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Arthurian Bestiary: All Animals and Mythical Creatures

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While you might think that the legend of King Arthur is a ripe place for tales of unique monsters and creatures, you might be disappointed.

As it happens, the Arthurian Mythos doesn’t have a lot of beasts, what it does have are holdovers from other mythologies, especially Celtic mythology.

There are a few beasts unique to King Arthur, such as the Questing Beast, as well as many animals that make an appearance.

What’s on this Arthurian Bestiary List?

This list contains every single animal, creature, or mythical beast that I could find in my research, along with a bit of information about each one.

Please let me know if I missed anything and I hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to visit our Arthurian hub for more on King Arthur and his stories.

#NameDescriptionOriginLearn more
1Afanc (Addanc)A lake monster in Welsh mythology. Killed by Peredur
2BlanchardFairy steed of Lanval, given to him by his fairy lover Tryamour.
3CabalHound of Arthur. Left a footprint in stone.
4Cath PalugA huge member of the cat family. Encountered in Anglesey in Pa Gur, possibly killed by Kay.
5Crop-eared DogActually a prince named Alexander who had been enchanted. Had no ears or tail, and could speak in the human tongue.
6DemogorgonA classic beast. Arthur was said to enter the cave of the Demogorgon en route to Morgan's palace. In La Caccia.
7Dragon in The Faerie QueeneThe dragon defeated by the Redcrosse Knight in Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene.The Faerie QueeneLearn More
8Dun StallionA horse of Arthur's that is said to haunt teh Durham village of Castle Eden.
9Eagle of GwernabwyWorld's oldest creature. Helped Culhwch find Mabon.
10ElvesIn Arthurian myth, mythical creatures that gave Arthur gifts upon his birth, according to Layamon.
11ErrorA creature fought by the Redcrosse Knight in The Faerie Queene.The Faerie QueeneLearn More
12Fish-KnightA monster with fish-like features that looked like a knight. Arthur fought it to release a fairy called the Lady of the Fair Hair.
13Flying HorseA creature that could fly and was made by Merlin.
14Giant of Mont St. MichelA giant in Brittany, encountered by Arthur, Kay, and Bedivere.
15GorlagonArthur's pet wolf, actually a man who had been enchanted by his faithless wife.
16GringaletGawain's horse, who may have received him in a number of different ways.
17HenwenA pig whose offspring were prophecied to cause trouble for Britain.
18Hind of the FairiesIn Erasmo de Valvasone's La Caccia, this is an animal that led Arthur through a mountain via a cave.
19LionsThere are several lions in Arthurian legends, one slain by Gawain, as well as Breunor. Owain and Una had Lion companions.
20LlamreiA mare belonging to Arthur.
21Lluagorhorse belonging to Caradoc Briefbras.
22ParrotA pet of Arthur's. Originally the property of Lion the Merciless.
23PasselandeArthur's horse, according to Beroul.
24PetitcrieuA fairy dog who came from Avalon.
25Questing BeastA creature pursued by Pellinore who had the head of a snake, body of a leopard, back of a lion, and the feed of a hart.
26RavensConsistently associated with Bran. Arthur's soul supposedly entered a Raven following his death.
27Salmon of Llyn LlwA huge fish that carried Kay and Gwrhyr to rescue Mabon.
28SpumadorArthur's horse in The Faerie Queene.
29Twrch TrwythA deadly boar who was actually a king transformed by God for wickedness.
30Ursa MajorThe constallation of a great bear in the sky, often associated with Arthur.
31White StagA white stag often appears in Arthurian romances.
32YsgithyrwynA boar that was pursued by Arthur and Cabal.
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