My Story: About Jason Hamilton

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Hello! My name is Jason Hamilton. I am a mythic fiction author, a lover of stories throughout the world, a husband, a father, and a huge nerd. Not necessarily in that order. By day I work as the content manager for a website called It’s basically a site all about writing, publishing, and marketing … Read more

The Arthur Tales

Epic tales, retold for modern audiences. The origin of the boy who would be King, and other Arthurian stories. Arthur is just an insignificant boy with a life of comfortable mediocrity ahead of him, or that’s what he thought. While at a tournament in Londinium, Arthur encounters a girl with a strange request and tales … Read more

An Overview of British History Timeline

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While MythBank is primarily a place for ancient and modern mythologies, and not a history website, we do think that a basic understanding of history is important to the understanding of mythology and legends of that culture. This is the overview timeline of British history.

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Shakespeare Plays and Media List

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William Shakespeare has had more influence on stories around the world than any other non-religious figure. His plays have been translated into many languages, adapted an infinite number of times, and entered our pop-culture in more ways than we know. This is the Shakespeare timeline.

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