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Arthurian Locations: Camelot, Avalon, and Real-world Inspirations

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As with many mythologies, the Arthurian Legends take place surrounding real locations. In fact, many think that some characters and events might have actually existed. This is our list of Arthurian locations that takes you to some of these possibilities.

What’s on the list of Arthurian locations?

This list compiles both mythical locations like Avalon, and real-world locations like Glastonbury. Each of these locations has some association with the Arthurian legends, whether mythical or real. Many are listed that are thought to be the actual locations of certain key events, such as the Battle of Badon, a legendary battle that probably took place, and is thought to be led by the real-world Arthur.

If you know of a key location that is missing from this list, be sure to let us know. We hope you enjoy this list of Arthurian places.

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  1. Hi,
    You seem to be missing out the most obvious site Mynydd Baidon over looking the Severn estuary.

    Most of the defences have been ploughed out or lost by other means over time. The defensive ditching of several ditches wide can still be seen at various points. The approximate size can be determined from this and would appear to be around a 100 acres making it the biggest hillfort in Europe.

    It was here that the Silures made their last stand against the Romans in the 70s A.D. In Arthur’s case with the fall of the walled towns it would have been likely that they would have fallen back to this defensive position in South East Glamorgan.


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