List of Arthurian Artifacts

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The Arthurian Mythos has no shortage of magical and mythical items, not the least of which is the legendary Excalibur. This is our list of Arthurian artifacts.

What’s on this list of Arthurian artifacts?

This list is simple, it is a compilation of all major artifacts associated with the Arthurian legends. This obviously includes items like Excalibur or the Holy Grail, but it also includes many other artifacts that you might not know about.

If you know of an item that should be on this list but isn’t, please let us know. We’d love to do everything we can to make this list current. Enjoy!

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Adventurous BedA bed in the castle of Carbonek where Galahad slept and was wounded by a fiery lance.Galahad
Bleeding LanceAlso called the Spear of Longinus, the spear that pierced the side of Jesus Christ.Joseph of Arimathea, Galahad, Perceval, Fisher King
Broken SwordSword associated with the Grail Quest. Eventually carried by Bors.Bors
CaliburnThe original name for Excalibur, forged in Avalon.Arthur
CalwdvwlchAnother sword for Arthur, forerunner of Excalibur.Arthur
CarnwennanThe knife or dagger of King ArthurArthur
ChastiefolAnother sword of Arthur's.Arthur
ClarentThe sword used by Mordred to kill ArthurMordred
Clydno EiddynA cauldron that was one of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain.Camelot
CoreiseuseThe sword of King Ban, father of Lancelot. The name means "Wrathful"Ban
CourtainSword with a blunt end that was carried by Tristan.Tristan
David's SwordSword of the Biblical King David, used by King Varlan to kill King Lambor.King David
EvgenMaternal pedigree of Arthur provided by Gruffudd Hiraethog in the Sixteenth Century.Arthur
ExcaliburThe legendary sword of Arthur, obtained from the Lady of the Lake and returned on Arthur's death.Arthur, Lady of the Lake
Excalibur's ScabbardThe scabbard of Excalibur, known for protecting its weilder from harm.Arthur, Lady of the Lake
Fail-notThe bow belonging to TristanTristan
GalatineThe sword of Gawain.Gawain
GlainA magic snake's egg that Merlin searched for.Merlin
Glastonbury CrossA cross unearthed at the excavation of the supposed grave of Arthur in 1191.Arthur
Glastonbury ThornA thorn which supposedly came from a staff, planted by Joseph of Arimathea on Wearyall Hill in Glastonbury.Joseph of Arimathea
Glastonbury ZodiacA theory that there are figures in the Glastonbury landscape that correspond to Zodiac signs.Avalon
GoswhitArthur's helmet, and Uther's before him.Arthur, Uther
Grail SwordA cracked sword, reforged by Sir Perceval.Perceval
Green ArmorArmor that protects the wearer from injury.Green Knight
GwenA mantle of invibility belonging to Arthur in Dream of Rhonabwy.
GwyddbwyllAn early Celtic board game that Arthur played against Owain.
HelmwindA cyclone in the Lake District that is associated with Arthur.
Holy Grail, TheThe cup that caught the blood of Christ.Joseph of Arimathea, Galahad, Perceval, Fisher King
HonoreeA sword unsheated by Biausdous, the son of Gawain.
Horn of Bran GaledOne of the thirteen treasures of the Island of Britain. Acquired by Merlin.Merlin
Lance of LonginusThe lance used to wound Jesus on the Cross. Sought by Arthur's warrior daughter, Melora.
Lapis ExillisName of a stone equated with the Grail by Wolfram, a varient of the philosopher's stone.
Laufrodedd, Knife ofOne of the thirteen treasures of the Island of Britain.
Lit MerveileA bed that Gawain discovered could move on its own.Gawain
Maen ArthurA stone with a hollow in hit where Arthur's horse supposedly stepped.Arthur
Mantle of ArthurA magic cloak that made the wearer invisible and allowed them to see everyone.Arthur
MarmyadoseA sword won by Arthur from Rience.Arthur
Merlin's StaffThe staff of the wizard, Merlin.Merlin
Merlin's TreasureMerlin supposedly concealed his treasure in a cave, to eventually be discovered by a yellow-haired blue-eyed youth.Merlin
Nef de JoieA ship made by Merlin and used by Mabon to bring Tristan. It was destroyed after Arthur's final battle.Merlin, Tristan
Old TableThe original Round Table used by Uther to seat fifty knights.
Padarn RedcoatThis coat was one of the Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain.
PridwenThe original name of Arthur's ship, but also used as the name of Arthur's shield.Arthur
PrydwenArthur's ship.Arthur
RhongowennanThe spear of Arthur. Forerunner of Ron.Arthur
RhygenyddThe crock of Rhygenydd was one of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain.
Ring of DispellA ring given to Lancelot by the Lady of the Lake which dispells all enchantments.Lancelot, Lady of the Lake
RonThe lance of King Arthur.Arthur
Round Table, TheThe table around which Arthur's Knights sat.ArthurRead More
SecaceThe sword of Lancelot, used against the Saxons.Lancelot
SequenceA name for one of Arthur's swords.Arthur
Seven-league BootsBoots that allowed the wearer to travel seven leagues.Merlin
Shield of EvalachOriginally belonging to Evalach during the time of Joseph of Arimathea. Later weilded by Galahad.Evalach, Galahad
Shield of Joseph of ArimatheaAssociated with the Grail Quest. Originally belonging to Joseph of Arimathea and later weilded by Perceval.Joseph of Arimathea, Perceval
Shield of Judas MaccabeeShield belonging to Judas Maccabee of Jewish tradition. Later owned by Gawain.Judas Maccabee, Gawain
Siege PerilousA vacant seat at the Round Table, reserved for the knight who would find the Holy Grail. Filled by Galahad.Galahad
Skein of ThreadWon by Gawain in contest against the wizard Laamorz of Janfruege.Gawain
Stone of GiramphielA magical stone weilded by Gawain that protected him from fire and magic.Gawain
Sword of Strange HangingsA sword once belonging to King David of Israel. Later picked up by Perceval's sister.Percival
Sword of the Strange SheathA sword associated with the legend of the Grail.Perceval, Galahad
Sword with the Red HiltOriginally belonging to Balin, later pulled from a stone by Galahad.Balin, Galahad
Table of the Wandering CompanionsA table where knights could wait to become Knights of the Round Table.
Thirteen Treasures of BritainVarious treasures procured by MerlinMerlin
WynebgwrthucherAnother name for the shield of Arthur.Arthur
Tudwal TudglydThe whetstone of Tudwal Tudglyd was one of the thirteen treatures of Britain.
WygarArthur's hauberk.Arthur