Hindu Mythology, Literature, and Sacred Texts

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The Hindu religion is likely the oldest religion still practiced today. It’s mythology is vast and full of exciting stories, and the sheer amount of literature is staggaring. This is the Hindu Mythology, Literature, and Sacred Text timeline.

What’s on the Hindu Mythology and Literature timeline?

The amount of Hindu literature is absolutely massive, so this is not a comprehensive timeline. There are certain categories that are perhaps more important, and we’ve tried to include those here. However, there is much that we’ve missed. If there’s a specific text or adaptation that is important to you, please reach out to us and let us know so we can add it to this timeline. Primarily, this timeline includes the following:

  • Primary sacred texts such as the Vedas.
  • Various ancient texts that are important sources of Hindu mythology, such as the Puranas and Epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.
  • Various hymns, sutras, and philosophical texts.
  • Adaptations of various mythological stories. There are literally thousands of modern stories that adapt or are inspired by Hindu mythology and religion, especially thanks to Bollywood. It’s impossible to list it all here. I’ve included several key adaptations of the more popular texts, but if there’s something you would recommend that is missing, please let us know and we’ll add it.

We hope you enjoy this Hindu mythology, literature, and sacred text timeline. If you do, you might enjoy some of our other mythology timelines. Thanks for stopping by!

A note on sorting dates: For complicated sorting reasons, I’ve had to list dates that exist before the common era (BCE) in a unique fashion. I’ve added “00-” to the front, then subtracted the BCE date from 5000. So 1000 BCE would actually be listed as 00-4000. This may seem unnecessarily complicated, but it was the only way I could sort it in the proper order. The BCE dates are listed in the normal way if you click on the item.

1BuyRig VedaTextAnonymous00-31001900 - 500 BCE
2BuySama VedaTextAnonymous00-35001500 - 500 BCE
3BuyYajur VedaTextAnonymous00-35001500 - 500 BCE
4BuyAtharva VedaTextAnonymous00-35001500 - 500 BCE
5BuyNatya ShastraTextBharata Muni00-4200800 BCE
6BuyMarkandeva PuranaTextAnonymous00-4450550 BCE
7BuyYoga Sutras of PatanjaliTextPatanjali00-4500500 BCE
8BuyMatsya PuranaTextAnonymous00-4500500 BCE
9BuyBrahma SutrasTextBadarayana00-4500500 BCE
10BuyNyaya SutrasTextAksapada Gautama00-4500500 BCE
11BuyVaisesika SutraTextKanada00-4500500 BCE
12BuySushruta SamhitaTextAnonymous00-4500500 BCE
13BuyRamayanaTextValmiki00-4550450 BCE
14BuyMahabharataTextVeda Vyasa00-4600400 BCE
15BuyKamasutraTextAnonymous00-4600400 BCE
16BuyVayu PuranaTextAnonymous00-4650350 BCE
17BuyPurva Mimamsa SutrasTextRishi Jaimini00-4700300 BCE
18BuyBrahmanda PuranaTextAnonymous00-4700300 BCE
19BuyVishnu PuranaTextAnonymous00-4700300 BCE
20BuyMimamsa SutrasTextRishi Jaimini00-4700300 BCE
21BuyPanchatantraTextVishnusharma00-4800200 BCE
22BuyShiva PuranaTextAnonymous00-4900100 BCE
23BuyArtha ShastraTextKautilya00-4900100 BCE
24BuyCharaka SamhitaTextAtreya00-4900100 BCE
25BuyPadma PuranaTextAnonymous0300-01-01300 CE
26BuyGaruda PuranaTextAnonymous0400-01-01400 CE
27BuyLinga PuranaTextAnonymous0400-01-01400 CE
28BuyVamana PuranaTextAnonymous0450-01-01450 CE
29TirumuraiTextNambi Andar Nambi0500-01-01500 CE
30BuyYoga VasisthaTextValmiki0500-01-01500 CE
31BuyAgni PuranaTextAnonymous0700-01-01700 CE
32BuyKurma PuranaTextAnonymous0700-01-01700 CE
33BuyBhagavata PuranaTextVyasa0800-01-01800 CE
34BuySkanda PuranaTextAnonymous0800-01-01800 CE
35Naalayira Divya PrabhandhamTextNathamuni0800-01-01800 CE
36BuyVaraha PuranaTextAnonymous1000-01-011000 CE
37BuyBrahma PuranaTextAnonymous1200-01-011200 CE
38BuyHatha Yoga PradipikaTextAnonymous1300-01-011300 CE
39BuyShiva SamhitaTextAnonymous1300-01-011300 CE
40BuyPanchadasiTextVidyaranya1386-01-011386 CE
41BuyVedantasaraTextSadananda Yogendra Saraswati1450-01-011450 CE
42BuyBrahmavaivarta PuranaTextAnonymous1500-01-011500 CE
43BuyNarada PuranaTextAnonymous1500-01-011500 CE
44BuyRamcharitmanasTextGoswami Tulsidas1600-01-011600 CE
45BuyGheranda SamhitaTextAnonymous1690-01-011690 CE
46BuyKalyugFilmShyam Benegal1981-07-24Mahabharata
47BuyYajnaseniNovelPratibha Ray1984-01-01Mahabharata
48BuyMahabharata (comic)Graphic NovelKamala Chandrakant, TMP Nedungadi, Subba Rao, Yagya Sharma, Lopamudra, Mihir Lal Mitra, Sumona Roy, Mohan Swaminathan, Shubha Kandhekar, Margie Sastry1985-01-01Mahabharata
49Ramayan (1987)TelevisionRamanand Sagar1987-01-25Ramayana
50BuyMahabharata (1988)TelevisionB. R. Chopra1988-10-02Mahabharata
51BuyMahabharata (1989)FilmPeter Brook1989-01-01Mahabharata
52BuyRamayana: The Legend of Prince RamaFilmYugo Sako1992-01-01Ramayana
53BuyRamayan 3392 A.D.Graphic NovelShamik Dasgupta, Abhishek Singh2006-09-01Ramayana
54BuyRamayan (2008)TelevisionAnand Sagar2008-01-21Ramayana
55BuySita Sings the BluesFilmNina Paley2008-02-11Ramayana
56BuyThe Palace of Illusions: A NovelNovelChitra Banerjee Divakaruni2008-02-27Mahabharata
57BuyJaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the MahabharataNovelDevdutt Pattanaik2010-08-16Mahabharata
58Ramayana: The EpicFilmChetan Desai2010-10-15Ramayana
59BuyRamayana Series: The Complete OmnibusNovelAshok Banker2011-09-14Ramayana
60BuyImmortals of MeluhaNovelAmish Tripathi2012-05-22Shiva Trilogy
61BuySecret of the NagasNovelAmish Tripathi2012-05-22Shiva Trilogy
62BuyThe Krishna KeyNovelAshwin Sanghi2012-08-24Other
63BuyKarna's WifeNovelKavita Kane2012-09-11Other
64BuyThe Oath of The VayuputrasNovelAmish Tripathi2013-03-01Shiva Trilogy
65BuyGovindaNovelKrishna Udayasankar2013-08-15The Aryavarta Chronicles
66Mahabharat (2013)TelevisionSiddharth Kumar Tewary2013-09-16Mahabharata
67BuyAjaya: Epic of the Kaurava ClanNovelAnand Neelakantan2013-12-11Other
68Mahabharata (animated)FilmAmaan Khan2013-12-27Mahabharata
69BuySita: An Illustrated Retelling of the RamayanaNovelDevdutt Pattanaik2014-02-19Ramayana
70BuyKauravaNovelKrishna Udayasankar2014-09-15The Aryavarta Chronicles
71BuyKurukshetraNovelKrishna Udayasankar2015-01-12The Aryavarta Chronicles
72BuyRam: Scion of IkshvakuNovelAmish Tripathi2015-06-22Ram Chandra
73BuySita: Warrior of MithilaNovelAmish Tripathi2017-05-29Ram Chandra
74BuyAru Shah and the End of TimeNovelRoshani Chokshi2018-03-27Rick Riordan Presents
75BuyAru Shah and the Song of DeathNovelRoshani Chokshi2019-04-30Rick Riordan Presents
76BuyRaavan: Enemy of AryavartaNovelAmish Tripathi2019-07-01Ram Chandra
77BuyAru Shah and the Tree of WishesNovelRoshani Chokshi2020-04-07Rick Riordan Presents

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