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Arthurian Bestiary: All Animals and Mythical Creatures

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While you might think that the legend of King Arthur is a ripe place for tales of unique monsters and creatures, you might be disappointed.

As it happens, the Arthurian Mythos doesn’t have a lot of beasts, what it does have are holdovers from other mythologies, especially Celtic mythology.

There are a few beasts unique to King Arthur, such as the Questing Beast, as well as many animals that make an appearance.

What’s on this Arthurian Bestiary List?

This list contains every single animal, creature, or mythical beast that I could find in my research, along with a bit of information about each one.

Please let me know if I missed anything and I hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to visit our Arthurian hub for more on King Arthur and his stories.

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Arthurian Bibliography

See also my ever-expanding list of primary and secondary sources.

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