List of Arthurian Stories

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Arthurian Legends have permeated our culture. They have become a key part of storytelling today. Nevertheless, there is always more to learn, more stories to dig into. This is our list of Arthurian stories.

What’s on this list of Arthurian stories?

We already have a list of literature related to Arthurian legends. This is not the same type of list. This is a list of individual stories that those texts contain. Some texts can have multiple stories, and each story can be told in multiple ways across many texts.

If you want to read some of these stories, we recommend our list of Arthurian texts, linked above. And if you have a favorite story that is not listed here, we recommend letting us know!

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#TitleDescriptionPrimary Text(s)Key Character(s)Notes
1Brutus of BritainKing Brutus and his crew flee Troy and colonize Great Britain.History of the Kings of BritainBrutus
2The Origin of the Holy GrailJoseph of Arimathea brings the Grail to Great Britain, and other adventures of him and his companions.French VulgateJoseph of Arimathea
3The Birth and Childhood of MerlinMerlin is conceived of a demon. As a young man he prophecies to Vortigern of his inevitable downfall.History of the Kings of Britain, French VulgateMerlin
4Ambrosius AurelianusThe death of Vortigern and the short reign of Ambrosius Aurelianus before his death and burial at Stonehenge.History of the Kings of BritainAmbrosius Aurelianus
5Uther Pendragon and IgraineUther becomes king. He falls for Igraine, wife of Gorlois.French VulgateUther Pendragon
6The Birth of ArthurArthur is born and given into Merlin's care. Uther dies.Le Morte d'ArthurArthur
7The Sword in the StoneArthur as a youth takes the sword from the stone and becomes King.French VulgateArthur
11 KingsThere is a rebellion from 11 local kings.Le Morte d'Arthur
8The Origin of LancelotLancelot is kidnapped by the Lady of the Lake at birth and raised.French VulgateLancelot
9The Birth of MordredArthur unknowingly conceives a child with his half-sister Morgause.French VulgateArthur, Morgause
10Arthur's marriage to GuenevereArthur marries QuenevereFrench VulgateArthur, Guenevere
11ExcaliburMerlin brings Arthur to the Lady of the Lake who gives him Excalibur.French VulgateArthur, Merlin, Lady of the Lake
12Merlin and VivianMerlin becomes enfatuated with the Lady of the Lake. He is imprisoned.French VulgateMerlin
13Arthur's Victory Over the SaxonsArthur defeats the Saxons at the Battle of Mt. Badon and other battlesFrench VulgateArthur
14Balin and BalanTwo brothers kill each other.French VulgateBalin, Balan
15The Knight of the CartGuenevere is kidnapped by Meleagant, is eventually rescued by Lancelot.Lancelot: The Knight of the CartLancelot, Guenevere
16Sir Gawain and the Green KnightGawain is tested by the Green Knight.Sir Gawain and the Green KnightGawain
17Culhwch and OlwenCulhwch falls in love with Olwen and recruits Arthur and his knights to help him win her hand.Culhwch and OlwenCulhwch, Olwen, Arthur
18Erec and EnideErec and Enide are married and go on adventures to improve Erec's reputation.Erec and EnideErec, Enide
19CligesThe story of Cliges and the love for his uncle's wife, Fenice.CligesCliges
20YvainYvain loses the love of his lady and performs many heroic deeds to regain her favor.Yvain: The Knight of the LionYvain
21Tom ThumbTom Thumb is born very small and has many adventuresTom a LincolnTom Thumb
22The Faerie Queen: Book 1The story of St. George and the Dragon, told in an Arthurian backdropThe Faerie QueenVarious
23The Lady of ShalottA woman dies upon seeing Lancelot.The Lady of ShalottLady of Shalott
24Arthur Defeats the RomansArthur fights against Lucius of the Romans and winsHistory of the Kings of BritainArthur
25Tristan and IseultTristan and the wife of his uncle, Iseult, fall in love against their better judgement.French VulgateTristan, Iseult
26Morgan le Fay and AccolonAccolon and Morgan le Fay conspire to replcae Excalibur with a fake. Le Morte d'ArthurMorgan le Fay
27The Quest for the Holy GrailGalahad, Perceval, and others pursue the Holy Grail.French VulgateGalahad, Perceval, Bors
28The Betrayal of Lancelot and GuenevereLancelot and Guenevere have an affair. When confronted Lancelot leaves Camelot and saves Guenevere from execution.French VulgateLancelot, Guenevere
29The Death of ArthurAfter Lancelot's betrayal, Arthur is forced to fight him, is betrayed by Mordred and killed. French VulgateArthur