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List of Arthurian Characters and Groups

arthurian characters and groups

We all know of King Arthur, Merlin, or Lancelot. But there are dozens if not hundreds of other characters that are or have been part of the mythos, not to mention various groups they belonged to. This is our list of Arthurian characters and groups.

What’s on this List of Arthurian Characters and Groups?

There are a lot of characters that have become part of the Arthurian mythos throughout the years. Many have gone through multiple iterations and interpretations from authors across the British Isles, France, Germany, and much more.

This list combines both characters and groups from the Arthurian legends. While it is hard to be fully comprehensive, we encourage you to let us know if there are any important characters that you would include. You can do so through our contact page, social media, or in the comments.

We hope you enjoy this list! If you like it, you might want to consider visiting our Arthurian Legends Hub for similar resources. Check it out!

And if you see any characters or groups that you think we should add, don’t hesitate to let us know!

#NameShort DescriptionTypeOther NamesFirst AppearanceLearn more
1AalardinA knight with magical knowledge. Married ARthur's grand-niece Guigenor.Human
2Abamor of the MarshA knight whopossessed a white hart that was killed by Gawain and Gaheris.Human
3AbellusA knight slain by Tor.Human
4AccolonKnight who has relationship with Morgan le Fay.Human, Knight of the Round TablePost-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s
5AcheflourArthu'rs sister and Perceval's mother in Sir Perceval of GallesHumanSir Perceval of Galles
6AddanzAn ancestor of PercevalHuman
7AddaonThe son of Taliesen, noted as wise.Human
8AdelufSeveral people mentioned in Petit Brut, one a son of Arthur.HumanPetit Brut
9AdragainA knight of the round table that eventually became a hermit.Human, Knight of the Round Table
10AeddFather of Prydein from whome Britain took its name in the Welsh tradition.Human
11AegidiusRoman ruler of Gaul from AD 461-464Human
12AelleSaxon king of Sussex, flourished around the time of Arthur and possibly taking part in the Battle of Mt. Badon.Human
13AeneasVirgil's hero is said to be the ancestor of the British kings and Arthur in particular.Human
14AescPossible son of Hengist and early ruler of Kent from 488-512.Human
15AglovaleEldest son of King PellinoreHuman, Knight of the Round TableAgloval, Sir Aglovale de Galis
16AgravadainHusband of the mother of Ector, but not his father.Human
17AgravainSecond son of King Lot and Morgause. Brother of Gawain.Human, Knight of the Round TableAgravaineRead more
18AgrestesRuler of Camelot during the time of Joseph of ArimatheaHuman
19AgrestiziaName of Perceval's sister in Tavola ritondaHumanTavola ritonda
20AgricolaKing of Dyfed (South Wales) around 500 CE, thought to be a good king by Gildas. Human
21AguisantArthu'rs nephew through his sister, though we do not know her name.Human
22AguysansAnother name for the King With a Hundred Knights, Apres, or Maleginis.Human
23AilleannA woman of the Otherworld that eventually married Arthur. Faerie
24AlanSon of Brons and Enygeus. Also the father of Perceval in Didot Perceval.HumanDidot Perceval
25AlbanactCaptain of Arthur's guard in Dryden's opera, King Arthur.Human
26AlbanioThe hero of a book written by Jegon, in an unpublished continuation of Spenser's Faerie Queene.Human
27AlcardoA brother to Iseult and companion of Tristan, later known as Lantris.Human
28AlchendicA giant who ruled over Sarras, in the Prophecies de Merlin.Giant
29AlcinaSister of Morgan le Fay in the Italian romances of Boiardo and Ariosto.Human
30AldanMother of Merlin in Welsh tradition.Human
31AldroenusKing of Brittany who sent his brother Constantine (Arthur's grandfather) to rule the Britons.Human
32AlemandineQueen of a kingdom that was saved from a wild beast by Floriant.Human
33AlfraseinAnother name for KalafesHumanKalafes
34AliceWife of AlisanderHuman
35AlifatimaA King of Spain who followed Lucius and who was killed fighting against Arthur.Human
36AlisUncle of Cliges and Byzantine emperor. His wife was Fenice, with whom Cliges was in love.Human
37Alisander the OrphanSon of Baldwin, Mark's brother. Imprisoned by Morgan Le Fay and rescued by Alice.Human
38AloisKing of Northgalis who went to war with Amoraldo, Kking of Ireland, who was supported by Lancelot.Human
39AlonGrand nephew of Arthur.Human, Knight of the Round Table
40Ambroy OyseletA knight in Lovelich's Merlin.Human
41AmeneA queen whose kingdom was conquered by Roaz and was rescued by Wigalois at Arthur's command.Human
42AmiteA name of Galahad's mother.Human
43Amlawdd WledigIn Welsh sources, the father of Igraine. Also credited as being the father of Culhwch and Illtyd.Human
44AmoroldoThe son of Marhaus, made a knight by Tristan and supported by him. Human
45AmrSon of King ArthurHumanAmhar, Amir, AnirHistoria Brittonum, c. 820
46AmrenSon of BedivereHuman
47AmustantChaplain to Guinevere.Human
48AmytansA wise man who scolded Arthur.HumanLancelot of the Laik
49AndredCousin of TristanHumanLe Morte d'Arthur
50AndredResident of Mark's courtHuman
51AndriveteThe daughter of King Cador of Northumberland, married KayHuman
52AngelicaMother of Tom Thumb with ArthurHuman
53Angharhad Golden-handLover of Peredur (Perceval)HumanMabinogion
54AngisA squire of LancelotHuman
55AnglidesMother of Alisander the OrphanHuman
56AnglitoraDaughter of Prester John who mared Tom a' Lincoln from which union came the Black Knight.Human
57AnguishKing of Ireland and father of IseultHumanAnguisel
58Anna Sister of Arthur as per Geoffrey. Sometimes equated with Morgause.HumanHistoria Regum Britanniae
59AnthemiusRoman ruler who ruled from 467-72 CE.Human
60AntikonieLover of Gawain and sister of King VergulahtHuman
61AntonyIrish bishop, secretary to MerlinHuman
62ArawnKing of Annwyn, also possibly Urien's brother.Human
63ArcileCompanion of MorganHuman
64ArdanUncle of ArthurHuman
65AresFather of Do and grandfather of Griflet and LoreteHuman
66ArganHusband of a woman that Uther loved.Human
67ArganteQueen of Avalon and an elf. Possibly a form of the British goddess ArianhrodHuman
68ArgistesA man that Merlin prophesied would be hanged, drowned and burned, and it happened.Human
69ArgusAnother son of Elaine, mother of Galahad.HumanY Saint Greal
70ArguthAn ancestor of LotHuman
71AriesA cowherd who raised Tor, son of King Pellinore, thinking him to be his son.Human
72ArniveArthur's mother in Wolfram, rescued by Gawain.Human
73AronA knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
74Art AoinfhearA son of Arthur in Caithreim Conghail Clairingnigh. Also a son of King Conn in Irish material.HumanCaithreim Conghail Clairingnich
75ArtegallKnight of JusticeHumanArtgualcharThe Faerie Queen
76Arthur of BrittanyA descendant of Lancelot who sought the hand of Florence, daughter of the King of Sorlois in modern-day Iraq.Human
77Arthur of DalriadaA king who lived after the time of Arthur, but is one contestant for the origin of the character.Human
78Arthur the LittleBastard son of Arthur who went on the Grail quest.HumanProse Tristan
79Arthur, KingKing, the central character of the Arthurian mythos.HumanArthur PendragonY Gododdin, c. 7th centuryRead more
80AthrwysPossible King of Gwent and possible source of the Arthur legend.Human
81AuguselusUrien's brother, possibly the same as Arawn. Was killed by Mordred.Human
82Aurelius AmbrosiusUther Pendragon's brother, High King of Britain before him. Killed before Uther's reign.HumanAmbrosius AurelianusDe Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae c. 540sRead more
83Aurelius ConanSucceeded Constantine, Arthu'rs successor.Human
84AvallocLived in Avalon with his daughters. Father of the goddess Modron.Human
85AyglinUncle of Andrivete who married Kay.Human
86Bach BychanThe page of Tristan.HumanTrystan
87BagdemagusMeleagant's father and ruler of GorreHuman
88BagdemagusKing of Gore and father of Meleagaunce who abducted Guinevere.Human, Knight of the Round Table
89BalanBrother to BalinHumanSir Balan le SavagePost-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s
90BaldulfBrother of Golgrin, the Saxon leader, killed at Badon.Human
91BalinBrother to Balan, kills the Lady of the Lake and strikes the Dolorous StrokeHumanSir Balin le Savage, Knight with Two SwordsPost-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s
92BalorGiant relative of Yspadadden in CulhwchGiantCulhwch and Olwen
93BanFather of LancelotHuman
94BaninKing Ban's godson, a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
95BaudwinA knight that Arthur made a constable of his realm and governed Britain while Arthur went to war with Rome. Later became a hermit.Human
96BeatriceWife of Carduino, who was rescued from an enchantment by him.Human
97BeauteA maid of Guinevere who fell in love with Gliglois, the squire of Gawain.Human
98BedivereClose friend of Arthur. Returns Excalibur to The Lady of the Lake, brother to Sir LucanHuman(Welsh: Bedwyr), (French: Bédoier), BedeverePa Gur yv y Porthaur, c. 10th century
99BedwinA bishop in several Arthurian stories.Human
100BelagogA giant who guarded Arthur's castle.Giant
101BelayePrincess of Lizaborey, second wife of LohengrinHuman
102BelcaneQueen of ZazamancHuman
103BelideDaughter of King Pharamond of France, died of lovesickness for Tristan.HumanBellicies
104BelinantFather of Dodinel.Human
105BelisentA sister of Arthur who married Lot, possibly another name for Morgause.Human
106BellangereEarl of Laundes, son of Alisander the Orphan. Killed King Mark.Human
107BelleusWounded by Lancelot when he mistook a sleeping Lancelot for his wife. Later made a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
108BenwickDaughter of Pharamond of GaulHuman
109Bernard of AstolatFather of Elaine the White and LavaineHuman
110BertholaiChampion of the Flase Guinevere.Human
111BethidesSon of PerceforestHuman
112BeunoSaint in North Wales, said to be the grandon of Anna, Arthur's sister through her daughter Perferren.Human
113BiausdousSon of Gawain. Married Biautei.Human
114Black KnightKing Arthur's grandson through Tom a Lincoln. Another Black Knight is an antagonist figureHuman
115BlaesOne of twenty-four Knights of Arthur's Court.Human
116BlaiseA hermit originally from Italy to whome Merlin's mother went when she was pregnant.Human
117Blamore de GanisA Knight of the Round Table who had a quarrel with Tristan but later they became friends. Became a hermit after Arthur's death.Human, Knight of the Round Table
118Blanche-FleurMistress of Perceval. Besiedged by King Glamadeus but rescued by Perceval. In other sources a sister of King Mark.Human
119BlanchefleurPercival's wife, niece to GornemantHumanPerceval, the Story of the Grail, c. 1181
120BlasineA sister of Arthur who married Nentres of Garlot. Mother of Galachin.Human
121BlenziblyTristan's mother in the Icelandic Saga of Tristan and Isodd.HumanSaga of Tristan and Isodd
122BleoberisBrother of Blamore and a Knight of the Round Table.Human
123BliocadranA name of Perceval's father.Human
124Blonde EsmereeDaughter of the King of Wales, turned into a serpent by Mabon and Evrain.Human
125BorreThe illegitimate son of Arthur by Lionors. Eventually became a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
126Bors the ElderBrother to King Ban, and an ally of Arthur'sHuman(French: Bohort)
127Bors the YoungerSon of Bors the Elder, father of Elyan the WhiteHuman
128BosoRuler of Oxford and a vassal of Arthur.Human
129BoudinFather of Alisander the Orphan and brother of King Mark who murdered him.Human
130Bran the BlessedMythical figure from Celtic Mythology, possibly connected to some early versions of the Grail myth.Faerie
131BrandegorisKing of Stranggore who rebelled against Arthur at first.Human
132BrandilesKnight of the Round Table who fought Gawain for seducing his sister.Human, Knight of the Round Table
133BrangaineMaidservant of Iseult who gave her the lover potion that eventually led to her falling in love with Tristan.HumanBrangaene, Brangwane, BrangienTristan, 12th century
134BrastiasOne of Arthur's Knights who fought at Bedegraine.Human, Knight of the Round Table
135BredbeddleA knight who fought with Arthur in King Arthur and the King of CornwallHuman
136Breunis Saunce PyteAn enemy of Arthur who Gareth killed.Human
137Breunor le NoirKnight who wears his murdered father's coat, brother of Dinadan and DanielHumanBrunor, La Cote Male Taile
138Brian Des IllesLaid siege to Carduel and driven off by Lancelot.Human
139Briant of the Red IsleFather of TristouseHuman
140BrickusSon of Mazadan and grandfather of Arthur in WolframHuman
141BrisenHelped arrange for Lancelot to sleep with Elaine unawares.Human
142BritomartKnight of Chastity, a female knight of the Faerie Queen.HumanThe Faerie Queen
143BritonsThe original inhabitants of Great Britain.Group
144BronsHusband of Enygeus, the sister of Josephh of Arimathea. Was given the Grail.Human
145BruinUnknown Family, One of the original 32 Knights of the Round TableHumanSir Bruin Surnamed the Black
146BrumartNephew of King Alaudas who sat on the siege Perilous.Human
147BrunissenWife of JaufreHuman
148BrunorOne of the best knights of the Old TableHuman
149BrutoHero in an Italian romanceHumanBruto di Brettagna
150Brutus of BritainFirst King of Britain, a TrojanHumanBrut, Brute, (Welsh: Bryttys)Historia Brittonum, c. 820Read more
151BudiciusName of two kings in Brittany. One brought up Ambrosius and Uther. THe other married Anna.Human
152BugiHusband of Arthur's niece, Perferren.Human
153Burlette Della DisertaAbductor of Pulzella Gaia, daughter of Morgan. Rescued by Lancelot.Human
154ByanorRecipient of a sword that formerly belonged to Arthur.HumanThe Faerie King
155CadoRuled with Arthur in West CountryHumanLife of St. Carannog
156Cadoc, SaintWelsh saint. Arthur demanded of him to deliver a man named Ligessac who had claimed sanctuary.Human
157CadogOne of twenty-four Knights of Arthur's Court.Human
158CadorRaised Guinevere as his ward, father to Constantine III of Britain, described in some works as Arthur's cousinHuman(Latin: Cadorius)
159CadwallonKing of Vendoti, a people who lived in North WalesHuman
160CadwySon of GereintHumanDream of Rhonabwy
161CaeliaTom a'Lincoln's lover, mother to the Faerie KnightHumanCelia, The Faerie Queene
162CalogrenantCousin to Sir YwainHumanColgrevance, CynanYvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
163CamilleA sorceress who fell in love with Arthur and killed herself.Human
164CananFather of Lac and grandfather of Erec.Human
165CandacesSon of King Apollo of Liones.Human
166CanorA King in Cornwall who was aided by the IrishHuman
167CaradocRebelled against Arthur when he first became king, but later supported him, sometimes two characters—Caradoc the Elder (a king) and Caradoc the Younger (a knight)Human(Latin: Caractacus), (Welsh: Caradog Freichfras), (French: Carados Briefbras)
168CaradosOne of the Kings that rebelled against Arthur at the beginning.Human
169Carados of the Dolorous TowerHis mother was an enchantress. Captured Gawain and kept him in a dungeon. Killed by Lancelot.Human
170Carannog, SaintDrove off a serpent at King Arthu'rs request.Human
171CaratacusA historical person at the time of the Roman invasion, argued that he was the original Arthur.Human
172CarduinoA knight raised in secret after his fahter, Dondinello, was poisoned. Slew a wizard who had turned a kingdom of people into animals.Human, Knight of the Round Table
173CariadoA knight who loved Iseult.Human
174Carl of CarlisleA giant who hosted Gawain, Kay, and Bishop Baldwin. Was beheaded, at his own request, by Gawain.Giant
175CarrasKing of Recesse, brother of King Claudas. Went to war with Arthur until Gawain convinced him to stop.Human
176CarviliaA daughter of Morgan le FayHuman
177CastekkirsSon of Aminabad, and ancestor of Arthur.Human
178CatigernSon of Vortigern, fought alongside his brother Vortimer against the SaxonsHuman(Welsh: Cattegirn)
179CatuvellaniA tribe of BritainsGroup
180Catwallaun LonghandA North Welsh ruler who supposedly drove out the Irish out of Anglesey around 500 CE.Human
181CawThe father of Gildas, Hueil, and Cywyllog.Human
182CelidoineSon of the first Nascien who became king of Scotland. Ancestor of Galahad.Human
183Cerdic of Wessex, KingFirst King of WessexHumanAnglo-Saxon Chronicle, 9th centuryRead more
184CeridwenMother of TaliesinHuman
185CernunnosA Celtic horned god. Since Merlin was associated with stags, we may have had a connection.Faerie
186CheldricA Saxon leader who fought in several battles, including Badon, and was eventually killed by Cador.Human
187ChelindeWife of Sador, who was the son of Brons.Human
188ChlodomerKing of Orleans, supposedly died fighting Arthur, according to R.W. Morgan.Human
189ChrammLed a rebellion against Clothair.Human
190CissaA son of Aelle.Human
191ClaireSister of Sagremore.Human
192ClamadeusA king who was killed by Perceval.Human
193ClarineMother of Lancelot in a German version.Human
194ClarisA Knight of the Round Table in the romance Claris et Laris.Human, Knight of the Round Table
195ClarissantDaughter of Lot and Morgause. Married Guiromelant.Human
196ClarisseSister of Gawain.Human
197ClaudasA Frankish King antagonistic to Arthur, has two sons, Dorin and ClaudinHuman
198ClaudinVirtuous son of the Frankish villain Claudas, eventually becomes one of 12 knights to achieve the Holy GrailHuman
199CleriadusHusband of Meliadice, a descendant of Arthur.Human
200CligesSon of Alexander. Had a Tristan-like relationship with his uncle's wife.Human, Knight of the Round Table
201ClitonA sister of Morgan.Human
202ClodionA son of Pharamond, killed by TristanHuman
203ClothairKing of Soissons, supposedly rebelled against Arthur.Human
204ClydnoA warrior of Arthur, father of Cynon.Human
205CoelAn ancestor of Arthur through his mother. Possibly a historical figure.Human
206ColgrevanceA Knight of the Round Table from Gore. Either killed by Lionel or Lancelot.Human, Knight of the Round Table
207ColgrinA Saxon leader who fought Arthur at Badon.Human
208ColombeLover of Lanveor, son of the King of Ireland. Killed herself after Lanceor was killed by Balin.Human
209Conan MeriadocAccording to Geoffrey, Conan was the first ruler of Brittany, an ancestor of Arthur.Human
210CondwiramursWife of Perceval in Wolfram.HumanParzival
211CononFather of Emmeline in Dryden's King Arthur.HumanKing Arthur by Dryden
212ConradA bishop that tried to charge Merlin with heresy.Human
213ConstanceWife of King Ban and mother of Lancelot in an Italian romance.Human
214Constans son of Constantine, KingSon of Constantine II of Britain, older brother to Uther PendragonHumanBased on the historical figure Constans
215Constantine II of Britain, KingArthur's grandfather, father to Uther Pendragon, Constans, and Ambrosius AurelianusHumanBased on the historical figure Constantine
216Constantine III of BritainArthur's cousin and successor to his throne, Cador's sonHumanHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
217CorbonSon of Renoart and Morgan in Bataille Loquifer.HumanBataille Loquifer
218CradelmentA king of Northgalis, one of those who rebelled against Arthur in his early reign.Human
219CulhwchCousin of Arthur's in early Welsh legendHumanCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
220CundrieTwo women in Wolfram, one a Grail damsel, and the other a daughter of Arthur's sister Sangive.HumanParzival
221CuneddaAccording to Brut y Brenhinedd, the grandmother of Igraine.Human
222CunobelinusKing of the Catuvellani, an ancestor of Arthur, and the source for Shakespeare's Cymbline.Human
223Cyledyr the WildA follower of Arthur in Culhwch and Olwen.Human
224CymenA son of Aelle.Human
225CynfarchThe father of Urien.Human
226CynonThe Lover of Morfudd, Owain's twin sister.Human
227CynricSon of Cerdic of Wessex.Human
228Cynric of Wessex, KingSecond King of Wessex, son of CerdicHumanAnglo-Saxon Chronicle, 9th century
229CyonOne of Twenty-four Knights of Arthur's Court.Human
230CywyllogDaughter of Caw and wife of Mordred in Welsh tradition.Human
231DagonetArthur's court jester, who eventually became a knight.Human, Knight of the Round Table
232DaireA Pictish king, and father of the Otherworld woman Ailleann.Faerie
233DamasA knight who would trap others knights so his brother, Sir Ontzlake, could fight them. Stopped by Arthur.Human
234Danain the RedLord of Malehaut.Human
235DanielBrother of Dinadan in Tavola Ritonda. Discovered Lancelot and Guenevere in a compromising position.Human, Knight of the Round TableTavola Ritonda
236Daniel von BlumenthalA Knight of the Round Table found in an early German offshoot of Arthurian legendHuman, Knight of the Round TableDaniel von Blumenthal, 1220
237DarercaSister of St. Patrick, said to be Arthur's ancestor.Human
238DarnantA magician killed by Betis, later called Perceforest.HumanDamartPerceforest
239Daughter of the King of LogresIn romance of Tyolet, she requred a knight to bring her the white foot of a stag.HumanTyolet
240David, SaintThe patron of Wales. Arthur's uncle in Geoffrey.Human
241DemetrusIn Heywood, Merlin's maternal grandfather. Human
242DenwIn Welsh tradition, daughter of Anna and Lot. Married Owain.Human
243DerfelA saint, founder of of Llanderfel in Gwynedd. Said to have fought and ssurvived in the battle of Camlann.Human
244DetorsA king in NorthumberlandHuman
245DianeGoddess of teh wood, mother of Dyonas, and grandmother of Vivienne.Human
246DillusAn enemy of Arthur. Kay removed hairs from his beard in Culhwch and Olwen.Human
247DinabutiusThe boy who taunted a young Merlin for not knowing the name of his father, drawing the attention of Vortigern's counsellors.Human
248DinadanSon of Sir Brunor the SeniorHuman, Knight of the Round TableProse Tristan, 1230s
249DinasA companion of Tristan and Knight of the Round Table. According to Tavola, he succeeded Mark as King of Cornwall.Human, Knight of the Round Table
250DindraneSister (sometimes half-sister) of Percival, plays a large part in many Holy Grail storiesHuman(Italian: Agrestizia), (Welsh: Danbrann), Dindraine, Heliabel
251DionesFather of Nimue. His godmother was the goddess Diana.Human
252DionetaTwo people in Welsh Birth of Arthur. A daughter of Gorlois and Igrain. And a daughter fo Gwyar and Lot.Human
253DioniseAn enchanted chatelaine, freed by Gawain who refused to marry her.Human
254DiracBrother of Lac and uncle of Erec.Human
255DiwrnachAn Irishman who refused to give Arthur his cauldron for Culhwch.Human
256DoForester of Uther and father of Griflet and Lorete. Human
257DodinelA Knight of the ROund Table called the Savage. Son of Belinant and EglanteHuman, Knight of the Round Table
258DogsheadsOpponents of Arthur in Pa Gur. possibly a tribe of ancient Celts.Group
259DollallollaWife of Arthur in Henry Fielding's Tragedy of Tragedies, a parody.HumanTragedy of Tragedies
260DondinelloFather of Carduino. He was killed by poison.Human
261DorinSon of Claudas. Killed in a fight with Lionel and Bors.Human
262DornarSon of King Pellinore and a Knight of the Round Table.Human, Knight of the Round Table
263DriantSon fo King Pellinore. A Knight of the Rount Table who Gawain killed.Human, Knight of the Round Table
264DrudwasSon of King Tryffin of Denmark. Fought against Arthur.Human
265DruidanA dwarf to whome Gawain gave his mistress Ydain who had tried to leave him.Human
266DubriciusA Celtic saint who died about the year 550 CE. Archbishop of Caerleon.Human
267DuessaAntagonist of the Faerie Queen,FaerieThe Faerie Queen
268DurnureOne of Three Sons of King Pellinore, one of the original 32 Knights of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round TableSir Durnure
269DyonasFather of VivianneHumanVulgate
270DywellBrother of Gereint.Human
271EbracusFounder of the Castle of Mount Agned, later the Castle of Maidens.Human
272EctorRaises Arthur according to Merlin's command, father to Sir KayHuman, Knight of the Round TableHector, Antor, EctoriusLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
273Eda Elyn MawrArthur's killer, according to British Museum Harleian MS 4181Human
274Edern ap NuddBrother of Gwyn ap Nudd, rival to Erec/Geraint, originally a hostile figure, later a member of Arthur's retinueHumanEdern, son of Nudd, Yder, Yver, Isdernus, Knight of the SparrowhawkCulhwch and Olwen, c. 1100
275EdorAncestor of LotHuman
276Efflam, SaintA Saint who fought a dragon with Arthur.Human
277EfrawgFather of Perceval in Peredur.HumanMabinogion
278EfrddfTwin sister to Urien of Rheged.Human
279EglanteMother of Dodinel the Savage.Human
280Elaine of AstolatDaughter of Bernard of Astolat, classic Arthurian figure of unrequited loveHumanElaine the White, Elaine the Fair, The Lady of ShalottLe Morte d'Arthur, 1470
281Elaine of BenoicWife of King Ban and mother to Lancelot, Evaine's sisterHumanLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
282Elaine of CorbenicDaughter of the Fisher King, mother of Galahad by LancelotHumanAmite, Helaine, HelizabelPerceval, the Story of the Grail c. 1181
283Elaine of GarlotDaughter of Gorlois and Igraine, sister to Morgan le Fay and Morgause and a half-sister to King Arthur, wife to King Nentres.Human
284Elaine of ListenoiseDaughter of King Pellinore, lover of Sir Miles of the LaundesHuman
285Elaine the PeerlessNiece of the Lord of the Fens and wife of Persides the Red of the Castle of GazevilteHuman
286ElergiaA witch who imprisoned Arthur, who was eventually rescued by TristanFaerieTavola ritonda
287EliabellaTristan's mother in Italian romances.Human
288EliavresA knight with mystical powers. He loved the wife of King Caradoc.Human
289EliazarSon of Pelles and uncle of Galahad.Human
290ElidusA king of Ireland.Human
291EliezerSon of EvelakeHuman
292ElisArthur's cousin.Human
293ElivriArthu'rs head groom.Human
294EliwlodNephew to Arthur, son of Madoc, Uther Pendragon's sonHumanWelsh Triads
295ElizabethWife of Meliodas. Mother of Tristan.Human
296EllenDaughter of Arthur in the Scots ballad of Childe Rowland.HumanChilde Rowland
297ElphinSon of Gwyddno Garanhir. Rescued Taliesin and was rescued in turn.Human
298ElsaDaughter of Duke Brabant.Human
299Elyan the WhiteSon of Sir Bors and Claire, King Brandegoris' daughter, helps Lancelot rescue Guinevere and goes into exile with himHuman(French: Helyan le Blanc)
300ElyzabelCousin of Guinevere. Imprisoned by Claudas and freed by Arthur.Human
301EmmelineA blind girl, daughter of Duke Conon of Cornwall.HumanDryden's King Arthur
302Endelienta, SaintA saint who was killed by the Lord of Trenteny. Arthur, her godfather, avenged her.Human
303EneuavcDaughter of BediverHuman
304EngresA king, brother of Iseult in Icelandic Saga of TristramHumanSaga of Tristram
305EnideErec's wifeHumanEnidErec and Enide, c. 1170
306EnygeusSister of Joseph of Arimathea, wife of Brons and mother of Alan.Human
307EopaA Saxon who poisoned Ambrosius Aurelius. Later fell to Uther.Human
308EpinogresSon of King of Umberland, and brother unto Enchantress Vivien, one of the original 32 Knights of the Round TableHumanSir Epinogres
309ErbinEither father or son of Gereint.Human
310ErecSon of King Lac and a Knight of the Round TableHumanGeraintUnclear; first literary appearance as Erec in Erec and Enide, c. 1170
311EriesSon of Lot who became a knight. Possibly the same as GaherisHuman
312ErlanAncestor of LotHuman
313ErmaleusGawain's cousin in BeaudousHumanBeaudous
314ErmidBrother of Gereint.Human
315Escanor the HandsomeKing of the White Mountain and nephew of Escanor the large, Gawain defeated him in combat after Escanor tried to abduct Sir Girflct.HumanGirart
316Escanor the LargeSon of a giant and a witch, brother of Alienor, and uncle of Escanor the Handsome, he shared Gawain’s power by which his strength waxed and waned with the sun.HumanAtre, Girart
317EsclaborFather of Palamedes, Safir, and SegwaridesHuman
318EscladosDefended a magical fountain in the Forest of Broceliande, married to LaudineHumanYvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
319EsclarimondeA fairy lover of Escanor Le Beau and Brian des IllesFaerie
320EsclarmondeWife of Huon, a faerie.Human
321EscolA follower of Arthur. Father was King of Aelens of IcelandHuman
322EscorducarlaLady of Vallone, who planned to imprison MerlinHuman
323EstonneLord of the Scottish Wilderness, father fo Passaleon.Human
324EstorausePagan king of Sarras, who imprisoned Galahad, Perceval and BBors.Human
325EttardLoved by Pelleas but did not share his feelings until Nimue bewitched her.Human
326EugeniusKing of Scotland, ally of Mordred.Human
327EustaceDuke of Cambenet who took part in the rebellion against Arthur.Human
328EvadeamTransformed into a dwarf by magic. Later became a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
329EvaineWife of Bors the Elder, mother of Bors the Younger and Lionel, sister of Elaine of Benoic, aunt of LancelotHumanLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
330EvaineWife of the Elder Bors. Mother of Lionel and younger Bors. Human
331EvdafSon of Kradoc and father of Kynan. Uncle of Conan Meriadoc.HumanEudafBonedd yr arwr
332EvelakeKing born in France who became King of Sarras, eventually helped by Joseph of Arimathea to fight against Tholomer.Human
333EvrainA wizard who changed Blonde Esmeree into a snake.Human
334Faerie Knight, TheIllegitimate son of Tom a'Lincoln and Caelia, the Faerie Queen, half brother to the Black KnightHumanTom a Lincoln part 1, 1599
335Fautusa son of VortigernHuman
336FeirefizHalf-brother to Percival and King Arthur's nephewHumanParzival, early 13th century
337FelixGrandfather of Tristan, father of Meliodas and Mark in Tristano Riccardiano. Their brother in law in Malory.Human
338FeniceWife of Alis, emperor of Constantinople in the Cliges story.Human
339FergusA ploughboy who wanted to be a knight. Eventually marries Galiene, the Lady of Lothian and becomes a Knight of the Round Table.Human, Knight of the Round Table
340FerragunzeA knight who claimed to never get jealous, a glaim that was put to the test and turned out to be true.Human
341FfrwdwrAn ancestor of Arthur through his mother. According to Bonedd yr arwr.Human
342Fisher King, TheGuardian of the Holy Grail, Father of Elaine of CorbenicHumanThe Wounded King, Pelles, Pelias, AmfortasPerceval, the Story of the Grail, c. 1181
343FlorenceA son of Gawain who was killed by Lancelot when he was part of the group that discovered Lancelot and Guenevere together.Human
344FloreteWife of Florian and daughter of the Emperor of ConstantinopleHuman
345FloriantHero of the romance Floriant et Florete. Son of Elyadus, King of Sicily. A member of Arthur's court.Human
346FlorieTwo individuals, one who was the niece of King Joram, the other Queen of Kanadic.Human
347FlorisdelfaAn enchantress who learned from Merlin. Eventually killed herself on beholding the beauty of Iseult.Human
348FlurentMother of Iseult in the Icelandic version of the myth in Saga of Tristan.Human
349FortuneArthur had a vision of Fortune spinning her wheel that fortold his fall in Morte Arthure.Faerie
350FrimutelIn Wolfram, the father of Amfortas, the Grail King.Human
351FrisiansA Germanic people. In Alliterative Morte Arthure, King Frederick of Friesland was an ally of Mordred.Group
352FrocinA dwarf that let everyone know that Mark had horses ears.Human
353FrollloA Roman tribue in Gaul for the Emperor Leo. Defeated by Arthur in battle. Human
354FulgentiusEarly King of Britain according to Geoffrey. An ancestor of Lot.Human
355GabanMade a sword in the age of Christ, later wielded by Gawain.Human
356GaddieferKing of Scotland during the time of Alexander the Great.Human
357GaherisSon of King Lot and Morgause, brother to Gawain, Agravaine, and Gareth, and half-brother to MordredHuman
358GahmuretFather of Perceval in Wolfram. Travelled to the Orient.Human
359GalagandreizMaternal grandfather of Lancelot. Also a name of one of Arthur's knights.Human, Knight of the Round Table
360GalahadIllegitimate son of Sir Lancelot and Elaine of CorbenicHumanLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
361GalehaultFormer enemy of Arthur who becomes close friends with LancelotHumanGalehalt, GalehautLancelot-Grail, early 13th century
362GalentivetBrother of Griflet, involved in an attack on Escanor.Human
363GaleronA Scottish knight of Galway (Galloway). His lands were confiscated by Arthur, but he would eventually become a Knight of the Round TableHuman, Knight of the Round Table
364Gales Li CausFather of Perceval and a Knight of the Round Table according to Gerbert.Human, Knight of the Round Table
365GaleschinSon of Elaine of Garlot and King Nentres, nephew of ArthurHumanGaleshinVulgate Cycle
366GalianSon of Owain in Gallians tatturHuman
367GalieneThe Lady of Lothian, who married Fergus.Human
368GalihodinA cousing of Galehaut, a Knight of the Round Table. Allied with Lancelot when he fled the court.Human, Knight of the Round Table
369GalvariunA knight of Arthur who was depicted on the Moderna Archivolt (the underside of an arch in the Moderna Cathedral).Human, Knight of the Round Table
370GandinGrandfather to Perceval in Wolfram.Human
371GaniedaTwin sister of Merlin in Vita Merlini. Also called Gwendydd.Human
372GaranwynSon of Kay, according to Welsh tradition.Human
373GarcelosAncestor of Arthur through his mother. According to Welsh writer Gruffudd Hiraethog.Human
374GarelA knight of Arthur who conquered the dissident kingdom of Kanedic.Human, Knight of the Round Table
375GarethAlso a son of Lot and Morgause, in love with LyonesseHumanBeaumains
376GargantuaA giant, the son of Grandgousier. Served Arthur and also had an encounter with Tom Thumb.Human
377GarlonAn evil knight, brother to King Pellam. Killed by Balin.Human
378GarwenOne of Arthur's three mistresses, according to Triad 57. Human
379GasozeinFalsely claimed Guinevere was his wife in Diu Crone.Human
380GaurielA warrior in a German romance who captured three of Arthur's knights for his wife.Human
381GawainAnother son of Lot and Morgause, father of GingalainHuman(Latin: Walwanus), (Welsh: Gwalchmai), (Irish: Balbhuaidh)Culhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
382Geneir GwystylOne of King Arthur's knights in the Welsh Arthurian legend[1]Human
383GeraintEnid's loverHuman
384GingalainGawain's and Blanchemal's sonHumanGuinglain, Gingalin, Gliglois, Wigalois, Le Bel Inconnu
385GlorianaThe Faerie QueenFaerieThe Faerie Queen
386GorloisIgraine's first husband before she married Uther Pendragon, father of Morgause and Morgan le Fay.Human(Old Welsh: Gwrlais)
387GornemantPercival's mentorHumanErec and Enide, c. 1170
388Green Knight, TheA knight enchanted by Morgan le Fay in order to test GawainFaerieBercilak, Bertilak, Bernlak, BredbeddleSir Gawain and the Green Knight, 1300s
389GrifletThe son of Do (or Don), cousin to Sir Lucan and Sir BedivereHumanGirflet, Jaufre
390GringoletGawain's horseHuman(Welsh: Gwyn Calet, Ceincaled)Erec and Enide, c. 1170
391GuinevakGuinevere's half-sisterHumanGwenhwyvachCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
392Guinevere, QueenWife to King Arthur, famous for her affair with LancelotHuman(Welsh: Gwenhwyfar), (Latin: Guanhumara)Culhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
393Guiron le CourtoisCompanion of MeliodasHumanPalamedes, 1235–1240
394GuyonKnight of TemperanceHumanThe Faerie Queen
395Gwyn ap NuddOne of Arthur's knights. Brother of Edern ap Nudd, rival of Gwythyr ap Greidawl, lover of CreiddyladFaerieCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
396Hector de MarisHalf-brother of Lancelot, son of King Ban and the Lady de Maris, Sir Bors and Sir Lionel are his cousinsHumanEctor de Maris
397HengestAn Anglo-Saxon king killed by Uther Pendragon, Horsa's brotherHumanHengistThe Ecclesiastical History of the English People, 721
398HoelSon of King Budic of Brittany, father to St. TudwalHuman(Welsh: Howel, Hywel)
399HorsaBrother to HengestHumanThe Ecclesiastical History of the English People, 721
400Hueil mab CawA Pictish plunderer and chieftain, killed by Arthur, brother to Saint GildasHumanHuailCulhwch and Olwen, c. 1110
401IgraineMother to King Arthur through an affair with Uther Pendragon, mother of Morgause and Morgan le Fay through her first husband GorloisHuman(Latin: Igerna), (Welsh: Eigyr), (French Igerne), Ygrayne, Arnive.Historia Regum Britanniae, c. 1136Read more
402Iseult of IrelandWife of Mark of Cornwall and adulterous lover of Sir TristanHumanIsolde, Yseult, Isode, Isoude, Isotta
403Iseult of the White HandsDaughter of Hoel of Brittany, sister of Sir Kahedin, and wife of TristanHumanIsolde, Yseult, Isode, Isoude, Isotta
404Iseult, QueenIseult of Ireland's motherHumanIsolde, Yseult, Isode, Isoude, Isotta
405Joseph of ArimatheaFirst keeper of the Holy Grail in Arthurian legendHumanJoseph d'Arimathie, 12th century
406Josephus of ArimatheaSon of Joseph of ArimatheaHumanJosephe, Josephes
407KahedinBrother to Iseult, son of King Hoel, had an affair with BrangaineHumanKahadin, Kahedrin, Kehenis, Kehidius, possibly (Welsh: Kae Hir)Roman de Tristan
408KayFoster brother to Arthur, Sir Ector's sonHuman(Welsh: Cai), (Latin: Caius)Pa Gur yv y porthaur, 10th century
409Knights of the Round TableOrganization at Camelot, headed by King Arthur.Group
410Lady of the LakeThere are several related characters called the Lady of the Lake—their actions include giving Arthur his sword Excalibur, raising Lancelot and his cousins as foster children, enchanting Merlin, and taking the dying king to AvalonFaerieNimue, Viviane, Niniane, NyneveUnclear; a water fay is first mentioned as Lancelot's foster mother in Lancelot, the Knight of the Cart, 1170s
411LamorakSon of King Pellinore, brother to Tor, Aglovale, Percival, and Dindrane, lover of MorgauseHumanProse Tristan, c. 1235
412LancelotSon to King Ban and Elaine, most famous for his affair with Queen Guinevere, Arthur's wife, most prominent Knight of the Round TableHumanLancelot du Lac, Lancelot of the Lake, LauncelotErec and Enide, c. 1170
413LanvalA knight of King Arthur's court who falls in love with a fairyHumanLandevale, Launfal, LambewellLanval, late 12th century
414LaudineSir Ywain's wifeHumanLady of the FountainYvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
415LeodegranceGuinevere's father, King of Cameliard in what is now southwest EnglandHumanLeondegrance, Leodegraunce
416LionelSon of King Bors of Gaunnes (or Gaul), brother of Bors the YoungerHuman
417LlamreiLlamrei was a mare owned by King ArthurHumanCulhwch and Olwen, 11th century
418LohengrinA knight of the Holy Grail, son of PercivalHumanLoherangrin, LorengelParzival, early 13th century
419LoholtIllegitimate son of ArthurHumanPossibly Llacheu (similar character in Welsh sources)Welsh Triads
420LotKing of Lothian, father to Gawain, Agravain, Gaheris, and GarethHumanLothHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
421LucanServant to King Arthur, Bedivere's brother, Griflet's cousinHumanSir Lucan the Butler
422LuciusA fictional Roman Emperor and antagonist to ArthurHumanLucius Tiberius, Lucius HiberiusHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
423LuneteHandmaiden and advisor to LaudineHuman(Welsh: Luned), (French: Lunete, Lunet)Yvain, the Knight of the Lion, 1170s
424LynetteSeeks aid from Arthur to rescue her sister Lyonesse, Arthur sends an incognito Gareth, who she berates until he proves his worthHumanLe Morte d'Arthur, c. 1470
425LyonesseEntrapped sister of Lynette, rescued by Gareth, whom she eventually marriesHumanLe Morte d'Arthur, c. 1470
426Mabon ap ModronSon of Modron, kidnapped at birth, rescued by CulhwchHumanCulhwch and Olwen, 11th century
427MadocSon of Uther Pendragon, brother of Arthur in early Welsh tradition, father of EliwlodHumanMadawgBook of Taliesin
428MaleagantAbductor of GuinevereHumanMalagant, Meleagant, perhaps MelwasUnclear, a similar character named "Melwas" appears in the 12th century Life of Gildas
429Manawydan fab LlyrOriginally a British god; appeared as a knight of Arthur's in Culhwch and OlwenHumanManawyddanThe Mabinogion
430Mark of CornwallTristan's uncle, husband to IseultHuman(Latin: Marcus Cunomorus), (Cornish: Margh), (Welsh: March)Possibly based on a historical figure from the 6th century
431MeirchionFather to Mark of CornwallHuman
432MelehanElder son of MordredHumanHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
433MeliodasFather to Tristan, Tristan's father was named Rivalen in earlier versionsHumanMeliadusProse Tristan
434Menw ap TairgwaeddEnchanter, member of Arthur's retinueHumanCulhwch and Olwen c. 1100
435MerlinWizard, guide to King ArthurHuman(Welsh: Myrddin), Myrddin Emrys, Merlin Ambrosius, MerlynHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136, but derived from earlier Welsh tales
436ModronMother of Mabon, in another folktale, she is the mother of Owain (Ywain) and Morvydd by Urien, Possible source for Morgan le FayHumanCulhwch and Olwen, Welsh Triads, 11th century
437MordredIn some literature, Arthur's illegitimate son through Morgause (or Morgan le Fay), kills and is killed by ArthurHumanModred, (Welsh: Medrawd, Latin: Medraut)Annales Cambriae, c. 970
438Morgan le FaySorceress, half-sister and sometime antagonist of Arthur, and (in some traditions) mother of MordredHumanMorgaine, Morgain, MorganaUnclear; first mention as Morgan in Vita Merlini, c. 1150Read more
439Morgan TudHead physician of Arthur's courtHumanGeraint ac Enid
440MorgauseArthur's half-sister, wife to King Lot, mother to Gawain, Agravaine, Gaheris, and Gareth, and in some traditions, also the mother of MordredHumanAnna, BelisentHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136Read more
441MorholtIrish knight, rival of Tristan, uncle of IseultHumanMarhalt, Morold, MarhausTristan, 12th century
442MorienHalf-Moorish son of AglovaleHumanMoriaenMorien, 13th century
443MorvyddOwain's twin sisterHuman
444NimueOne name for the Lady of the LakeFaerie
445OberonKing of the Fairies, sometimes identified as a son of Morgan le FayHumanAuberon, King of Shadows and Fairies
446OlwenDaughter of Ysbaddaden, beloved of CulhwchHumanCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
447Order of MaidenheadA group of knights belonging to the Faerie QueenGroup
448OrgeluseA wife of GawainHumanHaughty Maiden of LogresPerceval, the Story of the Grail, c. 1181
449OwainSon of UrienHumansee YwainHistorical figureRead more
450PalamedesSaracen Knight of the Round TableHumanPalamede, PalomidesProse Tristan, 1230s, Le Morte D'Arthur
451ParcenetA maid from Queen Ettarre's court who helps Sir PelleasHuman
452PellamAnother name for the Fisher KingHumanKing Pellam of Listeneise, Pellehansee Fisher King
453PelleasA Knight of the Round table in love with Ettarre, later lover of NimueHumanPelliasPost-Vulgate Cycle, 1230s
454PellesAnother name for the Fisher KingHumanFisher King
455PellinoreKing of Listenoise, friend to Arthur, father to manyHumanRead more
456PercivalAchiever of the Holy Grail, King Pellinore's son in some talesHuman(Welsh: Peredur) Perceval, ParzifalErec and Enide, c. 1170
457PictsTribal peoples living in areas of modern Scotland.GroupRead more
458Ragnell, LadySir Gawain's wife, in some legends mother of PercivalHuman
459Red KnightAppears in many tales, usually as an antagonistHumanPerceval, the Story of the Grail, c. 1181
460Redcrosse KnightSlays the dragon, later known as St. George.HumanSt. GeorgeThe Faerie Queen
461RienceKing defeated by ArthurHumanRitho, Ryence, Ryons, and RionHistoria Regum Britanniae, c. 1136
462RomansRomans retreated from Britain in the early years of Arthurian lore.GroupRead more
463SafirSon to Esclabor, brother of Segwarides and PalamedesHuman
464SagramoreUbiquitous Knight of the Round Table; various stories and origins are given for himHumanSagramor
465SaxonsGermanic invaders during the time of Arthurian stories.GroupRead more
466ScotsTribal peoples living in Ireland.Group
467SegwaridesSon of Esclabor, brother of Safir and PalamedesHuman
468TaliesinBard to king Arthur, oldest known Welsh poetHumanHistorical figure
469Tom a LincolnIllegitimate son of King Arthur through AngelicaHumanThe Red Rose KnightTom a Lincoln part 1, 1599; possibly mentioned in Robert Greene's Farewell to Folly, 1591
470Tom ThumbA tiny creation of Merlin, later becomes Arthur's court dwarf and an honorary knightHumanDiscovery of WitchcraftRead more
471TorSon of King Ars, adopted by PellinoreHuman
472TristanSon of Blancheflor and Rivalen (or Meliodas), Iseult's loverHuman(Latin/Brythonic: Drustanus), (Welsh: Drystan), (Portuguese: Tristão), (Spanish: Tristán), Tristran, TristramRoman de Tristan
473UnaPrincess of land devoured by dragon, travel companion and love interest to the Redcrosse KnightHumanThe Faerie Queen
474UrienFather of Ywain (Owain mab Urien), husband of Morgan le FayHumanUriensHistorical figureRead more
475Uther PendragonArthur's fatherHuman(French: Uter Pendragon), (Welsh: Wthyr Bendragon, Uthr Bendragon, Uthyr Pendraeg)Pa Gur yv y Porthaur?, c. 10th centuryRead more
476VortigernKing of Britain whose decisions assisted the Anglo-Saxon invasion of BritainHuman(Latin: Urtigernus), Guorthigirn, Vortiger, Vortigen, GwrtheyrnProbably a historical figure, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People, 721Read more
477VortimerSon of VortigernHumanHistoria Brittonum, c. 820
478YsbaddadenA giant and antagonistHumanCulhwch and Olwen, c. 11th century
479YwainUrien's son, Morvydd's brotherHuman(Welsh: Owain), Yvain, Ewain, UwainBased on the historical figure Owain mab Urien
480Ywain the BastardUrien's illegitimate son through a seneschal, accidentally killed by GawainHuman