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List of Arthurian Characters and Groups

arthurian characters and groups

We all know of King Arthur, Merlin, or Lancelot. But there are dozens if not hundreds of other characters that are or have been part of the mythos, not to mention various groups they belonged to. This is our list of Arthurian characters and groups.

What’s on this List of Arthurian Characters and Groups?

There are a lot of characters that have become part of the Arthurian mythos throughout the years. Many have gone through multiple iterations and interpretations from authors across the British Isles, France, Germany, and much more.

This list combines both characters and groups from the Arthurian legends. While it is hard to be fully comprehensive, we encourage you to let us know if there are any important characters that you would include. You can do so through our contact page, social media, or in the comments.

We hope you enjoy this list! If you like it, you might want to consider visiting our Arthurian Legends Hub for similar resources. Check it out!

And if you see any characters or groups that you think we should add, don’t hesitate to let us know!

#NameShort DescriptionTypeOther NamesFirst AppearanceLearn more
1AccolonKnight who has relationship with Morgan le Fay.HumanPost-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s
2AglovaleEldest son of King PellinoreHumanAgloval, Sir Aglovale de Galis
3AgravainSecond son of King Lot and Morgause. Brother of Gawain.HumanAgravaineRead more
4AmrSon of King ArthurHumanAmhar, Amir, AnirHistoria Brittonum, c. 820
5AndredCousin of TristanHumanLe Morte d'Arthur
6(King) ArthurKing, the central character of the Arthurian mythos.HumanArthur PendragonY Gododdin, c. 7th centuryRead more
7ArtegallKnight of JusticeHumanThe Faerie Queen
8Aurelius AmbrosiusUther Pendragon's brother, High King of Britain before him. Killed before Uther's reign.HumanAmbrosius AurelianusDe Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae c. 540sRead more
9BagdemagusMeleagant's father and ruler of GorreHuman
10BanFather of LancelotHuman
11BalanBrother to BalinHumanSir Balan le SavagePost-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s
12BalinBrother to Balan, kills the Lady of the Lake and strikes the Dolorous StrokeHumanSir Balin le Savage, Knight with Two SwordsPost-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s
13BedivereClose friend of Arthur. Returns Excalibur to The Lady of the Lake, brother to Sir LucanHuman(Welsh: Bedwyr), (French: Bédoier), BedeverePa Gur yv y Porthaur, c. 10th century
14Black KnightKing Arthur's grandson through Tom a Lincoln. Another Black Knight is an antagonist figureHuman
15BlanchefleurPercival's wife, niece to GornemantHumanPerceval, the Story of the Grail, c. 1181
16Bors the ElderBrother to King Ban, and an ally of Arthur'sHuman(French: Bohort)
17Bors the YoungerSon of Bors the Elder, father of Elyan the WhiteHuman
18BrangaineHandmaid to IseultHumanBrangaene, Brangwane, BrangienTristan, 12th century
19BruinUnknown Family, One of the original 32 Knights of the Round TableHumanSir Bruin Surnamed the Black
20Breunor le NoirKnight who wears his murdered father's coat, brother of Dinadan and DanielHumanBrunor, La Cote Male Taile
21BritomartKnight of Chastity, a female knight of the Faerie Queen.HumanThe Faerie Queen
22BritonsThe original inhabitants of Great Britain.Group
23Brutus of BritainFirst King of Britain, a TrojanHumanBrut, Brute, (Welsh: Bryttys)Historia Brittonum, c. 820Read more
24CadorRaised Guinevere as his ward, father to Constantine III of Britain, described in some works as Arthur's cousinHuman(Latin: Cadorius)
25CaeliaTom a'Lincoln's lover, mother to the Faerie KnightHumanCelia, The Faerie Queene
26CalogrenantCousin to Sir YwainHumanColgrevance, CynanYvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
27CaradocRebelled against Arthur when he first became king, but later supported him, sometimes two characters—Caradoc the Elder (a king) and Caradoc the Younger (a knight)Human(Latin: Caractacus), (Welsh: Caradog Freichfras), (French: Carados Briefbras)
28CatigernSon of Vortigern, fought alongside his brother Vortimer against the SaxonsHuman(Welsh: Cattegirn)
29(King) Cerdic of WessexFirst King of WessexHumanAnglo-Saxon Chronicle, 9th centuryRead more
30ClaudasA Frankish King antagonistic to Arthur, has two sons, Dorin and ClaudinHuman
31ClaudinVirtuous son of the Frankish villain Claudas, eventually becomes one of 12 knights to achieve the Holy GrailHuman
32(King) Constans son of ConstantineSon of Constantine II of Britain, older brother to Uther PendragonHumanBased on the historical figure Constans
33(King) Constantine II of BritainArthur's grandfather, father to Uther Pendragon, Constans, and Ambrosius AurelianusHumanBased on the historical figure Constantine
34Constantine III of BritainArthur's cousin and successor to his throne, Cador's sonHumanHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
35CulhwchCousin of Arthur's in early Welsh legendHumanCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
36(King) Cynric of WessexSecond King of Wessex, son of CerdicHumanAnglo-Saxon Chronicle, 9th century
37DagonetArthur's court jesterHuman
38Daniel von BlumenthalA Knight of the Round Table found in an early German offshoot of Arthurian legendHumanDaniel von Blumenthal, 1220
39DinadanSon of Sir Brunor the SeniorHumanProse Tristan, 1230s
40DindraneSister (sometimes half-sister) of Percival, plays a large part in many Holy Grail storiesHuman(Italian: Agrestizia), (Welsh: Danbrann), Dindraine, Heliabel
41DuessaAntagonist of the Faerie Queen,FaerieThe Faerie Queen
42DurnureOne of Three Sons of King Pellinore, one of the original 32 Knights of the Round TableHumanSir Durnure
43EctorRaises Arthur according to Merlin's command, father to Sir KayHumanHector, Antor, EctoriusLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
44Edern ap NuddBrother of Gwyn ap Nudd, rival to Erec/Geraint, originally a hostile figure, later a member of Arthur's retinueHumanEdern, son of Nudd, Yder, Yver, Isdernus, Knight of the SparrowhawkCulhwch and Olwen, c. 1100
45Elaine of AstolatDaughter of Bernard of Astolat, classic Arthurian figure of unrequited loveHumanElaine the White, Elaine the Fair, The Lady of ShalottLe Morte d'Arthur, 1470
46Elaine of BenoicWife of King Ban and mother to Lancelot, Evaine's sisterHumanLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
47Elaine of CorbenicDaughter of the Fisher King, mother of Galahad by LancelotHumanAmite, Helaine, HelizabelPerceval, the Story of the Grail c. 1181
48Elaine of GarlotDaughter of Gorlois and Igraine, sister to Morgan le Fay and Morgause and a half-sister to King Arthur, wife to King Nentres.Human
49Elaine of ListenoiseDaughter of King Pellinore, lover of Sir Miles of the LaundesHuman
50Elaine the PeerlessNiece of the Lord of the Fens and wife of Persides the Red of the Castle of GazevilteHuman
51EliwlodNephew to Arthur, son of Madoc, Uther Pendragon's sonHumanWelsh Triads
52Elyan the WhiteSon of Sir Bors and Claire, King Brandegoris' daughter, helps Lancelot rescue Guinevere and goes into exile with himHuman(French: Helyan le Blanc)
53EnideErec's wifeHumanEnidErec and Enide, c. 1170
54EpinogresSon of King of Umberland, and brother unto Enchantress Vivien, one of the original 32 Knights of the Round TableHumanSir Epinogres
55ErecSon of King Lac and a Knight of the Round TableHumanUnclear; first literary appearance as Erec in Erec and Enide, c. 1170
56Escanor the HandsomeKing of the White Mountain and nephew of Escanor the large, Gawain defeated him in combat after Escanor tried to abduct Sir Girflct.HumanGirart
57Escanor the LargeSon of a giant and a witch, brother of Alienor, and uncle of Escanor the Handsome, he shared Gawain’s power by which his strength waxed and waned with the sun.HumanAtre, Girart
58EsclaborFather of Palamedes, Safir, and SegwaridesHuman
59EscladosDefended a magical fountain in the Forest of Broceliande, married to LaudineHumanYvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
60EvaineWife of Bors the Elder, mother of Bors the Younger and Lionel, sister of Elaine of Benoic, aunt of LancelotHumanLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
61Faerie Knight, TheIllegitimate son of Tom a'Lincoln and Caelia, the Faerie Queen, half brother to the Black KnightHumanTom a Lincoln part 1, 1599
62FeirefizHalf-brother to Percival and King Arthur's nephewHumanParzival, early 13th century
63Fisher King, TheGuardian of the Holy Grail, Father of Elaine of CorbenicHumanThe Wounded King, Pelles, PeliasPerceval, the Story of the Grail, c. 1181
64GaherisSon of King Lot and Morgause, brother to Gawain, Agravaine, and Gareth, and half-brother to MordredHuman
65GalahadIllegitimate son of Sir Lancelot and Elaine of CorbenicHumanLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
66GalehaultFormer enemy of Arthur who becomes close friends with LancelotHumanGalehalt, GalehautLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
67GaleschinSon of Elaine of Garlot and King Nentres, nephew of ArthurHumanGaleshinVulgate Cycle
68GarethAlso a son of Lot and Morgause, in love with LyonesseHumanBeaumains
69GawainAnother son of Lot and Morgause, father of GingalainHuman(Latin: Walwanus), (Welsh: Gwalchmai), (Irish: Balbhuaidh)Culhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
70Geneir GwystylOne of King Arthur's knights in the Welsh Arthurian legend[1]Human
71GeraintEnid's loverHuman
72GingalainGawain's and Blanchemal's sonHumanGuinglain, Gingalin, Gliglois, Wigalois, Le Bel Inconnu
73[[Gorlois|Gorlois]]Igraine's first husband before she married Uther Pendragon, father of Morgause and Morgan le Fay.Human(Old Welsh: Gwrlais)
74GlorianaThe Faerie QueenFaerieThe Faerie Queen
75GornemantPercival's mentorHumanErec and Enide, c. 1170
76Guiron le CourtoisCompanion of MeliodasHumanPalamedes, 1235–1240
77Green Knight, TheA knight enchanted by Morgan le Fay in order to test GawainFaerieBercilak, Bertilak, Bernlak, BredbeddleSir Gawain and the Green Knight, 1300s
78GrifletThe son of Do (or Don), cousin to Sir Lucan and Sir BedivereHumanGirflet, Jaufre
79GringoletGawain's horseHuman(Welsh: Gwyn Calet, Ceincaled)Erec and Enide, c. 1170
80GuinevakGuinevere's half-sisterHumanGwenhwyvachCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
81(Queen) GuinevereWife to King Arthur, famous for her affair with LancelotHuman(Welsh: Gwenhwyfar), (Latin: Guanhumara)Culhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
82GuyonKnight of TemperanceHumanThe Faerie Queen
83Gwyn ap NuddOne of Arthur's knights. Brother of Edern ap Nudd, rival of Gwythyr ap Greidawl, lover of CreiddyladFaerieCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
84Hector de MarisHalf-brother of Lancelot, son of King Ban and the Lady de Maris, Sir Bors and Sir Lionel are his cousinsHumanEctor de Maris
85HengestAn Anglo-Saxon king killed by Uther Pendragon, Horsa's brotherHumanHengistThe Ecclesiastical History of the English People, 721
86Hueil mab CawA Pictish plunderer and chieftain, killed by Arthur, brother to Saint GildasHumanHuailCulhwch and Olwen, c. 1110
87HoelSon of King Budic of Brittany, father to St. TudwalHuman(Welsh: Howel, Hywel)
88HorsaBrother to HengestHumanThe Ecclesiastical History of the English People, 721
89IgraineMother to King Arthur through an affair with Uther Pendragon, mother of Morgause and Morgan le Fay through her first husband GorloisHuman(Latin: Igerna), (Welsh: Eigyr), (French Igerne), Ygrayne, Arnive.Historia Regum Britanniae, c. 1136Read more
90Iseult of IrelandWife of Mark of Cornwall and adulterous lover of Sir TristanHumanIsolde, Yseult, Isode, Isoude, Isotta
91(Queen) IseultIseult of Ireland's motherHumanIsolde, Yseult, Isode, Isoude, Isotta
92Iseult of the White HandsDaughter of Hoel of Brittany, sister of Sir Kahedin, and wife of TristanHumanIsolde, Yseult, Isode, Isoude, Isotta
93Joseph of ArimatheaFirst keeper of the Holy Grail in Arthurian legendHumanJoseph d'Arimathie, 12th century
94Josephus of ArimatheaSon of Joseph of ArimatheaHumanJosephe, Josephes
95KayFoster brother to Arthur, Sir Ector's sonHuman(Welsh: Cai), (Latin: Caius)Pa Gur yv y porthaur, 10th century
96KahedinBrother to Iseult, son of King Hoel, had an affair with BrangaineHumanKahadin, Kahedrin, Kehenis, Kehidius, possibly (Welsh: Kae Hir)Roman de Tristan
97Knights of the Round TableOrganization at Camelot, headed by King Arthur.Group
98Lady of the LakeThere are several related characters called the Lady of the Lake—their actions include giving Arthur his sword Excalibur, raising Lancelot and his cousins as foster children, enchanting Merlin, and taking the dying king to AvalonFaerieNimue, Viviane, Niniane, NyneveUnclear; a water fay is first mentioned as Lancelot's foster mother in Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart, 1170s
99LamorakSon of King Pellinore, brother to Tor, Aglovale, Percival, and Dindrane, lover of MorgauseHumanProse Tristan, c. 1235
100LancelotSon to King Ban and Elaine, most famous for his affair with Queen Guinevere, Arthur's wife, most prominent Knight of the Round TableHumanLancelot du Lac, Lancelot of the Lake, LauncelotErec and Enide, c. 1170
101LanvalA knight of King Arthur's court who falls in love with a fairyHumanLandevale, Launfal, LambewellLanval, late 12th century
102LaudineSir Ywain's wifeHumanLady of the FountainYvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
103LeodegranceGuinevere's father, King of Cameliard in what is now southwest EnglandHumanLeondegrance, Leodegraunce
104LionelSon of King Bors of Gaunnes (or Gaul), brother of Bors the YoungerHuman
105LohengrinA knight of the Holy Grail, son of PercivalHumanLoherangrin, LorengelParzival, early 13th century
106LoholtIllegitimate son of ArthurHumanPossibly Llacheu (similar character in Welsh sources)Welsh Triads
107LotKing of Lothian, father to Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, and GarethHumanLothHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
108LucanServant to King Arthur, Bedivere's brother, Griflet's cousinHumanSir Lucan the Butler
109LuciusA fictional Roman Emperor and antagonist to ArthurHumanLucius Tiberius, Lucius HiberiusHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
110LuneteHandmaiden and advisor to LaudineHuman(Welsh: Luned), (French: Lunete, Lunet)Yvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
111LynetteSeeks aid from Arthur to rescue her sister Lyonesse, Arthur sends an incognito Gareth, who she berates until he proves his worthHumanLe Morte d'Arthur, c. 1470
112LyonesseEntrapped sister of Lynette, rescued by Gareth, whom she eventually marriesHumanLe Morte d'Arthur, c. 1470
113LlamreiLlamrei was a mare owned by King ArthurHumanCulhwch and Olwen, 11th century
114Mabon ap ModronSon of Modron, kidnapped at birth, rescued by CulhwchHumanCulhwch and Olwen, 11th century
115MadocSon of Uther Pendragon, brother of Arthur in early Welsh tradition, father of EliwlodHumanMadawgBook of Taliesin
116MaleagantAbductor of GuinevereHumanMalagant, Meleagant, perhaps MelwasUnclear, a similar character named "Melwas" appears in the 12th century Life of Gildas
117Manawydan fab LlyrOriginally a British god; appeared as a knight of Arthur's in Culhwch and OlwenHumanManawyddanThe Mabinogion
118Mark of CornwallTristan's uncle, husband to IseultHuman(Latin: Marcus Cunomorus), (Cornish: Margh), (Welsh: March)Possibly based on a historical figure from the 6th century
119MeirchionFather to Mark of CornwallHuman
120MelehanElder son of MordredHumanHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
121MeliodasFather to Tristan, Tristan's father was named Rivalen in earlier versionsHumanMeliadusProse Tristan
122Menw ap TairgwaeddEnchanter, member of Arthur's retinueHumanCulhwch and Olwen c. 1100
123MerlinWizard, guide to King ArthurHuman(Welsh: Myrddin), Myrddin Emrys, Merlin Ambrosius, MerlynHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136, but derived from earlier Welsh tales
124ModronMother of Mabon, in another folktale, she is the mother of Owain (Ywain) and Morvydd by Urien, Possible source for Morgan le FayHumanCulhwch and Olwen, Welsh Triads, 11th century
125MordredIn some literature, Arthur's illegitimate son through Morgause (or Morgan le Fay), kills and is killed by ArthurHumanModred, (Welsh: Medrawd, Latin: Medraut)Annales Cambriae, c. 970
126Morgan le FaySorceress, half-sister and sometime antagonist of Arthur, and (in some traditions) mother of MordredHumanMorgaine, Morgain, MorganaUnclear; first mention as Morgan in Vita Merlini, c. 1150Read more
127MorgauseArthur's half-sister, wife to King Lot, mother to Gawain, Agravaine, Gaheris, and Gareth, and in some traditions, also the mother of MordredHumanAnnaHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136Read more
128Morgan TudHead physician of Arthur's courtHumanGeraint ac Enid
129MorholtIrish knight, rival of Tristan, uncle of IseultHumanMarhalt, Morold, MarhausTristan, 12th century
130MorienHalf-Moorish son of AglovaleHumanMoriaenMorien, 13th century
131MorvyddOwain's twin sisterHuman
132NimueOne name for the Lady of the LakeFaerie
133OberonKing of the Fairies, sometimes identified as a son of Morgan le FayHumanAuberon, King of Shadows and Fairies
134OlwenDaughter of Ysbaddaden, beloved of CulhwchHumanCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
135Order of MaidenheadA group of knights belonging to the Faerie QueenGroup
136OrgeluseA wife of GawainHumanHaughty Maiden of LogresPerceval, the Story of the Grail, c. 1181
137OwainSon of UrienHumansee YwainHistorical figureRead more
138PalamedesSaracen Knight of the Round TableHumanPalamede, PalomidesProse Tristan, 1230s, Le Morte D'Arthur
139ParcenetA maid from Queen Ettarre's court who helps Sir PelleasHuman
140PellamAnother name for the Fisher KingHumanKing Pellam of Listeneise, Pellehansee Fisher King
141PelleasA Knight of the Round table in love with Ettarre, later lover of NimueHumanPelliasPost-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s
142PellesAnother name for the Fisher KingHumanFisher King
143PellinoreKing of Listenoise, friend to Arthur, father to manyHumanRead more
144PercivalAchiever of the Holy Grail, King Pellinore's son in some talesHuman(Welsh: Peredur) Perceval, ParzifalErec and Enide, c. 1170
145PictsTribal peoples living in areas of modern Scotland.GroupRead more
146(Lady) RagnellSir Gawain's wife, in some legends mother of PercivalHuman
147Red KnightAppears in many tales, usually as an antagonistHumanPerceval, the Story of the Grail, c. 1181
148Redcrosse KnightSlays the dragon, later known as St. George.HumanSt. GeorgeThe Faerie Queen
149RienceKing defeated by ArthurHumanRitho, Ryence, Ryons, and RionHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
150RomansRomans retreated from Britain in the early years of Arthurian lore.GroupRead more
151SafirSon to Esclabor, brother of Segwarides and PalamedesHuman
152SagramoreUbiquitous Knight of the Round Table; various stories and origins are given for himHumanSagramor
153SaxonsGermanic invaders during the time of Arthurian stories.GroupRead more
154ScotsTribal peoples living in Ireland.Group
155SegwaridesSon of Esclabor, brother of Safir and PalamedesHuman
156TaliesinBard to king Arthur, oldest known Welsh poetHumanHistorical figure
157Tom a LincolnIllegitimate son of King Arthur through AngelicaHumanThe Red Rose KnightTom a Lincoln part 1, 1599; possibly mentioned in Robert Greene's Farewell to Folly, 1591
158Tom ThumbA tiny creation of Merlin, later becomes Arthur's court dwarf and an honorary knightHumanDiscovery of WitchcraftRead more
159TorSon of King Ars, adopted by PellinoreHuman
160TristanSon of Blancheflor and Rivalen (or Meliodas), Iseult's loverHuman(Latin/Brythonic: Drustanus), (Welsh: Drystan), (Portuguese: Tristão), (Spanish: Tristán), Tristran, TristramRoman de Tristan
161UnaPrincess of land devoured by dragon, travel companion and love interest to the Redcrosse KnightHumanThe Faerie Queen
162UrienFather of Ywain (Owain mab Urien), husband of Morgan le FayHumanUriensHistorical figureRead more
163Uther PendragonArthur's fatherHuman(French: Uter Pendragon), (Welsh: Wthyr Bendragon, Uthr Bendragon, Uthyr Pendraeg)Pa Gur yv y Porthaur?, c. 10th centuryRead more
164VortigernKing of Britain whose decisions assisted the Anglo-Saxon invasion of BritainHuman(Latin: Urtigernus), Guorthigirn, Vortiger, Vortigen, GwrtheyrnProbably a historical figure, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People, 721Read more
165VortimerSon of VortigernHumanHistoria Brittonum, c. 820
166YsbaddadenA giant and antagonistHumanCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
167YwainUrien's son, Morvydd's brotherHuman(Welsh: Owain), Yvain, Ewain, UwainBased on the historical figure Owain mab Urien
168Ywain the BastardUrien's illegitimate son through a seneschal, accidentally killed by GawainHuman