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Egyptian Mythology in Popular Culture

Banner of egyptian art that says Egyptian Mythology in Popular Culture

Egyptian Mythology, whether consciously or unconsciously, has permeated our popular culture with various artistic representations and images of gods with animal heads, pyramids, sphinxes, and more. This is our list of media covering Egyptian Mythology in our popular culture.

What’s on this List of Egyptian Mythology in Popular Culture?

This is a list specifically of stories that adapt or are heavily inspired by Egyptian mythology. We cannot include every possible mention of every Egyptian god or mythological storyline, but we’ve included the most prominent. Likewise, we cannot include every Egyptian text, as this specifically covers popular culture, which we count as having come out in the last century.

For a list of ancient texts related to Egyptian Mythology, we recommend this page.

What do we recommend?

Of this list, we recommend the Age of Mythology video game, as well as all the books written by Rick Riordan. These are great places to start.