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List of Fairy Tales: A Complete Guide

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The table below provides a complete (as far as we know) list of Fairy Tales. You can filter the table by region or author if you want to find something specific, or just browse away!

What’s on this List of Fairy Tales?

This list contains fairy tales from all over the world, however, most of the fairy tales that we (in Western culture) are familiar with come from one of three sources:

  • Grimms’ Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm
  • The collective works of Hans Christian Andersen
  • Mother Goose Tales by Charles Perrault

You’ll find a list of all of their fairy tales, plus a lot more, in the table below:

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  1. Hey first off let me tell you this is fantastic (as well as your stories)! The world you’re building is great, very similar in alot of ways, if not all in theory to Angela Roquette’s Lana Harvey series(Reaper Inc.) so I’m down for all of that! I do however have a quick question , how come there is Asop but no O.Henry? The Gift of the Magi and The Ransom of Red Chief surely fit into this model? Just curious in my musings 🙂 Thanks for all this hardwork! Looking forward to seeing what you do in this “Myth-O-Verse” so to speak!!


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