The Bible in Chronological Order

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The Bible has been a source of faith and hope for a lot of people, inspiring millions around the globe for centuries. But did you know that must of the books/chapters of the Bible are not in historical order? That’s what we’re trying to examine, the chronological order of the chapters in the Bible.

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Roman de Brut

Roman de Brut

Roman de Brut (Romance of Brutus) or Geste des Bretons (Deeds of the Britons) by Robert Wace of Jersey Overview, Authorship, and Sources Robert Wace of Jersey wrote this poem by AD 1155.  Sometimes known as Brut, Charles Foulon calls it an inexact and expanded translation in Norman-French verse of Historia Regum Britanniæ.  Gillette Labory … Read more

Vita Sancti Kentigerni (Life of Saint Kentigern)

Saint Kentigern

Vita Sancti Kentigerni (Life of Saint Kentigern) by Jocelyn(e) (Jocelin), a monk of Furness Authorship Jocelyn  (Jocelyne, Jocelin) of Furness wrote Vita Sancti Kentigerni for Jocelyn (Jocelin), Bishop of Glasgow (and Abbot of Melrose) sometime between AD 1175 and 1214 (Lindsay McArthur Irvin claims AD 1185).  Being a monastic English Cistercian monk of Furness Abbey … Read more

Historia Anglorum

Historia Anglorum

Historia Anglorum (History of Angles, or History of England, or History of English People) by Henry of Huntingdon Preface and Provenance “To Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln” As the pursuit of learning in all its branches affords, it is my considered opinion that the sweetest earthly mitigation of trouble and consolation in grief is to be … Read more