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Arthurian Legend Characters: A Complete list of King Arthur Names

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We all know of King Arthur, Merlin, or Lancelot. But there are dozens if not hundreds of other characters that are or have been part of the mythos, not to mention various groups they belonged to. This is our list of Arthurian characters and groups.

What’s on this List of Arthurian Characters and Groups?

There are a lot of characters that have become part of the Arthurian mythos throughout the years. Many have gone through multiple iterations and interpretations from authors across the British Isles, France, Germany, and much more.

This list combines both characters and groups from the Arthurian legends. While it is hard to be fully comprehensive, we encourage you to let us know if there are any important characters that you would include. You can do so through our contact page, social media, or in the comments.

We hope you enjoy this list! If you like it, you might want to consider visiting our Arthurian Legends Hub for similar resources. Check it out!

And if you see any characters or groups that you think we should add, don’t hesitate to let us know!

#NameShort DescriptionTypeOther NamesFirst AppearanceLearn more
1AalardinA knight with magical knowledge. Married Arthur's grand-niece Guigenor.HumanAlardin, AlardinsFirst Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval Learn More
2AamanzA knight who looked a lot like Gawain.HumanThe other GawainDiu CrôneLearn More
3AanzimSteward of the castle AmontsusHumanDiu CrôneLearn More
4AaronAn ally of the Roman Thereus.HumanNairon, NaronClaris et LarisLearn More
5AbadanA heathen knight killed by Sir Lucan.HumanArthour and MerlinLearn More
6AbanA relative of Lancelot and a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round TableProse LancelotLearn More
7AbastunagioSon of Galehaut.HumanLa Tavola RitondaLearn More
8AbbeAn abbot who explains Bor's dream.HumanLearn More
9Abbot of GlastonburyConvinced King Melwas to release Guinevere.HumanVita GildaeLearn More
10AbeesseAn abbess who presented Galahad to his father Lancelot.HumanFrench VulgateLearn More
11AbelleusA knight slain by Tor.HumanAbelinPost-VulgateLearn More
12AbessaA blind, deaf and mute woman in The Faerie Queene.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
13Abilan of EstrangotA knight who attempted the Perilous Passage quest.HumanPalamedesLearn More
14AbilasA knight who participated with his uncle, brothers, and cousins in a revolt.HumanAusile, Cachilis, CassilesVulgate LancelotLearn More
15AbinorsA Duke of the Scottish Borderlands.HumanLe Livre d’ArtusLearn More
16AbironA knight who served UtherHumanNairon, NaronLearn More
17Ablamor of the MarshA knight who possessed a white hart that was killed by Gawain and Gaheris.HumanAblamoreLe Morte DarthurLearn More
18AbriorisHe became a Knight of the Round Table after Percival defeated him.Human, Knight of the Round TableSecond Continuation of Chrétien’s PercevalLearn More
19AbudarFather of the warrior, Regian.HumanRoman de BrutLearn More
20AcanorA black knight who had many adventures.Human, Knight of the Round TableThe Black Knight, Ugly HeroPost-Vulgate Suite du MerlinLearn More
21Acantan the AgileA kinsman of Lancelot who joined the Round Table to emulate his famous relative.HumanPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
22AcariveA lady from Lyonesse who figures into Tristan’s ancestry.HumanProse Tristan
23Accolon of GaulKnight who has relationship with Morgan le Fay.Human, Knight of the Round TablePost-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
24AcecledorA king in Arthur’s service in Floriant et Florete.HumanFloriant et Florete
25AcesA young nobleman from Beaumont in Quimper-Corentin.HumanAces de Biaumont, Aces de Camparcorentin, Aces en Biaumont, Aces Ravel, Acon, Aeon de Bemonde, Aeon de Campercorentin, Ascons, AtesVulgate Merlin
26AchadensA knight who wounded Tristan during a joust.HumanProse Tristan
27AcheflourArthu'rs sister and Perceval's mother in Sir Perceval of GallesHumanSir Perceval of Galles
28AchenFather of Arthur’s warrior Gusg.HumanCulhwch and Olwen
29AchillesIn Perlesvaus, Gawain encounters a descendant of the Greek heroHumanPerlevaus
30Achilles the BlondA squire of Sir Bors.HumanVulgate Lancelot
31AclametA maidservant of Amurfina (Amurfine).HumanDiu Crône
32Acorant the Agile Knight of the Round Table, brother of Danubre the Brave, and kinsman of Lancelot.HumanAcorante, AcourantPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
33Acorde the InsolentOne of the noble Byzantine warriors that the knight Alexander brought to Britain from Constantinople.HumanLicoridésCligés
34Acorionde of AthensHe’s one of Alexander’s twelve companionsHumanAcoriondesCligés
35AcostantA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.HumanProse Tristan
36Acquillans of the Green MountainCousin of Arthur’s Sir Hervi de Rivel.Palamedes
37AcquitainIn Eilhart von Oberge’s Tristrant, an evil little dwarf whose astrological powers won him a place in Mark’s court.Tristrant
38AcrasiaThe villain in book 2 of The Faerie Queene.FaerieThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
39Acricor the HandsomeA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
40AcubertA Saxon knight defeated by Arthur’s Sir Hervi de Rivel.Les Prophecies de Merlin
41AdalonOne of the kings of Listenois in Palamedes.Palamedes
42AdamAccording to the Sone de Nausay, Adam was the son of Joseph of ArimatheaSone de Nausay
43Adam the FairOne of Arthur’s knights.Adaind li Biax, Adains, Adayn, Dains li BiaxVulgate Lancelot
44AdameinsA British king mentioned in Arthour and Merlin amongArthour and Merlin
45AdanThe Arabian count of Alarie.Wigalois
46Adaon ab TaliesinOne of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend and noted for his wisdom.Addaon, AfaonRed Book of Hergest
47Adar Llwch GwinThree giant birds given to Drudwas ap Tryffin by his fairy wife.Birds of the Wine Lake’, ‘Birds of Dust and Wine’Griffins
48Adar RhiannonThree supernatural birds, belonging to the goddess Rhiannon.‘Birds of Rhiannon’Mabinogion
49AddanzAn ancestor of PercevalHumanParzival
50AddaonThe son of Taliesen, noted as wise.Human
52Adelons the GayA knight who fought on the side of King UrienPalamedes
53AdelufSeveral people mentioned in Petit Brut, one a son of Arthur.HumanPetit Brut
54Adeluf IIIThe name of a number of persons mentioned in Rauf de Boun’s Petit Brut.Prose Brut
55AdimorUncle of Hector des Mares (Ector de Maris).
56AdnainIn La Tavola RitondaLa Tavola Ritonda
57AdolangeOne of Arthur’s knights in La Tavola Ritonda.La Tavola Ritonda
58Adoras of the Island of the DoorA Knight of the Round Table.Prose Tristan
59AdragainA knight of the round table that eventually became a hermit.Human, Knight of the Round Table
60AdrastusKing of Greece.Adrustus
61AdrianA knight in the service of one of the kingsVulgate Merlin
62AdrienEmperor of Constantinople.Adean, Adranz, Adxian, Andeus, Audean
63AdtherpeIn Malory, a knight who found Isolde weeping in the forestAdtherpProse Tristan
64Aedán mac GabráinFather of Arthur of Dál Riada, a possible historical prototype for King Arthur.Old Irish: Aodhán mac Gabhráin AedanTriads of the Island of Britain
65AeddFather of Prydein from whome Britain took its name in the Welsh tradition.HumanOeddCulhwch and Olwen
66AegidiusRoman ruler of Gaul from AD 461-464Human, RomanDied 464 or 465Annales Historiae Illustrium Principum Hannoniae
67AegidiusRuler of the Kingdom of Soissons AD 461-464/465.Died 464 or 465Annales Historiae Illustrium Principum Hannoniae
68AelensThe King of Iceland (or Ireland)Aeleus
69AelleSaxon king of Sussex, flourished around the time of Arthur and possibly taking part in the Battle of Mt. Badon.Human, SaxonÆlle, Aelle, Ella Historia Anglorum
70AeneasVirgil's hero is said to be the ancestor of the British kings and Arthur in particular.HumanÆneasHistoria Brittonum
71AescPossible son of Hengist and early ruler of Kent from 488-512.HumanÆsc, Esc, Oeric, OiscAnglo-Saxon Chronicle
72AesculapiusA character from Greek Mythology who helps Duessa in The Faerie Queene.The Faerie QueeneLearn More
73Æthelberht of KentBorn c. 550 and king of KentÆthelbert, Aethelberht, Aethelbert, Ethelbert Ecclesiastical History of the English People
74AethlemA hound needed by CulhwchCulhwch and Olwen
75AfancA legendary lake monster whose name, in modern Welsh‘Beaver’ Adanc, Addanc
76Affibla DeletA Knight of the Round Table in Hartmann von Aue’s Erec.Erec
77Affinamus of AmantisinA duke from the Middle-East or AfricaParzival
78Affinamus of ClitiersA comrade of Gramoflanz, Gawain’s brother-in-law.Parzival
79AgadMerlin made the Ship of Joy for the king of NorthumberlandProse Tristan
80AgaloneA king in Arthur’s service in La Tavola Ritonda.La Tavola Ritonda
81AgalusA vassal of Lord Golagros in the Scots poem of Golagros.Golagros and Gawain
82AgamanorA knight from Normandy who married PhenoneeMeliador
83AgamenorA Knight of the RoundGanemorPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
84AganippusA king in France.
85AganoA knight who, with his brother Agion, joined their cousin Harpin the RedPalamedes
86AganorA knight in the service of King MordrainGanorVulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
87AgarA healer who treated TristanProse Tristan
88AgaranA young knight whose lands were invaded by the Count of the Valley.Aguarus, AraganVulgate Queste del Saint Graal
89Agariz vassal of the Duke of Aram.Diu Crône
90Agarnices of CologneOne of nine clerics sent by Arthur to SoreloisAgnaticesVulgate Lancelot
91AggaAttendant to Rowena, Vortigern’s wife, in Thelwall’s The Fairy of the Lake.The Fairy of the Lake
92AgiaTristan’s step-mother and Meliadus’s second wife in La Tavola Ritonda.Prose Tristan
93AgionA knight who, with his brother AganoPalamedes
94AgitiusHistorically, a steward of Gaul under the Roman emperor ValentinianDied 464 or 465 Ætius
95AglantA Knight of the Round Table from Brittany.Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
96AgleotA Saxon king who invaded Scotland.Lancelot do Lac
97AglindaThe maiden daughter of King Nascor.AglindePost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
99AgloasOne of Arthur’s knights who joined one of Gawain’sMagloasLancelot do Lac
100Aglons of the ValleyA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
101AglovaleEldest son of King PellinoreHuman, Knight of the Round TableAgloval, Sir Aglovale de Galis
102AgnenaThe sister of Medea (Medeas),La Tavola Ritonda
103AgostesMother-in-law of BredbeddleThe Grene Knight
104Agoyer the CruelA peer of Sir Bors who swore fealty to the daughter of King Brandegorre of EstrangorreVulgate Lancelot
105AgravadainHusband of the mother of Ector, but not his father.Human
106Agravadain des Vaus des GaloireA Knight of the Round Table and brother of Belias.‘Agravadain of the Vales of Galore’ Adragan(?); Gravadain du Chastel Fort, Gravadain des Vaus de Galore; Agravadain des Vals de Galore, Agravadain des Vals de GaloneVulgate Lancelot
107Agravadain dou Chastel FortLord of the Stronge Castell (Strong Castle).Gravadain dou Chastel Fort, Agravadain de Chastel Fort, Agravadains
108Agravadain the BlackA vassal of Arthur and Lord of the Castle of the Fens.Vulgate Merlin
109AgravainSecond son of King Lot and Morgause. Brother of Gawain.Human, Knight of the Round TableAgravaineRead more
110AgraveilA good knight who fought on the side of Arthur and LeodeganAgrauel, Agresianx, Greu, Grevi, Grex Vulgate Merlin
111Agregam the AngryA Knight of the Round TablePost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
112AgrestesRuler of Camelot during the time of Joseph of ArimatheaHuman
113AgrestiziaName of Perceval's sister in Tavola ritondaHumanTavola ritonda
114Agricol the Well-SpokenA peer of Sir Bors.Agricol li Biaus Parliers, AgrocolVulgate Lancelot
115AgricolaKing of Dyfed (South Wales) around 500 CE, thought to be a good king by Gildas. Human
116AgrippeKing of Mabon Rock.AgrippesVulgate Lancelot
117Agrippe the TallA count or earl whose lands bordered on those of King Hoel of Brittany.Agrippa, Gryp Le Morte Darthur
118Agrippe’s Daughter, KingKing Vadalon was besieging King Agrippe.Vulgate Lancelot
119AguerisseA nobleman who murdered Arthur’s Sir DondinelloI Cantari di Carduino
120AguisantArthu'rs nephew through his sister, though we do not know her name.Human
121Aguisel of ScotlandKing of Scotland.Erec
122Agus of BoloanOne of Arthur’s noblemen who fought and died in the Roman War.Roman de Brut
123Agusale the DesiredA knight who fought for Arthur and LeodeganAgusale le Desire, Aguysale de Desirouse, Augusale, Grisalus li DesreezArthour and Merlin
124AguysansAnother name for the King With a Hundred Knights, Apres, or Maleginis.Human
125AharerA knight from the French romance Gliglois.Gliglois
126AhesA Mari-Morgan, a class of supernatural beings peculiar to Brittany
127Aiglin of the ValesAn Arthurian knight introducedAigilin, Aiglins; Aiglyn, Amis des Vaus, Amis Vaux, Amis Vax, Amis Vauls, Amis Vals; Aglin, Aglu, AyglynLancelot do Lac
128AikanAn Arthurian knight listed in Layamon’s Brut.Brut
129AilleannA woman of the Otherworld that eventually married Arthur. Faerie
130AiremA mythological Irish king
131AkarinsA misogynist knight who abused maidens. Prose Tristan
132AlaazA Saxon king who joined King HargadabranLe Livre d’Artus
133Aladan li CrespesA knight who follows ArthurIesmeladant, Jesmeladant, Madam li Crespes
134AladukeA knight in Arthur’s service who was killed during the Roman War.Aliduc, AlydukeHistoria Regum Britanniae
135AlainPerceval’s cousin in Perlesvaus.AleynProse Tristan
136Alain of EscavalonKing of Escavalon and father of FloreeAlain d’Escavalan, Alein Le Livre d’Artus
137Alain the LargeA Grail character who first appears in Robert de Boron’s Joseph d’ArimathieAlain le Gros, Alaine, Alains, Alan, Alanz, Alein, Aleins, Helain, Helains li Gros, Hellyas, JulainJoseph d’Arimathie
138Alain the WhiteSon of Bors, begotten after King BrandegorreElaine, Elayne, Elias, Helain, Helaine, Helains, Helaines, Helayne, Helias Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
139AlamanA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
140Alamis of SatarchjonteA duke in the service of Feirefiz, Perceval’s half-brother.Parzival
141AlanSon of Brons and Enygeus. Also the father of Perceval in Didot Perceval.HumanDidot Perceval
142Alan FyrganA warrior listed in the Welsh Triads as having one of the “faithless war-bands”. Alan FyrgantTriads of the Island of Britain
143Alan of the MeadowsA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
144AlansA tribe of the barbarian Sarmatian peoples who inhabited Russia in Roman times.
145AlarFather of Digon.
146Alardin of the IslesA knight encountered by Gawaine during the latter’s quest to retrieve a white hartLe Morte Darthur
147AlarisA knight in the service of King Mark of Cornwall.AlarisProse Tristan
148AlbagiaThe name given in La Tavola Ritonda to the Queen of Orkney.La Tavola Ritonda
149AlbanA knight who challenged Lancelot, when Lancelot was living on the Dry IslandPost-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
150AlbanaGrandfather of Albion, the woman who first populated Britain.Palamedes
151AlbanactCaptain of Arthur's guard in Dryden's opera, King Arthur.Human
152AlbanioThe hero of a book written by Jegon, in an unpublished continuation of Spenser's Faerie Queene.Human
153AlbaoOne of seven brothers, including Ayaò and DormadatAlbaò Saga af Tristram ok Isodd
154AlbeA lovely maiden with whom Danain the Red fell in love.Palamedes
155AlbewinA dwarf king in Der Pleier’s Garel.Garel von dem blühenden Tal
156AlbineOne of the fourteen daughters of King Diodicias of Syria.Palamedes
157AlbiunQueen of the Wild Mountain.Tandareis and Flordibel
158AlbroinoCount of the city of Gippa and nephew of King Gilierchino (Gilierchins) of BrittanyLa Tavola Ritonda
159Alcalec the RedA knight who fought for Arthur and LeodeganVulgate Merlin
160AlcardoA brother to Iseult and companion of Tristan, later known as Lantris.Human
161AlchendicA giant who ruled over Sarras, in the Prophecies de Merlin.Giant
162Alchino of LogresA knight liberated from the stronghold of Lucano the Great (Lucanor)La Tavola Ritonda
163AlcinaSister of Morgan le Fay in the Italian romances of Boiardo and Ariosto.Human
164Alcus of IcelandKing of Iceland, who subjugated himself to ArthurBrut
165AldanMother of Merlin in Welsh tradition.HumanOptima
166Alderman of EscavalonChrétien describes these worthies as so sleek and paunchyMayor and Magistrates
167AldroenusKing of Brittany who sent his brother Constantine (Arthur's grandfather) to rule the Britons.Human
168AlecysA hermit priest encountered by Perceval in a forestPerlesvaus
169AlemandineQueen of a kingdom that was saved from a wild beast by Floriant.Human
170AlemanniThe Germanic tribes which inhabited western and central Europe in the Dark Ages.Historia Meriadoci Regis Cambrie
171AlenieGreu, a Knight of the Round Table, was the son of the King of Alenie.Le Livre d’Artus
172AlesFather or brother of Arthur’s knight Aces.Alain, Alecbin, Alechin, Alesains, Alles, Alon, Cales Vulgate Merlin
173AlexanderEmperor of Greece and Constantinople, husband of TantalisCligés
174Alexander of GreeceFather of Cligés and actual hero of the first third of the romanceCligés
175Alexander the GreatThe French Perceforest presents the famed Macedonian king (356-323 BC) as an ancestor of Arthur.
176AlexiusThe variant of Alis that is usually regarded as the root from which Alis is derived.
177AlfraseinAnother name for KalafesHumanKalafes
178AlfredAn Irish king and Knight of the Round Table in the romance of Yder.AlvrezYder
179AlgereA knight who served the Duke of Lorraine in a battle against Gawain during the Roman War.Alliterative Morte Arthure
180AliaumesA squire present at the tournament of Lancien, held by King Mark.Fourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
181Aliban of the Waste CityOne of Perceval’s eleven paternal uncles in Perlesvaus.Perlesvaus
182AlibanoA Saxon knight whom Lancelot fought and defeated at the fountainIl Novellino
183AlibelA strong knight who served King Claudas of GaulAlibeax, Calibians, Calibiaus, Caltbiaus Prose Tristan
184Alibon of the SpurA valorous knight who brashly challenged a young Lancelot at the Queen’s FordAlbyonVulgate Lancelot
185Alibon the RedOne of the sons of the evil Helin the Red.Palamedes
186AliborcA knight who fought against the Saxons in the early days of Arthur’s reign.Aliblons, Alibon, Alibons, Alibos, AlybonsVulgate Merlin
187AliceWife of AlisanderHuman
188Alice la Beale PilgrimAlice was called “La Beale Pilgrim” after her father, Duke Ansirus the PilgrimAleys, Aylies, Alice the Fair Pilgrim Prose Tristan
189AlienorDaughter of a giant and a witch, sister of Escanor the Large, and wife of Bruns the Prophet (Brunz).Escanor
190AlierHe was warring against a defenseless countessAles, Allers Yvain, or Le Chevalier au Lion
191Alier of TanninguesOne of Arthur’s knights who joined the fighting against the Saxons in the early days of Arthur’s reign.Aliers de Caringues, Aliers de Thaningues, Aliers de TanninguesVulgate Lancelot
192AlifatimaA King of Spain who followed Lucius and who was killed fighting against Arthur.Human
193AligrésA knight who served Lord Parsamant, a ravisher.Fourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
194AliohanOne of the Saxon invaders. Meliadus defeated him in single combat.
195AliphansinOne of the Saxon kings who invaded Britain at the beginning of Arthur’s reign.Alepanum, Alipansin, Alipantin, Alipantis de la Terre des Pastures, Ali Patin, Alipantius of the Londe des PasturesVulgate Merlin
196AlisUncle of Cliges and Byzantine emperor. His wife was Fenice, with whom Cliges was in love.Human
197Alisander the OrphanSon of Baldwin, Mark's brother. Imprisoned by Morgan Le Fay and rescued by Alice.Human
198AlistansA knight who participated in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
199Alixans the ProudA malevolent knight who invaded the Brown ValleyProse Tristan
200AlizeThe sister of King Hardiz of Gascony.Parzival
201AllebranA knight saved by Lancelot and Tristan from the prison of the giant of the Dark Forest.Tristan
202AllectusIn Geoffrey’s chronicle, a Roman war leader in the third centuryHistoria Regum Britanniae
203AllegrenoTristan’s half-brother, named only in the Italian La Tavola RitondaLa Tavola Ritonda
204AllieleA king in Arthur’s service in the Italian La Tavola Ritonda.La Tavola Ritonda
205AlmaRepresents the soul in book 2 of The Faerie Queene.FaerieThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
206Alma of CamelotAlma and his brothers, Luzes (Lucas) and Tanadal, were all companions of the Round Table.
207AlohegreA Saxon king killed by Gawain at the siege of Vambieres.Le Livre d’Artus
208AloisKing of Northgalis who went to war with Amoraldo, Kking of Ireland, who was supported by Lancelot.Human
209AlomAn Arthurian knight defeated in joust by Daniel of the Blossoming Valley.Daniel von dem blühenden Tal
210AlonGrand nephew of Arthur.Human, Knight of the Round Table
211AloutThe count of the Land of the Heather.Aloe, Alous, AlouzVulgate Lancelot
212AlphasanThe baptismal name of King Calafes, who built the Grail Castle of Corbenic (Carbonek).Alfasein, Alfesim, Alfesin, Arfasan, Aufasin, Calafes, Kalafes Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
213AlpheusA Spanish knight slain by Sir Urry of Hungary during a tournament.AlphegusLe Morte Darthur
214AlphonsoThe hero of the drama Merlin, Alphonso, loved Elvira but obstacles barred their way.Merlin
215AlquinNephew of Count Agrippe the Tall.Prose Tristan
216AlserA son of Maelgwn (Maelgwyn), one of Arthur’s chieftains in Welsh legend.Triads of the Island of Britain
217AltamondoA lord of Listenois encountered by Tristan during the Grail Quest.La Tavola Ritonda
218Altan the HandsomeA son of Febus and Florine and brother of Lannor, Siraouc, Argons, and Niatar.Palamedes
219AlteriaHaving happened upon Lunete imprisoned in the chapel at the spring of Broceliande Forest
220Alun of DyfedSon of Seidi, brother of Cas and Cadrieth, and father of Cunyn Cof and Dyfyr, two of Arthur’s warriors.Alun of DyvedCulhwch and Olwen
221AlvrezAn Irish king and the father of Miroet and Kamelin
222AlwinA Saxon warrior in Thelwall’s The Fairy of the Lake. He served Queen Rowena, wife of King Vortigern of Britain.The Fairy of the Lake
223Alybon de la BrocheAlybon was one of the thirty knights who went on the quest to find Merlin for a year and a day.
224AlymerOne of Arthur’s knights who fought in the war against Mordred.Alliterative Morte Arthure
225AlyneIn Malory, the daughter of the Lady of the Rule by King PellinoreElaine, EleineLe Morte Darthur
226AmableMalory seems to know nothing of her, unless she can be identified with a nameless damselVulgate Lancelot
227Amadan the ProudA knight who fought for King Arthur and King LeodeganAmadan l’Orguellous, Anmadiusthe Proude, Madain l’OrgueilleusVulgate Merlin
228Amadant of the HilltopOne of several of Arthur’s knights who embarked on a quest to learn Merlin’s fateAmadant le Crespe, Axnadas de la CrespeVulgate Merlin
229Amadis of GaulHero of late Medieval Spanish romance, whose legend offers many parallels to the Arthurian cycle.Amadis de GaulaAmadis de Gaula
230Amador of the Lovely HomeA Knight of the Round Table who embarked on the Grail Quest.La Tavola Ritonda
231Amador the Well-BehavedIn La Tavola Ritonda, the squire of BelideLa Tavola Ritonda
232AmandeDaughter of the king of Spain.Manuel und Amande
233AmangonA king in Arthur’s service in Renaut de Bâgé’s Le Bel InconnuAmagons, Amangons, Amaugon Le Bel Inconnu
234AmansAmans seems to have been a contender for the kingship of Carmelide (Cameliard)Aniause
235Amans’ DaughtersVulgate VI makes them the king’s daughters, and Amans in the Vulgate is probably Aniause in Malory
236AmantA king who gave all his lands to a noblewomanAnyauseVulgate Queste del Saint Graal
237Amant of LambaleKing of Lambal (Lambale) and enemy of Uther PendragonAmans, Amaunte, AumantVulgate Merlin
238Amaspartins of SchipelpjonteA king in the service of Feirefiz, Perceval’s half-brother.Parzival
239AmathaonSon of Dôn and brother of Gofannon.Culhwch and Olwen
240Amatin of Good JousterA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Amant the Good Jouster, Amatin the Good JousterPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
241Amauguin the RedIn lines 311-341 of Erec and Enide, Chrétien de Troyes names King AmauguinAumagwinErec
242AmaurisAn Arthurian knight who joined Gawain’s quest to conquer Rigomer castle.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
243Amaury of the IslandsOne of Arthur’s knights who fought in the Roman War.Roman de Brut
244AmaviaA tragic character who dies in The Faerie Queene.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
245AmazonsThe name of a famous race of warrior women in Greek mythology.I Due Tristani
246AmbervalIn the First Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval, Lionel, Gawain’s sonFirst Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
247Ambigal of SalieA count who joined Wigalois (Gawain’s son) in a war against Lion of Namur.Wigalois
248AmbrosiusA monk at the monastery where Perceval retired after the Grail Quest in Tennyson’s Idylls of the King.Idylls of the King
249Ambrosius AurelianusAlso known as Emrys and historically ‘the Last of the RomansAmbrolius, Ambrose, Ambrosius Aurelius, Aurelius Ambrosius, Aurilambros, Aurlis Brosias, Embres, Emreis, EmrysDe Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae
250Ambroy OyseletA knight in Lovelich's Merlin.Human
251AmelideCousin of Danain the Red.Palamedes
252AmeneA queen whose kingdom was conquered by Roaz and was rescued by Wigalois at Arthur's command.Human
253AmercileIn Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône, a lady at Arthur’s court. Her lover was a giant.Diu Crône
254AmiceA friend of Lady Lidoine. When Lidoine was captured and imprisoned by BelchisMeraugis de Portlesquez
255AmideShe was Sir Percivale’s sister and Galahad’s lady, the latter relationship being platonic.Agrestizia, DindraneEncyclopaedia of Arthurian Legends
256AmieThe mother by Gawain of Sir Beaudos (Beaudous). Her father was the King of Wales.Beaudous
257AmilíasA king slain by Tristan.Saga af Tristram ok Isodd
258AminabadOne of the early kings of Corbenic (Carbonek), the Grail CastleAminadap, Aminadab Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
259AminaducGiant high king of the Saxons and brother of Magaat, Mahaglant, and Maglahant.Aminaduf, Aminadus, Ammaduc, Amynadus, Minaduc, Minaduf, Minadui, Minadus, MynadusVulgate Merlin
260Aminal del TertreJust like Hector des Mares (Ector de Maris), this knight is observed alternating between joy and grief.
261Amincas of SotofeititonA king and vassal of Feirefiz, Perceval’s half-brother.Parzival
262AmirautIn the Didot-Perceval, a pagan ally of Lucius the RomanDidot-Perceval
263AmireThe King of Libya.Wigalois
264AmiteA name of Galahad's mother.Human
265Amlawdd WledigIn Welsh sources, the father of Igraine. Also credited as being the father of Culhwch and Illtyd.Human
266AmmilotDuke of the Flowers of the Wilderness.Garel von dem blühenden Tal
267AmodorA knight freed by Tristan from the prison of an island castle.Povest’ o Tryshchane
268AmoraenA king who owned the enchanted Sword with Two Rings.Roman van Walewein
269Amorat of SoreloisA knight slain by Tristan in a duel at the Plain of Assorted Flowers.Tristan
270Amores li BrunsOne of the knights who fought with Arthur and Leodegan (Leodegrance)Amoret le Brun
271Amores the SwarthyA knight who served Arthur and Leodegan (Leodegrance) in the war against the Saxons.Vulgate Merlin
272AmoretA lady who is one of the representatives of chastity in Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.The Faerie QueeneLearn More
273AmoroldoThe son of Marhaus, made a knight by Tristan and supported by him. Human
274Amorotto of ListenoisA king in La Tavola Ritonda; one possible father of Suziano (Oswain Braveheart)La Tavola Ritonda
275Amorous Knight of the Savage CastleA knight whom Arthur saved from the jaws of a giant, poisonous serpent.Le Chevalier du Papegau
276AmpfliseThe Queen of France during Uther’s time in Wolfram’s Parzival.Parzival
277AmrSon of King ArthurHumanAmhar, Amir, AnirHistoria Brittonum, c. 820
278AmrenSon of BedivereHuman
279AmuratCount/king of Turtus, husband of Klarine, and father of Duzabel.Garel von dem blühenden Tal
280AmurelleThe wife of Blandukors, a nobleman who hosted GawainDiu Crône
281AmurfineDaughter of Lord Laniure of Serre and Ansgien, sister of SgoidamurAmurfinaDiu Crône
282AmustansThe chaplain of King Leodegan of Carmelide (Leodegrance) (Guinevere’s father)Amistant, Amistiax, Amnistan, Amustan, Amustant Vulgate Lancelot
283AmustantChaplain to Guinevere.Human
284AmytansA wise man who scolded Arthur.HumanLancelot of the Laik
285AnarautThe Earl of Salisbury under King Arthur. Galluc is also given this distinction.Anavalt, Arnalf, Euerad Historia Regum Britanniae
286Anarom the FatA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
287AnascorA follower of Joseph of Arimathea who, in SarrasAnacoron, Anascors, Nascar Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
288Anastasius I DicorusAnastasius I was a consul of the Roman Empire and a Byzantine Emperor from 11 April 491 to 9 July 518.Latin: Flavius Anastasius Augustus c. 431 – 9 July 518
289AnasteuA knight who lived almost a century before Arthur’s time.Vulgate Merlin
290AnathitesThe Christian bishop left in Sarras by Joseph of Arimathea to preserve the faith.Anachites, Anachistes, Anathistes, Anatistes, Anistres, Mistres Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
291AnchisesSeneschal of Queen Lidoine, wife of Sir Meraugis of Portlesquez.Meraugis de Portlesguez
292AndeclisIn Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône, an allusion is made to Gawain’s battle with one IaphineDiu Crône
293AndeliseMother of Sir Durmart by King Jozefent (Josefent). Her father was the King of Denmark.Durmart le Gallois
294AndelizA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
295AndigamiOne of Arthur’s noblemen in the Norse Erex Saga.Erex Saga
296AndoisArthur’s host in the Kingdom of Damsels in Le Chevalier du Papegau.Le Chevalier du Papegau
297AndragiusAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, a king of Britain in the third or second century BC.Historia Regum Britanniae
298AndragnathusAccording to the theories of Gilbert, Wilson and Blackett
299AndredCousin of TristanHumanLe Morte d'Arthur
300Andremo the Old of SobicioTristan’s maternal grandfather. He married Felice, Arthur’s sisterLa Tavola Ritonda
301AndriveteThe daughter of King Cador of Northumberland, married KayHuman
302AndroesIn La Tavola Ritonda, the King of Scotland in the time of Uther and in Arthur’s early days.La Tavola Ritonda
303AndrogeusSon of Lud, an early British king.
304AnedA hound needed by the warrior Culhwch, as one of tasks, to hunt the boar Twrch Trwyth.Culhwch and Olwen
305AneurinAccording to Glennie, Aneirin is one of the four great bards.Aneirin
306AnfoiesA knight who participated in the tournament of Sorgarda, won by Gawain.Diu Crône
307AnfortasThe Fisher King or Grail King in Wolfram’s Parzival.AmfortasParzival
308AnfrothinIn a monologue in Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu CrôneAnfroihinDiu Crône
309AngaleThe lady of the castle Raguidel and a cousin of Lancelot.OrvaleVulgate Lancelot
310AnganAn Arthurian knight in Wace’s Roman de Brut.Roman de Brut
311AngarasSon of the lord of Karamphi in Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône. Diu Crône
312Angares del CymentiereIn the Vulgate IV Angares is a knight wrongly accused to have killed Lancelot.Angourre du Cymentiere, Aucaires del Cimetere, Aucaris
313AngawddSon of Caw, one of twenty brothers, and a warrior of King Arthur.Culhwch and Olwen
314AngelaA Saxon queen who was captured by the British.The Faerie Queene
315AngelicaMother of Tom Thumb with ArthurHuman
316Angelis of the VaaosA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
317AngenisThe noble king of Iserterre (Iseterre).Garel von dem blühenden Tal
318Angharhad Golden-handLover of Peredur (Perceval)HumanMabinogion
319AnginonIn Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône, a king and one of Arthur’s vassals.Diu Crône
320AngironArthur’s king of Ireland in Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône.Diu Crône
321AngisA squire of LancelotHuman
322AnglesA Germanic tribe that invaded and settled in eastern England in the fifth centuryGesta Regum Anglorum
323AnglidesMother of Alisander the OrphanHuman
324AnglitoraDaughter of Prester John who mared Tom a' Lincoln from which union came the Black Knight.Human
325AngnieLady of the Beautiful Forest and wife of Moralde.Tandareis and Flordibel
326Angrs of WindsorOn the unanimous advice of all his lords in councilAngresCligés
327Angsir of SlaloiIn Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu CrôneAnsgirDiu Crône
328AnguinA knight raised with Lionel and Bors by the Lady of the Lake.Aigrins, Aiguis, Anguins, Anguis Vulgate Lancelot
329AnguingueronThe seneschal of Clamadeu of the Isles appears in Chrètien’s Perceval and in the Vulgate romances.Aguigneron, Aguygueron, Anguiguerron, Anguigueron, Augenevin, Engygeron, GuyguernonPerceval, or Le Conte del Graal
330AnguishKing of Ireland and father of IseultHumanAnguisel
331Anguish of IrelandKing of Ireland and one of the eleven rebel kings at the beginning of Arthur’s reignAgwisance, Agwisaunce, Angis, Angins, Anguins, Aguisant, Anguisant, Anguisel, Anguisshe, Angwish, Hanguin, Languis, Lenvis Prose Tristan
332Angusel of ScotlandKing of Scotland, first named by Geoffrey of Monmouth.Angel, Aguiflet, Aguillars, Aguisans, Aguisant, Aguiscans, Aguisel, Aguisent, Aguisiax, Aguissans, Aguissant, Aguistant, Aguizans, Agustans, Aguysans, Aguysas, Anguisel, Anguissans, Anguizans, Angus, Angvisant, Angvisaunt, Angwisshe, Angwisiez, Auguselus, Aungel, AungersHistoria Regum Britanniae
333Anna Sister of Arthur as per Geoffrey. Sometimes equated with Morgause.HumanHistoria Regum Britanniae
334AnnasIn two sixteenth-century English versions of Joseph of Arimathea’s lifeHere Begynneth the Lyfe of Joseph of Armathia with a Praysing to Joseph
335AnneciansA godson of King Bors of Gannes who fought for Arthur at the battle of Bedegraine.Le Morte Darthur
336Annlawdd WledigThe name of this prince occurs in the pedigrees as being father of Tywynwedd the mother‘Annlawdd the Ruler’ Amlawdd, Anlawd, AnllawddCulhwch and Olwen
337AnnoreQueen of Averre in Wolfram’s Parzival.AnfoleParzival
338AnnowreAccording to Malory, she was a great sorceressAunowreLe Morte Darthur
339AnnynawgCulhwch names him as one of Arthur’s warriors who was the son of Menw mab Teirgwaedd.Annyanniawc, AnynnawgCulhwch and Olwen
340AnoethA knight slain by Tristan during a tournament in Ireland.The Stanzas of the Graves
341Anoeth VeidawgOne of Arthur’s warriors.‘Foolish Courage’ Anoeth the BoldCulhwch and Olwen
342AnsalineroA North Welsh king in La Tavola Ritonda.AnsilernoLa Tavola Ritonda
343AnschoesA knight present at the Sorgarda tournament in Diu Crône.Diu Crône
344AnseïsA knight from Sorelois who fought in the tournament at Sorelois.OssaiseProse Tristan
345AnselmeIn the Elizabethan play The Birth of MerlinThe Birth of Merlin or The Childe Hath Found His Father
346AnsgavinOne of two “toll collectors” from Ansgiure defeated by GawainDiu Crône
347Ansgien of IlernThe mother of Amurfina (Gawain’s wife) and Sgoidamur by Lord Laniure of Serre.Diu Crône
348AnsgüAn evil warrior in Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône.Diu Crône
349Ansirus the Pilgrim, DukeHe was called “the Pilgrim” because of his passion for going on pilgrimage,Ansinus the Pilgrim, Rancier the PilgrimProse Tristan
350Ansoit of RiviereA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
351AntalinoThe nephew of King Gilierchino of Brittany (Gilierchins) (Tristan’s father-in-law).La Tavola Ritonda
352Antanor the SilentA mute knight in Arthur’s courtParzival
353AntelanThe hero of the German poem Konig Anteloy.Antelan
354AnteleAn earl in the service of the Duke of Lorraine in the Alliterative Morte Arthure.Alliterative Morte Arthure
355AnthemesSeneschal to King Ban of Benoic in the Vulgate Merlin.Aleaume, Alelme, Aleume, Anslem, Antemes, Anteaumes, Antheaumes, Anthiaume, Anthiaumes, Antiaume, Antoines, Antoneyes, Antony, Antonye, Antonyes Vulgate Merlin
356AnthemiusRoman ruler who ruled from 467-72 CE.Human, Roman
357AnthonjeAccording to Der Pleier’s romance Meleranz, a sister of Arthur.Meleranz
358AntidolusThe seneschal of King Brandon the Saxon.Vulgate Merlin
359AntikonieLover of Gawain and sister of King VergulahtHuman
360AntoagaisA large knight encountered by Lancelot on his first questAgrais, Antragais, Autragais, Enragais, Entagais, Outragais Lancelot do Lac
361AntonieThe niece of King Bagdemagus of Gorre.Tandareis and Flordibel
362AntonioA knight slain by Tristan during a tournament in Ireland.La Tavola Ritonda
363AntonyIrish bishop, secretary to MerlinHuman
364AntorArthur’s foster-father in the Post-Vulgate Merlin continuation and in Malory.Anthor, Anthors de Cors, Antor of Bonmaison, Anton, Antore, Antour, Arntor, Artus, Auctor, Entor, Hector Vulgate Suite du Merlin
365AntoreThe father of Vyolette, a maiden saved from two giants by Guinglain (Gawaine’s son).Lybeaus Desconus
366AntorilasA knight in the service of King Claudas (Lancelot’s enemy)AdrodinasVulgate Merlin
367AnuThe earth mother of Irish mythology who is better known as Dana or Danu
368AnuplitPalamedes’ father in the Serbo-Russian Povest O’TryshchanePovest’ o Tryshchane
369Anurez the BastardAn enemy of Gawaine. His brother, Nabigan, was killed by GawainPerlevaus
370Anwas the WingedIn Welsh sources, a member of Arthur’s entourageAnnwas
371AnzansnuseA lady who, with her husband Rivalin, healed GawaineDiu Crône
372AnzilereA murderer who figures into Tristan’s ancestry.Prose Tristan
373Aplasat the LargeA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
374Apollo of LyonesseThe first king of Lyonesse, descended from Alexander the Great.ApolonProse Tristan
375AquilianRuler of the castle Helyn.Palamedes
376Aquin of OrbrieOne of Arthur’s knights.Le Bel Inconnu
377Arab the DwarfA king who was a vassal of Arthur.Diu Crône
378AragornHe came to Britain to win renown and honor, and fought in the Noauz tournament.Aragon
379AramAn eloquent knight in Arthur’s service.Vulgate Lancelot
380AramontA Saxon warrior, brother of the Saxon king Agleot.Arramonz, AtramontLancelot do Lac
381AranThe Count of Flanders and an ally of King Claudas.Vulgate Lancelot
382ArandusIn La Tavola Ritonda, a Gaulish king who, along with a king named BrandinoLa Tavola Ritonda
383AransOne of King Arthur’s knights.Aran, Arant, Araus, Harauz
384AratinsOne of the many Saxon kings who invaded Britain during Arthur’s struggle to establish power.Le Livre d’Artus
385ArawnKing of Annwyn, also possibly Urien's brother.Human
386ArbrunGrandson of Brutus, son of Albanact, and brother of Embrunt and Dombart.Palamedes
387ArcadeThe maiden loved by Pelleas in the Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin. Malory calls her Ettard.Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
388ArcadiusA Roman Emperor between 395 and 408.Latin: Flavius Arcadius Augustus 377 or 378 – 1 May 408
389ArcanBrother of the king of the Saxons.Vulgate Mort Artu
390ArcanophusIn the occult lore of the modern Pegasus Foundation
391ArcausSon of the King of Saxony and the leader of Mordred’s first divisionArchains, Archans
392ArcelasThe King of Trebes slain by Sir Laris during Arthur’s war against Thereus of Rome.CelasClaries et Laris
393ArchadeA knight slain by Palamedes while trying to avenge the death of his brotherLe Morte Darthur
394ArchausA knight killed by Bleoberis while trying to kidnap a maiden.Prose Tristan
395Archbishop of CanterburyIn the Vulgate and Post-Vulgate Cycles, and in MaloryBishop of Canterbury The Stanzaic Le Morte Arthur
396ArchemaisIn the Prophecies de Merlin, the son of Angusel, King of Scotland.ArchenaisLes Prophecies de Merlin
397ArchemanA cousin and enemy of Tristan. King Mark of Cornwall was his uncleProse Tristan
398Archenior of NourientA duke and vassal of Feirefiz, Perceval’s half-brother.Parzival
399ArchfeddAn obscure daughter of Arthur in Welsh tradition.
400ArchierThe baptismal name of the cannibal King Gurguran (Gurgurant)Perlesvaus
401ArchimagoA magician in the first book of the Faerie Queene.The Faerie QueeneLearn More
402ArchimedesNephew of King Evalach of Sarras (Evelake).Archimades, ArcimondesVulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
403ArcielA Knight of the Round Table who killed his brother, Sanades, in combat for the love of a maiden.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
404ArcileCompanion of MorganHuman
405Arcois li FlamensA brave knight from Flanders in the service of King Claudas.Arquois li Flameins, Arquois FlamengsVulgate Lancelot
406ArdanUncle of ArthurHuman
407Ardan of RivelanzeKing of Rivelanze. Allied to King Ekunaver of KanadicGarel von dem blühenden Tal
408Ardderchawg PrydainCulhwch called upon his warriors
409ArddunDaughter of Eliffer and sister of Peredur and Gwrgi.Triads of the Island of Britain
410Arderoch AmanderA Knight of the Round Table.Erec
411ArdwyadSon of Caw, one of twenty brothers, and one of King Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend.Culhwch and Olwen
412AresFather of Do and grandfather of Griflet and LoreteHuman
413Arfusat the FatA peer of Sir Bors who fought in a tournament thrown by King Brandegorre.
414ArganHusband of a woman that Uther loved.Human
415ArganorA Knight of the Round Table who joined in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
416ArgantA king and vassal of King Rions of Ireland, an enemy of Arthur.Agans, ArgansVulgate Merlin
417ArganteQueen of Avalon and an elf. Possibly a form of the British goddess ArianhrodHuman
417.5Argante (Faerie Queene)A giant who runs around sexually violating people.GiantThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
418ArgestesArgestes is the king of Camelot and is said to be the eponym of Camelot.Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
419ArgistesA man that Merlin prophesied would be hanged, drowned and burned, and it happened.Human
420ArgiusThis knight “of the blood of King Mark”
421Argodras li RousA knight who served King Bagdemagus of Gorre.‘Argodras the Red’ Argodras, Argois, Argondras, ArgonidesVulgate Lancelot
422ArgonThe Saracen lord of the Rock, a British castle.Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
423ArgonsGrandfather of Sir Guiron the Courteous.Palamedes
424ArgrettaThe beautiful concubine of Lucano the Great (Lucanor), a giant slain by Tristan.La Tavola Ritonda
425ArguelThe King of Escavalon.Vulgate Lancelot
426Arguisiaus of CarhaisA knight who was defeated and wounded by a marauder named Dragonel the Cruel.Arguisiaus of Carhaix, Arguissiaus Fourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
427ArguistesNephew of Pelles and Pellinore, cousin of Perceval.Angustes, Arguestes, Argules
428ArgusAnother son of Elaine, mother of Galahad.HumanY Saint Greal
429ArgustusSon of King Harlon.ArgusteVulgate Queste del Saint Graal
430ArguthAn ancestor of LotHuman
431ArianhrodAn important Celtic goddess and a figure in Welsh mythology, featured in the Mabinogion.Welsh: ‘Silver wheel’ Aranrhod, Arianrhod
432Aride de GaloreKing of Galore and an ally of King Rions of Ireland (Ryons), Arthur’s enemy.Arade GaloireVulgate Merlin
433AriesA cowherd who raised Tor, son of King Pellinore, thinking him to be his son.Human
434ArigieLord of Dusbergo in La Tavola Ritonda.La Tavola Ritonda
435AriohanFather of Frollo, the ruler of Gaul slain by Arthur.AroanPalamedes
436ArionA knight who wished to challenge Lancelot when the latter was living in exile on the Island of Joy.Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
437AristantA Knight of the Round Table who fought at the tournament of Sorelois.Arystanse, ArystaunseProse Tristan
438AristesSon of Salandres (Salandre of the Isles) and brother of DinisordresPerlesvaus
439AristobokisA Knight of the Round Table who fought against the Saxons in the early days of Arthur’s reign.ArestobolusVulgate Merlin
440Aristoc the StrongA knight who tried to kill Yvain to avenge the death of his father.Prose Tristan
441Aristor of AmoraveIn Perlesvaus, the lord of the castle of Ariste and the land of Amorave.Perlesvaus
442AristotFather of Corsabrin (a knight slain by Palamedes) and Rechaux.Prose Tristan
443AriunPrince of Medarie and Belakun, and companion of princes Darel and Gamer.Wigalois
444ArlecchinoThe name by which Hellekin became known in the Italian commedia dell’arteHarlequin, Hellekin
445Armand the HandsomeA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
446Armant of the Red CityKing of the Delectable Isle and the Red City.Arduano, Arnant, Harmaunce, Hermaunce Prose Tristan
447ArmondA cowardly knight who roused fifty warriors to attack the noble Galehaut the BrownPalamedes
448Armourer, TheAmong Arthur’s knights in the list Chrétien de Troyes begins in line 1691 of ‘Erec and Enide‘.
449Arnal the HandsomeA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.ArgasPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
450ArniveArthur's mother in Wolfram, rescued by Gawain.Human
451ArnoldA knight from Cornwall and brother of Sir Gautere.Le Morte Darthur
452Arnold le BreuseHe and his brother, Sir Gherard le Breuse (Gerard)Le Morte Darthur
453Arnoullant the FairCompanion of the mighty Segurant the Brown.Palamedes
454Aroans of BetinaA king and an ally of Arthur’s enemy King Rions (Ryons).Aroans de Betinie, Arroars de LaufanieVulgate Merlin
455Arodalus the LargeAn Arthurian knight who fought against the Saxons at the battle of Vambieres.Arodalus li GranzLe Livre d’Artus
456Arodion of CologneA scribe at Arthur’s court.Arodian, Arodio, Arodions de Coloigne, ArudionLancelot do Lac
457AroelThe Duke of Aroel, who came from Sorelois, was an ally of Lancelot.Aronel, Oroel, Raguel, Roel, Rohel, Rohes, Rohiel Vulgate Mort Artu
458AronA knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
459ArondeleA maidservant of Lady Galiene of Lothian in Guillaume le Clerc’s Fergus.Fergus
460ArondielThe horse of the ploughboy FergusAriondeleFergus
461ArouzCount of Flanders.Arans, Aranz
462Arphasar the UnknownBrother of Esclabor the Unknown and uncle of Palamedes.Alphazar, Aphasar Palamedes
463ArpianThe Lord of the Treacherous Castle, an evil pagan strongholdHarpionPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
464Arpian of the Narrow MountainA Knight of the Round Table from the Narrow Mountain or the Strange Mountain.Arpian of the Strange Mountain, Harpin Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
465ArpinelloThe lord of Bauttiganero.La Tavola Ritonda
466ArquaisNephew of King Alain of Escavalon.Arcais, Arcois, ArquoisLe Livre d’Artus
467ArracIn Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu CrôneDiu Crône
468Arramant the FatA knight defeated by Lancelot after he stole Lancelot’s armor and steedAtramantVulgate Lancelot
469ArrantA Saxon king of Denmark.Airant, Aran, Arans, Aroans, Aroant, Aroart, Arrans, Arrant, Errans, Haram, Haran, Roant Vulgate Merlin
470Arrouans the FelonIn Palamedes, the father of the evil Breus the Pitiless (Breuse).Palamedes
471ArrouseAn earl from the island of Ponmecainne who fought against GalehautLe Morte Darthur
472ArsA king whom, according to Chrétien de Troyes, is the father of Sir Tor.
473Art AoinfhearA son of Arthur in Caithreim Conghail Clairingnigh. Also a son of King Conn in Irish material.HumanCaithreim Conghail Clairingnich
474ArtaiosA deity of unknown characteristics and attributes who, some suggestArtaius
475ArtegallKnight of JusticeHumanArtgualcharThe Faerie Queen
476ArtelA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
477ArtesiaIn the Elizabethan play The Birth of Merlin, the sister of the Saxon general Ostorius.The Birth of Merlin, or The Childe Hath Found His Father
478ArthfaelBorn 482, he is said to have lived in Bodmin and married a woman called Guinevere.
479ArthgalThe Earl of Warwick under Arthur.AlgalHistoria Regum Britanniae
480ArthgalloIn Geoffrey of Monmouth’s chronicle, a son of King MorvidHistoria Regum Britanniae
481ArthinailAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, a king of Britain in the second century BC.Historia Regum Britanniae
482ArthofilausIn Guillaume le Clerc’s Fergus, the nephew of a malevolent king who besieged Lady GalieneFergus
483Arthur of BrittanyA descendant of Lancelot who sought the hand of Florence, daughter of the King of Sorlois in modern-day Iraq.Human
484Arthur of DalriadaA king who lived after the time of Arthur, but is one contestant for the origin of the character.Human
485Arthur of DyfedA prince recorded in the genealogies of Dyfed.De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae e
486Arthur the LessThe son of Arthur by the daughter of Tanas‘The Unknown Knight’ Arthur the LittleVulgate Queste del Saint Graal
487Arthur the LittleBastard son of Arthur who went on the Grail quest.HumanProse Tristan
488Arthur, KingKing, the central character of the Arthurian mythos.HumanArthur Pendragon, Zitus (Spanish)Y Gododdin, c. 7th centuryRead more
489Arthur’s Men, KingA hypothetical force of British soldiers
490Arthurs, Succession ofIn the book Men among Mankind by B. Le Poer Trench (1962)
491Artis the PaleA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.HartusProse Tristan
492ArtoriusA Roman gens which seems to have supplied the name Arthur.
493ArundeleLady Galiene’s servant.
494ArviragusA personage who became known to history because of an obscure reference by the Roman writer JuvenalHistoria Regum Britanniae
495Asalim the PoorA Knight of the Round Table who was slain during the Grail Quest.Anseliam, AnselianPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
496AscamintOne of Arthur’s dukes in the Norse Erex Saga.Erex Saga
497AscamoreA Knight of the Round Table.Achinour, Ascamour, Ascamoure, Ascomore, Askanere, Askanore, Escamour, EscanorAlliterative Morte Arthure
498Ascanior the FierceAn evil giant killed by Guiron the Courteous.Palamedes
499AschaloneA knight present at the Sorgarda tournament in Diu Crône.Diu Crône
500AschilThe King of Denmark who, in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s HistoriaAcil, Aescil, Archyl, Aschis, Ascil, Askil, EchilHistoria Regum Britanniae
501AsclepiodotusA Briton war leader from the third centuryAsclepidiotHistoria Regum Britanniae
502AselaphesIn the time of Joseph of ArimatheaAsselaphas, Selaphas
503Asgares the SadA Knight of the Round Table from Cardueil.
504AsoureThe name of Yvain’s father in the Middle English Sir Perceval of Galles.Sir Perceval of Galles
505AspyolThe noble duke of Tymant in Genewis (Gennewis).Lanzelet
506Ass-driverThis, according to a thirteenth-century fableWizards and Enchanters
507AssanonBrother of Senahar, a knight imprisoned by Erec and Galahad.Prose Tristan
508AssarA knight whose sister was raped by King Mark of Cornwall.Prose Tristan
509AssenA king who ruled the Perilous Forest a century or so before Arthur’s time.Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
510AssentinA fierce king.Roman van Walewein
511AssilesA terrible giant slain by Gawaine.Diu Crône
512AsterianIn Konrad von Stoffeln’s GaurielGauriel von Muntabel
513AstlaborA king and father of Sirs Palomides, Safere, and Segwarides.
514AstorThe Duke of Lanverunz in the time of Arthur.
515Astor of PanfatisAn infidel count who served Feirefiz, Perceval’s half-brother.Parzival
516AstrigisThis treacherous lady tried to trick Gawaine, through her lies, into killing her husband.
517AsueA giant fated to be killed by Tristan.Palamedes
518AtamasThe lord of the Giant’s Tower, also called the Knight of the TowerKnight of the Spring, Knight of the Tower Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
519AtazA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
520AthrwysPossible King of Gwent and possible source of the Arthur legend.Human
521AtinServant of Pyrocles.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
522AtlendorSon of Naf, brother of Gwenwynwyn, and one of Arthur’s warriors.AtlandorCulhwch and Olwen
523AtramontBrother of Hargadabran (Hargodabrans).
524Atramont le GrosCousin of Melyans li Gais (Melian the Gay).Araman le Gros, Aramant lo Grant, Araniant le Gros, Erramont le Groux
525AtroclasA king who enlisted the help of Sir WigamurWigamur
526Atrwm the TallOne of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend.Culhwch and Olwen
527AubaguA horse of King Arthur’s in Chrétien’s Erec.Erec
528AudolusA knight of great renown who served Arthur.Andalas, Andelus, Aridolus, Arodabis Vulgate Merlin
529AuferranteOne of Tristan’s several horses in La Tavola Ritonda.‘Iron-shod’La Tavola Ritonda
530AuguintesterOne of Arthur’s knights.Diu Crône
531AuguselusUrien's brother, possibly the same as Arawn. Was killed by Mordred.Human
532AugusteA cousin of Morholt of IrelandProse Tristan
534Aunwas AdeiniawcHe is listed as a court member in Culhwch.Culhwch and Olwen
535AupatrisFather of Lord Caradoc of the Dolorous Tower.
536AureliusOne of Arthur’s warriors in Dryden’s opera, King Arthur.King Arthur; or the British Worthy
537Aurelius AmbrosiusUther Pendragon's brother, High King of Britain before him. Killed before Uther's reign.HumanAmbrosius Aurelianus, PandragusDe Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae c. 540sRead more
538Aurelius ConanSucceeded Constantine, Arthu'rs successor.Human
539AurienceDaughter of Lord Boncenes.Prose Tristan
540AurisA knight at Arthur’s court.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
541AutlerA knight slain by Lancelot.Auter, HaulterTristan
543AvadoanKing of the Isles.Anadonain, Avaudoan Le Livre d’Artus
544AvallocLived in Avalon with his daughters. Father of the goddess Modron.Human
545AvarlanIn the Vulgate Mort Artu, a knight who hated Gawain.Arnalon, Avarlon Vulgate Mort Artu
546AvenableAvenable, the daughter of Duke Mathem of Soane.‘Lovely’ Anable, GrisandolesVulgate Merlin
547AvenisKing of Averre, husband of Queen Anfole (Annore)Garel von dem blühenden Tal
548Axilles li BlonsHe was Sir Bors’ squire.Ansile, Aussiles, Auxile, Hausi le Blont
549AyaòOne of seven brothers, including Albaò and DormadatAyaoSaga af Tristram ok Isodd
550AyglinUncle of Andrivete who married Kay.Human
551AymereIn Sir Degrevant, the steward of Earl Sere of Syria, Degrevant’s enemy.Sir DegrevantEymer, Eymere, Eymur, Gaymere
552AzetA knight named among the lists at Sorgarda, a tournament won by Gawain.Diu Crône
553AzindeA knight who appears at Sorgarda, a tournament won by Gawain.Diu Crône
554AzzadacSteward of the castle Roimunt in Korntin.Wigalois
555BaalusA king of the Saxons who participated in King Aminaduc’s siege at Vambieres.Baaluz Le Livre d’Artus
556BabianA beautiful bird native to the land of Cluse (eventually ruled under Arthur by Daniel).Daniel von dem blühenden Tal
557BacelerThe devil uses this young man as his instrument.
558Bach BychanThe page of Tristan.HumanTrystan
559BademaguKing of Gore.
560BademaguzThe master of King Arthur’s clerics.
561Baduc of the Perilous CastleA vassal of the Maiden of the Narrow Wood.La Vengeance Raguidel
562BaeddanFather of Arthur’s warrior Maelwys (Melwas) in Culhwch and Olwen.Culhwch and Olwen
563BagarimA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
564BagdemagusKing of Gore and father of Meleagaunce who abducted Guinevere.Human, Knight of the Round Table
565Bagdemagus’ DaughterAn unnamed daughter of King Bagdemagus helped deliver Lancelot
566BagotaThe giantess mother of Galehaut by her husband Brunor the BrownBagottaLa Tavola Ritonda
567Baingranz of AinsgaltThe brother of a giant named Galaas, who was slain by Gawaine.Diu Crône
568Bal CatelA Roman senator who the Emperor Lucius assigned to liberate a prison train being taken by Arthur’s warriors to France.Brut
569BalanBrother to BalinHumanSir Balan le SavagePost-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s
570BalancA Saxon warrior, slain by Arthur’s Sir Ulfin at the battle of Carhaix.Balan, Balanez, Sabalant Vulgate Merlin
571Balar of the DreadfulKnown as Balar of the Dreadful, Baleful or Evil EyeBaleful, Balor, Evil Eye
572BalbhuaidhThe name under which Gawain appears in Irish romances.
573Bald Squire, TheAs the first day of the tournament between Meliant of Liz and Tibaut of Tintagel
574BaldasA Saracen warrior slain by Yvain at the battle of Diana Bridge.Arthour and Merlin
575BaldulfBrother of Golgrin, the Saxon leader, killed at Badon.Human, Saxon
576BaldulphThe Earl of Silchester under King Arthur.Balien, ValenceRoman de Brut
577Baldwin of BrittanyA knight or bishop in Arthur’s court who pops up in a number of fifteenth-century Middle English verse romances.Baudewin, Baudewins, Baudewyn, Baudwin, Bawdewin, Bawdewyne, Bawdwyne, Bawdin, Bedwin, Bodwine
578BalieA count who went to war with Adnain, a friend of Tristan’s. Tristan defeated him in combat and forced him to make peace.La Tavola Ritonda
579BalienneDaughter of the King of Norgales, the mother of Galihodin.Beliande, Galiane
580BalinBrother to Balan, kills the Lady of the Lake and strikes the Dolorous StrokeHumanSir Balin le Savage, Knight of the Two SwordsPost-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s
581BalinorSon of the King of the Distant Isles.BalynorVulgate Mort Artu
582Balldvin of GermaniaOne of Arthur’s kings, present at the wedding of Erec and Enide.Erex Saga
583BallucEarl of Guitshire under Arthur.Roman de Brut
584BalorGiant relative of Yspadadden in CulhwchGiantCulhwch and Olwen
585BalsantThe lord of a castle where Erec lodged after the Sparrowhawk Tournament.Erex Saga
586BanFather of LancelotHuman
587Ban of BenwickThe French kings Ban and his brother BorsBane, Bans, Bando, Bano, Liban, Pant Lancelot, or Le Chevalier de la Charrete
588Ban of GomeretKing of Gomeret or Gormeret.
589BanadrabOne of four robber knights slain by Gawaine.BandarabDiu Crône
590Bandes’ DaughterKing Bandes’ daughter was loved by a Saracen knight, Sir Corsabrin
591BanganFather of Arthur’s warrior Kincar.Historia Regum Britanniae
592BangonA mysterious character who is named in a few sources as the ruler of Avalon.Durmart le Gallois
593BanierAn Arthurian knight named in The Marriage of Sir Gawain and Sir Walter Scott’sBannierThe Marriage of Sir Gawain
594BaninKing Ban's godson, a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
595BanonFather of Yscawin, listed in the Court List in Culhwch.
596BantellasA knight of Lord Golagros in Golagros and Gawain.Golagros and Gawain
597BanwOne of Twrch Trwyth’s piglets, killed by Arthur’s warriors at Dyffryn Amanw.Culhwch and Olwen
598BanyersA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
599BaradamA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Abaradan, BaridanProse Tristan
600Baradigan of the Lost IsleKing of the Lost Isle and a knight who desired to marry Queen Sebille.Baradigniau, Berennain, Litagueim
601BaralisTristan’s great-grandfather.La Tavola Ritonda
602BaramA Knight of the Round Table killed during the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
603BaramalA Saxon king, related to HengistBarahans, Baramaus, HaraansVulgate Merlin
604Barant le Apres
605BaratronThe name of the King of Russia in Arthurian romance.Claris et Laris
606BarcinierA Knight of the Round Table.Erec
607BarinthusA mysterious Otherwordly sea deity about whom very little is known.Vita Merlini
608BarnaainsA knight of Arthur’s court.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
609Baruc of BaghdadThe ruler (caliph) of Baghdad, with whom Gahmuret took service in Wolfram’s Parzifal.Parzival
610Baruc the BlackA knight who ruled the castle of Trion and who desired to marry Queen Sebille.The Black Knight, Fairy Knight Baruc li Noirs, Baruc li Noirs Chevaliers Faez, le Chevalier FaeLe Livre d’Artus
611BaruthOne of Evelake’s sons.Baruch
612BaruzA knight who competed in the Sorgarda tournament.Diu Crône
613BarvelainA Saxon king killed by Aglovale at the battle of Clarence.BarlonaymLe Livre d’Artus
614Basse GentKing Pelles’ fife in Perlesvaus.Perlesvaus
615BassianusSon of the Roman senator Severus.Historia Regum Britanniae
616BastardTristan’s horse.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
617BatradzThe hero of the Ossetes, a Sarmatian people who still inhabit the Caucasus today.
618BaucillasUther Pendragon’s and Arthur’s doctor.Palamedes
619BaudonSon of the Duke of Avarlan.
620Baudouin of BrittanyBaudouin is a hermit of noble birth.
621BaudrisAn Irish knight who ruled the castle of Antiufais in Les Merveilles de Rigomer.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
622Bauduins of WanglentThe evil lord of Wanglent Castle in Ireland.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
623BaudwinA knight that Arthur made a constable of his realm and governed Britain while Arthur went to war with Rome. Later became a hermit.Human
624BaufumesA Saxon king who joined King Rions of Ireland’s (Ryons) invasion of Britain.Baitramés, Baitrames, Balfinne, Bantrines, Bausart, Brauremes Vulgate Merlin
625BaulasA Knight of the Round Table.Erec
626BeacursA son of Lot and Sangive, and brother of Gawaine in German romance.BeatusParzival
627BeaflursA fairy. She was the wife of Pansamurs.‘Beautiful Flower’Parzival
628Beale Isoud
629Beale Regard, Damsel of LaThis unnamed damsel, rightful heir to the castle La Beale Regard
630BealsKing of Gomoret (Gomeret) and one of Arthur’s vassals, according to Hartmann von Aue.Erec
631BeasA Saracen king, killed by Arthur’s Sir Galescalain (Galeshin) at the battle of Diana Bridge.Arthour and Merlin
632BeatriceWife of Carduino, who was rescued from an enchantment by him.Human
633BeatrisThe niece of the King of Escavalon who married Dinasdarés, an enemy of Gawaine.First Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
634BeaudousGawaine’s son in Robert de Blois’ Fair Unknown romance.Knight of Two Shields Beaudos, BiausdousBeaudous
635BeaumainsKay’s derogatory nickname for Gawaine’s brother Gareth.‘Fair Hands’ Le Morte Darthur
636BeauteA maid of Guinevere who fell in love with Gliglois, the squire of Gawain.Human
637Beautiful GiantessThe mother of Galehaut and Delice.Bele JaiandeLancelot do Lac
638Beautiful PilgrimThe name by which Alice, the wife of Alisander le Orphelin, became known.
639Beauty Without VillanyDaughter of the Count of ValsinBelle Sans Villenie Le Chevalier du Papegau
640BeauvivanteA maiden who arrived at CamelotBeau Vivant, Bienpensant, Demoiselle Mesdisant, Maledisant Le Morte Darthur
641Beauvoisin of Ile FortRuler of the Kingdom of Damsels.BelnainLe Chevalier du Papegau
642BedalisOne manuscript of the Prose TristanProse Tristan
643BedinousAn Arthurian knight in Les Merveilles de Rigomer.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
644BedionésLord of the Fres Marés in Ireland.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
645BedivereClose friend of Arthur. Returns Excalibur to The Lady of the Lake, brother to Sir LucanHuman(Welsh: Bedwyr), (French: Bédoier), BedeverePa Gur yv y Porthaur, c. 10th century
646Bedoiier the MarshalA constable.Bediers, Bediver, Bedoier, Bedoiiers, Beduiers, Bedyers, BedyverErec
647BedoinThe Count of the Castle of the March.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
648BedwinA bishop in several Arthurian stories.Human
649BedywSon of Seithfed, brother of SinnochCulhwch and Olwen
650Behalim of ZadasA maiden championed by Gawaine.Diu Crône
651Behantis of KalomidenteAn infidel count who served Perceval’s half-brother Feirefiz.Parzival
652BejolareThe sweet and beautiful mother of Bejolarz, a companion of Wigalois (Gawaine’s son).Wigalois
653Bejolarz of LeodarzSon of Bejolare and Count of Leodarz.Wigalois
654Bek, AnthonyAccording to the historian G.M. Cowling, it was said that, in 1283
655Bel Inconnu, Le‘The Fair Unknown’
656Bel JoeorTristan’s (Tristram) horse in Béroul’s Tristan.
657Belacane of ZazamancThe infidel Queen of Zazamanc and first wife of Perceval’s father Gahmuret.‘Belcane’Parzival
658BeladigantThe Duke of Zone in Der Stricker’s DanielDaniel von dem blühenden Tal
659BelagogA giant who guarded Arthur's castle.Giant
660BelamisA duke in Arthur’s service who married the Duchess of the Dark Mountain.Daniel von dem blühenden Tal
661BelayePrincess of Lizaborey, second wife of LohengrinHuman
662BelcaneQueen of ZazamancHuman
663BelchisThe homely lord of the castles Monhaut and Campadoine and father of Espinogrés.Meraugis de Portlesguez
664Belchis of DenmarkKing of Denmark in Arthur’s service.Belcis, BelcysVulgate Merlin
665BeleareThe Countess of the Castle Joraphas in Korntin and wife of Count Moral.Wigalois
666Beleis li BloisA wealthy and powerful knight in the service of King Leodegan of Carmelide (Leodegrance).‘Beleis the Blond’ Ablechin le Voir, Belchis li Lois, Belcys li Loys, Belehys le Broys, Beliche, Blechin le Noir, Blecys the BlakeVulgate Merlin
667BelenosOne of the most widespread of all Celtic gods, whose variant name, BelenosBelos, Belus
668BeliFather of Arthur’s warrior Rheidwn Arwy in Culhwch and Olwen.Culhwch and Olwen
669Beli AdverFather of Arthur’s warrior Rhun in Culhwch and Olwen.Culhwch and Olwen
670Beli the GreatA legendary early Briton, thought originally to have originated in the god Bel.Mawr
671BeliagogA giant slain by Tristan in the Middle-English Sir Tristrem.Sir Tristrem
672Belianz the CraftyOne of four miscreant brother knights killed by Gawaine in Diu Crône.Diu Crône
674Belias of DovesA duke who joined the rebellion against Arthur in the early days of the king’s reign.Belias li dus de DovesVulgate Merlin
675Belias of EstremoresAn enemy of Arthur.Red Knight of Estremores BelynansVulgate Merlin
676Belias the AmorousLord of the Castle of Maidens.Belias du Chastel au Puceles, Belias de Amerous of Maydons Castell, HoliasVulgate Merlin
677Belias the BlackA strong knight who guarded the Spring of the Two Sycamores.Belyas li Noirs, Delyas, HeliasVulgate Lancelot
678BelideDaughter of King Pharamond of France, died of lovesickness for Tristan.HumanBellicies
679BelinansA knight who holds watch at the passage between Norgales and Sorelois, called La Chaucie Galesce.Aganers, Belynans des Illes, Elinans des Illes
680BelinantFather of Dodinel.Human
681BelinorA dwarf who served Queen Esclarmonde of Iglecele.Escanor
682BelinusAccording to Geoffrey, the City of the Legions
683Belinus the GreatIn the chronicles, a king of the Britons who preceded Arthur by many centuries.Belin, Belins, Bellinus, Belyns Historia Regum Britanniae
684BelisentA sister of Arthur who married Lot, possibly another name for Morgause.Human
685BelisentMother of Gawaine, Mordred, Gareth, Gaheris, and AgravainBellicentArthour and Merlin
686Bellengerus Le BeuseEarl of Laundes, son of Alisander the Orphan. Killed King Mark.Human
687BelleusWounded by Lancelot when he mistook a sleeping Lancelot for his wife. Later made a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
688Belliance le OrgulusSir Lamorak saved Sir Frol of the Out Isles from four knights who were fighting Frol all at once.Bellyas the ProudLe Morte Darthur
689BellinorWhen Lancelot and his followers left Arthur, Sir Bors’ seat at the Round Table was given to Bellinor.Belinor, Bellynor, Bely, Belyor
690Belni of DanoisA lady at Arthur’s court; one of many who failed a chastity test in Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône.Diu Crône
691BelphoebeA beautiful, brave, and powerful huntress.The Faerie QueeneLearn More
692BencinPerceval’s nephew in La Tavola Ritonda.La Tavola Ritonda
693BendelayneA knight slain in joust by Gareth near the Castle Perilous.BendelaineLe Morte Darthur
694Bendigeid VranThe giant son of Llyr and Penardun and brother Branwen and Manawydan Fab Llyr.Bendigeidfran, Brân the Blessed
695BeneDaughter of Plippalinot the Ferryman, resident of the Castle of MarvelsParzival
696Benemias of RaguleisA knight saved from the prison of Eskalibon of Belamunt (Eskilabon) by Arthur’s Sir Garel.Garel von dem blühenden Tal
697Benigne de GlocedonShe was the Damsel of Glocedon Castle (Glouchedon)Bleevine, Blenined, BlevineVulgate Lancelot
698BeniosusIn the Icelandic Saga af Tristram ok ÍsoddSaga af Tristram ok Isodd
699BenwickDaughter of Pharamond of GaulHuman
700BenwigOne of Twrch Trwyth’s piglets, killed by Arthur’s warriors at Dyffryn Amanw.Culhwch and Olwen
701BeradeOne of Arthur’s knights killed in the Roman War.Alliterative Morte Arthur
702BeralldOne of Arthur’s earls in the Norse Erex Saga.Erex Saga
703BerceliandeThe lord of the castle Montiguet (Montignet).Broceliande
704BerellThe ghost of Guinevere’s (Guenevere) motherThe Awntyrs off Arthure at the Terne Wathelyn
705BerengierConstable of the Castle Magance (Magounce) in SussexBellangere, BellangreProse Tristan
706Berengier of GomeretA widower who was the object of desire for Morgan le Fay and her companion Sebille.Les Prophecies de Merlin
707BerhardisA knight slain by Gawaine in Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône.Diu Crône
708BerlinA page who served Tydomie, the wife of Arthur’s nephew Meleranz.Meleranz
709BerluseA Cornish knight and servant of King Mark of Cornwall.Bersules, BertelaiProse Tristan
710BernantKing of North Wales during Arthur’s reign.Vulgate Lancelot
711BernardA knight killed in battle by Tristan.Tristan
712Bernard of AstolatFather of Elaine the White and LavaineHuman
713BernartA brief companion of Agravain in Les Merveilles de Rigomer.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
714BernelainOne of the fifteen Saxon kings who invaded Britain during Arthur’s struggle to establish power.BernelaynLe Livre d’Artus
715Bernout of RiviersCount of Ukerlant, son of Count NarantParzival
716Berte | BertainFather of Tibaut’s vavasour Garin. Berte was a friend of Gawaine.BertainPerceval
717BertelotBertelot was the brother of the despised Breuse Sans PitieLe Morte Darthur
718BerthSon of Cadway (Cadwy) and one of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend.Culhwch and Olwen
719BertholaiChampion of the Flase Guinevere.Human
720Bertilak de HautdesertSir Bertilak was the Green Knight of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.The Green Knight Bercilak de Hautdesert, Bercilak of the High DesertSir Gawain and the Green Knight
721Bertoles the BaldOne of Perceval’s eleven paternal uncles in Perlesvaus.Perlesvaus
722BertolleA knight with
723BertrandSon of Garin, a friend of Gawaine.Perceval, or Le Conte del Graal
724Bertrand of ThraceA noble, chivalrous, and spirited young knight from ThraceCligés
725BerwynSon of Cerenhyr and one of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend.Culhwch and Olwen
726BessilleIn the Prose Tristan, a Cornish woman who loved Tristan.Prose Tristan
727BethidesSon of PerceforestHuman
728BetisAccording to the French romance Perceforest
729BeundAn important saint in North Wales.
730BeunoSaint in North Wales, said to be the grandon of Anna, Arthur's sister through her daughter Perferren.Human
731BewfysThe name given to Guinglain, Gawaine’s son, by his mother.‘Handsome Son’ Beau-fyzLybeaus Desconus
732BhalbhuaidhIrish form of Gawaine.
733BialesOne of the many Saxon kings who invaded Britain at the beginning of Arthur’s reign.Le Livre d’Artus
734BiausdousSon of Gawain. Married Biautei.Human
735BicanusAccording to Welsh legendBican FarchogLife of St. Illtud
736BidwiniArthur’s chief bishop in Cornwall. He blessed the food, drink, and women at Arthur’s court.BytwiniCulhwch and Olwen
737BiedaA Saxon warrior, son of Port, who landed in Britain in 501 to join the Saxon conquest.Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
738BielmanoirThe Lord of Bielmanoir is a Knight of the Round Table in Hunbaut.‘Fair Manor’Hunbaut
739Bien PensantThe name that Lancelot gave the Ill-Speaking Maiden (Beauvivante)‘Well Thinking’ BienpensantLe Morte Darthur
740BigameThe Count of Bigame appears at the tournament of Sorgarda, won by Gawaine.Diu Crône
741BilasAn elderly count who tried to force a young maiden into marriage.Claries et Laris
742BilisBilis was Lord of the Dwarfs and the King of the Antipodes.Bilei, Ebilis, WilisErec
743BilleiusBedivere’s nephew in a French chronicle. He is usually called Hirelglas.HirelglasLiber de Compositione Castri Ambaziae
744BiríngIn the Icelandic Saga af Tristram ok ÍsoddSaga af Tristram ok Isodd
745BisclaretA Knight of the Round Table present at the Banborc tournament.Escanor
746Bishop of LimorBrother of Sagremor (Sagramore) and the Bishop of Lumeri.
747Bishop of LumeriBrother of Sagremor and the Bishop of Limor.
748Bishop of NantesA very saintly and worthy prelate
749Bishop of Rochesternoble clerk ... the French book saith
750Bishop of the ButterflyThe name by which the historical Bishop of Winchester – Peter des Roches (1204-1238)
751Bishop of the ThamesIn Gottfried’s Tristan, this oddly-named religious figure advises MarkTristan
752Blaaris de ThamelideA knight who was one of the twenty knights who succoured Agloval and his brothers against King Agrippe.
753Black HagDaughter of the White Hag who lived in the Valley of Distress in the Highlands of Hell.Culhwch and Olwen
754Black HermitA demonic lord encountered by Gawaine and Perceval in Perlesvaus.Perlesvaus
755Black KnightKing Arthur's grandson through Tom a Lincoln. Another Black Knight is an antagonist figureHuman
756Black Knight of the Black ForestA knight who was challenged by Arthur for ownership of the Black Forest.Historia Meriadoci Regis Cambrie
757Black Knight of the FountainThe name given in the Welsh Triads to the Lord of the Fountain defeated by Owain.Triads of the Island of Britain
758Black Knight of the MountainA British knight, enchanted in some mannerTristan
759Black ManA one-eyed giant slain by Percivale/Peredur in Peredur.Peredur
760Black OppressorAn evil duke who made it a custom to kill any men who came to his courtOwain
761Black Serpent of the BarrowA vicious snake that inhabited the Mournful Mound and killed or maimed many men.Peredur
762Blackbird of CilgwriAn ancient bird with whom Gwrhyr the Interpreter communicatedCulhwch and Olwen
763BladudThe magical son of HudibrasBaldudusHistoria Regum Britanniae
764BlaesOne of twenty-four Knights of Arthur's Court.Human
765BlaharisA Knight of the Round Table defeated and taken prisoner by the Queen’s Knights during a tournament.BlaarisVulgate Lancelot
766BlairA vavasour in Carmelide (Cameliard)Blaires, BliaresVulgate Merlin
767BlaiseA hermit originally from Italy to whome Merlin's mother went when she was pregnant.Human
768BlakestanThe lord of Blakestan was an ally of King Belinant of South Wales.Blaguestan, Blahestan, Blakestam, Blakeston, Blanc Estanc, Blaquestan Lancelot do Lac
769Blamore de GanisA Knight of the Round Table who had a quarrel with Tristan but later they became friends. Became a hermit after Arthur's death.Human, Knight of the Round Table
770Blamoure of the MarshA knight who owned a white hart that Gawaine pursued on his first adventure.Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
771BlanchandineAn Hungarian princess and a companion of Florete, the daughter of Emperor Filimenis.Floriant et Florete
772BlanchardA magnificient horse given to Sir Launfal by his lover, the fairy Triamour.BlaunchardSir Launfal
773BlancheA queen besieged by Lord Nador. Claris and Laris, two of Arthur’s knights, saved her.Claries et Laris
774BlanchefleurPercival's wife, niece to GornemantHumanPerceval, the Story of the Grail, c. 1181
775BlancheflorIn Gottfried, mother of Tristan and sister of King Mark of Cornwall.Blanchefleur, Blanscheflur, BlanschflurTristrant
776Blancheflor of BeaurepaireThe lady of Beaurepaire in Chrétien’s Perceval.‘White Flower’ Blanchefleur, Blancheflour, Blankeflur, Blankiflúr, BlanzifiorePerceval, or Le Conte del Graal
777Blancheflor’s Uncle the PriorBlancheflor of Beaurepaire calls him a very religious and saintly man
778BlanchelandThe Middle English Sir Gawain and the Carl of Carlisle names the Lady of BlanchelandSyre Gawene and the Carle of Carlyle
779BlanchelesOne of Arthur’s knights in the Middle-English Sir Gawain and the Carl of CarlisleSyre Gawene and the Carle of Carlyle
780Blanchemal the FayThe fairy mistress of Gawain, by whom she had a son named Guinglain.BlancemalLe Bel Inconnu
781BlandiganThe son of Count Blandigan of Iceland or IrelandFirst Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
782BlandisenA fairy who tries to murder PercevalSecond Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
783BlandukorsAn old nobleman who, in Heinrich’s Diu CrôneDiu Crône
784BlanlisA lady at Arthur’s court who, along with many others, failed a magical chastity test.Diu Crône
785BlanscholA lady at Arthur’s court who, along with many others, failed a chastity test.Diu Crône
786Blant of AlverneOne of Arthur’s counts.Diu Crône
787BlarisKnight of the Round Table and godson of King Bors of Gannes.Blaans, Blaaris, Bleherris, Bleoris, Bliares Vulgate Merlin
788BlasineA sister of Arthur who married Nentres of Garlot. Mother of Galachin.Human
789BlatA wandering squire whose companion was Haupt.Tristrant
790Blatant BeastThe fairy queen Gloriana asked Calidore to capture the Blatant Beast.
791BlathaonSon of Mwrheth and one of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend.Breudwyt Rhonabwy
792BlathnatA maiden abducted by the giant warrior Curoi.
793BlavineAn unnamed female recluse who lived near enough the (commonest?)
794BledgabredAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, a king of Britain in the second century BC.Historia Regum Britanniae
795BledudAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, a king of Britain in the third or second century BC.Historia Regum Britanniae
796BlehartisOne of Arthur’s knights in the English Arthour and Merlin.Belchardis, Lectargis
797BleheriFather of Arthur’s Sir Meriadeuc.Meriadeuc or Le Chevalier aux Deux Épées
798BleidenIn Henrich’s Diu Crône, a lady at Arthur’s court who failed in a chastity test.Diu Crône
799Blende of AliceIn Henrich’s Diu Crône, a lady at Arthur’s court who failed in a chastity test.Diu Crône
800BlenziblyTristan's mother in the Icelandic Saga of Tristan and Isodd.HumanSaga of Tristan and Isodd
801Bleoberis de GanisBrother of Blamore and a Knight of the Round Table.Human
802BlesinbilTristan’s mother in the Norse Tristrams Saga ok ÍsöndarTristrams Saga ok Ísöndar
803Bliaires li ChauzA Knight of the Round Table.Le Livre d’Artus
804BliandoisA countess who served the duchess of Estrayls (Estrales).Le Chevalier du Papegau
805BliantTallest of the dwarves and brother of BilisBrian, BriansErec
806BliasLord of Bleodas, Candaf, or Cloadas.Blios, BlyasVulgate Merlin
807BliobelOne of Arthur’s knights in Arthour and MerlinArthour and Merlin
808Bliobleheris de la DeserteAmong Arthur’s knights in the list Chrétien de Troyes begins in line 1691 of Erec and Enide.Biblioberis, Bleoberis, Blihobleeris, Blioberis, Blioblieris, Blyoberis, Blyobleris
809BlioblidasOne of Arthur’s knights. He was the son of the King of Galway.Blidobias, Blidobidas Meriadeuc or Le Chevalier aux Deux Épées
810BliocadranA name of Perceval's father.Human
811BliosA knight who loved a maiden named Senehaut.Le Livre d’Artus
812BloccoviusOne of Arthur’s earls who fought against the Romans at the battle of Soissons and was killed there.Boclovius, BocloniusHistoria Regum Britanniae
813BlodeuweddA flower-maiden. She was created from the flowers of oak‘Flower Face’ Blodeuedd
814BloequinzA knight from Denmark allied to Escanor the Handsome, an opponent of Gawaine.Escanor
815BloieA maiden loved by Guiron the Courteous, hero of Palamedes.Palamedes
816Blois of CassetAn Arthurian knight who fought in Arthur’s ranks at the battle of BedegraineBlioc de Cassell, Blios de la Case, Blois del Casset, Bloys de la Case; Blyos de Cassel, – de la Casse; Drulios de la CaseVulgate Merlin
817BloisineDaughter of Urbin of the Mountain (Urpin) and sister of Brun, a knight killed by Gawaine.BloiesineFourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
818Blonde EsmereeDaughter of the King of Wales, turned into a serpent by Mabon and Evrain.Human
819BloyasA knight from Flanders who fought among Arthur’s ranks at the battle of Bedegraine.Le Morte Darthur
820BluamansA Saxon king who was part of King Hargadabran’s (Hargodabrans) invasion of Britain.Le Livre d’Artus
821Blue KnightThe alias of Sir Persaunt (Persant), a knight defeated by Gareth in Malory.Le Morte Darthur
822BlunderboarA giant who once managed to capture Jack the Giant-Killer
823Boar of CornwallThe allusion to King Arthur made by MerlinHistoria Regum Britanniae
824BoccusThe King of Media who served the Roman Procurator Lucius.Blocus, Boclus, Bocus, Bokke, BouclusHistoria Regum Britanniae
825BodendrA page at Arthur’s court.Möttuls Saga
826Bogudaht of PranzileA count defeated by Perceval.Parzival
827Bold KnightThe name given by Perceval to the Coward KnightPerlesvaus
828BolvinCounselor to Earl Milon, who desired Enide, Erec’s wife.Erex Saga
829BoncenesA lord whose castle was besieged by Lord Guincemain during the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
830BoncuAn abominable race of men who battled Arthur’s knights at Rigomer Castle.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
831BonifaceA Roman cleric who served Arthur.Bonifaces li RomainsVulgate Lancelot
832BoreOne of Arthur’s knights in “The Marriage of Sir Gawaine”.The Marriage of Sir Gawain
833BorelArthur’s cousin or nephew, upon whom Arthur bestowed the rulership of Maine or Le Mans.Berell, Berille, Bretel, Bretelot, DorellHistoria Regum Britanniae
834Borlow-BeanieA seven-headed monster owned by King Cornwall in the English ballad “King Arthur and King Cornwall”.Barlow-Beanie
835BorreThe illegitimate son of Arthur by Lionors. Eventually became a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
836Bors de GanisOne of the major knights of the Round TableBohors, Bohort li Escillies, Bohortes, Bort, Boort, Boors, Bours, Bordo, Borz, Bwrf Lancelot do Lac
837Bors of GaulThe King of Gannes, Gaul, or GasconyBehort, Boort, Bohors, Bohort, Bohoort, Bohourt, Boors, Bordo, BorzLancelot do Lac
838Bors the ElderBrother to King Ban, and an ally of Arthur'sHuman(French: Bohort)
839Bors the YoungerSon of Bors the Elder, father of Elyan the WhiteHuman
840BosoRuler of Oxford and a vassal of Arthur.Human
841BoudinFather of Alisander the Orphan and brother of King Mark who murdered him.Human
842Boudwin of CornwallThe good Prince Boudwin, honorable and well beloved by all the people of CornwallBodwyne, BoudinLe Morte Darthur
843Bourgois de PeningueHe was the host of Gawain and his companions. Galihodin knighted him.
844Boy with No NameThe nickname given to Gawaine when he was growing up ignorant of his real name.De Ortu Waluuanii Nepotis Arturi
845BradmanteAccording to Ariosto, this female warrior of the Carolingian era (AD 751-987)
846BradwenSon of Iaen; brother of Sulyen, Teregud, Moren, Siawn, and CaradawgCulhwch and Olwen
847BraggadocchioA comedic parody of a knight in The Faerie Queene.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
848BramangueA Saxon king who, with other rulers, invaded Britain in the early days of Arthur’s reign.Bamague, Banaigue, Bannagues, Bavaigne, Bermagne, Bonegue, Bradeagne, Brainague, Bramagnes, Bramague, Bramangue, Brandague, Brandegue, Branegue, Brangue, Branmague, Brannague, Brannaguez, Brantague, Brodagne, BrodagueVulgate Merlin
849BramanteA duke and friend of Meliadus and Tristan in La Tavola Ritonda.La Tavola Ritonda
850BramoA king and father of Agia, Tristan’s step-mother. His brother, Duke BramanteLa Tavola Ritonda
851Bran de GuiniusThe twenty-eighth of forty knights who accompany Gawain.Brun de Guinius
852Bran the BlessedMythical figure from Celtic Mythology, possibly connected to some early versions of the Grail myth.Faerie
853BranceThe Queen of Brance was the cousin of King Helisier.
854Brandalus of WalesOne of Perceval’s eleven paternal uncles in Perlesvaus.Perlesvaus
855BrandegorisKing of Stranggore who rebelled against Arthur at first.Human
856Brandegoris’ DaughterShe was to be the prize of a tournament at the Castle de la MarcheVulgate Lancelot
857Brandegorre of EstrangorreA Saxon high king who, with others, invaded Britain in the early days of Arthur’s reign.Bannagues, Bran gu, Brancors, Brandegoras, Brandegoris, Brangoir, Brangoire, Brangoires, Brangoiries, Brangor, Brangore, Brangories, Brangoris, Brangors, Brangue of Saxony, BrannagueVulgate Merlin
858BrandelidelinIn Wolfram, the King of Punturteis in Uther’s time.Parzival
859BrandelisKnight of the Round Table and Duke of Taningues, son of Sir Gilbert.Brandeban, Brandeharz, Brandelis de Tranurgor, BrandelzPalamedes
860BrandesCount of Gloucester or Colchester of Linis.Banderous, BranlesErec
861BrandiganA king who was Gawaine’s grandfather.Second Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
862BrandilesKnight of the Round Table who fought Gawain for seducing his sister.Human, Knight of the Round Table
863BrandinoA Gaulish king in La Tavola Ritonda.La Tavola Ritonda
864BrandinorA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
865BrandisThe Count of Galloway.Escanor
866BrandoinesA vassal of the King with a Hundred Knights.Fourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
867BrandonA Saxon king who, with others, invaded Britain in the early days of Arthur’s reign.Braidon, Braidons, Brandouns, OrandonVulgate Merlin
868Brandus des IllesThe lord of La Dolorous Garde before Lancelot conquered it.Brandilias, Brandin of the Isles, Brandins de la Dolerouse Garde, Brandis, Branduz des Isles, Branduz of the Isles, Bratiduz de la Dolereuse GardeLancelot do Lac
869BranesA vassal of the King with a Hundred Knights.Fourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
870BrangaineMaidservant of Iseult who gave her the lover potion that eventually led to her falling in love with Tristan.HumanBrangaene, Brangwane, BrangienTristan, 12th century
871Brangaledhe owner of a horn, Corn Brangaled
872BrangemuerA knight who was the offspring of a fairy (Brangepart) and a man (Guingamuer).First Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
873BrangepartA fairy who was the mother of Brangemuer, a knight avenged by Gareth.Brangespart, BranguespartFirst Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
874BrangienMaidservant of Lady Lore of Cardigan, probably suggested by Brangain.BranwenMeriadeuc or Le Chevalier aux Deux Épées
875BrangoireA king of the Saxons.Brancors, Brangoire, Brangor, Brangore, Brangors, Mancors, MankorsFloriant et Florete
876Branguemore of CornwallA sorceress who built the Chapel of the Black Hand.Blancemore, Blancemorne, BrangemoreThird Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
877Branie of the High MountainA lady at Arthur’s court.Diu Crône
878BranoA nephew of King Faramon of France in La Tavola Ritonda.La Tavola Ritonda
879Branor the BrownA famous knight of Uther Pendragon’s table, hailed in Palamedes.Brunor the Brown Palamedes
880BrantriviersAn Arthurian knight in Hartmann von Aue’s Erec and Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône.Erec
881BranwenBranwen’s story is best known from a part of the MabigioniBranwan, Branwen ferch Llyr
882BraolantA Saxon king who, with other Saxon rulers, invaded Britain in the early days of Arthur’s reign.BraolansVulgate Merlin
883Bras-de-ferChamberlain of Antichrist.Braolans
884BrasiasA hermit living near Windsor
885BrastiasOne of Arthur's Knights who fought at Bedegraine.Human, Knight of the Round Table
886BratachSon of Gwawrddur Hunchback, brother of Duach‘Crafty’ BrathachCulhwch and Olwen
887BratturOne of Arthur’s noblemen.Erex Saga
888BravainAmong Arthur’s knights at the Round Table.BrainonsErec
889BredbeddleA knight who fought with Arthur in King Arthur and the King of CornwallHuman
890BremeinsA British king, mentioned in Arthour and MerlinArthour and Merlin
891BrendanIn the Bliocadran Prologue to Chrétien de Troyes Perceval, Perceval’s motherBrandainBliocadran Prologue
892BrenniusAn historic Gallic king who conquered Rome in the fourth century BC.Brannes, Bremin, BrenneHistoria Regum Britanniae
893BreonA Knight of the Round Table who was the son of Canodan.Breons, BrionErec
894BrequeanA Knight of the Round Table killed during the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
895BresendaThe sister of Medea (Medeas), the lecherous female ruler of Crudele castle.La Tavola Ritonda
896BretiausIn the Didot-Perceval, the brother of LuciusDidot-Perceval
897Breunis Saunce PyteAn enemy of Arthur who Gareth killed.Human
898Breunor le NoirKnight who wears his murdered father's coat, brother of Dinadan and DanielHumanBrunor, La Cote Male Taile
899Breuse Sans PitieThe antithesis of knighthood in French romance – a murderer‘Breuse the Pitiless’ Brehauz, Brehuz sans Pitie, Breunis Saunce Pit/Pyté, Breus the Pitiless, Breuz, Bereuse, Brehu, Brehus, Breusso, Breuz, Brun sans Pitié/Pité, Bruns Saunce Pit, Bruyn saunz PiteeFirst Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
900Brewnor le Noir
901BriadanIn Palamedes, one of two knights who murdered the Good Knight Without Fear.Palamedes
902Briadas the UndefeatedA powerful jouster who guarded the Spring of the Two Sycamores.The Black Knight Briadan, Briades, BridansVulgate Lancelot
903Briains of ArundelCount of Arundel.BraiainsDurmart le Gallois
904Briains of RochiersA knight who joined Nogant in an assault on Queen Fenise of Ireland.Durmart le Gallois
905Briamont de CarduelA knight of Arthur’s from Cardueil whoVulgate Merlin
906BrianA Knight of the Round Table found in Hartmann von Aue’s Erec.Erec
907Brian de la GastineA malevolent knightBrian of the Gastine, Brien de la GastineMeriadeuc or Le Chevalier aux Deux Épées
908Brian Des IllesLaid siege to Carduel and driven off by Lancelot.Human
909Brian of MezOne of Arthur’s knights.Escanor
910Brian of the ForestA knight that Gawaine encountered in his first quest.Le Morte Darthur
911Brian of the IslesLord of the Castle of Pendragon, Sir Brian wasBrian des Illes, Brian de les Isles, BrienPerlesvaus
912Brian the LesserAn Arthurian knight.Diu Crône
913BriansA knight present at the tournament of Sorgarda, won by Gawaine.Diu Crône
914Briant of North WalesA knight with whom Lancelot jousted – and defeatedBryauntLe Morte Darthur
915Briant of the Red IsleFather of TristouseHuman
916BrickusSon of Mazadan and grandfather of Arthur in WolframHuman
917BridalamA Knight of the Round Table killed during the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
918BridasA vassal of King Mark of Cornwall who participated in Mark’s tournament at Lancien.Fourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
919BridlawA warrior of Arthur and companion of Bedwyr.”The Stanzas of the Graves”
920BriébrasThe surname of Arthur’s Sir Caradoc, meaning ‘short arm’.BriefbrasLes Merveilles de Rigomer
921BrienBrien was a giant, half a foot taller than any (other?) knight in Arthur’s kingdom
922Briet of GonefortOne of Arthur’s knights.Le Bel Inconnu
923BrigantesAn ancient and powerful Celtic people of northern England whose tutelary goddess was Brigantia
924BriienAmong Arthur’s knights in the list Chrétien de Troyes begins in line 1691 of Erec and Enide.Erec
925BrimeholzA fairy companion of Madoine.Claries et Laris
926BrimesentArthur’s sister in the Vulgate Merlin.Brinesent, Hermesan, Hermesent, HermesenteVulgate Merlin
927BrinemansOne of several knights defeated by Lancelot on his way to Rigomer Castle.BrinciansLes Merveilles de Rigomer
928Briol of the Forest ArseeA knight encountered by Perceval in his quest for the Grail.BriotSecond Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
929BriolloA Saracen king, killed by Gaheris at the battle of Diana Bridge.Arthour and Merlin
930Brios of MontasconA wounded knight encountered by Lancelot on his way to Rigomer Castle.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
931Brios of the EmplacementA knight who served King Caradoc of Estrangorre.Vulgate Merlin
932Brisen, DameHelped arrange for Lancelot to sleep with Elaine unawares.Human
933BrithaelAn Arthurian knight who originally belonged to Gorlois, the Duke of CornwallBertel, Bertelot, Bertil, Borel, Brastias, Breteaus, Bretel, Brethel, Bricel, Bricot, Britael Historia Regum Britanniae
934BritomartKnight of Chastity, a female knight of the Faerie Queen.HumanThe Faerie QueenLearn More
935BritonsThe original inhabitants of Great Britain.Group
936BrituSon of Vortigern and Sevira according to Germanus of Auxerre.
937BroadasA large knight who inhabited the Spring of the Two Sycamores.Briadam, Broadés, Brohades, Brohados, Bronadas, BronadesVulgate Lancelot
938BrodanA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
939Bromel La PlecheA knight who began his career as a member of Arthur’s army against the Saxons.Brinol of the Hedged Manor Bliot du Plessie, Bloys of Plaisshie, Briant du Plessie, Brinol the Pleasant, Brinol de Plesse, Brinos du Plaissie, Brinos de Plessie, Brinos du Plessie; Brinoult del Plessie, Brios del Piastre, Bruiol de Plessie, Brumant del Plessie, Brunout del PlesseVulgate Lancelot
940BronThe Fisher King and Maimed King in Robert de Boron’s Grail CycleBoon, Brom, Brons, Bruns, Ebron, Gron, Hebron, Nesecuj(?) Joseph d’Arimathie
941BronconeA knight encountered by Tristan in La Tavola Ritonda.BroncaneLa Tavola Ritonda
942BronnilIn Robert Mannyng’s chronicleBrumyngThe Story of England
943BronsHusband of Enygeus, the sister of Josephh of Arimathea. Was given the Grail.Human
944Bros of the HeathA knight defeated by Tristan during a joust at Camelot.Prose Tristan
945Brother OgrinsIn the earliest known version of TristramOgrine
946Brown EarlA ruler who fell in love with Enid (Enide)Geraint and Enid
947Brown FamilyA family of mighty knights who thrived in Uther Pendragon’s dayPalamedes
948Brown Knight Without PityThe Brown Knight had a castle somewhere in the vicinity of the Duke de la RowseLe Morte Darthur
949BruantA knight who stole a golden circlet from a lady named Mariole.Torec
950Bruant of the Lost CityA king who served Arthur. He ruled the Lost City and was nicknamed ‘Four Beards’.Meriadeuc or Le Chevalier aux Deux Épées
951BrudanThe nephew of Brian of the Isles, Arthur’s enemy. Perlesvaus
952Bruhaut the BrownSon of Ellain, nephew of Hector the BrownBruhalt, BruhaultPalamedes
953Bruiant of the IslesA king and one of King Arthur’s knights.Erec
954BruinUnknown Family, One of the original 32 Knights of the Round TableHumanSir Bruin Surnamed the Black
955Brumant L’OrguilleusHe was a nephew of King Claudas and one of his knights.Brumand the Proud, Brumant, Brumart, Brumax Vulgate Lancelot
956BrumartNephew of King Alaudas who sat on the siege Perilous.Human
957BrunDescendant of Brutus and ancestor of the famous knights of the “Brun” family.Palamedes
958Brun BrandalisOne of Perceval’s eleven paternal uncles in Perlesvaus.Perlesvaus
959Brun of BranlantA vassal of Guiromelant, an enemy of Gawaine the First Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval.Bruns de Barlant, Brus of BralantFirst Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
960Brun of GumiausA knight in Arthur’s service.Second Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
961Brun of MorroisA knight who abducted Guenevere from Sir YderBrun of MoroisDurmart le Gallois
962Brun of PiciezBrun and his brother Grus the Wrathful – Knights of the Round TableErec
963Brun of the HeathA Cornish knight who abducted the paramour of the Pensive Knight.Second Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
964Brun of the Savage RealmHe was a descendant of Brutus‘Brown’Palamedes
965Brun the FelonAn evil knight from NorthumberlandPalamedes
966BrunamortA knight who guarded the Ford of the Wood.Fourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
967BruneheutHaving been banished from Mark’s courtLa Folie Tristan de Berne
968BrunfortOne of Tristan’s horses in La Tavola Ritonda.La Tavola Ritonda
969BruningA Saxon warrior who fought for Mordred against King ArthurHistoria Regum Britanniae
970BrunissenWife of JaufreHuman
971BrunorOne of the best knights of the Old TableHuman
972Brunor the BlackThe true name of the Good Knight Without FearPalamedes
973Brunor the BrownOne named as the father of Sir Segurant the BrownPalamedes
974Brunor the PleasantA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
975Brunoro the BrownIn La Tavola Ritonda, a relative of Lancelot’s who showed up at King Mark’s courtLa Tavola Ritonda
976Brunz the ProphetFather of Sir Escanor the HandsomeBrunsEscanor
977BrusazIn Henrich’s Diu Crône, one of several kings who served Arthur.Diu Crône
978Brute GreenshieldA prince who, according to Geoffrey of MonmouthHistoria Regum Britanniae
979BrutoHero in an Italian romanceHumanBruto di Brettagna
980Brutus of BritainFirst King of Britain, a TrojanHumanBrut, Brute, (Welsh: Bryttys)Historia Brittonum, c. 820Read more
981Bruyant the FaithlessCalled the Faithless, he killed Estonne
982BrychanAn early legendary King of Powys.Triads of the Island of Britain
983BrysIn Culhwch and Olwen, son of Brysethach and one of Arthur’s warriors.‘Haste’ BruscCulhwch and Olwen
984BrysetachFather of Arthur’s warrior Brys.Briscethach, BryssethachCulhwch and Olwen
985BudiciusName of two kings in Brittany. One brought up Ambrosius and Uther. THe other married Anna.Human
986BuevesA king who was the brother of Guengasoain, a knight defeated by Gawaine.La Vengeance Raguidel
987BufloutAn Arthurian knight found exclusively in the romance of Yder.Yder
988BugiHusband of Arthur's niece, Perferren.Human
989BuhoutAn Arthurian knight found exclusively in the romance of YderYder
990BunIsolde’s sister, according to a Welsh Triad. ‘Maiden’Triads of the Island of Britain
991Burletta of the DesertA knight who fell in love with Gaia Pulcella (Pulzella Gaia)Burlette Della DisertaLa Tavola Ritonda
992Burlette Della DisertaAbductor of Pulzella Gaia, daughter of Morgan. Rescued by Lancelot.Human
993BurmaltA figure appearing on the Modena Archivolt frieze.The Modena Archivolt
994BuroinThe duke of the White Lake.Lanzelet
995BusiraneA sorcerer who imprisoned the maiden Amoret and tried to force her to become his lover.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
996ButocostiausThe lord of Finecoce and one of four Irish robber knights defeated by LancelotBotincoutiaus, Boutincostiaus, Buticostiaus Les Merveilles de Rigomer
997BuzafarnanA king and brother of the barbarian King Milocrates.De Ortu Waluuanii Nepotis Arturi
998BwlchSon of Cleddyf Cyfwlch, brother of Cyfwlch and Syfwlch, one of Arthur’s warriors.‘Gap’ Culhwch and Olwen
999ByanneThe daughter of King ClamadonBeaune the FeireVulgate Merlin
1000ByanorRecipient of a sword that formerly belonged to Arthur.HumanThe Faerie King
1001BylasA Saxon warrior who joined the Saxon invasion of BritainBilaces, BilasVulgate Merlin
1002CabarentinThe good King of Cornwall in the Vulgate Lancelot; a vassal of Arthur.Cabarentins, Carabantins, Cararentis, Carbarantins, Carbarecontins, Carparacotins, Carparentins, Carperacotins, Cornentins, Esbarantin, Kabaranti, Kabarantins, Kabarentins Vulgate Lancelot
1003CabcaflinA king and father of Arthur’s knight Gatutain Batewain.Erec
1004CabrionThe lady of Cabrion was a cousin of Arthur.Vulgate Lancelot
1005CacamwriHalf brother of Hygwydd and one of Arthur’s warriors.RhacymwriCulhwch and Olwen
1006CadainOne of Arthur’s nobles, listed in Biket’s Lai du Cor.Lai du Cor
1007CadalConstantine was murdered by his servant Cadal, a Pict.
1008CadantA vassal (and perhaps a cousin) of King ClaudasCadans, Cadanz, Cadons, ChadiansVulgate Lancelot
1009CadarnFather of Arthur’s warrior Nerth.‘Strong’ KedarnCulhwch and Olwen
1010Cadellin Silver BrowFather of one of Arthur’s Gweirs. Son of Talaryant.CadellCulhwch and Olwen
1011CadfanA Welsh warrior, named CadfanVarious; all Myrddin poems
1012CadgyffroFather of Arthur’s warrior Gilbert.‘Battle Tumult’Breudwyt Rhonabwy
1013CadiolantChrétien names this king of IrelandCadioalant, Cadoalant, CadoalensErec
1014CadoRuled with Arthur in West CountryHumanLife of St. Carannog
1015CadoainA knight who went to Doloreuse Guard to attempt the adventure there.
1016CadocA king who fought in a Castle of Maidens tournamentLe Bel Inconnu
1017Cadoc, SaintWelsh saint. Arthur demanded of him to deliver a man named Ligessac who had claimed sanctuary.Human
1018CadogOne of twenty-four Knights of Arthur's Court.Human
1019CadorRaised Guinevere as his ward, father to Constantine III of Britain, described in some works as Arthur's cousinHuman(Latin: Cadorius)
1020Cador of CornwallMay possibly be identified with Cadwy, the son of Gereint, and identical to Cado.Cadwr, Carados of Cornwall Historia Regum Britanniae
1021Cador of NorthumberlandA ruler of NorthumberlandEscanor
1022CadorcanionisA count and among Arthur’s knights in the list Chrétien de Troyes begins in line 1691 of Erec and Enide.Erec
1023CadovainAn Arthurian knight.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
1024CadretSon of King Aguiflet of Scotland (Angusel)Erec
1025CadrïelA knight of Arthur’s court.First Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1026CadriethSon of Seidi and one of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend.‘Fair Speech’ Caydryeith, ChadreithGeraint and Enid
1027Cadwain of CarmurainA knight freed from the prison of Sir Brandin of the Isles (Brandus des Illes) by Lancelot.Cadoains de Caennuzin, Cadoains de Caermuzin, Cadoains de Carec, Cadoiains de Caresimurtin, Cadowain of Caermurzin, Cardue de Caret, Gladoains de Caermuzin, Kadoains de Quaermurzin, Kadoeins de Tagaermurin, Kanet de Kaermursin, Karadoains de KaramurainLancelot do Lac
1028CadwalIn Reginald Heber’s Morte D’Arthur, Guinevere (Guenevere) pines over her first loveCadualMorte D’Arthur
1029CadwalladerA historical seventh-century hero, the son of Cadwallon (Catwallaun)Cadwallar
1030Cadwallo LonghandA king of the Venedotians in North Wales under Arthur.‘Catwallaun Long-Hand’ Cadual, Cadwallo Lewirth, Cadwallon Lawhir, Cadwathlan, Cadwell, Caswallon, CatwallonHistoria Regum Britanniae
1031CadwallonKing of Vendoti, a people who lived in North WalesHuman
1032CadwySon of GereintHumanDream of Rhonabwy
1033Cae HirNamed in a Welsh Tristan fragment as a man who loved Golwg HafddyddCae the TallWelsh Tristan fragment
1034Cae the CourteousA vassal of Queen Flúrant of Ireland (Flurent)Saga af Tristram ok Isodd
1035CaelencA Saxon king who, under Rions (Ryons)Canlang, Canlent, Kaolant, KarolantVulgate Merlin
1036CaeliaTom a'Lincoln's lover, mother to the Faerie Knight. Also in The Faerie Queene.HumanCelia, The Faerie QueeneTom a LincolnLearn More
1037CafarnaonA knight.Capharnaon, Carphanaan
1038Cahot the RedBrother of the Red Knight that Perceval killed as a youth.Perlesvaus
1039CahusSon of Yvain the Bastard and one of Arthur’s squires in Perlesvaus.Perlesvaus
1040CaiaphasIn the Book of Matthew, the high priest of Jerusalem who tried and condemned JesusCaiphas, Caÿphas, Chaifas, Chaÿphas, ChayphasJoseph d’Arimathie
1041Calcas the ShortSon of Caw, one of twenty brothers, and a one of Arthur’s knights.Calcaz li Petiz, Kallas li PetisCulhwch and Olwen
1042Calcedor from Africane of the noble Byzantine warriors that Alexander’s brought to Britain from Constantinople.Charquedon, Macdor
1043CalegantisKing of Cornouaille in Brittany.
1044Calendin the YoungerA Knight of the Round Table who embarked on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1045CalfaudinA Saxon knight killed by Meleagant (Meleagaunce)Les Prophecies de Merlin
1046CalidoreChampion of courtesy, assigned by GlorianaThe Faerie Queene
1047Calidus de RommeA Roman soldier who fought in the war against Arthur.Vulgate Merlin
1048Caligante the PoorA Knight of the Round Table who died during the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1049CalinAccording to Layamon, this Frisian King was subject to Arthur.Brut
1050CalinanThe son of Guiron by his lover Bloie.Galinan
1051Caliph of BaghdadWolfram von Eschenbach, in Parzival, specifically mentions that Baruc was the Caliph of Baghdad
1052CalistraPagan queen of the realm of Femminoro, seat of all lechery.La Tavola Ritonda
1053CalixtesA hermit who lived in the White Forest, near the chapel of St. AugustinePerlesvaus
1054CallThe dog belonging to Arthur’s warrior Bwlch in Culhwch.‘Wise’ Culhwch and Olwen
1055CallesThe wealthy Duke Calles wanted to settle half his land on his daughter upon her marriage.Cales, Calle, Gale, Gaule, Kale, Kalle, Kallés, Kalles Vulgate Lancelot
1056CallicArchbishop of Everwic. Yder
1057CallyburneA knight in the service of Lucius the Roman in Malory.Le Morte Darthur
1058CalobrusCousin of Perceval and son of Calobrutus.Perlesvaus
1059CalobrutusOne of Perceval’s eleven paternal uncles in Perlesvaus.Perlesvaus
1060CalogrenantCousin to Sir YwainHumanColgrevance, CynanYvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
1061CalonThe King of Sicily in Claris et Laris.Claries et Laris
1062CaluferA Saxon king who joined King Rions’ (Ryons) war against Arthur.Calufeus, ColuferVulgate Merlin
1063Camaalishe pagan king who, according to the Arthurian romances, was the eponym of Camelot.CamalisPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1064CamandansA king of North Wales who served Arthur.First Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1065Cambenet, Duke ofThe Duke or Earl of Cambenic in the early days of Arthur’s reign.Escan, Escam, Escaus, Escaut, Estas, Eustace, Eustas, Oscan Vulgate Merlin
1066CamberSon of Brutus, first king of Britain, and brother of Albanact and Locrine (Locrinus).KamberHistoria Regum Britanniae
1067CambynesAn English duke who fought in the tournament at Sorelois.Le Morte Darthur
1068Camel of NorthumberlandA knight from Northumberland.CamalMeliador
1069CamilleA sorceress who fell in love with Arthur and killed herself.Human
1070Camille of La RocheAn enchantress of Saxon descent, she held the castle of La RocheCamyle, Canile, Carmile, Carnile, Carnyle, Carvile, Caville, Cramile, Gamile, Gamille, Ganille, KanilleLancelot do Lac
1071Camille of OrkneyThe daughter of the pagan British King Orcant of Orkney.Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
1072Camille with the White ThroatIn Henrich’s Diu Crône, a lady at Arthur’s court who failed a chastity test.Diu Crône
1073CamlasA knight in Arthur’s service.Escanor
1074CanaanOne of fourteen brothers who followed Joseph of Arimathea to Britain.Canaam, Chanaam, ChanaanVulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
1075Canaan of BaradiganThe King of Baradigan, possibly an ally or vassal of ArthurLe Bel Inconnu
1076CanaguesA knight and nephew of Sir Seguarades.Tanaavins, Tanagues, Tanauns, TaneguesVulgate Lancelot
1077CanainA dwarf who served Felinete, a benefactress of Gawaine.Escanor
1078CananFather of Lac and grandfather of Erec.Human
1079CanartA powerful knight who served King Claudas.Canars, Canart, Chanard, Chanart, ChanarzVulgate Lancelot
1080CandacesSon of King Apollo of Liones.Human
1081CandenartA Saxon warrior who served Kings Sornegrieu and Sapharin.Vulgate Merlin
1082CandidaShe is the mother of Merlin in Immermann’s Merlin-Eine Mythe (1830).
1083Canedam the ThinA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1084Canedor of the Beautiful LoverA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1085CanelengresThe surname of Tristan’s father, RivalinKalegras, KanelangresTristan
1086Canet de BlayAn Arthurian knight who took an oath to participate in a quest to learn the fate of MerlinCanet of Blay, Caves de LilleVulgate Merlin
1087Canet of OccireA knight who served Uther Pendragon.Vulgate Lancelot
1088CanhastyrOne of King Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend who owned a special dog collar.‘Hundred Holds’, ‘Hundred Hands’ Canastyr KanllawCulhwch and Olwen
1089CanodanParent of Arthur’s knight Breon, a Knight of the Round Table.Erec
1090CanodesA knight who served Arthur or King Leodegan of Carmelide (Leodegrance).Canade, Canet de Carmurtin Vulgate Merlin
1091CanorA King in Cornwall who was aided by the IrishHuman
1092Canor of CornwallA heathen king of Cornwall who appears in the tale of Tristan’s ancestry.ThanorProse Tristan
1093CapAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, a king of Britain in the second century BC.Historia Regum Britanniae
1095CapoirAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, a king of Britain in the second century BC.Historia Regum Britanniae
1096Captive Damsels of Pesme AvantureThere were up to 300 of them, kept hard at labor with gold thread and silks
1097CaradanA Knight of the Round Table, brother of the knights Damas and DamcabPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1098CaradawgSon of Iaen, brother of Sulyen, Bradwen, Moren, Siawn, and Teregud.Caradawc, Cradawc, CradawgCulhwch and Olwen
1099Caradawg Strong-ArmSon of Llyr of the Sea, father of CawrdafTriads of the Island of Britain
1100CaradigasA knight of Arthur’s service who participated in the first and second of Gawaine’s quests to locate Lancelot.Caradigain, Caradigais, Garadigais Lancelot do Lac
1101CaradocRebelled against Arthur when he first became king, but later supported him, sometimes two characters—Caradoc the Elder (a king) and Caradoc the Younger (a knight)Human(Latin: Caractacus), (Welsh: Caradog Freichfras), (French: Carados Briefbras)
1102Caradoc BriefbasAn Arthurian knight who first appears in Robert Biket’s Lai du CorCaradog, Carados, Caradus Bries Bras, Cardue Bries Bras, Garedas, Karadex Bries Bras, Karadin, Karadoc, Karados Briebras, Karadues, Kardels Bries Bras, Kardos, Vreichvras
1103Caradoc of Little BritainKing of Little Britain (Brittany) and vassal of Lancelot Caradoc of Brittany Ly Myreur des Histors
1104Caradoc of NantesThe King of Nantes and Vannes and husband of Ysave, niece of Arthur.Caradoc of Nantes and VannesFirst Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1105Caradoc of WalesHe conquered Ireland and married the king’s daughter,Caradoc of CambriaHistoria Meriadoci Regis Cambrie
1106Caradoc ShortarmThe King of Estrangorre, ScotlandKaradanLancelot do Lac
1107Caradoc the ThirteenthA giant knight from Uther Pendragon’s Old Table.CaradosLa Tavola Ritonda
1108CaradosOne of the Kings that rebelled against Arthur at the beginning.Human
1109Carados of the Dolorous TowerHis mother was an enchantress. Captured Gawain and kept him in a dungeon. Killed by Lancelot.Human
1110CaraésOne of Arthur’s knights.CareheulsLe Bel Inconnu
1111CarahsAmong Arthur’s knights in the list Chrétien de Troyes begins in line 1691 of Erec and Enide.Erec
1112CaramadisA knight killed by the Lord of Baradigan to avenge the death of his cousin Orguellous.
1113Carannog, SaintDrove off a serpent at King Arthu'rs request.Human
1114CaratacusA historical person at the time of the Roman invasion, argued that he was the original Arthur.Human
1115CaratonA noble who served Arthur.Lai du Cor
1116CarausiusA king of Britain several centuries before Arthur.Marcus Aurelius Mausaeus Carausius Died: 293 Carausian revolt, AD 286-296Historia Brittonum
1117Carbare-CotinsKing of Cornuaille.Carbarecotins, Carbarentins, Kabbaranturs
1118CarceloisA Grail King and ancestor of Pelles, Elaine, and Galahad.Carceloys, Cartelois, CatheloysVulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
1119Cardoas de LanvaleA knight from Lanvale; one of three who fought against LancelotAglodas de la Valee, Karadel de la MailleVulgate Lancelot
1120Cardoilen of LondonA good Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1121Cardroain the RedA knight killed in a sparrowhawk tournament at Landoc by Arthur’s Sir Durmart.Cadeain, Cadroain, Cadrovain, Codrovain, CordrovainDurmart le Gallois
1122CarduinoA knight raised in secret after his fahter, Dondinello, was poisoned. Slew a wizard who had turned a kingdom of people into animals.Human, Knight of the Round Table
1123CarembausA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Prose Tristan
1124CarentinOne of Arthur’s knights.Le Bel Inconnu
1125CargriloA knight who joined his father, Margon, in a war against the Sore Pucelle, a lady who was eventually championed by Gawaine.Third Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1126CariadoA knight who loved Iseult.Human
1127CariadocSteward of King Mark of Cornwall.Tristan | Thomas of England,
1128Caridés of EscavalonA malevolent lord who attacked the city of Beaurepaire and besieged the lady Blancheflor, Perceval’s sweetheart, within.Aridés of EscabalonThird Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1129CarismalA Knight of the Round Table who was defeated in the great tournament of Logres, between the Round Table and the Queen’s Knights.Carismaus, Karismaux, Orinis Vulgate Merlin
1130Carl of CarlisleA giant who hosted Gawain, Kay, and Bishop Baldwin. Was beheaded, at his own request, by Gawain.Giant
1131CarlachsThe name of either a nation or a race of people.
1132Carlisle, Suffragan ofA suffragan is a bishop serving as assistant to the bishop of a diocese.
1133CarmadanA kind and noble knight who lodged Lancelot after the latter drank from a poisoned spring and fell deathly ill.Cannadain, Cannadans, Cannadon, Carmadain, Carmadon, Carmadons, Garmadeus, Kannadeus, KarmadanVulgate Lancelot
1134Carmadol the BlackOne of Arthur’s knights who participated in a quest, for a year and a day, to learn the fate of Merlin.Carmaduc le Noir, Carmeduk the BlakeVulgate Merlin
1135Carmoisim the GreatA Knight of the Round Table killed during the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1136CarnedyrAn Arthurian warrior who was the son of Gofynyon the Old.Culhwch and Olwen
1137CaroduantA lesser king under Arthur, present at the coronation of Erec and Enide as King and Queen of Nantes.Erec | Chrétien de Troyes, late 12th century
1138CaromanA powerful Saxon king who, with others, invaded northern Britain in the early days of Arthur’s reign.Vulgate Merlin
1139Carone the Great of GrancholeAccording to La Tavola Ritonda, the first giant to come to Britain from the faraway islands.La Tavola Ritonda
1140CarrasKing of Recesse, brother of King Claudas. Went to war with Arthur until Gawain convinced him to stop.Human
1141CarsenefideChrétien does not tell us Dame Carsenefide’s name until almost the end of the romance, several hundred lines after Arthur, meeting her, remarks that it is easy to see how Enide came by her beauty.KarsinefiteErec | Chrétien de Troyes, late 12th century
1142CartimanduaThe Queen of the powerful Brigantes, who was alleged to have handed Caratacus, King of the Catuvellauni, over to his enemies, the Romans
1143CarviliaA daughter of Morgan le FayHuman
1144CasSon of Saidi (Seidi), brother of Alun and Cadrieth, and one of Arthur’s warriorsCulhwch and Olwen
1145CasadocOne of the knights at the Round Table, the only one who had a truly faithful wife.
1146CasainOne of Arthur’s dukes in the Norse Erex Saga.Erex Saga
1147CasibilantThe nephew of Duke Calles and brother of Alibel, Dyonis, and Dion.Carsibilans, Cassibelans, Cassibilans, QuassibilansVulgate Lancelot
1148Casnar WledicA Welsh ruler who was the father of Arthur’s warrior Llara in Rhonabwy and Culhwch.‘Casnar the Ruler’, ‘Casnar the Lord’Breudwyt Rhonabwy, Culhwch and Olwen
1149CassibelaunusOne of Arthur’s warriors, killed while fighting Mordred’s army at the battle of Camel.CassibolonHistoria Regum Britanniae, Roman de Brut
1150Cassibelaunus of BritainIn the chronicles, the King of Britain during Julius Caesar’s invasion in the first century BC. He ascended to the throne of Britain after the death of his brother, King Lud, whose sons were too young to receive the crown.CassivellaunusHistoria Regum Britannia, Roman de Brut, Short Metrical Chronicle
1151CastekkirsSon of Aminabad, and ancestor of Arthur.Human
1152CastellorsSon of Aminabad and ancestor of Arthur according to the pedigree provided by John of Glastonbury.
1153CastisThe King of Wales and North Wales in the days of Uther PendragonCastrisParzival | Wolfram von Eschenbach
1154CastorLancelot was at Carbonek in one of his mad fits, subdued but unknown, at the time King Pellam’s nephew Castor was grooming for knighthood.Le Morte Darthur
1155CaswallawnTraditionally the son of Beli and the conqueror of the Island of the Mighty, thus disinheriting Manawydan fab Llyr, the brother and heir of Bendigeid Vran (Brân the Blessed), and cousin of Pryderi.
1156CatananceA queen of Ireland who married King Caradoc Shortarm, one of Arthur’s vassals.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1157CatarinellaAccording to a Corsican tale, she was a heroine on a quest for the Grail
1158CatellFather of Arthur’s warrior Cathleus in Geoffrey of Monmouth, and of Caradoc in LayamonCatelHistoria Regum Britanniae, Roman de Brut, Brut
1159Catell of Britain.According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, a king of Britain in the third or second century BCHistoria Regum Britanniae
1160CatellusIn Layamon, a Roman senator who joined Lucius’s war against ArthurBrut | Layamon, late 12th century to mid-13th century
1161CatenoisA RomanCatelos, Cathenois, Chachelos
1162Cath PalugThis was a cat in Welsh and French legend on the Isle of Anglesey. It is said to have eaten nine warriors. This fearsome monster were fought, and perhaps slain, by Cei on the Isle of Anglesey, according to an early Welsh poem known as Pa Gur yv y Portaur.Capalu, Capalus, Cath Balug, Cath Balwg, Cath Paluc, Chapalu, KapaluThe Stanzas of the Graves, Triads of the Island of Britain, Vulgate Merlin, La Bataille de
1163CathleusOne of Arthur’s warriors. He was the son of CatelHistoria Regum Britanniae
1164CatigernSon of Vortigern, fought alongside his brother Vortimer against the SaxonsHuman(Welsh: Cattegirn)
1165CatorKing of Libya who served Emperor Filimenis of Constantinople, father of FloriantFloriant et Florete
1166CatuvellaniA tribe of BritainsGroup
1167Catwallaun Law-HirA king of the Venedotians in North Wales under Arthur.Catwallaun Long-Hand’, Cadual, Cadwallo Lewirth, Cadwallon Lawhir, Cadwathlan, Cadwell, Caswallon, CatwallonHistoria Regum Britanniae
1168Catwallaun LonghandA North Welsh ruler who supposedly drove out the Irish out of Anglesey around 500 CE.Human
1169CaulasA Saxon chieftain who, with others, invaded Carmelide (Cameliard) in the early days of Arthur’s regin.Acalas, Atalas Lamnachour, Aucalas Laumacor, Callas, Caulas Laumacour, Caulus, MaulasVulgate Merlin, Le Livre d’Artus, Arthour and Merlin
1170Caulas the RedOne of Arthur’s knightsCaulas li Rous, Taulas li Rous, Taulus li RousVulgate Merlin, Le Morte Darthur
1171CaulusA Saxon.Colocaulus
1172Cauterous of SolazAn Arthurian knight Diu Crône
1173CavalArthur’s favorite hunting dog, found in Nennius and Welsh tales.Cabal, Caball, Cafall, Cauall, Cavall
1174CavalryThe historical Arthur, if he existed, would probably have had cavalry at his disposal, thus giving him an advantage over the Saxons, who seem to have lacked it
1175Caveron of RobendicAmong Arthur’s knights of the Round Table. He’s in the list Chrétien de Troyes began in line 1691 of Erec and EnideCaveron of Roberdic, GaverosErec
1176CawThe father of Gildas, Hueil, and Cywyllog.Human
1177CawrdafOne of Arthur’s warriors and advisors. His father was Caradawg Strong ArmTriads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”), Breudwyt Rhonabwy
1178CeawlinA son of the Saxon warrior and ruler Cynric
1179CecormanusOne of Arthur’s earlsRoman de Brut
1180CedfywA Welsh warrior whose death at the hands of Maelgwn (Maelgwyn) is mourned by Merlin in an early Welsh poem.Various; all Myrddin poems
1181CeiLater to re-emerge under the guise of Sir Kay in the Arthurian legends. Cei had a daughter named KelemonCai
1182CeidoThe father of Gwenddolau (Gwenddalou), Merlin’s lord in several Welsh sourcesCeidiawAnnales Cambriae
1183CeimiadA giant slain by Arthur in a Welsh manuscript (Peniarth 118).
1184CelemonDaughter of Cei (Kay) and mother of Rathtyen in Culhwch and OlwenKelemonCulhwch and Olwen
1185CelestreA pagan queen who inhabited the Mad Castle and who loved PercevalPerlesvaus
1186CeliasKing of Apulia who was allied to Emperor Thereus of RomeClaries et Laris
1187CeliceA damsel of the Lady of the Lake.Two entries with the name CeliceLancelot do Lac
1188Celices of the Dolorous TowerNephew of the King with a Hundred Knights and a Knight of the Round TableSeleyses, SelysesPalamedes, Prose Tristan, Le Morte Darthur
1189CelidoineSon of the first Nascien who became king of Scotland. Ancestor of Galahad.Human
1190CelidonKing of Greece in Claris et LarisCalidonClaries et Laris
1191CelinantThe brother of Sir Bliant. He lived in the White Castle.Belinan, Celynans, Celynanz, Elinans, Elinanz, Elynanz, Selinans, Selivant, Selynans, SelyvauntVulgate Lancelot, Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin, Le Morte Darthur | Sir Thomas Malory
1192CelinasA Saxon king and cousin of King Rions (Ryons).Vulgate Merlin
1193CelliOne of Arthur’s warriors in CulhwchCulhwch and Olwen
1194CeltsA number of mainland Europe tribes that invaded the British Isles between 1000 and 500 B.C. The Celts settled throughout the Isles and eventually became the races known as Britons, Welsh, Scots, Irish, and Cornish.
1195CelynSon of Caw, one of twenty brothers, and one of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend.‘Holly’Culhwch and Olwen
1196CeneuAccording to Welsh tradition, the son of Coel Godebog, father of Mor and great-great-great-grandfather of Myrddin (Merlin).
1197Cerdic of Wessex, KingFirst King of WessexHuman, SaxonAnglo-Saxon Chronicle, 9th centuryRead more
1198CerenhyrSon of Gereinyawn and father of Arthur’s warrior Berwyn.‘King of Kingsmen’Triads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”), Culhwch and Olwen
1199CereticHengist’s interpreter who, at a feast with Vortigern, related Hengist’s proposal that Vortigern marry Hengist’s daughter, RowenaKeredic, RedicHistoria Brittonum, Roman de Brut
1200CeridwenMother of TaliesinHuman
1201CeridwenThe corn goddess and wife of Tegid Voel, mother of Taliesin in non-Arthurian Welsh legendCarridwen, Cerridwen
1202CernunnosA Celtic horned god. Since Merlin was associated with stags, we may have had a connection.Faerie
1203CeronA giant whose six sons, including Plenorius, were defeated by Lancelot and Brunor the Black in the Straits of Sorelois.Prose Tristan
1204CesarFather of Vespasian, liberator of Joseph of Arimathea, in Robert de Boron’s Joseph d’ArimathieCesaireJoseph d’Arimathie
1205Cethtrwm OffeiradA member of Arthur’s court in Culhwch, one of two priestsCethtrwm the Priest, Kethcrwm OffeiradCulhwch and Olwen
1206Ceudawg Half-WitOne of Arthur’s warriors in the Welsh legend CulhwchCulhwch and Olwen
1207ChalehordineA knight who served the Maiden of the Narrow Wood, a damsel who loved Gawaine.La Vengeance Raguidel
1208ChaleinsThe Duke of Clarence and Knight of the Round Table. He appears later at the healing of Sir UrryChalaunce, ChaulaunceLe Morte Darthur
1209ChanartKing Claudas made his nephew Chanart co-commander-in-chief (with Claudin the Younger) of his army for the war with Arthur over Elyzabel
1210Charcoal BurnerWhen Percivale first struck out for King Arthur’s court at Carduel, he asked directions of a charcoal burner whom he met driving his donkey. The charcoal burner politely gave him not only directions, but news of King Arthur’s recent battle with and defeat of King Rion of the Isles.
1211CharissaDaughter of Caelia. Her name means Charity.The Faerie QueeneLearn More
1212CharlemagneThe Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal notes that Charlemagne, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (800-814), when he conquered England, rebuilt the Castle of Treachery (Treacherous Castle) (which had been destroyed during the Grail Quest) and created a magnificent statue of Galahad before it.Carlo MagnoPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal, Post-Vulgate Mort Artu, La Tavola Ritonda
1213CharmesA renowned British knightYder
1214ChastelainA young ward of Gawaine, killed in the battle against the Duke of Lorraine during the Roman War.ChestelayneAlliterative Morte Arthure, Le Morte Darthur
1215ChatellusSon of Chater and one of Arthur’s knightsRoman de Brut
1216ChaterFather of Arthur’s warrior ChatellusRoman de Brut
1217CheldricA Saxon leader who fought in several battles, including Badon, and was eventually killed by Cador.Human, Saxon
1218Cheldric of GermanyA Saxon warleader who came from Germany to help his fellow Saxons – Colgrim (Colgrin) and Baldulph (Baldulf) – conquer BritainChildric, CordrykHistoria Regum Britanniae, Roman de Brut, Brut, John Hardyng’s Chronicle
1219ChelindeWife of Sador, who was the son of Brons.Human
1220CheneliusA tribe of barbarians who fought against Arthur’s forces at the battle of Rigomer.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
1221CheneusSon of Coil and one of Arthur’s warriorsHistoria Regum Britanniae, Roman de Brut, Brut
1222CherdichA Saxon warrior who came to Britain, at the behest of Hengist, when King Vortigern of Britain was friendly to the SaxonsHistoria Regum Britanniae
1223Cherin of BritainAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, a king of Britain in the third or second century BCHistoria Regum Britanniae
1224Cherin of LinelloA knight present at Uther Pendragon’s Urbano tournament in La Tavola Ritonda.La Tavola Ritonda
1225Chestnut Long-NeckCei’s horse, a “lively steed”, according to a Triad.Triads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1226ChevalierWhom his squire strikes three times during the mass, while the Wild Man (Merlin) laughs three timesle Chevalier, vn Chevalier, li Chevaliers
1227Chevalier de La CharetteThe Knight of the Carriage, is the story where Lancelot gets this nameThe Knight of the Carriage
1228Chevalier MalfaitThe alias adopted by Lancelot after he recovered from a period of insanity and lived alone on the Joyous Island (Island of Joy).Wicked Knight, Chevalier Mesfait, Le Chevaler Mal FetVulgate Lancelot, Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin, Le Morte Darthur
1229Chief bishop. [More]The chief bishop of Arthur’s northern kingdoms, according to a Welsh TriadTriads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1230ChlodomerKing of Orleans, supposedly died fighting Arthur, according to R.W. Morgan.Human
1231ChoughChoughs are today extinct in Cornwall, except for a few in captivity. Cornish beliefs held that the spirit of Arthur used to fly over the cliffs in the form of this bird
1232ChrammLed a rebellion against Clothair.Human
1233Chrétien de TroyesChrestien de Troyes never understood the mystique in the old Celtic tales and the Medieval honorable love of distance, but the sensual love as well as adventure and excitement he understoodChrestien de Troyes, Crestien, Twelfth century
1234Christopher of the Gray RockA knight in the service of either Arthur or King Leodegan of Carmelide (Leodegrance).Cristofer de la Roche Byse, Cristofles de la Roche Bise, Cristofles de Roche BiseVulgate Merlin, Arthour and Merlin
1235ChrysogoneA virgin who inhabited Fairy Land.FaerieThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
1236Chycoradés of LaventinA knight in Arthur’s service.Escanor
1237CibddarIn Culhwch, Cibddar is the father of Arthur’s warrior DrychCulhwch and Olwen
1238Cichoriades of CornwallA king in the story of Cornwall.Prose Tristan
1239CidegastThe Duke of Logres in Wolfram’s ParzivalParzival
1240CigfaShe was the daughter of Gwyn Gohoyw and wife of King Pryderi of DyfedKigua, Kigva
1241Cil CoedFather of Arthur’s warrior Llwyd in Culhwch and OlwenKelcoedCulhwch and Olwen
1242CilyddRuler of Caledon, son of Cyleddon, and father of Culhwch. Cilydd married Goleuddydd, sister of Igerne (Igraine)Culhwch and Olwen
1243Cilydd Hundred HoldsOne of King Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend who owned a special chainCulhwch and Olwen
1244CimbriThe daughter of the King of Cimbri was Rosamonde, who was loved by the king Pharamond (Faramon).
1245CinglorOne of Arthur’s knights in Béroul’s Tristan, present at Isolde’s chastity trialTristan
1246CirceA sorceress in classical Greaco-Roman mythology
1247Cis of ArragusAn Arthurian knightDiu Crône
1248CissaA son of Aelle.Human
1249Claalant de ListenoisA knight from Listenois who fought in Arthur’s army before Clarence against the Saxons, in the Vulgate MerlinVulgate Merlin
1250Cladain the GreenCladain visited Arthur’s court at Glastonbury and dueled with Sir Durmart.The Green KnightDurmart le Gallois
1251CladinasConstable of Lady Helaés, Gawaine’s loverLe Livre d’Artus
1252ClaellusThe seneschal of King Pellam of Listenois, according to Vulgate VII (which, however, also seems to give Minadoras as Pellam’s seneschal).ClaellansLe Livre d’Artus
1253Claellus of Great NorthumberlandAn Arthurian knight who fought against the Saxons at the battle of ClarenceClaellans de NorthumberlandeLe Livre d’Artus
1254ClaireSister of Sagremore.Human
1255ClairsA vassal of the King with a Hundred KnightsFourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1256ClamadasA Knight of the Round TableClamedos
1257Clamadeu of the IslesAn important character in Chrétien’s Perceval and Wolfram’s Parzival. His story was expanded to include pre-Perceval events in the Prose LancelotCamedyus, Clamadam, Clamadas, Clamadels, Clamades, Clamadeus, Clamadon, Clamados, Clamadien, Clamadiu, Clamedieu, Clamediu, ClamidePerceval, or Le Conte del Graal
1258Clamadeu’s MentorThis graying knight of Clamadeu’s advised him that an attack would conquer Beaurepaire, since Clamadeu’s forces were strong and well fed, while Blancheflor’s people were weak with hunger and long siege
1259ClamadeusA king who was killed by Perceval.Human
1260ClamadonKing and father of Byanne whom loved Evadeam, Arthur’s Dwarf KnightVulgate Merlin
1261Clamadoz of the ShadowsA young man knighted by Arthur.Perlesvaus
1262ClameroiA lady at Arthur’s courtDiu Crône
1263ClamideA knight and king of Brandigan and Iserterre in Wolfram’s ParzivalParzival
1264Clapor le RicheBrother of Lady Helaés, Gawaine’s loverLe Livre d’Artus
1265ClaraazCousin of King Clarion of NorthumberlandLe Livre d’Artus
1266ClaradusA knight who fought for King Mark of Cornwall in a tournament between Mark and the King with a Hundred Knights at the city of Lancien.Fourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1267ClarahexA Saxon king present at the battle of ClarenceClaraexLe Livre d’Artus
1268ClaresA Saxon king who joined King Hargadabran (Hargodabrans) in the invasion of Britain in the early days of Arthur’s reignLe Livre d’Artus
1269ClareteMaidservant of Beauté, daughter of the King of the IslesBeaudous
1270ClaretteThe maiden whose hand was won by the Knight of the Sleeve at a tournament at Arthur’s court, according to the Dutch romance Ridder metter MouwenDie Riddere Metter Mouwen
1271ClareusA king of the Saxons who most likely is identical with Clares.
1272Clariance of NorthumberlandKing of Northumberland and one of the kings in the first wave of rebellion against Arthur, Clariance pledged 3,000 men of arms to the cause and fought in the battle of BedegraineClarence, Clarions
1273ClaribaldOne of Arthur’s knights who fought in the Roman warAlliterative Morte Arthure
1274ClarieThe sister of Sir Sagremor (Sagramore) in Renaut de Bâgé’s Le Bel InconnuClaireLe Bel Inconnu
1275ClarielA Saxon king who, at the beginning of Arthur’s reign, joined a number of others, led by Rions (Ryons), in an invasion of Carmelide (Cameliard).Clarel, Clarell, GlorielVulgate Merlin, Arthour and Merlin
1276ClarietA knight from Gaul who served either Arthur or King Leodegan of Carmelide (Leodegrance)Clairoit li Chaus, Clarias of Gaule, Claries de GauleVulgate Merlin, Arthour and Merlin
1277ClarineMother of Lancelot in a German version.Human
1278ClarinonA knight defeated in combat by Gawain at the Clear Fountain of LoveFirst Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1279ClarionA Saxon king who, under King Rions (Ryons), invaded Britain in the early days of Arthur’s reignClariel, Clarions, Phariouns, PlarionVulgate Merlin, Arthour and Merlin
1280Clarion of NorthumberlandThe King of Northumberland in the Vulgate Merlin and its adaptionsClariance, Clarions, ClaryaunceVulgate Merlin, Arthour and Merlin, Le Livre d’Artus, Le Morte Darthur, Idylls of the King
1281ClarisA Knight of the Round Table in the romance Claris et Laris.Human, Knight of the Round Table
1282Clarischanze of TenebrocA Grail Maiden in Wolfram’s Parzival.Parzival
1283ClarisinAfter rescuing the unnamed damsel, here called “Clarisin”, Sir Gaheris tried to get her to go to bed with him
1284ClarissantDaughter of Lot and Morgause. Married Guiromelant.Human
1285ClarisseSister of Gawain.Human
1286ClaristantA knight who was cuckolded by Sir Alaris.Prose Tristan
1287ClarotA Saxon king.
1288Clarot de la RocheOne of Arthur’s knights. He participated in a quest, for a year and a day, to learn the fate of MerlinCaros de la Broche, Clarot of the SpurVulgate Merlin
1289Claryus of ClermontA Knight of the Round Table who joined Lancelot’s defection from Arthur’s court and helped Lancelot rescue Guenevere from the stakeLe Morte Darthur
1290Claryvaus of the Forest SavageAn Arthurian knight who fought at the battle of BedegraineLe Morte Darthur
1291ClaudFather of Arthur’s knight Regan (Regin)Historia Regum Britanniae
1292ClaudasA Frankish King antagonistic to Arthur, has two sons, Dorin and ClaudinHuman
1293Claudas of the Land Laid WasteA French king who was the sworn enemy of Lancelot’s father, King Ban of Benoic, and of Ban’s brother, King Bors of GannesClaudiusPerlesvaus
1294Claudas of Zelande
1295ClaudavisA Saxon king.
1296ClaudiasIn Tennyson, an ally of King Urien against King Leodegan of Carmelide (Leodegrance)Idylls of the King
1297ClaudinVirtuous son of the Frankish villain Claudas, eventually becomes one of 12 knights to achieve the Holy GrailHuman
1298Claudin the YoungerAccording to Malory he was King Claudas’ son; according to Vulgate, he was the king’s stepsonClaudine, Claudino, ClaudyneVulgate Lancelot
1299Claudins of ClustresA friend and relative of Escanor the Handsome, Gawaine’s opponent.Escanor
1300ClauditteThe child daughter of Burgrave Scherules of Bearosche, and friend to Obilot, the daughter of Duke Lyppaut, in WolframTwo entries with the name ClauditteParzival
1301ClaudiusA Roman emperor and, according to Geoffrey, is the father of Genvissa
1302ClauvegrisThe grandfather of Arthur’s Sir Floriant was called the King of ClauvegrisFloriant et Florete
1303CledaucFather of Arthur’s warrior Eddelein (Eddelin)CledaukeHistoria Regum Britanniae
1304Cleddyf CyfwlchSon of Cleddyf Difwlch, and father of Arthur’s warriors Bwlch, Cyfwlch, and Syfwlch‘Sword Completed’, ‘Perfect Sword’, Cleddyf KyuwlchCulhwch and Olwen
1305Cleddyf DifwlchSon of Cleddyf Cywlch, and grandfather of Arthur’s warriors Bwlch, Cyfwlch, and Syfwlch‘Sword Continuous’, ‘Continuous Sword’Culhwch and Olwen
1306ClegesA Knight of the Round Table in the Alliterative Morte Arthure and Malory, perhaps influenced by Chrétien’s Cligés.ClegisAlliterative Morte Arthure
1307CleiIn Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu Crône, the Queen of Clei, a lady at Arthur’s court, is one of many to fail a chastity testDiu Crône
1308CleinesOne of Arthur’s dukes in the Norse Erex SagaErex Saga
1309Cleir of VoieA knight present at the tournament of Sorgarda, which was won by GawaineDiu Crône
1310ClememylFather of Rathtyen, a lady at Arthur’s court, in CulhwchClemenhillCulhwch and Olwen
1311ClementA prince of Cornwall and father of Arthur’s warrior Pedrog Splintered-Spear.Two entries with the name ClementTriads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1312CleodalisThe seneschal of King Leodegan of Carmelide (Leodegrance)CliodalisVulgate Merlin
1313CleolasIn the Vulgate Merlin, the proper name of the First Conquered KingCleodalis, CleolesVulgate Merlin
1314CleorA count who joined Nogant in a war against Queen Fenise of Ireland. Cleor was defeated in combat by Fenise’s lover, Sir DurmartDurmart le Gallois
1315CleoraIn Henry Fielding’s The Tragedy of Tragedies, a maid in the service of Arthur’s Queen, DollallollaTom Thumb and The Tragedy of Tragedies
1316CleremondA knight of Arthur’s who fought in the Roman War under Cador of CornwallAlliterative Morte Arthure
1317CleremusA knight of Arthur’s who fought in the Roman War.Alliterative Morte Arthure
1318CleriadusHusband of Meliadice, a descendant of Arthur.Human
1320Cliacles the OrphanOne of Arthur’s knightsCleadesVulgate Merlin
1321CliasA Greek knight at Arthur’s court who attempted to adventure at the Castle of Marvels (which Gawain eventually completed) but was defeated by Florant of ItolacParzival
1322CliceA servant of the False Guinevere (‘Genievre’).Vulgate Lancelot
1323Clidra the FairIn Ulrich’s Lanzalet, a beautiful woman from the enchanted island of Thyle.Lanzelet
1324CligesSon of Alexander. Had a Tristan-like relationship with his uncle's wife.Human, Knight of the Round Table
1325CligueillAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, a king of Britain in the second century BC. He succeeded his father Capoir and was succeeded by his son HelyHistoria Regum Britanniae
1326ClimachidesThe baptismal name of a knight who served the first King NascienCarmacides, Clamacidés, EmacidesVulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
1327ClimadésA Saxon king who, under King Hargadabran (Hargodabrans), fought against Arthur’s forces at Clarence.ClimadosLe Livre d’Artus
1328ClinschorA powerful medieval sorcerer in Wolfram’s Parzival, formerly the Duke of Terre de Labur (probably Italy as its capital was Capua), nephew of Vergil of Naples (Vergilius; author of the Aeneid).Klingsor
1329ClitonA sister of Morgan.Human
1330Clivelon, Count ofMenagormon was the Count of Clivelon and Arthur’s vassal
1331CloddrusA Knight of the Round Table who appears at the healing of Sir Urry (Urre of Hungary), in MaloryLe Morte Darthur
1332ClodionA son of Pharamond, killed by TristanHuman
1333ClodiusKing of northern Germany who, in one French chronicle, became Arthur’s ally in the Roman WarLiber de Compositione Castri Ambaziae
1334ClodoveusFirst king of Cornwall in the Prose Tristan, apparently based on Clovis, the first Christian king of the FranksClodvis, CodoProse Tristan
1335ClofautOne of Arthur’s warriorsClefautHistoria Regum Britanniae
1336ClotarA tyrant who, in Blackmore’s King Arthur, ruled France with an iron fistKing Arthur: An Heroick Poem: In Twelve Books | Sir Richard Blackmore, 1697
1337Cloten of BritainAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, a king of Britain in the third or second century BCHistoria Regum Britanniae
1338Cloten of CornwallKing of Cornwall c. 450 BC. He was succeeded by his son, Dunvallo Molmutius who was king of Britain, according to Historia Regum BritanniaeHistoria Regum Britanniae
1339ClothairKing of Soissons, supposedly rebelled against Arthur.Human
1340Clovis IMerovingian ruler of the Franks, born AD 465, the grandson of MerovichPalamedes
1341ClowdmurA knight in Arthur’s service who fought in the Roman WarAlliterative Morte Arthure
1342ClownMerlin’s uncle in the Elizabethan play The Birth of MerlinThe Birth of Merlin, or the Childe Hath Found His Father
1343ClustSon of Clustfeinydd and one of Arthur’s warriors in Culhwch‘Ear’Culhwch and Olwen
1344ClustfeinyddFather of Arthur’s warrior Clust in Culhwch‘Hearer’, Clustfeinad, ClustveinadCulhwch and Olwen, Geraint and Enid
1345ClydnoA warrior of Arthur, father of Cynon.Human
1346CnychwrAn Arthurian warrior who was the son of NesCynchwrCulhwch and Olwen
1347CochSon of Caw, one of twenty brothers, and one of Arthur’s warriors‘Red’Culhwch and Olwen
1348CoctaIn Wace, a Roman senator who joined Lucius’s war against ArthurRoman de Brut
1349CocuA race of men who were part of the defense of Rigomer Castle.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
1350Codias LonghandA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.
1351CoelAn ancestor of Arthur through his mother. Possibly a historical figure.Human
1352Coel GodebogThe father of Ceneu and great-great-great-great-grandfather of Myrddin (Merlin) in Welsh tradition
1353Coguillant of MautirecHe fought in the Noauz tournament, won by LancelotLancelot, or Le Chevalier de la Charrete
1354CoiA much-feared knight, he accompanied his father King Aguisel of Scotland (Angusel) and brother Cadret to Arthur’s court for Erec’s wedding.
1355CoilFather of Arthur’s warrior CheneusHistoria Regum Britanniae
1356CoillAccording to Geoffrey, a king of Britain in the third or second century BC. He was the son of King Catell and the father of King PorrexTwo entries with the name CoillHistoria Regum Britanniae
1357ColbrandA giant killed by Guy of Warwick.
1358Cole, Old KingIt is almost certain that the Old King Cole of nursery rhyme had his origins in Coel, for this possibly historical character had the adjective hen (old) applied to him
1359ColedawgIn one of the Welsh Triads, Coledawg, son of Gwynn, is annotated as one of the‘Cultivation’Triads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1360ColgrevanceA Knight of the Round Table from Gore. Either killed by Lionel or Lancelot.Human, Knight of the Round Table
1361ColgrinA Saxon leader who fought Arthur at Badon.Human, Saxon
1362Colivre the ProudBrother of Brun the Pitiless (Breuse Sans Pitie).Escanor
1363CollAn enchanter, son of Collurery, in Welsh legend who studied under Gwythelyn the Dwarf (Grudlwyn Gorr)Triads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1364CollenA monk who lived in the seventh century who founded a church in Llangollen. Not much is known of him, there are connections to him in Colan (Cornwall), Wales, Rome, Brittany, and Glastonbury.Saint Collen, Tollen
1365Colleval of LeterbeA lord defeated by Perceval.Parzival
1366CollocaulasA Saxon chieftain who participated in the siege of Aneblayse (in Leodegan’s (Leodegrance) kingdom) in the early days of Arthur’s reign.Ancalus, Caulus, Colocallus, Collocaulus, Colocaullus, Colocaulnus, ColocaulusVulgate Merlin
1367ColombeLover of Lanveor, son of the King of Ireland. Killed herself after Lanceor was killed by Balin.Human
1368Colored CharactersKnights and other characters called, i.e. ‘The Black Knight’ or with the epithet ‘the Black’, or with colored armor, are listed here
1369ColumbaA sixth-century Irish abbot and missionary evangelist of the family of the kings of Ulster. Colmcille, Columkill
1370Columbine“Heroine” of Aaron Hill’s 1760 play Merlin in Love, or: Youth Against Magic.Merlin in Love, or: Youth Against Magic
1371ColysFather of Reynez
1372CompagnonThe knights who accompanied Arthur and his allies to succour King Leodegan (Leodegrance).Companion, Compaignon
1373ComynIn Scottish tradition, a chieftain who visited Arthur at Sewingshields
1374Conais the WhiteA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1375ConalA non-Arthurian Celtic hero who becomes one of Arthur’s warriors in Richard Hole’s Arthur, or the Northern Enchantment in Seven Books (1789).Arthur, or the Northern Enchantment in Seven Books
1376ConanA nobleman who urged Mordred, after he usurped the throne of Britain, to reconcile with Arthur. Mordred ignored his advice.The Misfortunes of Arthur
1377Conan MeriadocAccording to Geoffrey, Conan was the first ruler of Brittany, an ancestor of Arthur.Human
1378Conan of South WalesThe name bestowed by Layamon upon the King of South Wales who, in Geoffrey, was Merlin’s maternal grandfatherBrut
1379Conan the BoldOne of Arthur’s knights. He participated in the second of Gawaine’s quests to find LancelotCanus de Caee, Canus de Caere, Canus de Carre, Conan de Kaert, Ganor de Kahert, Kaune de Cahert, Quenuz de CaerecLancelot do Lac, Vulgate Lancelot
1380ConchobarKing of Ulster
1381CondwiramursWife of Perceval in Wolfram.HumanParzival
1382ConmainsA knight in Arthur’s service.Escanor
1383Conoains li HardisOne of the knights who participate in the first quest of Lancelot‘Conoains the Bold’, Conains li Hardis, Conains li Meschis, Connains
1384CononFather of Emmeline in Dryden's King Arthur.HumanKing Arthur by Dryden
1385ConradA bishop that tried to charge Merlin with heresy.Human
1386ConstanceWife of King Ban and mother of Lancelot in an Italian romance.Human
1387Constans of EnglandKing of EnglandConstance, Constant, ConstantineHistoria Regum Britanniae
1388Constans son of Constantine, KingSon of Constantine II of Britain, older brother to Uther PendragonHumanBased on the historical figure Constans
1389ConstantiaIn the Elizabethan play The Birth of Merlin, the daughter of Lord Donobert and a maiden at Aurelius Ambrosius’ courtThe Birth of Merlin, or the Childe Hath Found His Father
1390Constantine II of Britain, KingArthur's grandfather, father to Uther Pendragon, Constans, and Ambrosius AurelianusHumanKustenhinBased on the historical figure Constantine
1391Constantine III of BritainArthur's cousin and successor to his throne, Cador's sonHumanHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
1392Constantine of BrittanyRuler of Brittany and Arthur’s grandfather, found earliest in Geoffrey of Monmouth. Constantine was the brother of Aldroen (Aldroenus).Constans, Constance, Constant, Constantin, Constantins, Constantius, CustenhinHistoria Regum Britanniae
1393Constantine of DumnoniaArthur’s successor whom Geoffrey of Monmouth makes a cousin, taking the name and a few particulars from Gildas, who denounces a king so calledConstantyn, Constaunce, Costaunce, CostaunsDe Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae
1394Constantinople, Empress ofUnnamed, this member of the imperial family of Constantinople gave a magical stone to Perceval that rendered him invisible, and thus helped him in his fight against the afanc
1395ConynSon of Caw, one of twenty brothers, and one of Arthur’s warriors‘Stalk’Culhwch and Olwen
1396Corbalain, La Dame deThe lady of Corbalain was Sir Galescalain’s (Galeshin) aunt. Galescalain’s cousin, la Dame del Blanc Castel, is said to be the daughter of la Dame de CorbalainCorbazin, Corbenic, SormadantVulgate Lancelot
1397CorbonSon of Renoart and Morgan in Bataille Loquifer.HumanBataille Loquifer
1398CorcecaMother of Abessa in The Faerie QueeneHumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
1399CordantA Saxon warrior who, under King Rions (Ryons), opposed Arthur and King Leodegan of Carmelide (Leodegrance) at the battle of Carhaix.CordauntVulgate Merlin
1400CordeliaThe youngest daughter of the mythical King Leir and the sister of Goneril and ReganHistoria Regum Britanniae
1401Corfil BerfachOne of King Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legendCorvil Bervach
1402CorineusAn exiled Trojan leader (perhaps a prince of Troy), who came to Britain in the company of BrutusCoraneus, Corneus, Corneus
1403CorisOne of Arthur’s knights in Béroul’s Tristan, present at Isolde’s chastity trialTristan
1404CormoranA uniquely Cornish character, the most famous of all English giants.Cormilan
1405CornalisA Saxon king who, under King Hargadabran (Hargodabrans), fought against Arthur’s forces at Clarence.Le Livre d’Artus
1406CornanThe horse belonging to Arthur’s warrior PeredurTriads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1407CorneusThe father of Sir Lucan the Butler, and perhaps also BedivereLe Morte Darthur
1408CornicansOne of the many Saxon kings to invade northern Britain in the early days of Arthur’s reignCaromans, Comicans, CornyaxVulgate Merlin
1409CornicasKing of Turkey in Floriant et Florete. He was allied to Emperor Filimenis of ConstantinopleFloriant et Florete
1410CornilloLlawfrodedd the Horseman’s cow which was one of the Three Chief Cows of the Island of Britain.Triads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1411CornixCornix was one of the noble Byzantine warriors that Alexander brought to Britain from Constantinople, and Arthur knighted them allCligés
1412CornuA race of men who were part of the defenses at Rigomer Castle.Les Merveilles de Rigomer
1413CornubasA Welsh earl whose daughter married Arthur’s son, the Knight of the Fair Country.
1414CorrantA knight of Carmelide, and a cousin of Queen Guinevere.Conrat, GarauntProse Tristan
1415Cors Cant-EwinOne of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend‘Corse Hundred-Claws’Culhwch and Olwen
1416CorsabrinA Saracen knight who loved the daughter of King BaudacProse Tristan
1417Corsabrin of TurkeyKing of Turkey in Claris et Laris, allied to Emperor Thereus of RomeClaries et Laris
1418CorsapinA vavasor in the service of Nascien and Flegentine.Vulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
1419CorsidaresA Knight of the Round Table who participated in the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1420Cortois of HumberlandA knight slain by Orguelleus the Fay and Sir Gomeret because they believed him to be Gawaine, their enemyCortois of HuberlantL’Atre Perilleux
1421CosenFather of Brangain, Isolde’s handmaidSaga af Tristram ok Isodd
1422Cote Male Taile, LaCalled the Black‘The Badly Cut Coat’, ‘The Evil-Shapen Coat’, La Cote Male Tailée, Breunor Le Noir, Breunor the Black, Brewnor le Noir, Bruin Le Noire
1423CouarsA Saxon king who opposed Arthur and King Leodegan of Carmelide (Leodegrance) at the siege of Aneblayse. Arthur killed him in battle‘Coward’, ForcoarsVulgate Merlin
1424CoudelAn early king of Northgalis (Norgales) who fell fighting against the ChristiansVulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
1425Counselor KnightsA triad of warriors in Arthur’s court who counseled Arthur on political mattersTriads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1426Count del ParcHe inhabited a castle three leagues from the giant Tericam of the Impenetrable Forest (Turquine) on Terican’s Hill (Turquine’s Hill)Count del Park
1427Count of AlarieAdan was an Arabian count.
1428Count of AnjouGeoffrey says Kay, who was Arthur’s seneschal, became Anjou’s first count
1429Count of AsterianIn Konrad von Staffelin’s Gauriel, the Count of Asterian’s daughter is kidnapped but rescued by Gauriel, Erec, and Pliamin.
1430Count of BigameThe Count of Bigame appears at the tournament of Sorgarda, won by Gawaine
1431Count of BrittanyRollandus was the Count of Brittany in Eitenne de Rouen’s Draco Normannicus.
1432Count of Caleque CastleDangis was the Count of Caleque Castle, loyal to Lancelot.
1433Count of ClivelonMenagormon was the Count of Clivelon and Arthur’s vassal.
1434Count of CologiaSebio was a Saracen Count of Cologia.
1435Count of DublinEnor was the Count of Dublin.
1436Count of DuneFalliers was the Count of Dune.
1437Count of FlandersAran was the Count of Flanders under King Claudas.
1438Count of GallowayBrandis was the Count of Galloway.
1439Count of GeerThe Count of Geer was the son of the King of the Island of the Gate and the brother of an Irish knight at Arthur’s court.
1440Count of GippaAlbroino was the Count of the city of Gippa.
1441Count of Gloucester – or Count of Colchester of Linis.A vassal of Arthur attending Erec and Enide’s wedding.Count of Colchester of Linis
1442Count of HonolanNaming him among Arthur’s knights in the list beginning line 1691 of Erec and Enide, Chrétien de Troyes adds that the Count of Honolan had a fine head of fair hair, never had regard for truth, and recieved the horn of an ill-fated king (Arthur himself?) who appears to be unidentified in this passage save by the definite article.Erec
1443Count of Iceland – or Count of Ireland.The son of Count Blandigan of Iceland or Ireland was defeated by Yvain during the battle at the Castle OrguelleusCount of Ireland
1444Count of JoraphasMoral was the Count of Joraphas.
1445Count of LalutHe was the brother of Enide’s mother and thus Enide’s uncle.
1446Count of LeodarzBejolars of Leodarz was a knight and the Count of Leodarz
1447Count of LimorsOringle was the Count of Limors.
1448Count of NantesRiole is the Count of Nantes in Eilhart’s Tristrant.Tristrant
1449Count of Norholt
1450Count of PoitouSchiolarz was the Count of Poitou during Uther’s time.
1451Count of RevelineThe Count of Reveline was defeated in a tournament by Yvain
1452Count of SalieUrsin was the Count of Salie.
1453Count of SorgardaLeigamar was the Count of Sorgarda.
1454Count of the BrochesA knight who opposed King Narboac (Narbaoc) in a tournament. Gawaine fought on the count’s side but was defeated by Sir Hector, battling for Narboac.Vulgate Lancelot
1455Count of the Castle of the MarchBedoin was the count of this castle he tried to disinherit from his sister.Castel de la Marche, Castle of the Marsh, March Castle
1456Count of the High Mountain“He of the High Mountain” was a nobleman, Chrétien de Troyes lists among those present at the wedding of Erec and EnideHaute Montaigne, Haute MontaingneErec
1457Count of the Land of the HeatherAlout was the Count of the Land of the Heather.
1458Count of the PassAn count who owned the castle Fair GuardEarl de PaseProse Tristan
1459Count of the Plains – or Earl de la Planche.A nobleman who held a tournament against King Hervyn or the lady of the castle Tubele (Cubele) during the Grail Quest.Count of the Plain, Earl de Playns, Earl of PlainVulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1460Count of the PlankA count who made war on King Esclabor, father of Palamedes and Safir (Safere). Safir challenged him in combat before King Arthur and killed him.Earl de la PlancheProse Tristan
1461Count of the Valley – or Earl de Vale.A nobleman who invaded the lands of a young knight named Agaran.Earl de Vale, le Quens du ValVulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1462Count of Treverain – or Count of Traverain.Libers is listed as the Count of Treverain by Chrétien.Count of Traverain
1463Count of TrueremThe Count of Truerem was present at the tournament at the Castle of Maidens
1464Count of TurtusAmurat was the Count of Turtus.
1465Count of Ukerlant
1466Count of ValinguesThe Count of Valingues was the father of a lady championed by Gaheris against Guidan, in Vulgate LancelotValens li Sires des Grans Fortreces, Valide, Valignes, Valigues, Valines, Valmes le due de Valirnes li Sire de la Grant ForteresseVulgate Lancelot
1467Count of ValsinThe Count of Valsin was the father of Beauty Without Villany, a messenger to Arthur’s courtValfin
1468Count of WindsorAngrs was the Count of Windsor and chosen to serve as regent when Arthur was visiting Brittany.
1469Countess of Orofoise and Her SisterThe Countess seems to have been a sovereign lady
1470Countess of the FeatsA duchess of a small castle, so named because she had three hundred knights who would tell of their adventures nightlyPeredur
1471CoveroxA knight in Arthur’s serviceFirst Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1472Coward KnightA cowardly knight in the service of the Maiden of the Cart.Perlesvaus
1473CraddocOne of Arthur’s warriors in Arthour and Merlin; he participated in the battles against the Saxons at CarhaixCraddokArthour and Merlin
1474CradelmentA king of Northgalis, one of those who rebelled against Arthur in his early reign.Human
1475CraidanosA Knight of the Round Table who departed with the others on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1476CrausenA knight slain by Tristan in La Tavola RitondaLa Tavola Ritonda
1477CreiddyleddA lady at Arthur’s court, daughter of Lludd Silver Hand.Creiddylad, Creiddylat, CreidyledCulhwch and Olwen
1478CreomasA knight from Sorelois who joined Arthur’s battles against the Saxons at Clarence and Vambieres.Le Livre d’Artus
1479CreonA Saxon king who joined the invasion of Britain at the beginning of Arthur’s reignLe Livre d’Artus
1480Cressia of IroneOne of several Arthurian ladies to fail a chastity test in Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu CrôneDiu Crône
1481CressileThe daughter of King Clodoveus of Cornwall, an ancestor of Mark and TristanCressille, TrasfilasProse Tristan
1482Crinides the BlackA Knight of the Round Table, related in some way to Lancelot. He participated in the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1483CriseaThe wife of King Lac and mother of Erec, sister of King PellesOcisePost-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
1484Criseuz the Beautiful GooseThe maiden of Sir Garsallas, a knight defeated by PercevalSecond Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1485CrissidésSon of King Candaces of Cornwall and Cressile. He became king of the country when his father diedZersidesProse Tristan
1486CristamansA Saxon king who, under King Hargadabran (Hargodabrans), fought against Arthur’s forces at Clarence. Arthur killed himCristamanzLe Livre d’Artus
1487CristansOne of the many Saxon kings to invade Britain when Arthur was struggling to establish powerLe Livre d’Artus
1488CristoflesWhom held the castle Parfont Gaut (Gaut Parfont) in Northumberland
1489Crop-Eared DogIn the Irish tale, Eachtra an Mhadra Mhaoil, Alexander, the son of the King of India was enchanted in the form of a dog with no ears and no tail, and despite his dogginess, was fully able to converse in human speech
1490CrosselemeA Knight of the Round Table who appears at the healing of Sir Urre.Le Morte Darthur
1491Crossroads, Damsel of theGawaine and Lancelot met her at a crossroads after leaving the “Castle of the Deadly Bed” in their pursuit of Guenevere and her abductor.
1492Crowned Lion of LibyaA mysterious lion with a crown growing from its head that Sir Lionel was fated to destroyLion corone de LibeLancelot do Lac
1493CrudelThe pagan king of Northgalis in the time of Joseph of Arimathea.‘Cruel’, Coudel, Crudels, Cruder, Crudeus, TrudelVulgate Estoire del Saint Graal
1494CrudensSon of King Hector of the Savage Realm.Palamedes
1495Cu ChulainnA hero of Irish mythology who may be a prototype of Gawaine.Cú Chulaínn, Cuchulainn
1496CuallThe dog belonging to Arthur’s warrior Cyfwlch in Culhwch‘Foolish’Culhwch and Olwen
1497CubertSon of Daere and one of Arthur’s warriors in Culhwch and Olwen, borrowed from the Irish folk character Cú Roí, son of DaereCulhwch and Olwen
1498CudinelloA knight defeated by Lancelot and Tristan in the Savage Valley during the Grail Quest.La Tavola Ritonda
1499CuelOne of Arthur’s warriorsLa Tavola Ritonda
1500Cuer de PierreA malevolent knight who ruled a castle called the Rock‘Heart of Stone’Palamedes
1501CulfanawydAn Arthurian warrior who was the son of Gwryon‘Slender Awl’, KulvanawydCulhwch and Olwen
1502CulhwchCousin of Arthur's in early Welsh legendHumanCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
1503CundrieTwo women in Wolfram, one a Grail damsel, and the other a daughter of Arthur's sister Sangive.HumanParzival
1504Cundrie la SurziereA sorceress, learned in star lore, who served as messenger for the Grail family in Wolfram’s Parzival.‘Cundrie the Sorceress’Parzival
1505CunedagAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, king of Britain in the eighth century BC.CunedagiusHistoria Regum Britanniae
1506CuneddaAccording to Brut y Brenhinedd, the grandmother of Igraine.Human
1507Cunneware of LalanderSister of Orilus of Lalander and Lähelin in Wolfram’s ParzivalParzival
1508CunobelSon of Tenuantius and King of the Catuvellauni and High King of the British in the south of Britain, who ruled at the time of the Roman conquest in 43 ADThe Hound of Belinus, Cunobelin, Cunobeline, Cunobelinus, Cymbeline, Cynfelyn, Kynobellinus
1509CunobelinusKing of the Catuvellani, an ancestor of Arthur, and the source for Shakespeare's Cymbline.Human
1510CunomorusAn historical ancient ruler of Cornwall and Brittany in the sixth century AD, who is named on a Cornish tombstone as the father of “Drustanus”, a version of “Tristan”.Welsh: CynfawrTristan Stone (monolith in Cornwall)
1511Cunyn CofSon of Alun of Dyfed and father of Arthur’s warrior Dalldaf.Cimin CofCulhwch and Olwen
1512CuoiAccording to Chrétien de Troyes, the son of King Aguiflet of Scotland (Angusel), and the brother of Cadret or GoasilroetErec
1513CuroiIn Irish mythology, a giant warrior slain by Cu Chulainn, Gawaine’s Irish counterpart
1514CursalemThe Earl of Caichester or Chester. He served ArthurCurfalain, Cursae, Cursal, Cursan, Cursalen, Curselin, GursalHistoria Regum Britanniae
1515CursesalyneA Knight of the Round Table who joined Mordred and Agravain in their plan to expose the affair between Lancelot and GuenevereLe Morte Darthur
1516CursinThe unwilling seneschal of King Godonas of Terrandes, a tyrantMeleranz
1517CustenninAccording to the pedigree of Anlawdd that has been postulated by T.W. Rolleston
1518CvitazijaThe wife of Liburn of KesarijaPovest’ o Tryshchane
1519CydfanA son of Arthur in Welsh tradition. His mother was Eleirch, daughter of Iaen.
1520CyfarchFather of Urien of Rheged, and of Arthur’s knights Llew and AronTriads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”), Culhwch and Olwen
1521CyfwlchSon of Cleddyf Cyfwlch, brother of Bwlch and Syfwlch, and one of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend‘Complete’, KyuwlchCulhwch and Olwen
1522CyleddonFather of Cilydd and grandfather of CulhwchCulhwch and Olwen
1523Cyledyr the WildA follower of Arthur in Culhwch and Olwen.Human
1524CymenA son of Aelle.Human
1525CymochlesA lazy antagonist in the Faerie Queene.FaerieThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
1526CymryThe Welsh name for the Britons who descended from the men of TroyCybru, Cymru, KymruTriads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1527Cyn Was CwryfagylOne of King Arthur’s warriors in the Welsh legend of Culhwch‘Cynwas Pointed Staff’, Cynwas CurvagylCulhwch and Olwen
1528CynanFather of Arthur’s warrior Cynlan. A mysterious figure who will come to liberate the Welsh from the EnglishCulhwch and Olwen
1529Cynan GarrwynFather of Selyf, a warrior in the service of Owain‘Cynan White Chariot’, ‘Cynan White Shank’, Cynan GarwynRed Book of Hergest
1530Cynddylig the GuideOne of the party who were to help Culhwch locate and win the hand of the maiden Olwen, daughter of the chief giant Yspaddaden (Ysbadadden)Cyndelic KyuarwydCulhwch and Olwen
1531Cyndeyrn GarthwysThe chief bishop of Arthur’s northern kingdoms, according to a Welsh TriadTriads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1532CyndrwynSon of Ermid, brother of Gwynn, and one of Arthur’s warriorsCulhwch and Olwen
1533CyndurA Welsh warrior who was apparently killed in a battle against Maelgwn (Maelgwyn).Various; all Myrddin poems
1534Cynedyr WylltOne of Arthur’s warriors and son of Hetwn Silver Brow‘Cynedyr the Wild’, Kynedyr WylltCulhwch and Olwen
1535CynfarchThe father of Urien.Human
1536CynfelynFather of Gwaeddan, a lady at Arthur’s courtCulhwch and Olwen
1537CynferchinPerhaps a variation of Cynfarch, Owain’s grandfatherOwain
1538Cyngen fab CadellA legendary King of Powys, who was said to have reigned some between the fifth and sixth centuries, although the Pillar of Eliseg puts his death in Rome, while on a pilgrimage, somewhat later in 855.
1539CynlanOne of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend. He was the son of CynanCulhwch and Olwen
1540CynonThe Lover of Morfudd, Owain's twin sister.Human
1541CynricSon of Cerdic of Wessex.Human
1542Cynwal Hundred DogsSon of Caw, one of twenty brothers, and one of Arthur’s warriorsKynwyl CanbwchCulhwch and Olwen
1543Cynwyl SantOne of Arthur’s warriors, titled “Saint”, in Welsh legend. He rode a horse named Hen GroenCulhwch and Olwen
1544Cynyr CeinfarfogOne of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legends‘Cynyr Fair Beard’, Kynyr KeinvarvawcCulhwch and Olwen
1545CyonOne of Twenty-four Knights of Arthur's Court.Human
1546Cyrions of CuitenïacA knight in Arthur’s service.First Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1547CyrwrydA ruler or knight from Gwent.CywyrdTriads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1548CystaintA companion of Arthur who is named as the son of Bannon.
1549CywyllogDaughter of Caw and wife of Mordred in Welsh tradition.Human
1550d’Outre les MarchesA king and ally of Duke Galeholt.Doutre les Marches
1551Dadweir Blind HeadOne of King Arthur’s warriors in CulhwchCulhwch and Olwen
1552DaereFather of Arthur’s warrior Cubert, from the Irish folk character DáireCulhwch and Olwen
1553DaghdhaDaghdha was an earth and father god and one of the two greatest kings of the Tuatha dé Danann‘Great God’
1554DagonA demon who gave powers of enchantment to King Pelles’ magician. When Galahad was in the magician’s presence, the powers were ineffective.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1555DagonetArthur's court jester, who eventually became a knight.Human, Knight of the Round Table
1556DahamorthA knight killed by Gawaine in a tournament at the city of Baldac (Baghdad) in Babylonia.Diu Crône
1557DahutA Morgan (a Breton class of water-fairy), a variant of Ahes and the name by which she is known as the daughter of Gradlon, who threw her into the sea after she had caused the sea to engulf Ys, a domain she is still said to inhabit, luring sailors to their death in the drowned city.Ahes
1558DaireA Pictish king, and father of the Otherworld woman Ailleann.Faerie
1559DalamLord of the Castle of the MountainProse Tristan
1560DalidesA good knight and friend of Gawaine.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1561DalldafSon of Cunyn Cof and one of Arthur’s warriorsDalldavCulhwch and Olwen
1562DalonA king of Larise who joined his ally, Emperor Thereus of Rome, in a war against Arthur.Claries et Laris
1563DamartA magician killed by Betis. After this feat, Betis’s name was changed to Perceforest.
1564DamasA knight who would trap others knights so his brother, Sir Ontzlake, could fight them. Stopped by Arthur.Human
1565Damas of DesertA Knight of the Round Table and brother of Damcab and Caradan.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1566Damatal of DesertA Knight of the Round Table.DamadasPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1567DamcabKnight of the Round Table and brother of Damas and CaradanPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1568Dame BrisenPellam setting them up in his nearby Castle of Case for the trick, Brisen had a message brought to Lancelot by a man in the likeness of one he knew well, who brought him a ring that looked like one of Guenevere’s and told him that his lady awaited him in Case CastleBriane, Brisane, Brisanie, Brisiane, Brissane, BrissanneVulgate Lancelot
1569Dame d’AmoreIn Thomas Chestre’s Lybeaus Desconus, the fairy of the Golden Isle who loved Guinglain, Gawaine’s sonLybeaus Desconus
1570Dame de SoraantShe is said to often keep Guenevere company while she stays with Galeholt in Sorelois
1571Dame RagnellIn the medieval poem The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle, Arthur had fallen into the power of the Grim Baron, Gromer Somer Joure, who made him swear to return in a year and a day and either bring the correct answer to the riddleRagnelle, The Foul Ladye, The Loathly LadyThe Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell
1572DamoiseleThis damoisele “de la nef” who is the devil in person and endeavours to deceive the messengersDamoiseles
1573Damoisele á la HarpeShe took Oriolz the Dane (Oriel de Sorionde) to heal him. She was either a sister or a cousin of Helaes de la Forest Perilleuse.
1574Damoisele de la Blanche NueThe Vulgate VII says Nascien’s mother was this maiden‘The lovely Maiden of the White Cloud’, la bele Damoisele de la Blanche Nuage
1575Damoiselle de La Blanche LandeSir Gaheris’ sweetheart, according to Vulgate V. I do not know where the “White Land” (Blanche Lande) was
1576Damon the Good JousterAn Arthurian knight who was the son of Amant, possibly related to Amant the Good JousterPalamedes
1577Damosel del Grant Pui de Mont Dolerous, LaAccording to some sources, the daughter of Merlin
1578Damsel de MaresThe daughter of Sir Agravadain des Vaus de Galoire, she was the victim of what seems to have been either a practical joke or a venture by Merlin into planned genetics
1579Damsel of Blanche LandThe mother of Raynbrown, with Ironside, according to Sir Gawaine and the Carl of Carlisle
1580Damsel of l’Estroite MarcheFor some reason, although other damsels and ladies acted as apparently independent chatelaines, this damsel could not hold her father’s castle in her own right after his death
1581Damsel of La Beale RegardThis unnamed damsel, rightful heir to the castle La Beale Regard, was cousin to both Morgan le Fay and the Earl of Pase
1582Damsel of LeverzepShe was rescued by Lancelot on one of his long adventures away from court
1583Damsel of MontesclaireA maiden was under siege upon the hill at MontesclaireMontescler
1584Damsel of the CartNickname of Claire. She carried the body of her slain lover around in a cart
1585Damsel of the CrossroadsGawaine and Lancelot met her at a crossroads after leaving the “Castle of the Deadly Bed” in their pursuit of Guenevere and her abductor.
1586Damsel of the MarchesApparently a sovereign in her own right, this lady was a liege of Arthur’s who came to her aid when Duke Galeholt invaded her territoryla Damoisele des Marches des lies, Des Marches, Des Marches de Selice, Des Marches de Seliile
1587Damsel of the TentThe unfortunate sweetheart of the Haughty Knight of the Heath
1588Damsel of the White HeathA maiden loved by Gareth, Gawaine’s brother.Vulgate Lancelot
1589Damsel of Thornbush FordA Hebrew and wife of Lambergus, in the Italian Tristano Riccardiano and La Tavola RitondaTristano Riccardiano
1590Damsel Savage
1591Damsels of PenevricTwo sisters of Guivret the Little, Filledamor and Guenteflur, and presumably of dwarfish or small stature themselves, these delightful maidens lived at Guivret’s castle – acting as its chatelaines? – and proved their medical skill by nursing Erec back to health after his three adventurous days of virtually nonstop fightingDamsels of Penefrec
1592DanadorA vassal of Emperor Filimenis of Constantinople, father of Sir Floriant.Floriant et Florete
1593DanaimA knight and nephew of Sir Daras. He guarded Daras’s castle against interlopers.DanameProse Tristan
1594Danain the RedLord of Malehaut.Human
1595DandraneDaughter of Alain the Large and Yglais, and sister of Perceval in PerlesvausPerlesvaus
1596DanedOne of Arthur’s warriors. He was the son of OthBreudwyt Rhonabwy
1597DanemonA knight who joined King Tallas of Denmark in a siege on King Uriens.Claries et Laris
1598DangisThe Count of Caleque CastleDagitis, Dangins, DanguinsPost-Vulgate Mort Artu
1599DaniausAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, king of Britain in the fourth or third century BCHistoria Regum Britanniae
1600Danidain the ProudA knight from Lyonesse and cousin of Breuse the Pitiless, whose evil disposition he shared.Palamedes
1601DanielBrother of Dinadan in Tavola Ritonda. Discovered Lancelot and Guenevere in a compromising position.Human, Knight of the Round TableTavola Ritonda
1602Daniel of the Blossoming ValleyHero of Der Stricker’s Daniel von dem blühenden TalDaniel von dem blühenden Tal
1603Daniel the BelieverA Knight of the Round Table who embarked with the others on the Grail Quest.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1604Daniel von BlumenthalA Knight of the Round Table found in an early German offshoot of Arthurian legendHuman, Knight of the Round TableDaniel von Blumenthal, 1220
1605DanielloThe Italian romance La Tavola Ritonda makes an interesting departure from the traditional Arthurian story when it places the discovery of the affair between Lancelot and Guinevere near the beginning or middle of Arthur’s reign, rather than at the endLa Tavola Ritonda
1606DaniseThe Queen of Cluse in Der Stricker’s DanielDaniel von dem blühenden Tal
1607DaniusAccording to Geoffrey of Monmouth, king of Britain in the fourth or third century BCHistoria Regum Britanniae
1608DanorA good knight whose sister gave birth to Arthur’s son, Arthur the Less.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1609Danubre the BraveA Knight of the Round Table and brother of Acorant the Agile. He was related in some way to Lancelot.DarubrePost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1610DarasAn old knight who lived with his nephew, Danaim, and harbored sick and injured knights in his castle, including Tristan, Mordred, and PalamedesLe Morte Darthur
1611DarecaThe sister of St. Patrick in Jocelyn’s Life of St. Patrick. She was said to have been Patrick’s youngest sister and to have had seventeen sonsDarerca
1612DarelA prince of Medarie and Belakun; companion of princes Gamer and Ariun.Wigalois
1613DarercaSister of St. Patrick, said to be Arthur's ancestor.Human
1614DarianA Saxon warrior slain by Arthur’s Sir Galescalain (Galeshin) at the battle of Diana BridgeArthour and Merlin
1615DarilA Saxon warrior. He was the son of King Bramangue and the brother of Haram and Orient.Arthour and Merlin
1616DarnantA magician killed by Betis, later called Perceforest.HumanDamartPerceforest
1617DarsenoisA knight whom Arthur freed from the castle Causuel when he defeated the Merciless Lion, Darsenois’s jailer. In return, Darsenois gave Arthur a chargerLe Chevalier du Papegau
1618DatisA knight who joined Sirs Claris and Laris in their adventures.Claries et Laris
1619Datis of TuscanyClaris et Laris states that he’s the King of Tuscany who joined Emperor Thereus of Rome against ArthurClaries et Laris
1620DatoisKing of Babylon who joined Emperor Thereus of Rome in a war against ArthurClaries et Laris
1621DatonA knight who joined his cousin, Nador, in an attack on Queen Blanche.Claris et Laris
1622Datweir DallpennThe owner of the sow Henwen, according to the Triad 26Triads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1623Daughter of King BademaguWhile Lancelot was engaged with the challenger, Karr have very tentatively identified with the Haughty Knight of the Heath, King Bademagu’s daughter rode up and asked Lancelot, as a favor, to give her his opponent’s head, and she would reward him
1624Daughter of the King of LogresIn romance of Tyolet, she requred a knight to bring her the white foot of a stag.HumanTyolet
1625Daughters of the Lord of Noire EspineChrétien gives the cause of this lord’s demise as losing an argument with DeathLord of the Black Thorn
1626Davalon the ProudOne of Arthur’s knights in Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Diu CrôneDiu Crône
1627DavidThe biblical king of Israel and Judah; son of Saul and father of SolomonVulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1628David of TintagilChrétien lists him among the counts and other vassals whom Arthur summoned to court for the wedding of Erec and EnideDavid of Tintagel, Davit Erec
1629David, SaintThe patron of Wales. Arthur's uncle in Geoffrey.Human
1630DavisA knight who fought with his brother, Alain. Claris, Laris, and Bedivere found them fighting and forced them to reconcile.Claris et Laris
1631DeathOne of four brothers, in Tennyson, defeated by Gareth in his quest to free Lyonors
1632DechtireIn Irish legend, the sister of Conchobar, the king of Ulster. With the god Lug, she had a son named Cuchulainn
1633DedyneOne of Arthur’s knights, mentioned in the medieval romance Ywain and GawainPerceval, or Le Conte del Graal
1634Deep Valley, Lord of theThe lord of the Deep Valley was one of the kings who fought against the Saxons in the early days of Arthur’s reign
1635Degrane without VillanyA Knight of the Round Table present at the healing of Sir Urry (Urre of Hungary) in Malory’s Le Morte Darthur.Degrane Sans VillanyLe Morte Darthur
1636DegrevantA Knight of the Round Table who is the hero of the Middle English Sir Degrevant.Degravant, Degreevant, Degrevance, Degrevans, Degrevaund, Degrivaunce, Degrivuant, Degryvaunt, EgrivauntSir Degrevant
1637DelekorsA courageous and chivalrous knight in Arthur’s court who was defeated in joust by Sir Tristan.Tristrant
1638Deleyn FitzdavidA knight present at one of Arthur’s Easter feasts in the English Arthur.Arthur
1639DeliceGalehaut’s sister in the Prose Tristan. She lived in the Castle of Tears with her parents, Brunor the Brown and the Beautiful Giantess, or BagottaProse Tristan
1640Delimaz the PoorA Knight of the Round Table and brother of Anseliam the Poor (Asalim) and Caligante the Poor.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1641DelisA Spanish knight defeated in combat by Laris.Claris et Laris
1642DemagulNamed as the King of Logres in the Serbo-Russian Povest’O TryschchanePovest’ o Tryshchane
1643DemetrusIn Heywood, Merlin's maternal grandfather. Human
1644DemogorgonIn classical mythology, the being who was thought to have resolved primeval chaos into order.
1645Demons of Pesme AvantureOffspring of a human woman and a goblin (I am not sure what word D.D.R. Owen translates as “goblin”, but he seems to use it and “devil” synonymously), they served – or, perhaps, ruled – the castle, lands, and lord of Pesme Avanture by fighting every knight who came, two to one.
1646DenisA hermit who baptized the survivors of the heathen Trial Castle, after Perceval destroyed the castle’s Copper Tower and freed the inhabitants from the grip of paganism.Perlesvaus
1647DenoalenAn evil baron who served King Mark of CornwallTristan
1648DenwIn Welsh tradition, daughter of Anna and Lot. Married Owain.Human
1649DeorthachFather of Arthur’s warrior Rhufawn BebyrDewrarth, DorathCulhwch and Olwen
1650DerdriuThe daughter of Fedlimid, the Fili of Conchobar mac Nessa. Her story is thought to have been one of the sources for the story of Tristan and Iseult
1651DerfelA saint, founder of of Llanderfel in Gwynedd. Said to have fought and ssurvived in the battle of Camlann.Human
1652DeruvianNamed as one of the missionaries who were sent in c. AD 166 from Rome by Pope Elutherius at the request of the then British King Lucius the Glorius, and founded the abbey at Glastonbury.Duvian
1653DeselmiurKardeuz and Deselmiur were the parents of Lybials.
1654DesixtusA knight slain by Kalegras, Tristan’s father, after Desixtus and his brother Seran invaded Spain, Kalegras’s country.Saga af Tristram ok Isodd
1655DespairSpirit that drives people to depression and madness.FaerieThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
1656Destructive OneThe name of the servant of Merlin who was employed in the imprisonment of Orlando at the request of Mador, who was jealous because Melora, whom he loved, showed her preference for the hapless Orlando
1657Detors of NorthumberlandA king in NorthumberlandHuman
1658DevonThis warrior is mentioned in the court list of CulhwchCulhwch and Olwen
1659DialetesA pagan giant who ruled in the Distant Isles in the time of Joseph of Arimathea.Devlites, Dialantes, DialiciesProse Tristan
1660DianaThe Roman goddess of the moon, the hunt and childbirth among several other things.Diane, Dyane, DyanneLancelot do Lac
1661DianeGoddess of teh wood, mother of Dyonas, and grandmother of Vivienne.Human
1662DiarmaidTristan’s counterpart in Irish legend
1663DiasbadWife of Arthur’s warrior Syfwlch.OutcryCulhwch and Olwen
1664DigonOne of Arthur’s warriors who was the son of AlarEnoughCulhwch and Olwen
1665DilianferThe king of Ireland during Uther Pendragon’s reignRilanferLa Tavola Ritonda
1666Dillus the BeardedAn enemy of Arthur. Kay removed hairs from his beard in Culhwch and Olwen.Human
1667DinabucThe name give by Wace to the Giant of Mont St. Michel slain by ArthurDynabrok, DynabusRoman de Brut
1668DinabutiusThe boy who taunted a young Merlin for not knowing the name of his father, drawing the attention of Vortigern's counsellors.Human
1669DinadanSon of Sir Brunor the SeniorHuman, Knight of the Round TableProse Tristan, 1230s
1670DinadanA good knight with a sense of humor and, what seems even rarer among the companions of the Round Table, a sense of practicality, Dinadan was never willing to rush into a fight for the sake of wounds and glory. Dinadam, Dinadano, Dinadeira, Divdan, DynadanPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1671DinadasA Knight of the Round Table from Garlot.DinadosPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1672DinalOne of Arthur’s knightsDinausLe Bel Inconnu
1673DinasA companion of Tristan and Knight of the Round Table. According to Tavola, he succeeded Mark as King of Cornwall.Human, Knight of the Round Table
1674Dinas of DinanIn the Tristan legends, the lord of Dinan and the seneschal (steward) of Cornwall under King MarkDinasso, Dynas, TinasTristan
1675DinasdarésAn enemy of Gawaine in the first Perceval continuationFirst Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1676DindraneSister (sometimes half-sister) of Percival, plays a large part in many Holy Grail storiesHuman(Italian: Agrestizia), (Welsh: Danbrann), Dindraine, Heliabel
1677DinifogarA queen who threw a tournament in which Wigamur, one of Arthur’s knights, excelled.Wigamur
1678DinisordresSon of Salandres (Salandre of the Isles) and brother of Menastide, Nastor, Gogonne, and AristesThird Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1679DiocenarAn unfortunate knight who was cuckholded by Galehaut the Brown. Having lost his lovely wife, Diocenar died from heartbreakPalamedes
1680DiodiciasKing of Syria in ancient times. With his four wives, he had thirty-three daughters and three sonsPalamedes
1681DionThe nephew of Duke Calles and brother of Alibel, Dyonis, and CasibilantDyons, DyonzVulgate Lancelot
1682DionesFather of Nimue. His godmother was the goddess Diana.Human
1683DionetaTwo people in Welsh Birth of Arthur. A daughter of Gorlois and Igrain. And a daughter fo Gwyar and Lot.Human
1684DionidoNamed in La Tavola Ritonda as the Pope during Arthur’s reignLa Tavola Ritonda
1685DioniseAn enchanted chatelaine, freed by Gawain who refused to marry her.Human
1686DionotusBrother of the Cornish king Caradoc. Dionotus assumed the kingship of Cornwall upon his brother’s deathHistoria Regum Britanniae
1687DiracBrother of Lac and uncle of Erec.Human
1688DirmygSon of Caw, one of twenty brothers, and one of Arthur’s warriorsContemptCulhwch and Olwen
1689DisnadaronA king of the Saxons.
1690Distant KnightIn La Tavola Ritonda, Tristan’s alias during his stay in Ireland. In most versions, he uses the name TantristLa Tavola Ritonda
1691DisusA bodyguard of Queen Flúrant of Ireland (Flurent).Saga af Tristram ok Isodd
1692Ditas of HungaryThe King of Hungary, in Claris et Laris, who was said to have been numbered among the followers of the Roman Emperor Thereus when the latter attacked ArthurClaris et Laris
1693DiwrnachAn Irishman who refused to give Arthur his cauldron for Culhwch.Human
1694DjinnA djinn is a supernatural creature in Islamic mythology. The word jinn means ‘hidden from sight’ in Persian.Djinni, Genie, Jinn, JinniThe Bridal of Triermain
1695Do de CarduelForester of Uther and father of Griflet and Lorete. Human
1696DodalisA Saxon king who participated in the Saxon invasion of northern Britain in the early days of Arthur’s reign. He was killed by Agravain at the battle of Cambenic.Vulgate Merlin
1697Dodinel le SavageA Knight of the ROund Table called the Savage. Son of Belinant and EglanteHuman, Knight of the Round Table
1698DogedA king who was killed by Culhwch’s father Cilydd. Cilydd then stole Doged’s wife for his own.Culhwch and Olwen
1699DogsheadsOpponents of Arthur in Pa Gur. possibly a tribe of ancient Celts.Group
1700DolanzieA Scottish knight in the service of lord Galehaut.La Tavola Ritonda
1701DoldaviusThe King of Gotland (Gothland) or Jutland who, along with Gunphar, the King of the Orkneys, came to pay homage to Arthur, having heard of his prowess and fearing his mightDoldanim, Doldamer, Doldan, Doldau, DolmadHistoria Regum Britanniae
1702DoldaysA count who rivaled Arthur for the affections of the Lady of the Blonde Hair.Le Chevalier du Papegau
1703DolfinA hunting dog which belonged to Ivor, the tutor of King Meriadoc of Wales.Historia Meriadoci Regis Cambrie
1704DollallollaWife of Arthur in Henry Fielding's Tragedy of Tragedies, a parody.HumanTragedy of Tragedies
1705DolphinA knight slain by Gawaine during the Roman War.Alliterative Morte Arthure
1705.5DolonA trickster who nearly catches Britomart.HumantThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
1706DombartA son of Albanact, the first king of Scotland. Dombart’s brothers were Arbrun and Embrunt.Palamedes
1707Domorot of LokvaFather of Lancelot and Hector in the Serbo-Russian Povest’o Tryschchane.Povest’ o Tryshchane
1708DônDôn is the Mother goddess, daughter of Mathonwy, sister of Math fab Mathonwy and wife of Beli.Culhwch and Olwen
1709Dona AvventuraA young knight baptized and dubbed by Lancelot and Tristan.La Tavola Ritonda
1710DonadixBrother of King Bagdemagus of Gorre.Post-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1711DonadordA heathen warrior slain by Gaheris at the battle of Diana Bridge.Arthour and Merlin
1712DonasA knight killed by Claris. Claris and Laris were helping Sir Caradoc protect his paramour from King Ladas, Sir Dona’s liege.Claris et Laris
1713DonautIn Geoffrey of Monmouth, a warrior in Arthur’s service who was the son of PapoDonand, Donander, DunwaleHistoria Regum Britanniae
1714DondinelloFather of Carduino. He was killed by poison.Human
1715DonísusThe Emperor of Saxony when Tristan served as the King of Spain.Saga af Tristram ok Isodd
1716DonobertIn the Elizabethan play The Birth of Merlin, a nobleman at Aurelius Ambrosius’s court.The Birth of Merlin, or the Childe Hath Found His Father
1717DoodleIn Henry Fielding’s parody The Tragedy of Tragedies, one of Arthur’s several courtiersTom Thumb and The Tragedy of Tragedies
1718DoormIn Tennyson, a lord whose lands Geraint and Enide entered during their journeyIdylls of the King
1719DorathFather of Ruawn Pebyr.Culhwch and Olwen
1720DorchinA vassal of the King with a Hundred Knights.DerquinFourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1721DorilasA Saxon warrior who participated in the Saxon invasion of Britain at the beginning of Arthur’s reign. He was slain by Arthur’s Gornain Cadrus (Gorvain Cadrut) at the battle of Carhaix.Darrilas, Dodalis, DodalusVulgate Merlin
1722DorinSon of Claudas. Killed in a fight with Lionel and Bors.Human
1723DormadatOne of seven brothers, including Ayaò and Albaò, who usurped the throne of Tristan the Stranger, ruler of Jakobsland.Saga af Tristram ok Isodd
1724DornarSon of King Pellinore and a Knight of the Round Table.Human, Knight of the Round Table
1725DouglasA Knight of the Round Table, badly wounded by Gawaine in a tournament between the Round Table and the Queen’s Knights.Vulgate Merlin
1726DraganA Knight of the Round Table from Scotland who fell in love with Isolde while staying with Tristan and Isolde at Joyous Guard.DagariusPost-Vulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1727DragonThe usual form of dragon that appears in Celtic legend is that represented on the modern Welsh flag, a scaly lizard-like animal, with wings, that can breath fireAdrian, Brian, Dornar, Doryan, Drians, Driant, Durnor, Durnore, Tryan
1728Dragonel the CruelA malevolent knight who abducted the lady Rohais from the knight Arguisiaus of Carhaix, wounding Arguisiaus in the process.DragoniausFourth Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval
1729DremA warrior of Arthur’s court who was the son of Dremidydd.SightCulhwch and Olwen
1730DremidyddFather of Arthur’s warrior Drem.SighterCulhwch and Olwen
1731DriadamA cousin of Erec who was slain by Mordred, prompting a feud between Erec and Mordred.Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
1732DrianKnight of the Round Table. Son of Pellinore (apparently his third in wedlock), brother of Perceval, Lamorat, Aglovale, Alain, and Tor le Fise AriesAdrian, Brian, Dornar, Doryan, Drians, Driant, Durnor, Durnore, TryanPost-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
1733Drian the GayA knight from the Wild Forest or Perilous Forest who helped fight the Saxons and the rebellious kings in the early days of Arthur’s reign.‘the Merry, ‘the Gay’Vulgate Lancelot
1734Driant of the IsleSon fo King Pellinore. A Knight of the Rount Table who Gawain killed.Human, Knight of the Round Table
1735Dristan, DrustanThe story of Tristram/Tristan and Isolde has its own vast, rich body of material, and the Tristram cycle often seems independent of, though coexistent with, the Arthurian cycleDrust, Drustan of Lyonesse, Drustanus, Drystan, Thisterum, Thistronn, Thristrum, Tistram, Tristan, Tristano, Tristanos, Tristem, Tristrant, Tristrem, Tristen, Tristenz, Tristeram, Tristum, Tryschchane, Trystan
1736DriusAn Arthurian knightLes Merveilles de Rigomer
1737DromésAn Arthurian knight in the romance of YderYder
1738Dros d’AvsApproaching Tintagel, Gawaine sees a party of knights crossing the heath, followed by a squire bringing a Spanish horseDroes d’Aves
1739Druas the CruelLord of the Hill of WretchesDrouart, Druart, li Fel Druas, li Felon Druas, DurasVulgate Lancelot
1740Drudwas ab TryffinSon of King Tryffin of Denmark. Fought against Arthur.Human
1741DrudwynA hound that belonged to Greid.Culhwch and Olwen
1742Druid(s)The name given to the common priesthood of the Celtic peoples, although Druids were much more than simple priests – they were also teachers, seers, poets, judges, doctors, diviners and magicians.
1743DruidanA dwarf to whome Gawain gave his mistress Ydain who had tried to leave him.Human
1744DruisA priest and philosopher who counseled Arthur.Arthur, Monarch of the Britons, a Tragedy
1745DruliasFather of the dwarf Druidain.La Vengeance Raguidel
1746Drulios of the HamletOne of Arthur’s knights who fought in a tournament against the warriors of King Ban and King BorsDrukinsVulgate Merlin
1747DrustA eighth-century Pictish king whose father was called Tallorc. He may be the origin of Tristan, as in Welsh legend, Tristan’s father is called “Tallwrch”.
1748DrustanusThe man commemorated by the Tristan Stone near the Castle Dore in Cornwall.
1749Drustwrn HayarnDrustwrn Hayarn is listed as a court member in Culhwch
1750DrwgDaughter of Arthur’s warrior Bwlch.BadCulhwch and Olwen
1751DrwgddyddwgThe horse belonging to Arthur’s warrior Cyfwlch in CulhwchEvil BringerCulhwch and Olwen
1752Drwst Iron FistOne of King Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend.Culhwch and Olwen
1753DrychSon of CibddarCulhwch and Olwen
1754DrynogThe owner of a cauldron, known as Pair Drynog, that numbered among the Thirteen Treasures of Britain and was said to boil no meat save that of a brave manCulhwch and Olwen
1755DryonA warrior. Son of Nut, brother of Yder the son of Nut, Owain and Gwynn.
1756DuA horse belonging to Moro Battle Leader.BlackCulhwch and Olwen
1757DuachSon of Gwawrddur Hunchback, and brother of Brathach, Nerthach, and the lady Gwenwledyr.BlackCulhwch and Olwen
1758DubricA Welsh saint who lived in the late sixth and early seventh centuries. He was the bishop and possibly also the abbot of Caldey.Annales Cambriae
1759DubriciusA Celtic saint who died about the year 550 CE. Archbishop of Caerleon.Human
1760DuessaAntagonist of the Faerie Queen,FaerieThe Faerie QueenLearn More
1761DugumFather of Arthur’s opponent Mil the BlackCulhwch and Olwen
1763Duke and Duchess de La RowseWhen Gareth slipped away after the tournament at his love’s Castle Dangerous, he came on a stormy night to another castle, where he identified himself as one of Arthur’s knights and asked for lodgingDuke de La RouseLe Morte Darthur
1764Duke of AvarlanFather of Baudon, known as the Red Knight.
1765Duke of CambeninePatron of the monastery Bienfait.
1766Duke of ClaranceDuke Chaleins of Clarance gets a little more mention in Malory than Duke Eustace of Cambenet (Escant), generally turning up at tournaments.Clarence
1767Duke of CloucesterThe Duke of Cloucester was in fact Lucan the Butler, son of Duke Corneus.
1768Duke of DutchmenA leader of a battalion of soldiers in the Duke of Lorraine’s brigade, fighting for the Roman army in Arthur’s war with RomeLe Morte Darthur
1769Duke of GoreA traitor whom Lancelot pursued and killed after the battle of Winchester.Conte de Gorre, Due de Gor
1770Duke of HuiscamThe Duke of Huiscam is named as Enide’s father in the Prose TristanProse Tristan
1771Duke of PolandAccording to the Norse Tristrams Saga, Tristan, during one of his banishments from Mark’s court, served the Duke of Poland
1772Duke of Rocky CragIn the Vulgate Merlin, the Duke of the Rocky Crag allied with Arthur and pledged support to Arthur’s war against the Saxons.
1773Duke of SaxonyOriginally, the Emperor of Germany betrothed his daughter Fenice to the Duke of Saxony
1774Duke of the South MarchesThis duke had at least thirteen sons. Gawaine slew seven, for which cause the duke and his remaining six sons were Arthur’s sworn enemies
1775Duke of the SwordpointA nobleman who owned property near Camelot.Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin
1776Duke of the White FortressCousin of King Lancelot de la Blance Terre. The duke was married to King Lancelot’s mistress
1777Duke of the White ThornA nobleman present at a tournament in Claris et Laris.Claris et Laris
1778DulceflurA princess of Trefferin and Karedonas whose father, King Gediens, was slain by the heathen King Verangoz of Sorboreste.Meleranz
1779DulcemarFather of Arthur’s Sir Tandareis. He ruled Tandernas and was married to Queen Anticoni (Antikonie)Tandareis and Flordibel
1780DumfriesTristan considered seeking harbor with the King of Dumfries when he was faced with imminent banishment from King Mark’s court.Tristan
1781DumnoniiAn ancient Celtic tribe that probably gave their name to the large kingdom of Dumnonia. They were possibly related to the Irish Fir Dhomhnann (one of three early Celtic peoples)
1782Dun CowA beast slain by Guy of Warwick.
1783Dun StallionA horse of Arthur’s said to haunt the County Durham village of Castle Eden.
1784DunartDunart brenhin y Gogled (“Dunart king of the North”), is mentioned in the annuals of Nennius.
1785DunewallA Welsh nobleman.Historia Meriadoci Regis Cambrie
1786Dunwallo MolmutiusAn early king of Britain (c. fifth century BC) in Geoffrey of MonmouthDenewold, Dunvallo, Dyfnwal Moelmud, Dyvynwal MoelHistoria Regum Britanniae
1787DurarlsA heathen warrior slain by Gawaine at the battle of Diana Bridge.Arthour and Merlin
1788DurianA priest who Arthur promoted to the Archbishop of Winton.Historia Regum Britanniae
1789DurkanA wicked giant. Durkan and his brothers, Margan and Ulian, served Lord Karedoz of MalmontanDarkion, DurkionTandareis and Flordibel
1790DurmartHero of the French romance Durmart le Gallois. He was the son of King Jozefent of Wales and Denmark and Queen AndeliseDurmart le Gallois
1791DurnureOne of Three Sons of King Pellinore, one of the original 32 Knights of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round TableSir Durnure
1792DusiusThe Celtic name for an incubus, a demon believed to have intercourse with sleeping women, who thereby conceive demonic children
1793DuzabelA princess from Turtus, kidnapped and held for ransom by a giantess named Fidegart. Garel von dem blühenden Tal
1794Dwarf of the CartLancelot had ridden two horses to death pursuing Meliagrant, Guenevere, and Kay, when he caught up with a cart and asked the dwarf driving it if he had seen the Queen.Charete de la Nain
1795Dwarf with a WhipAs Lancelot, during his adventures in Gore, led a rescue party to the Water Bridge in search of Gawaine, they were met by a dwarf riding a great hunting horse and carrying a whip to control it
1796DwnnOne of Arthur’s warriors in Welsh legend. He is known as “the Vigorous Chief”.BrownCulhwch and Olwen
1797Dwnn Diessic UnbennOne of Arthur’s warriors in the Welsh legend of CulhwchDwnn Tenacious ChieftainCulhwch and Olwen
1798DyabiausDables, Dinabeaus, Drabiax, Drabriax, Dyabel, Orabiax, OyabelVulgate Queste del Saint Graal
1799DyagenneA lady loved by Uther Pendragon, although she was married to knight named Argon.Prose Tristan
1800DyaneThe Queen of Sicily.
1801DyfgyglwngOne of Arthur’s warriors.Culhwch and Olwen
1802DyfnwalOne of Arthur’s warriorsCulhwch and Olwen
1803DyfrigA Welsh saint who lived in the late sixth and early seventh centuries. He was the bishop and possibly also the abbot of Caldey. Annales Cambriae
1804DyfynarthOne of Arthur’s warriors who was the son of Gwrgwst Half Naked. Dyfynarth was called ‘King of the NorthDunarth, DyvynarthCulhwch and Olwen
1805DyfyrAn Arthurian warrior who was the son of Alun of Dyfed.DyvyrBreudwyt Rhonabwy
1806Dyfyr Golden HairOne of the “three splendid maidens of Arthur’s court”, according to a Welsh TriadTriads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1807DygyflwngA warrior and King Arthur’s attendant in Culhwch.Culhwch and Olwen
1808DygynnelwOwain’s bard, according to a Welsh Triad.Triads of the Island of Britain (Welsh ”Triads”)
1809Dylan eil TonThe first baby to be born to Arianrhod as she undertook the rite to attest her virginity after she had been put up for a maiden’s post at the court of Math fab Mathonwy.‘Dylan Son of the Wave’
1810DynauntA Cornish knight who was attacked by the giant Taulurd, but was rescued by an insane, naked Tristan.DinantLe Morte Darthur
1811DyoglisThe seneschal of King Maglory the SaxonDioglusVulgate Merlin
1812DyonasFather of VivianneHumanVulgate
1813DyonisBrother of Alibel, Dion, and Casibilant, and nephew of Duke CallesDiones, Dionis, Dyounes, YdonesVulgate Lancelot
1814DyoniseA lady who ruled the Castle of Ten Maidens with her lover, Sir Geogenant.Durmart le Gallois
1815DysgyfdawdThe father of Gall
1816DywellBrother of Gereint.Human
1817Eagle of Gwernabwy
1819Earl of Angen
1820Earl of Bath
1821Earl of Boulogne
1822Earl of Caichester
1823Earl of Cambenic
1824Earl of Canterbury
1825Earl of Dorset
1826Earl of Eastern Britain
1827Earl of Flandrisborg
1828Earl of Guiltshire
1829Earl of Hereford
1830Earl of Kent
1831Earl of Leicester
1832Earl of Niwl
1833Earl of Oxford
1834Earl of Pardiak
1835Earl of Pase
1836Earl of Salisbury
1837Earl of Silchester
1838Earl of Spain
1839Earl of Surluse
1840Earl of the Laundes
1841Earl of the Plains
1842Earl of Tréguier
1843Earl of Vale
1844Earl of Vera
1845Earl of Warwick
1846Earl of Winchester
1847Earl of Windsor
1848Eastland, Queen of
1852EbracusFounder of the Castle of Mount Agned, later the Castle of Maidens.Human
1855Echel Morddwyd Twll
1857EctorRaises Arthur according to Merlin's command, father to Sir KayHuman, Knight of the Round TableHector, Antor, EctoriusLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
1858Ector de Maris
1859Eda Elyn MawrArthur's killer, according to British Museum Harleian MS 4181Human
1860Eda Great-Knee
1865Edern ap NuddBrother of Gwyn ap Nudd, rival to Erec/Geraint, originally a hostile figure, later a member of Arthur's retinueHumanEdern, son of Nudd, Yder, Yver, Isdernus, Knight of the SparrowhawkCulhwch and Olwen, c. 1100
1866Edisson of Lanzesardin
1868Edlym Red Sword
1872EdorAncestor of LotHuman
1873Edward of Carnarvon
1874Edward of Orkney
1875Edward of the Red Castle
1878Efflam, SaintA Saint who fought a dragon with Arthur.Human
1880EfrawgFather of Perceval in Peredur.HumanMabinogion
1881EfrddfTwin sister to Urien of Rheged.Human
1886EglanteMother of Dodinel the Savage.Human
1887Egyptian Maid
1891Eiddilig the Dwarf
1893Eiddon Fawrfrydig
1894Eiddyl the Tall
1899Eiryawn Penlloran
1902Ekuba of Janfuse
1903Ekunaver of Kanadic
1906Elain of the Red Castle
1908Elaine of AstolatDaughter of Bernard of Astolat, classic Arthurian figure of unrequited loveHumanElaine the White, Elaine the Fair, The Lady of ShalottLe Morte d'Arthur, 1470
1909Elaine of BenoicWife of King Ban and mother to Lancelot, Evaine's sisterHumanLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
1910Elaine of Benwick
1911Elaine of Carbonek
1912Elaine of CorbenicDaughter of the Fisher King, mother of Galahad by LancelotHumanAmite, Helaine, HelizabelPerceval, the Story of the Grail c. 1181
1913Elaine of GarlotDaughter of Gorlois and Igraine, sister to Morgan le Fay and Morgause and a half-sister to King Arthur, wife to King Nentres.Human
1914Elaine of ListenoiseDaughter of King Pellinore, lover of Sir Miles of the LaundesHuman
1915Elaine of Tintagil
1916Elaine Sans Per
1917Elaine the PeerlessNiece of the Lord of the Fens and wife of Persides the Red of the Castle of GazevilteHuman
1921Eldad of Britain
1922Eldad of Gloucester
1923Eldol of Britain
1924Eldol of Gloucester
1931Elemmie of Holmtaror
1934ElergiaA witch who imprisoned Arthur, who was eventually rescued by TristanFaerieTavola ritonda
1947Eli Thracmyr
1949EliabellaTristan's mother in Italian romances.Human
1952Eliadus of Sicily
1953Elian of Montforz
1956EliavresA knight with mystical powers. He loved the wife of King Caradoc.Human
1957EliazarSon of Pelles and uncle of Galahad.Human
1960Elidir Stout and Fair
1961Eliduc of Britain
1962Elidur of Britain
1963Elidus of IrelandA king of Ireland.Human
1964Elidyr Gyvarwydd
1968Elies of Landuz
1969EliezerSon of EvelakeHuman
1970Eliezier the Strong
1972Elifri Rich in Arms
1974Elimar of Argentin
1975Elimar of Averre
1977Elin the Fair of Graie
1979Elinan of the Isles
1980Elinant of Escavalon
1983ElisArthur's cousin.Human
1984Elis la Noire
1985Elis of Climon
1987ElissaThe older sister in book 2 of the Faerie Queene.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
1988Eliud of Britain
1989ElivriArthu'rs head groom.Human
1990EliwlodNephew to Arthur, son of Madoc, Uther Pendragon's sonHumanWelsh Triads
1991ElizabethWife of Meliodas. Mother of Tristan.Human
1992Elizabeth of Lyonesse
1993Ellain the Brown
1994EllenDaughter of Arthur in the Scots ballad of Childe Rowland.HumanChilde Rowland
1998ElphinSon of Gwyddno Garanhir. Rescued Taliesin and was rescued in turn.Human
1999ElsaDaughter of Duke Brabant.Human
2007Elyan the WhiteSon of Sir Bors and Claire, King Brandegoris' daughter, helps Lancelot rescue Guinevere and goes into exile with himHuman(French: Helyan le Blanc)
2008Elyas Anaïs
2011Elynard the Redoubted
2013ElyzabelCousin of Guinevere. Imprisoned by Claudas and freed by Arthur.Human
2022EmmelineA blind girl, daughter of Duke Conon of Cornwall.HumanDryden's King Arthur
2023Emperor of Germany
2024Emperor of Rome. [More]
2027Enchanter Knights
2030Endelienta, SaintA saint who was killed by the Lord of Trenteny. Arthur, her godfather, avenged her.Human
2031Endelit of Lundis
2032EneuavcDaughter of BediverHuman
2034Enfael Adrann
2037EngresA king, brother of Iseult in Icelandic Saga of TristramHumanSaga of Tristram
2039EnideErec's wifeHumanEnid, TarsenesydeErec and Enide, c. 1170
2040Enide’s Cousin
2041Enide’s Dappled Palfrey
2042Enide’s Sorrel Palfrey
2048EnygeusSister of Joseph of Arimathea, wife of Brons and mother of Alan.Human
2049EopaA Saxon who poisoned Ambrosius Aurelius. Later fell to Uther.Human, Saxon
2053EpinogresSon of King of Umberland, and brother unto Enchantress Vivien, one of the original 32 Knights of the Round TableHumanSir Epinogres
2056ErbinEither father or son of Gereint.Human
2059ErecSon of King Lac and a Knight of the Round TableHumanGeraintUnclear; first literary appearance as Erec in Erec and Enide, c. 1170
2064EriesSon of Lot who became a knight. Possibly the same as GaherisHuman
2066ErlanAncestor of LotHuman
2068ErmaleusGawain's cousin in BeaudousHumanBeaudous
2069ErmidBrother of Gereint.Human
2076Erwm the Tall
2079Escanor Le Beau
2080Escanor Le Grand
2081Escanor the HandsomeKing of the White Mountain and nephew of Escanor the large, Gawain defeated him in combat after Escanor tried to abduct Sir Girflct.HumanGirart
2082Escanor the LargeSon of a giant and a witch, brother of Alienor, and uncle of Escanor the Handsome, he shared Gawain’s power by which his strength waxed and waned with the sun.HumanAtre, Girart
2085Escarant the Poor
2087EsclaborFather of Palamedes, Safir, and SegwaridesHuman
2088Esclabor the Unknown
2090EscladosDefended a magical fountain in the Forest of Broceliande, married to LaudineHumanYvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
2091Esclados the Red
2093Esclamor of the Red City
2095Esclanor the Black
2096EsclarimondeA fairy lover of Escanor Le Beau and Brian des IllesFaerie
2097EsclarmondeWife of Huon, a faerie.Human
2098EscolA follower of Arthur. Father was King of Aelens of IcelandHuman
2099EscorducarlaLady of Vallone, who planned to imprison MerlinHuman
2101Escuier de Guinas
2102Escuier de Perse
2103Escuier with the Sword
2104Esealt the Tall
2105Eskilabon the Wild
2107Esmeree the Blonde
2115Essyllt Vingul
2116Essyllt Vinwen
2118Este, House of
2120EstonneLord of the Scottish Wilderness, father fo Passaleon.Human
2121EstorausePagan king of Sarras, who imprisoned Galahad, Perceval and BBors.Human
2123Estoriax li Poures
2124Estorm of Rivello
2125Estorri of Sobolis
2126Estout l’Orgillus
2135Ethiocles de Tebes
2136Etlym Gleddyv Coch
2137EttardLoved by Pelleas but did not share his feelings until Nimue bewitched her.Human
2140EugeniusKing of Scotland, ally of Mordred.Human
2148EustaceDuke of Cambenet who took part in the rebellion against Arthur.Human
2150EvadeamTransformed into a dwarf by magic. Later became a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
2151EvaineWife of Bors the Elder, mother of Bors the Younger and Lionel, sister of Elaine of Benoic, aunt of LancelotHumanLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
2154Evander of Syria
2155EvdafSon of Kradoc and father of Kynan. Uncle of Conan Meriadoc.HumanEudafBonedd yr arwr
2156EvelakeKing born in France who became King of Sarras, eventually helped by Joseph of Arimathea to fight against Tholomer.Human
2157Evening Star
2159Evieran of Ganaor
2160EvrainA wizard who changed Blonde Esmeree into a snake.Human
2161Evrain of Brandigant
2162Evrain the Cruel
2165Eyrin the Splendid
2167Faerie Knight, TheIllegitimate son of Tom a'Lincoln and Caelia, the Faerie Queen, half brother to the Black KnightHumanTom a Lincoln part 1, 1599
2168Fair Maid of Astolat
2169Fair Princes
2170Fair Unknown
2171Fairy King
2172Fairy Knight
2173Fairy Queen
2174Falconardo the Ready
2177Faloise li Rous
2181False Guenevere, The
2183Faram the Black
2184Faramon and his Daughter
2187Farjelastis of Africa
2189Fata Morgana
2191Faukain of Mount Esperant
2193Fautusa son of VortigernHuman
2199Februe the Brown
2201Febus of France
2203Federion the Red
2204Federon the Red
2207FeirefizHalf-brother to Percival and King Arthur's nephewHumanParzival, early 13th century
2208Feirefiz of India
2214FelixGrandfather of Tristan, father of Meliodas and Mark in Tristano Riccardiano. Their brother in law in Malory.Human
2215Felix of Cornwall
2217Felon of Albarua
2218Felon of the Guard
2219Felot of Langduk
2220Felot of Listenois
2222Femme, La
2223Femmes, Les Deux
2224FeniceWife of Alis, emperor of Constantinople in the Cliges story.Human
2229FergusA ploughboy who wanted to be a knight. Eventually marries Galiene, the Lady of Lothian and becomes a Knight of the Round Table.Human, Knight of the Round Table
2230Fergus de la Forest Salvage
2231Fergus of Cornwall
2236Ferolin of Salonica
2238Ferragunze the CourtlyA knight who claimed to never get jealous, a glaim that was put to the test and turned out to be true.Human
2244Ferryman (Faerie Queene)He takes Sir Guyon and the Palmer to the Bower of Bliss.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
2245Ferryman of Canguin
2246Feures of Ramide
2250Fflewdwr Fflam Wledic
2251FfrwdwrAn ancestor of Arthur through his mother. According to Bonedd yr arwr.Human
2255FideliaDaughter of Caelia. Her name means FaithHumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
2257Fiers of Arramis
2258Filg de l’Homme Riche
2259Filimenis of Constantinople
2262Filones of Hiberborticon
2264Finc of Seminis
2266Finoés of the Mountain
2267First Conquered King
2268Firus Bahandin
2270Fisher King, TheGuardian of the Holy Grail, Father of Elaine of CorbenicHumanThe Wounded King, Pelles, Pelias, AmfortasPerceval, the Story of the Grail, c. 1181
2271Fisher King’s Father
2272Fisher King’s Niece
2273Fisher King’s Oarsman
2274Five Kings
2277Flandrin li Brez
2282Flor de Lis
2283Flor de Mont
2284Flor Desiree
2286Florant of Itolac
2290Florée of Escavalon
2292FlorenceA son of Gawain who was killed by Lancelot when he was part of the group that discovered Lancelot and Guenevere together.Human
2293Florent of France
2297FloreteWife of Florian and daughter of the Emperor of ConstantinopleHuman
2299FloriantHero of the romance Floriant et Florete. Son of Elyadus, King of Sicily. A member of Arthur's court.Human
2301Floridas of the Narrow Borderlands
2302FlorieTwo individuals, one who was the niece of King Joram, the other Queen of Kanadic.Human
2303Florie of Kanadic
2304Florie of Lunel
2306FlorimellA chaste woman who runs away from all men.HumanThe Faerie QueenLearn More
2309Florine of France
2311FlorisdelfaAn enchantress who learned from Merlin. Eventually killed herself on beholding the beauty of Iseult.Human
2312Flower of Lyonesse
2313Flualis li Sarasin
2315Flurent of IrelandMother of Iseult in the Icelandic version of the myth in Saga of Tristan.Human
2317Flying Horse
2322Fool, The
2323Ford, Knight and Damsel of the
2325Forester (Faerie Queene)An unlawful man seeking after Florimell.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
2328Formidable Knight
2329Formis of Arms
2330Fortimes of the Crimson Heath
2331FortuneArthur had a vision of Fortune spinning her wheel that fortold his fall in Morte Arthure.Faerie
2334Foul Heathen
2335Foul Ladye, The
2341FraudubioA man who was turned into a tree.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
2342Frederick de Telramund
2343Frederick of Friesland
2346Friam of Vermendoys
2347Frians of Ponterteis
2349FrimutelIn Wolfram, the father of Amfortas, the Grail King.Human
2350Frion of Dessemoume
2351FrisiansA Germanic people. In Alliterative Morte Arthure, King Frederick of Friesland was an ally of Mordred.Group
2354FrocinA dwarf that let everyone know that Mark had horses ears.Human
2355Frol of the Out Isles
2356Frollo of AlemaigneA Roman tribue in Gaul for the Emperor Leo. Defeated by Arthur in battle. Human, Roman
2359FulgentiusEarly King of Britain according to Geoffrey. An ancestor of Lot.Human
2361FurorA madman in book 2 of The Faerie Queene.FaerieThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
2362GabanMade a sword in the age of Christ, later wielded by Gawain.Human
2363Gabarins of Assigarzionte
2367GaddieferKing of Scotland during the time of Alexander the Great.Human
2370Gadras the Black
2372Gaffar Thumb
2375GaherisSon of King Lot and Morgause, brother to Gawain, Agravaine, and Gareth, and half-brother to MordredHuman
2376Gaheris de Kareheu
2377Gahillet of Hochtruasch
2378GahmuretFather of Perceval in Wolfram. Travelled to the Orient.Human
2380Gaidon de Galvoie
2382Gailain of Cornwall
2384Gais Ganlantis
2385Gais the Large
2387Gaius Metellus Cotta
2388Gaius Quintillianus
2389Gal of Galefroi
2391Galades of Canelle
2393Galafré – A king.
2394Galafré – A warrior.
2395GalagandreizMaternal grandfather of Lancelot. Also a name of one of Arthur's knights.Human, Knight of the Round Table
2397GalahadIllegitimate son of Sir Lancelot and Elaine of CorbenicHumanLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
2400Galain of Ronnes
2403Galangelle of Klumester
2412Galegantins of Walsh
2414GalehaultFormer enemy of Arthur who becomes close friends with LancelotHumanGalehalt, GalehautLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
2415Galehaut the Brown
2420GalentivetBrother of Griflet, involved in an attack on Escanor.Human
2422Galerian of the White Tower
2423GaleronA Scottish knight of Galway (Galloway). His lands were confiscated by Arthur, but he would eventually become a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
2424Gales Li CausFather of Perceval and a Knight of the Round Table according to Gerbert.Human, Knight of the Round Table
2425Gales the Bald
2426Gales the Gay
2428GaleschinSon of Elaine of Garlot and King Nentres, nephew of ArthurHumanGaleshinVulgate Cycle
2434GalianSon of Owain in Gallians tatturHuman
2436Galien – A knight.
2437Galien – A knight.
2438Galien – Enemy of King Label.
2439Galien – Son of Brien of the Gastine.
2441GalieneThe Lady of Lothian, who married Fergus.Human
2442GalihodinA cousing of Galehaut, a Knight of the Round Table. Allied with Lancelot when he fled the court.Human, Knight of the Round Table
2443Galinan the Black
2446Gallcoyt Govynynat
2448Galleron of Galway
2452Galligar the Red
2455Galloway, King of
2458Galobrus of the Red Glade
2460Galoes – Knight of the Round Table.
2461Galoes – Perceval’s uncle.
2462Galogandres of Gippones
2466Galot of Yberge
2469GalvariunA knight of Arthur who was depicted on the Moderna Archivolt (the underside of an arch in the Moderna Cathedral).Human, Knight of the Round Table
2470Galvoie, Lady of
2475Gameranz le Pelu
2477Gamur the Saracen
2480Gandaz the Black
2483GandinGrandfather to Perceval in Wolfram.Human
2484Gandin of the Mountain
2487Ganelon – A baron.
2488Ganelon – A servant.
2489Gangier of Neranden
2490GaniedaTwin sister of Merlin in Vita Merlini. Also called Gwendydd.Human
2494Ganor d’Escoce
2495Gansguoter of Micholde
2497Gantitiers of Jastuns
2498Gar of the Mountain
2500GaranwynSon of Kay, according to Welsh tradition.Human
2502GarcelosAncestor of Arthur through his mother. According to Welsh writer Gruffudd Hiraethog.Human
2504GarelA knight of Arthur who conquered the dissident kingdom of Kanedic.Human, Knight of the Round Table
2505Garel of Mimidon
2507Garengaus the Strong
2508GarethAlso a son of Lot and Morgause, in love with LyonesseHumanBeaumains
2509Gareth’s Dwarf
2512GargantuaA giant, the son of Grandgousier. Served Arthur and also had an encounter with Tom Thumb.Giant
2515Garin – A knight.
2516Garin – A squire.
2517Garin – A vavasour.
2520Gariosso of Maganza
2521Garis of Lambale
2523GarlonAn evil knight, brother to King Pellam. Killed by Balin.Human
2526Garnysh of the Mount
2528Garras of Cork
2529Garravain of Estrangot
2537GarwenOne of Arthur's three mistresses, according to Triad 57. Human
2539Garwy Hir
2545GasozeinFalsely claimed Guinevere was his wife in Diu Crone.Human
2550Gatutain Batewain
2552Gaudin of the White Shield
2553Gaudin the Brown of the Mountain
2555Gaudins de Val Esfroi
2558GaurielA warrior in a German romance who captured three of Arthur's knights for his wife.Human
2562GawainAnother son of Lot and Morgause, father of GingalainHuman(Latin: Walwanus), (Welsh: Gwalchmai), (Irish: Balbhuaidh)Culhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
2563Gawain the Brown
2564Gawain the Hermit
2566Gawaine’s Wife
2567Gawanides the Strong
2569Gay Gallant
2575Geldras of Duneile
2577Geneir GwystylOne of King Arthur's knights in the Welsh Arthurian legend[1]Human
2579Gener of Kartis
2584GenvissaDaughter of the Roman Emperor Claudius, according to Geoffrey.Human, Roman
2588GeraintEnid's loverHuman
2590Gerard le Breuse
2591Gereinyawn the Old
2592Geremie of Hungary
2593Geremie of India
2594GerentonAn ancestor of Arthur and father of Conan.Human
2595Geres the Little
2597Gerhart of Riviers
2599Germanus of Auxerre
2600Germany, Emperor of
2602Gernemant of Northumberland
2604GerontiusA Roman leader who overthrew Constantine III in Britain.Human, Roman
2605Gerontius of Britain
2607Gervais the Slender
2608Geryne le Gross
2609Geun of Turie
2613Giant of Mont Saint Michel
2614Giant of the Black Lowe
2615Giant Without a Name
2619GilanDuke of Swales, and the original owner of the dog Petitcrieu which he later gave to Tristan.Human
2620GilaneierThe name of Arthur's queen in Jaufre.HumanJaufre
2622Gilbert the Bastard
2623Gildas JuniorAnother name for Tremeur, the son of Trephina.Human
2624Gildas, SaintA prominent historical writer to be the first to write about the Battle of Mt. Badon, and the only contemporary source of the battle.Human
2633Gille Callaet
2635Gilloman of Ireland
2636GillomaniusA King of Ireland who aided Paschent in invading Britain.Human
2637GilmauriusA King of Ireland who was defeated by Arthur.Human
2643GingalainGawain's and Blanchemal's sonHumanGuinglain, Gingalin, Gliglois, Wigalois, Le Bel Inconnu
2649Girt Dog of Langport
2650GismiranteA knight of Arthur who ran off with a king's daughter.Human, Knight of the Round Table
2656Glade, Proud Knight of the
2659Glador Eslis
2660Gladovainz of Havernuec
2664Glastonbury, Abbot of
2665GlauceThe nurse and squire of Britomart.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
2672GlewlwydA porter in Culhwch and Olwen and Pa gur.Human
2675GligloisGawain's squire, son of a German noble.Human
2678GlitenSister of Morgan le FayHuman
2680GlitoneaSister of Morgan le FayHuman
2683Gloans the Red
2686GloierThe King of SoreloisHuman
2687GlorianaThe Faerie QueenFaerieThe Faerie QueenLearn More
2688GloriandeWife of King Apollo of LionesHuman
2690Gloriatus of Babylonia
2693Gluenu eil Taran
2695GlwydynThe builder of Ehangwen, a hall used by Arthur for feasting.Human
2698GobniuAn Irish smith god who may have been the origin of the Welsh god Gwydion.Human
2702Godez d’Oltre les Marche
2707Godras the Felon
2713Gofynyon the Old
2714Gog and MagogNations that attacked Arthur but were pushed back with the help of the giant Gargantua.Group
2715Gogfran the Giant
2725Gold-Tourqued Maidens
2726Golden Ring, Youth with the
2727Golden-Tounged Knights
2728GoleuddyddArthur's aunt, wife of Kilydd and sister of Igraine. Mother of Culhwch.Human
2729Golistan the Black
2731Golistant the Strong
2733Golwg HafddyddThe maid of Iseult in Ystoria Trystan, a Welsh version of the Tristan legend.Human
2734Gomeret the Immoderate
2739GonosorA king of Ireland who was converted by Joseph of Arimathea.Human
2740Gontier of the Thorn
2741Good Knight
2742Good Knight Without Fear
2743Good Soldier
2745Goon DesertBrother to the Fisher King who was killed by Partinal.Human
2750Gorbonian of Britain
2752Gore, Duke of
2753GoreuA cousing of Arthur who rescued him from imprisonment on three ocassions.Human
2758GorloisIgraine's first husband before she married Uther Pendragon, father of Morgause and Morgan le Fay.Human(Old Welsh: Gwrlais)
2759GormantArthur's brother on his mother's side, according to Culhwch.Human
2762Gornemant of GohortPrice of Graherz and a Knight of the Round Table. He trained Perceval.Human, Knight of the Round TableErec and Enide, c. 1170
2764Gorvain Cadrut
2765GorvenalTutor and servant of Tristan.Human
2768Gosonains d’Estrangoire
2770GotegrimBrother of Guinevere who carried her off when she refused to leave Arthur.Human
2776Governal of Roberdic
2778GowtherAn Arthurian hero who embodied good and evil.Human
2779GraciaArthur's niece in Birth of ArthurHuman
2780Gracien de Trebes
2781Gracien li Blans
2782Gracien li Blois
2783Gradasso of Sansogna
2786GraeriaArthur's niece in Birth of ArthurHuman
2788Grail Family
2789Grail Hero
2790Grail Keeper
2791Grail King
2792Grail Knights
2793Grail Maiden
2796Graislemier of Fine Posterne
2799GramoflanzHusband of Itonje, a sister of Gawain.Human
2803Grandines the Cruel
2804Grandoine of the Distant Isle
2810Gratian Municeps
2811Gratian the Pale
2814Gravadain of the Strong Castle
2815Great FoolA nephew of Arthur in the Irish romance Eachtra an Amadan MorHumanEachtra an Amadan Mor
2816Great Goddess
2817Green Knight, TheA knight enchanted by Morgan le Fay in order to test GawainFaerieBercilak, Bertilak, Bernlak, Bredbeddle, PertolepeSir Gawain and the Green Knight, 1300s
2819GregoryA pope who brought Merlin's orthodoxy into question.Human
2821GreidawalFather of Gwythr.Human
2824GreloguevausFather of Perceval in the first known continuation of Chretien's Perceval.Human
2827Greoreas le Rous
2828Greoreas’ Nephew
2829Greslemuef of Finisterre
2832Greu of Alenie
2834Grey LadyA ghost that is said to haunt Moel Arthur in Llanwrst Clwyd.Human
2835Grey-Hammed Lady
2838Griffin of Wales
2840GriffithA king of Wales who took the throne through Murder, but was replaced by the true heir, Meriadoc.Human
2841Griffon del Malx Pas
2843GrifletThe son of Do (or Don), cousin to Sir Lucan and Sir BedivereHumanGirflet, Jaufre
2848GrimalThe illegitimate son of Evelake.Human
2852Gringalas the Strong
2855GrisandoleA woman who introduced Merlin to the court of Julius Caesar, and eventually married the latter.Human
2862Groing Poire Mele
2863GromerA knight who resembled a Turk by magic. Accompanied Gawain on some adventures in the Isle of Mann.Human, Knight of the Round Table
2864Gromer Somer Joure
2865GronosisSon of KayHuman
2866Gronw Bebyr
2868Grudlwyn Gorr
2869Grugyn Silver Bristle
2870Grummore Grummursum
2871Grus the Wrathful
2878Guard, Knights of the
2879Guares the Black
2881Guelguezins of Hohe Bois
2883GuendoloenaWife of Merlin in Vita MerliniHumanVita Merlini
2885Guenevere’s Mother
2886GuengasoainKilled by Yder and Gawain to avenge Raguidel.Human
2887GuenloieWife of YderHuman
2894Guerin of Chartres
2895Gues of Strauz
2898Gui of Carmelide
2901GuideriusKing of Britain who was killed during the Claudian invasion, according to Geoffrey.Human
2905GuigenorA grand-niece of Arthur. Human
2906GuignierWife of Caradoc Briefbras, who was a chaste and faithful wife.Human
2914GuinalotOffspring of Eliavres and a bitch.Human
2915Guinan the Pale
2918Guinas li Blois
2919Guinas of Blakestan
2925GuinebautBrother of Ban and the elder Bors. A wizard.Human
2928GuinevakGuinevere's half-sisterHumanGwenhwyvachCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
2929Guinevere, QueenWife to King Arthur, famous for her affair with LancelotHuman(Welsh: Gwenhwyfar), (Latin: Guanhumara)Culhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
2930Guinevere, the FalseGuinevere's half-sister, identical though from a different mother.Human
2931Guingan of Dolas
2932GuinganbresilHusband of Trancree, niece of ArthurHuman
2933GuinglainSon of Gawain and Ragnell who had many adventures of his own.Human
2935Guingras of Wales
2939GuiomarNephew of Arthur and cousin of Guinevere who was infatuated with Morgan.Human
2945GuiromelantAn enemy of Gawain and a lover of Gawain's sister, Glarissant. Became lord of Nottingham.Human
2946Guiron the CourteousA gentleman who appears in the anonymous Palamedes. Retired to a cave.HumanPalamedes
2949Guithelin of Britain
2951Guivret de Lambale
2952Guivret the Small
2953Guivret the Younger
2954Guiz the Puny
2956GundebaldKing of a realm called the Land From Which No One Returns.Human
2959GunpharKing of the Orkney Islands who submitted to Arthur.Human
2961GunterKing of Denmark, killed by Arthur for not paying tribute.Human
2965Gures the Younger
2967Gurguint Barbtruc
2968GurgurantA cannibal king who eventually became a Christian and changed his name to Archier.Human
2970GurmunA King of Ireland and father of Iseult. Human
2972GurzgiOne of the three sons of Gornemant de Goort.Human
2976Guy of Warwick
2977Guy the Seeker
2979GuyomardA lover of Morgan le Fay who betrayed her.Human
2980GuyonKnight of TemperanceHumanThe Faerie QueenLearn More
2981Gwadyn Odyeith
2982Gwadyn Ossol
2985Gwaethef Oll
2989GwalhafedSon of Gwyar and brother of Gwalchmai (Gawain). Possibly an original Galahad.Human
2991Gwarae Golden Hair
2992GwarthegyddSon of Caw and counsellor of Arthur.Human
2995GwawlDaughter of Coel and possibly the wife of Cunedda.Human
2996Gwawl fab Clud
2998Gwawrddur Kyruach
3001GweirSon of Gwestyl, described as a knight and an adviser of Arthur.Human, Knight of the Round Table
3002Gweir Dathar Wenîdawc
3003Gweir Falsevalour
3004Gweir Great Valor
3005Gweir Gwrhyd EnnwirA maternal uncle of Arthur in Culhwch and Olwen.Human
3006Gweir Paladyr HirA maternal uncle of Arthur in Culhwch and Olwen.Human
3007GwenArthur's maternal grandmother, the daughter of Cunedda.Human
3008Gwen Pendragon
3011GwenddolauMerlin's lord at the battle of Arthuret.Human
3016GwenhwyvachSister of Guinevere who was partially responsible for the Battle of Camlann.Human
3017Gwenllian Teg
3019Gwenn Alarch
3020Gwenn Lliant
3022GwenwynwynA chief fighter of Arthur's in Culhwch and Olwen.Human
3028Gwgawn Red Sword
3029Gwgon Gwron
3030Gwiawn Llygad Cath
3034Gwinam Goddwf Hir
3035GwionSon of Gwrean who was left by Ceridwen to stire her cauldron. Eventually born again as Taliesin.Human
3038Gwladys, SaintDaughter of Brychan who was abducted by Gwynllym and eventually became the mother of Saint Cadoc.Human
3039Gwlgawd of Goddodin
3040Gwlwlwyd Chestnut Hair
3041Gwlyddyn the Carpenter
3042Gwragedd Annwn
3043Gwrddnei Cat Eye
3047Gwrfan Wild Hair
3048Gwrfoddu HenA maternal uncle of Arthur in Culhwch and Olwen.Human
3050Gwrgi Gwastra
3051Gwrgi Seferi
3052Gwrgwst Half Naked
3053GwrhyrAn interpreter at Arthur's court. He could speak to animals.Human
3054Gwrhyr Fat Cattle
3055Gwrhyr Gwalstawd Ietheodd
3056Gwrhyr Gwarthegvras
3057Gwri Golden Hair
3060Gwrvan Gwallt-avwy
3061Gwrvawr.An ancestor of Arthur on his mother's side, according to Bonedd yr arwr.Human
3063GwyOriginally a Celtic god, he and his followers fought the followers of Gwythr. Also said to have fought a battle on Glastonbury Tor.Faerie
3064GwyarA parent of Gawain in Welsh tradition. Human
3065GwyddawgKiller of Kay who was, in turn, killed by Arthur, according to Welsh tradition.Human
3066Gwyddawg Gwyr
3067Gwydden Astrus
3069Gwyddno GaranhirFather of Elpin. He had a weir that could produce many fish.Human
3071GwydionA shapeshifter in the Mabinogion.Human
3072Gwydolwyn the Dwarf
3073GwydreA son of Arthur who was killed by the boar, Twrch Trwyth.Human
3074GwylOne of Arthur's three mistresses in the Tirad 57. Daughter of Gendawd.Human
3076Gwyn ap NuddOne of Arthur's knights. Brother of Edern ap Nudd, rival of Gwythyr ap Greidawl, lover of CreiddyladFaerieCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
3077Gwyn Godyfron
3078Gwyn Llogell Gwyr
3081Gwyniarte of Bloy
3082Gwynliw the Bearded
3084Gwynn ap Nudd
3085Gwynn Dun Mane
3086Gwynn Gohoyw
3087Gwynn Hên
3088Gwynn Hyfar
3090GwynnlymKing of Gwynllyg who abducted Saint Gwladys.Human
3097Gyffroun le Flowdous
3100Gylbert the Bastard
3102Gymele of Schitriele
3103GynethDaughter of Arthur by the half-fairy Gwendolen, according to Sir Walter Scott's Bridal of Triermain.Faerie
3106Hadrian | Adrian, Ludranes, Publius Aelius Hadrianus Augustus, etc.
3107Hag of Hell
3108Hags of GloucesterNine witches who lived with their mother and father. One trained Peredur.Human
3110Hairy Carl
3112Halwyn | ‘Not Full’ | Aflawn, Halwn
3113Handsome Cad
3114Handsome Coward
3115Handsome Founding
3116Handsome Prisoner
3117Handsome Young Man
3119Haram | Harans
3120Hardiant | Hardians, Hardrans, Karaans
3124Hargodabrans | Angodabranz, Argodebranz, Bardogabran, Bordogabron, Hardagabran, etc.
3126Harlon | Aban, Herlen, Laban, Laben, Labran
3127Harniel | Harmel
3128Harpe, Damoiselle á La
3129Harpeor, le
3130Harpin of the Mountain
3131Harpin the Red
3133Harry le Fise Lake | Harry le Fyse Lake
3139Haud of Schuwake
3140Haudebourc | Antebourc, Handeborc
3141Haughty Knight of the Heath
3142Haughty Knight of the Rock on the Narrow Way
3143Haughty Maid of Logres
3146Head of Annwn
3147Hebes le Renoumes | Berbes, Ebes, Habé, Hebes the Famous
3148HebronAn alternate name for Bron.Human
3151Hector de MarisHalf-brother of Lancelot, son of King Ban and the Lady de Maris, Sir Bors and Sir Lionel are his cousinsHumanEctor de Maris
3152Hector of the Fens
3153Hector the Brown
3154Hector the Noble
3157Hedor | Dor, Hector
3158Hefeydd Hên
3159Hefeydd One Cloak
3160Heglan | Egglane
3163Heilyn the Red
3165Hela | Hela of the Infernal Regions
3166Helaes de la Forest Perilleuse | Helaés of Limos, Helaes the Beautiful
3168Helain de Taningues
3169Helain the Black
3170Helain the Brown
3171Helain the Dragon
3172Helain the WhiteSon of Bors and the daughter of King Brandegoris.Human
3174Helaine the Peerless
3175Helains li Dragons
3176Helains li Gros
3177HelaiusNephew of Joseph of Arimathea and ancestor of Arthur on his mother's side.Human
3178Heldins | Heldin
3181Helena, Saint
3185HeliadesOne of the allies of Mordred.Human
3186Helians of Gomeret | Elyas, Helianz
3187Heliap | Helyap
3189Helias of Toulouse
3190HelieA damsel who served Blonde Esmeree.Human
3191Helie of Ragres
3195Helin le Blank
3196Helin the Red
3197Helior of the Thorn
3198Heliot | Elyot
3199HelisA cousin of Arthur, son of Arthur's uncle Ardan.Human
3200Helis the Pale
3201Heliz the Black | Elys
3202Helizabel | Eliabel, Elisabeth, Elizabel, Elizabeth, Euzabet, Heliabel
3203Hellawes the Sorceress
3204HellekinA fairy king in Li Jus Adan, who became Morgan's lover.Human
3204.5HellenoreThe wife of Malbecco.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
3205Helpherich of Nasseran | Helpherion
3207Helyan | ‘Helyan of Ireland’ | Helyain, Helyanz, Heruanz
3208Helyan d’Yerlande – Knight of the Round Table.
3209Helyan the Pale – Knight of the Round Table.
3211Helyas de Hardole
3213Helyes of Thoulouse
3214Helyor le Preuse
3215Helys the Red
3216HemisonA lover of Morgan le Fay who was killed by Tristan.Human
3217Hen Beddestyr
3218Hen Gedymeddeith
3219Hen Groen
3220Hen Was the Swift
3221Hên Wen
3222Hen Wyneb
3223Hendris | Hodri, Hodris, Hondris
3224Henec Suctellois
3226HengestAn Anglo-Saxon king killed by Uther Pendragon, Horsa's brotherHuman, SaxonHengistThe Ecclesiastical History of the English People, 721
3227Henin the Old
3228Henri of the Borderlands
3229Henri the Courteous
3231Henry II
3232Henry of Huntingdon
3233Henry the CourtlyThe leader of a force sent to control Jerusalem in Prophecies de Merlin.Human
3234Henwen | Hênwen, Hên Wen
3239HeriIn Tristrams Saga, he told King Mark about Tristan's affair with Iseult.Human
3241Herlan of Benoic
3242Herlan the Bearded
3243Herlews le Berbeus and his Lady | Harlews, Herlan the Bearded, Herlaus
3245Herlion | Elin li Rois, Helian, Helyois, Herlions, Herloins
3246Herman – Count of Triple.
3247Herman – Garin’s son.
3248Herman | Hermans
3251HermesentSister of Arthur through Igraine and Hoel.Human
3252Hermind | Erminide
3254Hermit de Plaisseis
3255Hermit KingEither a maternal or paternal uncle of Perceval. Also a title applied to King Pelles.Human
3256Hermit of the Hedge
3257Hermit of the Red Mountain
3258Hermoine the Hermit | Hennones, Hermoines, Hermones
3259HermondineA daughter of the King of Scotland who married Meliador.Human
3261Hernant the Young
3263Herne the Hunter | Hern
3264Hernox | Arnauld, Arnault, Ernol, Ernols, Ernous, Erveus, Hernol, Hernols, Hernoul, etc.
3265HerowdesAn emperor of Rome who consulted with Merlin.Human
3266Herselojde | Herzeloyde
3267Hertant | Errant, Herlant, Hurtant
3268Hervi de Revel | Harvy, Herneus de Revel, Hernil, Herui, Heruis, Herveu, Hervise, etc.
3269Hervy de Mai Aguet
3271Hervyse de la Forest Savage
3272Heryan the Brown
3274HerzeloydeThe mother of Perceval, according to Wolfram.Human
3277Hetwn | Hettwn Talaryant, Hetwn Silver Brow, Hetwn the Leper
3280Hew de la Montayne
3283High Mountain, Count of the
3285Hind of the Fairies
3286Hipomenes | Ypomenés
3288Hir Amreu
3289Hir Atrym
3290Hir Eiddyl
3291Hir Erwn
3292Hireglas | Herupeys, Hirelgas, Hirelglas, Hireslglas
3295Hlöovir | Hlöòver, Hlöóvir
3297HoelSon of King Budic of Brittany, father to St. TudwalHuman(Welsh: Howel, Hywel)
3298Hoel of Nauntes
3300Hoelaes – A Saxon king.
3301Hoelaés – A Saxon warrior.
3302Hojir of Mannesvelt | The Red Knight
3303Holdin | Holden, Holdyne, Howeldin
3304Holofernes | Olifeme, Oliferne, Oloferne
3306Home Salvages
3307Honolan, Count of
3308HonoriusA Roman Emperor of the west in the fifth century.Human, Roman
3309Hontzlake of Wendland | Ontzlake
3311Horn, Knight with the
3312HorsaBrother to HengestHumanThe Ecclesiastical History of the English People, 721
3314Howe | How
3315Howel | Hoel of Brittany, – Little Britain; Howell
3318Hu Gadarn
3319Huabwy | Hunabwy
3322Hubaus the Brown
3324Hue of the Red Castle | Hugh
3325Hueil mab CawA Pictish plunderer and chieftain, killed by Arthur, brother to Saint GildasHumanHuailCulhwch and Olwen, c. 1110
3326Huelins of Bedigan | Huelins de Bedingan
3328Huge Yellow
3329Hugon | Hewgon
3333HunbautA companion of Gawain during their mission to the King of the Isles.Human
3334HuncamuncaOne of Arthur's daughters in Henry Fielding's Tom Thumb.Human
3337Hunting KnightSon of the King of Gascony who came to Arthur's court.Human, Knight of the Round Table
3338Hunting Maiden
3339Huntress of Windsor
3340HuonHero of the romance Huon de Bordeaux, set in Carolingian times.Human
3341Huon de Bordeaux | Huon of the Horn
3342Husdent | Hiudan, Hodain, Hudenc, Idonia, Utant
3343Hwyrddyddwg | ‘Late Bringer’
3344HygwyddA servant of Arthur who carried the cauldron of Diwrnach on his back after Arthur captured it.Human
3348Iaguvius | Jaguz
3350IbertA character in Wolfram, possibly the same as Iweret.Human
3351IblisThe wife of Lancelot according to Ulrich.Human
3352Iblis – A lady.
3353Iblis – Daughter of Iweret.
3354Iblis – Wife of King Ibert of Sicily.
3355Iblis | Ibelis, Yblis
3356Idain of Landoc | Ide, Ydain
3357IddawgSent by Arthur as a messenger to Mordred.Human
3361IdresA king of Cornwall, one of the eleven who rebelled against Arthur.Human
3362Idumeans | Edomites, Idumean
3366IgnaroFather of Orgoglio.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
3368Ignoge | Imogen
3369IgraineMother to King Arthur through an affair with Uther Pendragon, mother of Morgause and Morgan le Fay through her first husband GorloisHuman(Latin: Igerna), (Welsh: Eigyr), (French Igerne), Ygrayne, Arnive.Historia Regum Britanniae, c. 1136Read more
3370Igraine’s Clerk
3371Igraine’s Squire
3372Iguedon | Engredan
3373Ilamert of Lanoeir
3377Ilet the Hard-Handed
3378IlinotA son of Arthur in Wolfram, who ran away when he was a child.Human
3379Ilinot – A prince.
3380Ilinot | Elinot
3381Ill-Speaking Maiden | Demoiselle Mesdisant, Maledisant
3382IllanA king of Leinster (Ireland)Human
3386Illesgaleron | Ulesgalerons, Ylesgaleron, Yllesgalleron
3387Illtyd, SaintFounded a monestary adn was also a warrior of Arthur.Human
3389Imane of Beafontane
3391Inamante of the Brown Valley
3392Inbalt | Humbald, Imbaltus
3393Incubus | Ekupedes
3394IndegOne of Arthur's mistresses according toe Triad 57.Human
3397Ingliart with the Short Ears
3399Inguse of Bahtarliez
3400Inhospitable Land Sustained | Londe Susteyne, La Terre Estrange Soustenue, etc.
3401InogenA daughter of Merlin. Arthur fell in love with her.Human
3403International Arthurian Society
3404Iona – A warrior.
3405Iona – An island.
3406Iona | Innisnam Druidbneach
3410Ireland, Son of the King of
3412IrionA king and the father of Martha. The father in law of Tristan's son, Ysaie.Human
3414IronsideThe name of the Red Knight who was defeated by Gareth. Eventually became a Knight of the Round Table.Human, Knight of the Round Table
3417Isaiah | Lysays, Ysaíes, Ysaies, Ysaís, Yzaie, Yzaies
3422Isel of Clameroi
3423Isenhart of Azagouc
3424IseoIn a Spanish romance, the daughter of Tristan. Also married King Juan of CastileHuman
3425Iseult of IrelandWife of Mark of Cornwall and adulterous lover of Sir TristanHumanIsolde, Yseult, Isode, Isoude, Isotta
3426Iseult of the White HandsDaughter of Hoel of Brittany, sister of Sir Kahedin, and wife of TristanHumanIsolde, Yseult, Isode, Isoude, Isotta
3427Iseult, QueenIseult of Ireland's motherHumanIsolde, Yseult, Isode, Isoude, Isotta
3428Isle of Maidens, King of the
3430Isolde the Dark
3431Isoud La Blanche Mains
3432Isoud, La Beale
3433Isperyr Ewingath | ‘Isperyr Cat’s Claw’
3434Issout | Essent, Essont, Essun
3435Itarc | Irtac
3436ItherArthur's cousin who claimed the throne. Killed by Perceval.Human
3437ItonjeA sister of Gawain who married King Gramoflanz.Human
3438Itonje | Itoni
3443Ivenant | Ivenans
3445IvoireA sister of Ban, married to King Constantine of Britain. Mother to Uther.Human
3446IvorA huntsman who raised Meriadoc.Human
3447Iwell | Iwill
3448IweretFather of Iblis, the wife of Lancelot in Ulrich.Human
3449Jack the Giant-Killer
3450Jacob of Estriguel
3452Jandree | Jundree
3453Janduz of Lann
3455Jare with the Golden Hair
3456Jascaphin of Orcaine
3457JaufreA character, possibly the same as Griflet, who is the hero of a romance with his name. Married Brunissen.Human
3459Jecoine of the Clearing | Gecoines, Jecoine des Desers, Jeroines
3461Jenephus of Angus
3462Jenne de Genes | Jenne li Rous de Agenes
3463Jenover of Beumont
3466Jerneganz of Jeroplis
3467Jernis of Ryl
3468Jervais Lenches | Geroas, Jeroas, Jerohas Lenches, Zeroas, Zeroiais Lancheis
3469JeschuteA girl who was the daughter of King Lac in Wolfram, and sister to Erec.Human
3471Jesus of Nazareth | Jhesu Crist, Jhesu de Nazareth, li Salveor, li Salverres del Monde
3472Jetakranc of Gampfassache
3474Joan Go-to-'tMother of Merlin in the play, The Birth of Merlin.Human
3478Johfrit de LiezTrainer of Lancelot as a warrior in Maidenland.Human
3480John of Glastonbury
3481John the Baptist
3483Jolies of Tintagel
3485Jolyan | Jubaunce
3487JonaansAncestor of Lancelot who left Britain for Gaul.Human
3488Jonap | Ionap, Ionapes, Josuap
3490Jonas of Galicia
3491Jonathal | Ionas, Jonathan, Jonathas
3492JoramA king who left Guinevere a magic girdle in Wigalois.Human
3493Joram – A wise man and sage.
3494Joram – King of Syria.
3495Jorans li Febles | Knight of Triple Arms
3496Joranz of Belrapeire
3498Jordain – A knight.
3499Jordain – Son of the King of Spain.
3501Jordan – A river.
3502Jordan – Chamberlain.
3505Josefent | Josephent, Jozefent
3506Joseph of ArimatheaFirst keeper of the Holy Grail in Arthurian legendHumanJoseph d'Arimathie, 12th century
3507Josephe | Giosefette, Josafas, Josaphas, Joseph, Josephes, Josephet, Josephus
3508Josephus of ArimatheaSon of Joseph of ArimatheaHumanJosephe, Josephes
3509Joseus | Josep, Joseph, Josephs, Josex
3510JoshuaSon of Brons and newphew of Joseph of Arimathea. Human
3511Joshua – Ancestor of Arthur.
3512Joshua – Ancestor of Igraine.
3513Joshua – Grail King.
3514Joshua | Joseus, Josué, Josue
3516Jovedast of Arles
3517JovelinDuke of Arundel and father of Iseult in Gottfried.Human
3518JuanKing of Castile in a Spanish romance. Married Iseo.Human
3520Judas Maccabees | Judas Machabeus
3521Judwal | Judval
3522Jugein | Iuegyn, Vigenin, Wigein
3523JulainHusband of Yglais in Perlesvaus.Human
3525Julian – A knight.
3526Julian – Knight of the Round Table.
3528Julius Caesar
3530Jurans of Blemunzin
3531Just Knights
3532Justin I | Flavius Iustinus Augustus
3535KadienAncestor to Arthur on his mother's side in Bonedd yr arwr.Human
3536Kadienn | Kadien
3538Kahadinst of Lanprebois
3539Kahanin | Cahanins, Chahannuns, Kahadin, Kahadins, Kahamus, Kahanins, Kahannus, Kehamans, etc.
3540KahedinBrother to Iseult, son of King Hoel, had an affair with BrangaineHumanKahadin, Kahedrin, Kehenis, Kehidius, possibly (Welsh: Kae Hir)Roman de Tristan
3541Kahedins – A knight.
3542Kahedins – Brother of Isolde of the White Hands.
3543Kahedins | Akehededin, Caerdin, Chaedino, Chedino, Ganhardin, Gheddino, Ghedin, Kaedin, etc.
3547Kainus Le Strange | Kay de Stranges, Kay the Stranger
3549KalafesKing of Terre Foraine, cured of leprosy by Alan, son of Bron.Human
3550KalegrasTristan's father in the Tristrams Saga of Iceland.Human
3552Kalviel of Folkburg
3553KamelinKnight of the Round Table, son of Alvrez, an Irish king.Human, Knight of the Round Table
3555KanahinsLancelot's squire.Human
3558Kanin le Nain | ‘Kanin the Dwarf’
3560Kaols the Compassionless | Kaols the Cruel, Kaols Sans Douceur
3563KaradanAncestor of Arthur in Bonedd yr anwr. Same as Kradoc and Karadawc.Human
3568Karadus the Short-Armed
3573Karaz de Ginnes | Rioul d’Etans
3574Kardefablet of Jamor
3575KardeizOne of the twin sons of Perceval in Wolfram.Human
3576Kardeiz – Brother of Kondviramurs.
3577Kardeiz – Son of Perceval.
3579Karedos | Karedoz, Karidos
3582Karfodyas of Tripparun
3583Karnahkarnanz of Uterlec
3588Karsinefite | Carsenefide, Karsnafite
3590KayFoster brother to Arthur, Sir Ector's sonHuman(Welsh: Cai), (Latin: Caius)Pa Gur yv y porthaur, 10th century
3591Kay of Estral
3592Kay the Strange
3593Kaylet of Hoskurast
3594Kaz of Gomeret | Car
3595Kea | Ké, Ke
3596Keeper of the Forest
3598Kehydius | Kahedin, Kahedrin
3600Kentigern | Cyndeyrn Garthwys, Kentigernus, Mungo
3603Kilgwri | Cilgwri, Kilgwr
3606Kilwydd | Kilydd
3607KilyddFather of Culhwch.Human
3609Kimbelin | Cinbelin
3610Kimmarc | Kinmare, Kynmar, Rimarec
3611Kimmarcoch | Chinmark, Kinnard of Striguil
3613Kincar | Ringar
3614King of Logres, Daughter of the
3615King of Love
3616King of Suffering
3617King of the Isles
3618King of the Lake
3619King of the Red City
3620King of the Valley
3621King of the Watch
3622King With a Hundred KnightsOne of the elevene rulers who rebelled against Arthur at the outset.Human
3626Kinkenart | Kinkenars, Kyngenans, Quinquenars, Quinquenart, Quinquernans
3627Kinlith | Kinlint
3631KirkrapineA thief in The Faerie Queene.HumanThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
3634Klaretschanze of Portugal
3636Klarine – Duchess of Argentin.
3637Klarine – Queen of Turtus.
3642KlingsorDuke of Terre de Labur in Wolfram. Human
3645Knight of Ladies
3646Knight of Maidens
3647Knight of Saie
3648Knight of the Bridge
3649Knight of the Burning Dragon
3650Knight of the Cart
3651Knight of the Castle of Three Roses
3652Knight of the Dragon
3653Knight of the Fair CountryBrother to Arthur, who married the daughter of Earl Cornubas of Wales. Father to the Great Fool.Human
3654Knight of the Field
3655Knight of the Galley
3656Knight of the Golden Arms
3657Knight of the Golden Quilt
3658Knight of the Green Shield
3659Knight of the High Mountain
3660Knight of the Horn
3661Knight of the Ill-Fitting Coat
3662Knight of the LanternHe killed the Black Knight.Human
3663Knight of the Lion
3664Knight of the Litter
3665Knight of the Mill
3666Knight of the Old Table
3667Knight of the Parrot
3668Knight of the Passage
3669Knight of the SleeveHero in the Dutch romance, Ridder metter MouwenHuman
3670Knight of the Spring
3671Knight of the Surcoat
3672Knight of the Tomb
3673Knight of the Tower
3674Knight of the Two Shields
3675Knight of the Two Swords
3676Knight of the Valley
3677Knight of the White Shield
3678Knight of Triple Arms
3679Knight with the (Two) Swords
3680Knight with the Black Shield
3681Knight with the Eagle
3682Knight with the Lion
3683Knight with the Strange Beast
3685Knights of Battle
3686Knights of Norway
3687Knights of the Franc PalaisOrder of knights founded by Percforest. Killed by the Romans.Group
3688Knights of the Round TableOrganization at Camelot, headed by King Arthur.Group
3689Knights of the Watch
3691Kondviramur | Condwiramurs
3694Kueli and Keli
3695Kulianz the Fool
3697Kuraus with the Brave Heart
3698Kurion | Kurian
3700Kustenhin | Custennin, Kustenin, Kustennin, Mustennin
3701Kyllicrates of Cetriun
3704Kynfarch | Kynvarch
3707KynotusRector of Cambridge, appointed by Arthur.Human
3708KynuawrGreat frandfather of Arthur on father's side. Mostyn MS 117.Human
3709KynvarchFather of Urien in Welsh tradition.Human
3710KynwalAncestor of Arthur on his mother's side in Bonedd yr arwr.Human
3712Kysteint mab Banon
3713Kyuwlch | ‘Perfect’
3714Laamez of Babylon
3717LabelKing of Persia who's daughter married Celidoine.Human
3719LabianeNiece of King Mark, raped by him. Human
3721Labigods the Courtly
3724LacKing of Estregales and ruler of the Black Isles. A Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
3725Lac d’Orcanie la Grant
3728Ladiana | Labiane
3730Ladinas de Benoic
3731Ladinas de Norgales
3733LadisRuler of Lombardy.Human
3734Ladomas | Caladoines, Ladamas, Landamas, Landoines, Lidomas, Lodomas
3735LadonKing of Gascony, married to Lidoine.Human
3737Lady Leech of Cornwall
3738Lady Lile of Avelon
3739Lady Lore
3740Lady of Gaul
3741Lady of Malahaut
3742Lady of Rich Fish
3743Lady of Roestoc
3744Lady of Shalott
3745Lady of the Blanche Mores
3746Lady of the Blonde Hair
3747Lady of the Deadly Bed
3748Lady of the Fair HairA fairy that Arthur saved from the Fish-Knight and later became her loverFaerie
3749Lady of the Fountain
3750Lady of the Inhospitable Land Upheld
3751Lady of the Isles
3752Lady of the LakeThere are several related characters called the Lady of the Lake—their actions include giving Arthur his sword Excalibur, raising Lancelot and his cousins as foster children, enchanting Merlin, and taking the dying king to AvalonFaerieNimue, Viviane, Niniane, NyneveUnclear; a water fay is first mentioned as Lancelot's foster mother in Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart, 1170s
3753Lady of the Lands
3754Lady of the Roche Land
3755Lady of the Rock
3756Lady of the Rule
3757Lady of the Tor
3758Lady of the White Guard
3759Lady of the White Palfrey
3760Lady Without Pride
3761Laheduman of Muntane
3762Lahelin | Lähelin
3763Lahifilirost | Lahfilirost
3764LailokenA wild man in Welsh tradition, possibly a precursor of Merlin.Human
3765Lake, King of the
3766Lake, Lady of the
3768Lalut, Count of
3769Lambegue | Lambeguen, Lambeues, Lambeguez, Lanbeguet
3773LamborKing of Terre Foraine, killed by Brulan.Human
3774LambordAncestor of Arthur through John of GlastonburyHuman
3779Lamet | Lamec, Lamer, Lumet
3781Lammire | Lamiere
3782LamorakSon of King Pellinore, brother to Tor, Aglovale, Percival, and Dindrane, lover of MorgauseHumanProse Tristan, c. 1235
3783Lamorat of Listenois
3784Lampades de la Planoie | ‘Lampades of the Flatland’ | Leonpadys of the Playne, Plantalis de la Plagnie
3785Lampart | Lambard, Lanpar, Lanpart, Lupars
3786Lamyel of Cardiff
3788Lance Bearer, The
3789LancelotSon to King Ban and Elaine, most famous for his affair with Queen Guinevere, Arthur's wife, most prominent Knight of the Round TableHumanLancelot du Lac, Lancelot of the Lake, LauncelotErec and Enide, c. 1170
3790Lancelot de la Blance Terre
3791Lancelot’s “Foreign” Hosts
3792LanceorSon fo the King of Ireland that Arthur sent after Balin for slaying the Lady of the Lake.Human
3794Landalis | Clandalis, Landalus
3795Landens of Carmelide | Landens of Carmelike, Landon, Landons, Landoun, Landree, Laudam, Laudons
3797Landoine – A nobleman.
3798Landoine – Daughter of the King with a Hundred Knights.
3799Landoine | Lancoine, Lancone, Landoigne, Landoines
3800Landon | Laidon
3801Landreas | Landon, Laudon
3802Landres of Lyonesse
3803Landrie | Siandre
3806Laner – In southwest Scotland.
3807Laner – Knight of the Round Table.
3812Laniure of Serre | Lamuire
3814Lanois of Ziebe
3815Lanor | Lonor de Betignes, – de Betinges, – the Lestregues
3817Lanslod | Lawnslot
3818Lantris | Alcardo
3819LanvalA knight of King Arthur's court who falls in love with a fairyHumanLandevale, Launfal, LambewellLanval, late 12th century
3820Lanval – Lord of Astolat.
3821Lanval | Lamwell, Lambewell, Landevale, Landevall, Lanfal, Launall, Launfal, Launfalle, etc.
3824Laquis of Lampagrés
3825LarDead husband of Queen Amene whose ghost guided Wigalois.Human
3828LarieDaughter of Lar and Amene, who married Wigalois.Human
3829LarisSon of Henry, Emperor of Germany and was in love with the daughter of Urien, Marine.Human
3830Lasancis | Lansansissa
3832LascoytOne of three sons of Gornemant de Goort.Human
3833Laudalis de la Plaigne | Laudalus de la Playne
3834Laudame | Laudamie
3835LaudineSir Ywain's wifeHumanLady of the FountainYvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
3836Laudine’s Damsel
3837Laudine’s Seneschal and His Brothers
3838Laudon de Rognes
3839Laudon de Tamelide
3841Laudunal of Pleyedunze
3842Laudunet | Landuit
3843LaufrodeddKnight of TemperanceHuman
3845Launds, Lady of the
3847LaurelWife of Agravain. Niece of Lionors and Lynette.Human
3848LavaineSOn of Bernard and brother of Elaine of Astolat.Human
3851Lazaliez – Great-great-grandfather of Perceval.
3852Lazaliez – Son of Meleranz.
3853Lazaliez | Lazeliez
3854LaziliezAncestor of PercevalHuman
3856Le Cote Male Tailée
3857Le Noir Chevalier Fae
3861Leech of Cornwall, Lady
3863LehelinBrother to Orilus who stole from Herzeloyde of Wales.Human
3864Leidebron of Redunzehte
3868Leimas of Liandre
3870Lelas of Ruvho
3871Lellius of Hostia
3872Lenomie of Alexandria
3873Lenvarlet | Evalach, Lanvalec, Lanvalet, Lenvallez, Levallet, Lonvarles
3874Leo I | Leomyaé, Leomye
3875Leodebron | Leodobron, Valebran
3876Leodegar | Laeyer, Leger, Leir of Boulogne, Lier, Ligier
3877LeodegranceGuinevere's father, King of Cameliard in what is now southwest EnglandHumanLeondegrance, Leodegraunce
3878Leolin | Leonin, Joelin
3879Leonce de Paerne | Leonces de Paerne, – de Palerne; Leonche, Leones de Palerne, etc.
3880Leonelle | Leonele, Leonell, Lyanele
3882Leprous Lady
3883Leriador | Leridor
3884Lermebion of Jarbes
3888Letron of Prepelesant
3889LevanderServant of the King of Africa, sent to help Melora on her quest.Human
3891Leverzep, Damsel of
3895Liamere | Lamire
3897LianourRuler of the Castle of Maidens.Human
3900LibanDaughter of King Ban and mother of illegitimate twins by Pandragus.Human
3901Libanor | Liban
3902LibearnStepmother of Alexander, Prince of India. Turned him into the Crop-eared dog.Human
3904Libers – Count of Traverain.
3905Libers – King of Lorgan.
3908Licanor the Great
3909Liconal | Leconuials, Liconaus, Licorant, Linconaus
3914Liddamus of Agrippe
3915LidoineSister of Laris and daughter of Henry, the Emperor of Germany in Claris et LarisHumanClaris et Laris
3916Lidoine – Daughter of the King of Escavalon.
3917Lidoine – Sister of Laris.
3918Lidonas | Lydonas
3919Lidras | Lydarus, Ydones, Ydras
3921LigessacA fugitive from Arthur who assked for sanctuary from Saint Cadoc.Human
3923LileA lady of Avalon who brought the sword that only Balin could drawn from its scabbard.Human
3925Limangin | Amanguis, Limados de Camaalot, Limagins, Limanger
3926Limors, Count of
3931Linier | Liniers
3936Lion of Libya, Crowned
3937Lion the MercilessOwner of a pet parrot that Arthur won.Human
3939LionelSon of King Bors of Gaunnes (or Gaul), brother of Bors the YoungerHuman
3940Lionel de Nantoel
3941Lionel de Nantoel, Niece of
3942LionorsDaughter of Sevain, mother of Arthur's son, Loholt.Human
3943Lippidins of Agremuntin
3944Lisavander | Lysavander
3946Lischois Gwelljus of Gowerzin
3947Little King
3948Little Knight
3949Little Piebald Palfrey
3950Little Sleeves, Maid with
3951LlacheuSon of Arthur as mentioned in Welsh tradition. Possibly the same as Loholt.Human
3953Llallogan Vyrdin | Llallawc
3954LlamreiLlamrei was a mare owned by King ArthurHumanCulhwch and Olwen, 11th century
3955Llara | ‘Meek’ | Llary
3957Llawfrodedd the Bearded
3958Llawgad Trwm Bargod Eidyn | ‘Heavy Battle-Hand of the Border of Eidyn’ | Llongad Grwyrm, etc.
3959Llawr – A warrior.
3960Llawr – Owner of a fleet.
3961Llawr | ‘Earth’
3962LlefelysKing of France.Human
3966LlenlleawcName of one of Arthur's companions in Culhwch. From Ireland.Human
3969Lleu Llaw Gyffes
3971Llofan Severing Hand
3972Llongad Grwrm Fargod EidynThe slayer of Addaon, the son of Taliesin.Human
3973Lluagor | ‘Host-Splitter’
3974Lluber Beuthach
3975Lluch Lleawg | ‘Lake’
3976Lluched | ‘Plague’
3977Llud Llaw Ereint | Lludd
3979Lludd Llaw Ereint
3980Lludd Llyurgavc
3981Llwch Lleminawc
3982Llwng | ‘Gullet’
3983Llwybar | ‘Path’ | Llwybyr
3984Llwyd | Lluydeu, Llwydeu
3985Llwydawg the Killer
3990Llygadnudd EmysMaternal uncle to Arthur.Human
3992Llyr MariniAncestor to Arthur on both his parent's sides, and may be mythologically related to Llyr, the Celtic divinity of the sea. Also possibly the original King Lear.Human
3993Llywarch HenA Welsh poet who may have lived around 600 CE, said to be a cousin of Urien.Human
3994Loathly Damsel
3995Loathly Damsel’s Tawny Mule
3996Loc the Little
3997Locrinus | Locrine
3999LogistillaA sister of Morgan in Orlando FuriosoHumanOrlando Furioso
4000Logres, Haughty Maid of
4002Lohencis of Ouein
4003LohengrinA knight of the Holy Grail, son of PercivalHumanLoherangrin, LorengelParzival, early 13th century
4004Lohenis of Rahaz
4005LoholtIllegitimate son of ArthurHumanPossibly Llacheu (similar character in Welsh sources)Welsh Triads
4006Loholt – Lord of Sorelois.
4007Loholt | Hoot, Glohouz, Glohoz, Glooz, Loez, Loholz, Lohoot, Lohot, Lohoth, Lohout, Lohoz, etc.
4009Lombardo | Limbordo, Liombardo, Lionbordo
4011Londres – A king.
4012Londres – Capital.
4013Londres – Variation of London.
4014Londres | Londen, London, Londrez, Lounde, Lunden, Lundres
4016Longfiez of Turtelunz
4018Loquacious Herald of Noauz
4019Loraine le Savage | Lorayne the Savage
4020Lord of the Black Thorn
4021Lord of the Fens
4022Lord of the Fountain
4023Lord of the Horn
4024Lord of the Rock
4025Lord of the Scottish Wilderness
4026LoreThe Lady of Garadigan who asked everyone in Arthur's court to unfasten a sword belt.Human
4027Lore of Branlant
4028Lore of Carduel
4029Lore, Lady
4030LoreteA sister of Griflet.Human
4031Lorete of the Fair Hair
4032Lorez of Jassaida
4033LorieMistress to Gawain in Rigomer.HumanRigomer
4034LorigalChild of Eliavres and a mare after forced bestiality. Human
4038LotKing of Lothian, father to Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, and GarethHumanLothHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
4039Lot – King of Galway.
4040Lot – Knight of the Round Table.
4041Lot | Aloth, Leodonus, Loot, Looth, Los, Lost, Lote, Loth, Lott, Lotto, Loz
4043LottaQueen of Ireland and mother of Iseult in Tavola ritondaHumanTavola ritonda
4044Louis | Lupus
4045Loumedon the Large
4046Louys the Loyal | Lowes
4047LovelA son of Gawain who was slain by an escaping Lancelot after the affair with Guinevere was uncovered.Human
4049LucanServant to King Arthur, Bedivere's brother, Griflet's cousinHumanSir Lucan the Butler
4050Lucan the Butler
4051Lucan the Philosopher
4052Lucanor | Lucano the Great
4054Lucas | Luzes
4056Luce – A giant.
4057Luce – A knight.
4061LuciferaThe Sin of Pride in The Faerie QueeneFaerieThe Faerie QueeneLearn More
4062LuciusA fictional Roman Emperor and antagonist to ArthurHuman, RomanLucius Tiberius, Lucius HiberiusHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
4063Lucius Artorius Castus
4064Lucius Catellus
4065Lucius Hiberius
4066Lucius the Glorius
4071LufamourA lover of Perceval in Sir Perceval of GallesHumanSir Perceval of Galles
4073LuguainA servant of Yder who became a knight.Human
4074LuneteCousin to Nimue. Learned magic and created a fountin in the Forest of Broceliande.Human(Welsh: Luned), (French: Lunete, Lunet)Yvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
4078Lyanor of the Mountain
4079Lyas the Large | Lyons
4080Lybbeals of Prienlascors
4082Lybius DesconusAn illegitimate son of Gawain, kept a secret by his mother. Human
4085Lyle – A lady.
4086Lyle – Name of the home of several knights.
4087LynetteSeeks aid from Arthur to rescue her sister Lyonesse, Arthur sends an incognito Gareth, who she berates until he proves his worthHumanLe Morte d'Arthur, c. 1470
4088Lynors | Lianour, Linnor, Linoy, Lyanoure, Lymon, Lynor, Symon
4089LyonesseEntrapped sister of Lynette, rescued by Gareth, whom she eventually marriesHumanLe Morte d'Arthur, c. 1470
4091Lyonesse – An island nation.
4092Lyonesse – Sister of Lynette.
4093Lyonors | Liones, Lionesse, Lionors, Lyones, Lyonores, Lyonoros
4095LyppautLord of Bearosche and father to Obie and Obilot.Human
4096Lysander of Ipopotiycon
4097Lyzianor | Lionors, Lisanor, Lisianor, Lysanor
4098Maaglant | Maaglans
4100Mabon ap ModronSon of Modron, kidnapped at birth, rescued by CulhwchHumanCulhwch and Olwen, 11th century
4101Mabon the Black
4102MabonagrainAntagonist of Erec. A prisoner of a castle.Human
4103Mabonagrain’s Lady
4104Mabsant | ‘Patron Saint’
4105MabuzIn Ulrich, the son of the Lady of the Lake, aided by Lancelot.Human
4107Macaomh an Iolair
4108Macarot of Pantelion
4113Machen de l’Isle Perdue | Mathan de la Terre d’Isle Perdue, Natan de l’Ble Perdue
4116Macliclisier | Maclisier
4117Macoanamas | Mathoanamas
4118Macoat | Magaas, Magaat, Magoas, Magoat
4119Macob of Icrac
4120Macsen Wledig
4121MadaglanA king in Perlesvaus who demanded the Round Table after Guinevere's death.HumanPerlesvaus
4123MadanKing of BulgariaHuman
4125Madawg ap Uther
4128MadocSon of Uther Pendragon, brother of Arthur in early Welsh tradition, father of EliwlodHumanMadawgBook of Taliesin
4129Madoc – A knight.
4130Madoc – An earl.
4131Madoc – Madawg ap Uther.
4132Madog Morfryn
4135Madok of the Mountain
4136Madolas | Mandones, Mardonas
4138MadorA Knight of the Round Table and a seeker of the Grail.Human, Knight of the Round Table
4139Mador de la Porte
4140Mador the Black
4142Maduc li Noirs | ‘Maduc the Black’ | Maduc le Noir, Maduk, Males li/ly Bruns, Triales li Bruns
4144Maduras | Maudras
4147Maelgwyn | Maelgwn, Malegwn
4148Magaat | Maagart, Margrat