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List of Arthurian Locations

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As with many mythologies, the Arthurian Legends take place surrounding real locations. In fact, many think that some characters and events might have actually existed. This is our list of Arthurian locations that takes you to some of these possibilities.

What’s on the list of Arthurian locations?

This list compiles both mythical locations like Avalon, and real-world locations like Glastonbury. Each of these locations has some association with the Arthurian legends, whether mythical or real. Many are listed that are thought to be the actual locations of certain key events, such as the Battle of Badon, a legendary battle that probably took place, and is thought to be led by the real-world Arthur.

If you know of a key location that is missing from this list, be sure to let us know. We hope you enjoy this list of Arthurian places.

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1Agnet, MountSite of one of Arthur's battles mentioned by NenniusArthur
2Agravius, MountHome of the giant Rience (Ritho) Known as Snowdonia today.
3AlcludOld name for Dumbarton. Arthur rescued Hoel from the Picts and Scots there.
4Alnwick Castle, NorthumberlandOne of two possibilites for Lancelot's Castle, Joyous Guard, as proposed by Thomas Malory.Lancelot
5Amesbury, Wiltshire Guenevere retires to a nunnery at Amesbury after the death of Arthur.Guenevere
6Anderley EdgeIn a folk tale, Arthur and his Knights stopped here in Cheshire.
7AnjouA French province conquered by Vortigern and given to Hengist.
8Annwyn (Annwfn)Celtic Otherworld
9ArchenfieldBurial place of Amr, son of Arthur
10Arthur's Bed, CornwallA stone monolith that is partially hollowed out like a coffin.Arthur
11Arthur's CaveA cave on Anglesey where Arthur supposedly sought shelter.
12Arthur's O'en, StirlingshireA Roman temple near Falkirk Scotland. It is argued that it was used by Arthur and wsa the original Round Table.
13Arthur's OvenUnknown sight that is somewhere west of Exeter.
14Arthur's Quoit, AngleseyStone structures associated with magalithic burial places.
15Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Mountain near Edinburge that is associated with Arthur.ArthurRead More
16Arthur's Stone, DorstoneThe name given to a megalithic burial site in this area.
17Arthur's Stone, West GlamorganAn ancient stone, part of a megalith, of which Arthur's ghost is sometimes said to emerge.Arthur
18Arthur's TorAn earthwork in Country Durham.
19Arthuret, CumbriaBattle of Arthuret took place here, resulting in the madness of Myrddin.Merlin
20AssyslaIn a Scandanavian work, the place of Arthur's death.
21AstolatDwelling of Elaine the White who died of love for Lancelot.
22AvalIsland off the coast of Brittany, where Arthur is supposedly buried. Alternative location of Avalon.
23AvalonThe legendary island inhabited by the Lady of the Lake, Morgan le Fay, and others.Lady of the Lake, Morgan le FayRead More
24AvilionAn alternative name for Avalon
25Badbury Rings, Dorset One of the possible locations of the Battle at Badon Hill.Arthur
26BadonLocation of the Battle of Mt. Badon, with several contested sites including Bath, Liddington Castle and Badbury Rings
27Bamburgh Castle, NorthumberlandAnother possible location for Joyous Guard, Lancelot's castle.Lancelot
28Bassus (river)The site of one of Arthur's battles.
29Bath, AvonAnother possible location for the Battle at Badon Hill, as per History of the Kings of Britain.Arthur
30BearoscheSite of a siege in Parzifal
31BedegraineSite of a major battle between Arthur and desenters at the beginning of his reigh. Malory calls it Sherwood.
32Ben Arthur, StrathclydeA steep mountain with a section also known as Arthur's seat.Arthur
33BenwickKingdon of Ban, identified with Bayonne and Beaune.
34Birdoswald, CumbriaOne of the possible sites of the Battle of Camlann.Arthur, Mordred
35BrabantA territory sited as partially in the Netherlands and partially in Belgium.
36Brecon Beacons, PowysTwo peaks in this region form Arthur's ChairArthur
37Brent Knoll, SomersetArthur challenged three giants who lived on this hill. The hill did have Iron Age defenses.Arthur
38BritainThe realm ruled by Arthur.
39BrittanyA part of France largely inhabited by British people. Had close ties to Arthurian Legend.
40BroceliandeA forest in Brittany that was the site of many Arthurian adventures.
41Bury WallsPlace in Shropshire where Arthur held court, according to legend.
42Bwlch y SaethuA pass in Snowdonia where, according to Welsh legend, Arthur was killed.
43Bwrdd ArthurName of two features in Clwyd, one a circle of indentations in rock, the other a barrow at Llanfair Dyffrey Ceiriog.
44Cadbury Castle, SomersetOne of the possible locations for Camelot. An old Iron Age fortress did exist at one time.Arthur
45Caer Gai, GwyneddName means the "stronghold of Cai", or Kay from the Arthurian legends.Kay
46Caerleon, GwentAccording to History of the Kings of Britain, Arthur held court here.Arthur
47CamA river in Somerset. One possible site of Camlann. A lot of skeletons were dug up here.
48CamboglannaAn ancient site possibly located along Hadrian's wall, thought to be the site of the battle of Camlann.Arthur, MordredRead More
49CamelAnother river that is possibly the site of the Camlann battle.
50Camelford, CornwallOne possible location of Camelot, according ot later writers.Arthur
51CameliardThe kingdom of Leodegrance, Guinevere's father.
52CamelotThe legendary city and/or castle where Arthur held his court.ArthurRead More
53CamlannThe legendary location of Arthur's death. Possibly located in Birdoswald or Castlesteads.Arthur, Mordred
54CanterburyCalled Durovernum by the Romans, an Archbishop of Canterbury was an advisor to Arthur and is the place of Arthur's death in the Scandinavian Breta.
55CarbonekThe castle contained the Holy Grail.
56CardiganArthur holds court here in some early stories like Erec and Enide.Arthur
57CardueilOne of Arthur's homes, possibly in Carlisle.
58Carlisle, CumbriaSome old romances show Arthur holding court here. Malory has Guinevere exposed and sentenced here.Guinevere
59Carmarthen, DyfedThe legendary location of Merlin's birth.Merlin
60Carn March Arthur, GwyneddThere is a rock with an indentation that is supposed to be the hoofprint of Arthur's horse.Arthur
61Carned ArthurA cairn in Snowdonia that, according to Welsh belief, houses Arthur.
62Castle Canyke, CornwallPossible location of Kelliwic from Culhwch and Olwen, where Arthur held court.Arthur
63Castle Dore, Cornwall An Iron Age hillfort associated with King Mark and Tristan.Mark, Tristan
64Castle EdenA village in County Durham that is said to be haunted by the Knights of the Round Table in the guise of chickens.
65Castle KeyAn earthwork in modern Caynham Camp, Shropshire. According to legend it was built by Kay.
66Castle of MaidensA castle ruled originally by Duke Lianour. It contained many maidens as prisoners. Thought to have been in the visinity of Edinburgh.
67Castle RushenA castle on the Isle of Man thought to be built above caves filled with Giants, put there by Merlin.
68Castlesteads, CumbriaPossible location of Camboglanna, thought to be Camlann.Arthur, Mordred
69Cat Coit CelidonSite of one of Arthur's battles in the southern reaches of Scotland.
70Catterick, North YorkshireThought to be Catraeth, the location found in Y Gododdin.
71CavershallA castle in Straffordshire where Arthur supposedly held court. The existing castle dates back to the 13th century.
72Chalice Well, GlastonburyA spring in Glastonbury though to be the spring visited by Lancelot in Perlesvaus.Lancelot, Avalon
73Chastel MarteIn Perlesvaus, the lord of this castle was Perceval's uncle. He seized the Grail Castle and was killed by Perceval.
74ChesterCity named Deva by the Romans. Claimed to be the site of Arthur's court, and possibly the site of the battle at the City of the LEgion.
75Chester, CheshireThe site of Arthur's ninth battle in Historia Brittonum.Arthur
76City of SoulsA haunted city visited by Lancelot in Perlesvaus.
77City of the LegionThe site of one of Arthur's battles. Possibly Chester.
78ColchesterCamulodunum in Roman times.
79CornwallThe realm of King Mark.
80Craig Arthur, DenbighshireThe end of a rocky ridge near an old hillfort.Arthur
81Craig-y-DinasA rock where, supposedly, Arthur once spent the night in a cave.
82DemetiaDyfed in Welsh, a kingdom in south Wales.
83Dinas Emrys, GwyneddThe supposed site of Vortigern's tower. Excavations have revealed settlements dating back to that time period.Vortigern, Merlin
84DouglasA river in Linnuis where four of Arthur's battles were fought.
85Dover, KentThe site of Arthur's return after Mordred's betrayal, and the site of Gawain's death.Arthur, Gawain
86Dozmary Pool, Cornwall The supposed site of Excalibur's return.Arthur, Lady of the Lake
87Drumelzier, Borders The supposed location of Merlin's grave.Merlin
88Dumbarton Rock, StrathclydeThe legendary location of Mordred's birth.Mordred
89DumnoniaA large British kingdom that covered Devon and Cornwall.
90Edna, MountOne possible location of Avalon.AvalonRead More
91EhangwenArthur's hall, built by Gwlyddyn the carpenter.
92Eildon Hills, BordersArthur and his knights supposedly sleep in a hidden cavern beneath these hills.Arthur
93ElmetA Celtic kingdom that existed in Arthurian times. Near modern-day Leeds.
94Glastonbury, SomersetThe legendary location of Avalon, as well as Arthur and Guinevere's grave.Arthur, Guenevere, Avalon
95Gloucester, GloucestershirePart of the Culhwch and Olwen and Peredur stories.
96Killibury, CornwallOne of the legendary locations of Kelliwic, Arthur's court in the Welsh Triads.Arthur
97King Arthur's Downs, CornwallThere are two bronze age stone circles here.
98King Arthur's Hall, CornwallThe name of a large rectangular earthwork.
99Liddington Castle, WiltshireOen more proposed location for the Battle of Badon Hill. There was an iron age hillfort here.Arthur
100LlongborthThe site of a battle in which Geraint died in Geraint son of Erbin.Geraint/Erec
101LondonMany sources place Arthur's court in London.Arthur
102LyonesseA possible location for the legendary kingdom of Tristan and other figures. Possibly the Isles of Scilly.Tristan
103Maiden Castle, DorsetAn iron age castle often compared to the Castle of Maidens in Arthurian literature.
104Merlin's Chair, CarmarthenA chair-like summit. Merlin is said to be sleeping beneath the hill.Merlin
105Merlin's Mound, MarlboroughAn earthwork thought to be Merlin's grave.Merlin
106Moel Arthur, ClwydAn old earthwork named after ArthurArthur
107Mousehole, CornwallA rock where Merlin was said to prophesy.Merlin
108OrkeneysHome of King Lot and his sons, Gawain, Agravaine, Caheris, and Gareth. Gawain
109Pen Arthur, DyfedA hill associated with Arthur throwing a boulder for a full mile from the summit.Arthur
110Pendragon Castle, CumbriaTraditional site of Uther Pendragon's fortress.Uther
111Samson, The Isles of ScillyThe supposed location of a fight between Arthur and Morholt/Marhaus.Arthur
112Silchester, HampshireIn History of the Kings of Britain, Arthur is crowned here.Arthur
113Slaughter Bridge, CornwallOld bridge associated both with Arthur's birth and his death.Arthur
114St. Govan's Chapel, Dyfed Claimed to be the location of Gawain's tomb.Gawain
115Stonehenge, WiltshireIn Arthurian Legend the stones were brought to Britain from Ireland by Merlin. Also supposedly the grave of Ambrosius Aurelianus.Merlin
116The Pillar of Eliseg, ClwydA stone cross with a Latin inscription mentioning Vortigern.Vortigern
117Tintagel, Cornwall The mythical birth place of Arthur.Arthur
118Tristan's Stone, Cornwall A stone monolith with an inscription thought to refer to Tristan and Mark.Tristan
119Wearyall Hill, GlastonburyThe traditional site where Joseph of Arimathea planted his staff where the Holy Thorn now grows.Joseph of Arimathea
120Winchester, HampshireThe site of an old table claimed by Henry VIII to be the Round Table of Arthurian legend.Arthur