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The Arthurian mythos is expansive and requires an insane amount of research to master. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of resources to help you out. This is our list of the best Arthurian resources and reference books out there.

What’s on this List of Arthurian Resources?

This list consists primarily of reference books to help you learn more and more about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Once you make it through these books, you’ll know most of the scholarship on the subject. We’ve also included a number of documentaries and some really great websites to help you out.

Where to start?

This list can be a lot to swallow, as it’s a lot to read. We HIGHLY recommend starting with the Arthurian Handbook, which will give you a great overview of the subject. The Illustrated Encyclopedia is pretty great too. After that the documentaries are a great way to familiarize yourself with the subject on a somewhat basic level. Then you’ll be ready to dive into the heavier books to learn even more about the Arthurian Legends.

We hope you enjoy this timeline! If you like it, you might want to consider visiting our Arthurian Legends Hub. Check it out!

And if you see any significant resource you think we should add, don’t hesitate to let us know!

1BuyThe Tristan LegendBookSigmund Eisner1969-01-01Reference Books
2BuyThe Discovery of King ArthurBookGeoffrey Ashe1985-01-01Reference Books
3BuyThe Quest for Arthur's BritainBookGeoffrey Ashe1987-01-01Reference Books
4BuyThe Legend of King Arthur in ArtBookMuriel Whitaker1990-09-01Reference Books
5BuyIllustrated Encyclopedia of Arthurian LegendBookRonan Coghlan1995-01-01Reference Books
6BuyThe Use of Arthurian Legend in Hollywood FilmBookSamuel J. Umland, Rebecca A. Umland1996-10-30Reference Books
7BuyKing Arthur in Legend and HistoryBookRichard White1997-01-01Reference Books
8BuyThe Arthurian HandbookBookNorris Lacy, Geoffrey Ashe, Debra Mancoff1997-10-01Reference Books
9BuyKing Arthur in AmericaBookAlan Lupack1999-05-01Reference Books
10BuyCeltic Legends - Arthurian LegendsTelevision1999-12-01Documentaries
11BuyAppropriating King ArthurBookElisabeth Michelsson1999-12-10Reference Books
12BuyArthurian Legends on Film and TelevisionBookBert Olton2000-04-01Reference Books
13BuyThe World of King ArthurBookChristopher Snyder (2000-11-01Reference Books
14BuyLegends of King ArthurTelevisionNikolai Tolstoy2001-01-01Documentaries
15BuyArthur's BritainBookLeslie Alcock2002-02-26Reference Books
16BuyKing Arthur in Popular CultureBookDonald L. Hoffman2002-03-20Reference Books
17BuyCinema ArthurianaBookKevin J. Harty2002-08-26Reference Books
18BuyKing Arthur's BritainFilmTimothy Copestake2004-01-01Documentaries
19BuyKing Arthur: The Truth Behind the LegendFilmLiam Dale2004-01-01Documentaries
20BuyThe Holy GrailBookRichard Barber2004-04-09Reference Books
21BuyBritain AD: King Arthur's BritainTelevisionTimothy Copestake2004-09-06Documentaries
22BuyThe Oxford Guide to Arthurian Literature and LegendBookAlan Lupack2005-08-11Reference Books
23BuyThe Arthur of the FrenchBookGlyn S. Burgess, Karen Pratt2006-04-01Reference Books
24BuyThe Arthur of the WelshBookRachel Bromwich2008-11-01Reference Books
25BuyThe Cambridge Companion to the Arthurian LegendBookElizabeth Archibald, Ad Putter2009-10-12Reference Books
26BuyThe Arthur of Medieval Latin LiteratureBookSiân Echard2011-07-15Reference Books
27BuyThe Arthur of the GermansBookW. H. Jackson, S. A. Ranawake2012-02-15Reference Books
28BuyThe Arthur of the EnglishBookW. R. J. Barron2012-02-15Reference Books
29BuyThe Romance of ArthurBookNorris Lacy2013-01-25Reference Books
30BuyArthurian Legend in the Seventeenth CenturyBookRoberta Florence Brinkley2014-08-13Reference Books
31BuyThe Arthur of the NorthBookMarianne E. Kalinke2015-11-20Reference Books
32BuyRomance of the Grail: The Magic and Mystery of Arthurian MythBookJoseph Campbell2015-12-15Reference Books
33BuyKing Arthur: The LegendFilmJohn Geraint2016-01-01Documentaries
34BuyKing Arthur's Lost KingdomFilmKenny Scott2019-03-27Documentaries
35BuyKing Arthur: The Man Who Conquered HistoryBookCaleb Howells2019-08-01Reference Books
36The Camelot ProjectWebVariousOngoingOnline Resources
37Arthuriana.orgWebVariousOngoingOnline Resources
38King Arthur WikiWebVariousOngoingOnline Resources
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