Mythology is an integral part of our history. Not only has it shaped people and events, but it is still resonant to us today. Many of today’s most popular stories show suspicious similarities to ancient myths. Mythic structure, it seems, is universal.

Our Mission

At MythBank, we want to help people make sense and fall in love with Earth’s mythologies. 

We do this by creating easy-to-follow timelines and lists to help categorize and collect information regarding our myths and legends. Encyclopedic entries on each item in our mythologies section is ongoing. The majority of our focus is on ancient mythologies. Most of our articles relate to one mythology or another. However, we also have timelines and guides regarding modern mythologies, which you can find in the Fandom Timelines section.

Our Values

Learning: We want to promote learning and interest of world mythologies.

Cataloging: We want to comprehensively catalog world mythologies.

Storytelling: We want to encourage the enjoyment and creation of mythical stories.