Vita Sancti Carantoci (Life of Saint Carannog)

The Saint’s Name and the Uncertainties of the Time-Period Carannog is most commonly known as a 6th-Century AD Welsh abbot, confessor, and saint.  In addition to Carannog/Carantog (in Welsh), his name is variously represented as Cairnech/Cairnach/C(h)ernach/Cernath/Carnath (Irish), Caredec/Karanteg (Breton), Carantocus/Carantacus (Latin), and anglicised as Carantock (among other English variations, such as Carantoc and Carentoc).  Cairnach, … Read more

Vita Sancti Paterni (Life of Saint Padarn)

St. Padarns Church

Here begins the life of Saint Padarn, bishop. Overview of Padarn and his Vita Padarn(us) (Paternus) was an early 6th Century AD consecrated British Christian abbot-bishop.  This British Padarn and Saint Paternus of Avranches in Normandy appear to be the same person.  By tradition, it is said that Paternus of Avranches was born in Poitiers, … Read more

Vita Sancti Cadoci (Life of Saint Cadoc)

Vita Sancti Cadoci

Vita’s Composition Date, Author, and Purpose The story of Saint Cadoc is told in Vita Sancti Cadoci, written by Lifris of Llancarfan probably not much before AD 1086.  The text is Latin, and it was “written at Llancarfan” to honour the house and confirm “its endowments”, says John Strong Perry Tatlock in July 1939.  Consequently, … Read more

Legenda Sancti Goeznovii (Legend of Saint Goeznovius)

Saint Gouesnou or Goeznovii

Gwyddno’s Journey, and Legenda’s Prologue Legenda Sancti Goeznovii (Legend of Saint Goeznovius) is the hagiography (writing of a saint’s life) of Goeznovius, who died c AD 675 according to one account but more probably flourished in the Sixth Century, according to Geoffrey Ashe.  Goeznovius was a Bishop of Léon in Brittany, who is venerated as … Read more

Historia Regum Britanniae

text and artwork from historia regum britanniae

Welcome to our article on De Gestis Britonum, or Historia Regum Britanniae, otherwise known as the Deeds of Britons, or History of Kings of Britain Introduction to and Value of the Text Originally called De Gestis Britonum (On Deeds of Britons), Historia Regum Britanniae (History of Kings of Britain) is a quasi-pseudo-historical chronicle of British history.  … Read more

Englyn(n)ion Y Beddau

Englyn(n)ion Y Beddau

Englyn(n)ion Y Beddau/Bedeu/Beteu/Betev (Stanzas/Verses of The Graves), also known as Beddau Milwyr Ynys Prydain (Graves of Warriors of Isle of Britain) comes primarily from Llyfr Du Cærfyrddin (Black Book of Cærmarthen),  Llyfr Coch Hergest (Red Book of Hergest), and Llyfr Gwyn Rhydderch (White Book of Rhydderch). Introduction Englyn(n)ion Y Beddau/Bedeu/Beteu/Betev (Stanzas/Verses of The Graves) is … Read more

Pa Gur/Gwr yv Y Porthaur?

Pa Gur/Gwr yv Y Porthaur?, or Arthur a Y Porthaur, or Ymddiddan Arthur a Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr Translation: (What Man is The Gatekeeper?, or Arthur and The Porter, or Dialogue of Arthur and Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr), from Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin (Black Book of Cærmarthen). Introduction According to Caitlin R Green, Jon B Coe, Simon Young, Karen Jankulak, … Read more