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Aamanz: The Other Gawain

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Aamanz is a knight who appears in Diu Crône, where he amusingly had the nickname “the other Gawain” because he looked exactly like Sir Gawain.

He was on a quest to kill a giant named Gigamec who had killed his brother. During this adventure, he met another knight named Zedoech who challenged him.

Just as Aamanz was about to behead Zedoech, he was stopped by Gawain. The two fought and Gawain won.

After Gawain’s victory, Aamanz refused to concede, so Gawain turned him over to Zedoech and the giant, Gigamec. Aamanz was then killed by Gigamec, who took his head to Arthur’s court, pretending it was Gawain’s.

He is a character in Diu Crône.

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