a few minor...
An Exercise in Writing a YA Fantasy Book Blurb
Whenever I’m getting ready to release a new book, I like to perform a “blurb analysis” of several books in the same genre in order to craft my own blurb that will appeal to the same group of people. Today, I thought I’d document that process for you.
A Focus on Craft for Self-publishers
Book marketing is great, but… It’s become clear that it’s only part of what you need. I’ve had a lot of thoughts on this subject for a while, and needed to type them out. Hope that’s okay to share them here.
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