Egyptian Mythology in Popular Culture

Banner of egyptian art that says Egyptian Mythology in Popular Culture

Egyptian Mythology, whether consciously or unconsciously, has permeated our popular culture with various artistic representations and images of gods with animal heads, pyramids, sphinxes, and more. This is our list of media covering Egyptian Mythology in our popular culture.

What’s on this List of Egyptian Mythology in Popular Culture?

This is a list specifically of stories that adapt or are heavily inspired by Egyptian mythology. We cannot include every possible mention of every Egyptian god or mythological storyline, but we’ve included the most prominent. Likewise, we cannot include every Egyptian text, as this specifically covers popular culture, which we count as having come out in the last century.

For a list of ancient texts related to Egyptian Mythology, we recommend this page.

What do we recommend?

Of this list, we recommend the Age of Mythology video game, as well as all the books written by Rick Riordan. These are great places to start.

1BuyPowerSlaveGameBrian McNeely1996-10-31Egyptian Pop-Culture
2BuyThe Mummy (1999)FilmStephen Sommers1999-05-04Egyptian Pop-Culture
3BuyThe Mummy ReturnsFilmStephen Sommers2001-05-04Egyptian Pop-Culture
4BuyAge of MythologyFilmTony Goodman2002-10-30Egyptian Pop-Culture
5BuySphinx and the Cursed MummyGame2003-11-10Egyptian Pop-Culture
6BuyThe Age of RaNovelJames Lovegrove2009-07-28Egyptian Pop-Culture
7BuyThe Red PyramidNovelRick Riordan2010-05-04Kane Chronicles
8BuyHouse of Anubis 1.01-05: House of Secrets/House of Attitude/House of the Black Bird/House of Dares/House of LiesTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-01-01House of Anubis
9BuyHouse of Anubis 1.06–07: House of Locks/House of EyesTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-01-02House of Anubis
10BuyHouse of Anubis 1.08–09: House of Agendas/House of KeysTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-01-02House of Anubis
11BuyHouse of Anubis 1.10–11: House of Discovery/House of HyperTV EpisodeTom Poole2011-01-10House of Anubis
12BuyHouse of Anubis 1.12–13: House of Cheats/House of RumorsTV EpisodeTom Poole2011-01-11House of Anubis
13BuyHouse of Anubis 1.14–15: House of Intruders/House of ProofTV EpisodeTom Poole2011-01-12House of Anubis
14BuyHouse of Anubis 1.16–17: House of Confrontation/House of AlarmsTV EpisodeTom Poole2011-01-13House of Anubis
15BuyHouse of Anubis 1.18–19: House of Flames/House of PassagesTV EpisodeTom Poole2011-01-14House of Anubis
16BuyHouse of Anubis 1.20–21: House of Kidnap/House of Cat-NapTV EpisodeTom Poole2011-01-18House of Anubis
17BuyHouse of Anubis 1.22–23: House of Cameras/House of NumbersTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2011-01-19House of Anubis
18BuyHouse of Anubis 1.24–25: House of Scares/House of FakersTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2011-01-20House of Anubis
19BuyHouse of Anubis 1.26–27: House of Identity/House of EmergencyTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2011-01-21House of Anubis
20BuyHouse of Anubis 1.28–29: House of Reunion/House of MemoriesTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2011-01-24House of Anubis
21BuyHouse of Anubis 1.30–31: House of Drama/House of CodesTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2011-01-25House of Anubis
22BuyHouse of Anubis 1.32–33: House of Risk/House of ThievesTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-01-26House of Anubis
23BuyHouse of Anubis 1.34–35: House of Hazard/House of CharadesTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-01-27House of Anubis
24BuyHouse of Anubis 1.36–37: House of Rendezvous/House of RescueTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-01-31House of Anubis
25BuyIn the Hands of AnubisNovelAnn Eriksson2011-02-01Egyptian Pop-Culture
26BuyHouse of Anubis 1.38–39: House of Arrest/House of HoaxTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-02-01House of Anubis
27BuyHouse of Anubis 1.40–41: House of Time/House of AliensTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-02-02House of Anubis
28BuyHouse of Anubis 1.42–43: House of Masks/House of PursuitTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-02-03House of Anubis
29BuyHouse of Anubis 1.44–45: House of Yesterday/House of VictoryTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-02-04House of Anubis
30BuyHouse of Anubis 1.46–47: House of Bribes/House of VenomTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2011-02-14House of Anubis
31BuyHouse of Anubis 1.48–49: House of Stars/House of HarshTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2011-02-15House of Anubis
32BuyHouse of Anubis 1.50–51: House of Lights/House of AllegianceTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2011-02-16House of Anubis
33BuyHouse of Anubis 1.52–53: House of Pests/House of BetrayalTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2011-02-17House of Anubis
34BuyHouse of Anubis 1.54–55: House of Revelation/House of HeavyTV EpisodeTim Hopewiell2011-02-18House of Anubis
35BuyHouse of Anubis 1.56–60: House of Hush/House of Spies/House of Sting/House of Never/House of ForeverTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2011-02-19House of Anubis
36BuyThe Throne of FireNovelRick Riordan2011-05-03Kane Chronicles
37BuyHouse of Anubis 2.01–02: House of Hello/House of DollsTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-01-09House of Anubis
38BuyHouse of Anubis 2.03–04: House of Spirits/House of BlackmailTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-01-10House of Anubis
39BuyHouse of Anubis 2.05–06: House of Rivals/House of FacesTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-01-11House of Anubis
40BuyHouse of Anubis 2.07–08: House of Myths/House of NightmaresTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-01-12House of Anubis
41BuyHouse of Anubis 2.09–10: House of Combinations/House of HeartbreakTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-01-13House of Anubis
42BuyHouse of Anubis 2.11–12: House of Tunnels/House of GoodbyeTV EpisodePeter Fearon2012-01-16House of Anubis
43BuyHouse of Anubis 2.13–14: House of Protection/House of LettersTV EpisodePeter Fearon2012-01-17House of Anubis
44BuyHouse of Anubis 2.15–16: House of Who?/House of FraudsTV EpisodePeter Fearon2012-01-18House of Anubis
45BuyHouse of Anubis 2.17–18: House of Chance/House of DividesTV EpisodePeter Fearon2012-01-19House of Anubis
46BuyHouse of Anubis 2.19–20: House of Crushes/House of VertigoTV EpisodePeter Fearon2012-01-20House of Anubis
47BuyHouse of Anubis 2.21–22: House of Pressure/House of Deja VuTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-01-23House of Anubis
48BuyHouse of Anubis 2.23–24: House of Hoods/House of DeceitTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-01-24House of Anubis
49BuyHouse of Anubis 2.25–26: House of Sibuna/House of PaybackTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-01-25House of Anubis
50BuyHouse of Anubis 2.27–28: House of Pendulums/House of ImpasseTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-01-26House of Anubis
51BuyHouse of Anubis 2.29–30: House of Help/House of PhobiasTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-01-27House of Anubis
52BuyHouse of Anubis 2.31–32: House of Isis/House of CurfewsTV EpisodeGill Wilkinson2012-01-30House of Anubis
53BuyHouse of Anubis 2.33–34: House of Dead-Ends/House of WebsTV EpisodeGill Wilkinson2012-01-31House of Anubis
54BuyHouse of Anubis 2.35–36: House of Fronts/House of KeepersTV EpisodeGill Wilkinson2012-02-01House of Anubis
55BuyHouse of Anubis 2.37–38: House of Hacks/House of StingsTV EpisodeGill Wilkinson2012-02-02House of Anubis
56BuyHouse of Anubis 2.39–40: House of Double-Cross/House of WiresTV EpisodeGill Wilkinson2012-02-03House of Anubis
57BuyHouse of Anubis 2.41–42: House of Envy/House of NamesTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-02-06House of Anubis
58BuyHouse of Anubis 2.43–44: House of Evidence/House of GeniusTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-02-07House of Anubis
59BuyHouse of Anubis 2.45–46: House of Slander/House of HastyTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-02-08House of Anubis
60BuyHouse of Anubis 2.47–48: House of Sorry/House of HexTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-02-09House of Anubis
61BuyHouse of Anubis 2.49–50: House of Silence/House of WarningsTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-02-10House of Anubis
62BuyHouse of Anubis 2.51–52: House of Status/House of LamentsTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-02-13House of Anubis
63BuyHouse of Anubis 2.53–54: House of Heists/House of AlibisTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-02-14House of Anubis
64BuyHouse of Anubis 2.55–56: House of Oblivion/House of SnoopsTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-02-15House of Anubis
65BuyHouse of Anubis 2.57–58: House of Reflections/House of StoogesTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-02-16House of Anubis
66BuyHouse of Anubis 2.59–60: House of Zodiacs/House of ReckoningTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-02-17House of Anubis
67BuyHouse of Anubis 2.61–62: House of Trades/House of MagicTV EpisodeGraeme Harper2012-02-21House of Anubis
68BuyHouse of Anubis 2.63–64: House of Tricks/House of WhispersTV EpisodeGraeme Harper2012-02-22House of Anubis
69BuyHouse of Anubis 2.65–66: House of Duplicity/House of HauntingsTV EpisodeGraeme Harper2012-02-23House of Anubis
70BuyHouse of Anubis 2.67–68: House of Collections/House of SpeculationTV EpisodeGraeme Harper2012-02-24House of Anubis
71BuyHouse of Anubis 2.69–70: House of Sabotage/House of Nine LivesTV EpisodeGraeme Harper2012-02-27House of Anubis
72BuyHouse of Anubis 2.71–72: House of Forgeries/House of HijackTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-02-28House of Anubis
73BuyHouse of Anubis 2.73–74: House of Freeze/House of TimeoutTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-02-29House of Anubis
74BuyHouse of Anubis 2.75–76: House of Reflectors/House of IllusionTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-03-01House of Anubis
75BuyHouse of Anubis 2.77–78: House of Dreams/House of PitfallsTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-03-02House of Anubis
76BuyHouse of Anubis 2.79–80: House of Phantoms/ House of SurrenderTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2012-03-05House of Anubis
77BuyHouse of Anubis 2.81–82: House of Strategy/ House of MemoryTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-03-06House of Anubis
78BuyHouse of Anubis 2.83–84: House of Pretenders/ House of TroubleTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-03-07House of Anubis
79BuyHouse of Anubis 2.85–86: House of Traps/ House of StakesTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-03-08House of Anubis
80BuyHouse of Anubis 2.87–90: House of Missions/ House of Captives/ House of The Chosen/House of FreedomTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2012-03-09House of Anubis
81BuyThe Red Pyramid (comic)Graphic NovelRick Riordan2012-10-02Kane Chronicles
82BuyHouse of Anubis 3.01–02: House of Arrivals/House of PresentsTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-01-03House of Anubis
83BuyHouse of Anubis 3.03–04: House of Truth/House of HieroglyphicsTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-01-10House of Anubis
84BuyHouse of Anubis 3.05–06: House of Revelation/House of QuestionsTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-01-17House of Anubis
85BuyHouse of Anubis 3.07–08: House of Pi/House of MistrustTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-01-24House of Anubis
86BuyHouse of Anubis 3.09–10: House of Trickery/House of UnityTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-01-31House of Anubis
87BuyHouse of Anubis 3.11–12: House of Entrapment/House of SistersTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-02-07House of Anubis
88BuyHouse of Anubis 3.13: House of TombsTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-02-25House of Anubis
89BuyHouse of Anubis 3.14: House of SmugglingTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-02-26House of Anubis
90BuyHouse of Anubis 3.15: House of AnticipationTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-02-27House of Anubis
91BuyHouse of Anubis 3.16: House of Close CallsTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-02-28House of Anubis
92BuyHouse of Anubis 3.17: House of HustleTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-03-04House of Anubis
93BuyHouse of Anubis 3.18: House of Set-UpTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-03-05House of Anubis
94BuyHouse of Anubis 3.19: House of HistoryTV EpisodeTracey Rooney2013-03-06House of Anubis
95BuyHouse of Anubis 3.20: House of EclipseTV EpisodeTracey Rooney2013-03-07House of Anubis
96BuyHouse of Anubis 3.21: House of AwakeningTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-03-11House of Anubis
97BuyHouse of Anubis 3.22: House of SarcophagiTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-03-12House of Anubis
98BuyHouse of Anubis 3.23: House of PossessionTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-03-13House of Anubis
99BuyHouse of Anubis 3.24: House of GreedTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-03-14House of Anubis
100BuyHouse of Anubis 3.25: House of DeceptionsTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-03-18House of Anubis
101BuyHouse of Anubis 3.26: House of RainbowsTV EpisodeTessa Hoffe2013-03-19House of Anubis
102BuyHouse of Anubis 3.27: House of EnemiesTV EpisodeTessa Hoffe2013-03-20House of Anubis
103BuyHouse of Anubis 3.28: House of SurpriseTV EpisodeTessa Hoffe2013-03-21House of Anubis
104BuyHouse of Anubis 3.29: House of WinningTV EpisodeTessa Hoffe2013-03-25House of Anubis
105BuyHouse of Anubis 3.30: House of MoonlightingTV EpisodeTessa Hoffe2013-03-26House of Anubis
106BuyHouse of Anubis 3.31: House of TreacheryTV EpisodeTracey Rooney2013-03-27House of Anubis
107BuyHouse of Anubis 3.32: House of ImpostersTV EpisodeTracey Rooney2013-03-28House of Anubis
108BuyHouse of Anubis 3.33: House of CunningTV EpisodeTracey Rooney2013-04-01House of Anubis
109BuyHouse of Anubis 3.34: House of SuspicionTV EpisodeTracey Rooney2013-04-02House of Anubis
110BuyHouse of Anubis 3.35: House of CaptureTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-04-03House of Anubis
111BuyHouse of Anubis 3.36: House of HeartbreaksTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-04-04House of Anubis
112BuyHouse of Anubis 3.37: House of HogTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-04-08House of Anubis
113BuyHouse of Anubis 3.38: House of DefeatTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-04-09House of Anubis
114BuyHouse of Anubis 3.39: House of AmmutTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-04-10House of Anubis
115BuyHouse of Anubis 3.40: House of HeroesTV EpisodeTim Hopewell2013-04-11House of Anubis
116BuyHouse of Anubis: The Touchstone of RaTV EpisodeAngelo Abela2013-06-17House of Anubis
117BuyIsis & Osiris: To the Ends of the EarthGraphic NovelJeff Limke2013-08-01Egyptian Pop-Culture
118BuyThe Throne of Fire (comic)Graphic NovelRick Riordan2015-10-06Kane Chronicles
119BuyGods of EgyptFilmAlex Proyas2016-02-25Egyptian Pop-Culture
120BuySMITE: The Pantheon WarGraphic NovelJack Banish, John Jackson Miller2017-01-11Egyptian Pop-Culture
121BuyThe Serpent's ShadowNovelRick Riordan2017-10-03Kane Chronicles
122BuyThe Son of SobekShort StoryRick Riordan2017-10-03Kane Chronicles
123BuyOrigins: Desert OathNovelOliver Bowden2017-10-10Assassin's Creed
124BuyAssassin's Creed: OriginsGameAshraf Ismail, Jean Guesdon2017-10-27Assassin's Creed
125BuyThe Serpent's Shadow (comic)Graphic NovelRick Riordan2018-04-03Kane Chronicles
126BuyHeir of RaNovelM. Sasinowski2018-08-12Blood of Ra
127BuyDaughter of RaNovelM. Sasinowski2019-06-06Blood of Ra
128BuyQueen of EgyptNovelKylie Quillinan2019-06-15The Amarna Age
129BuyLegacy of RaNovelM. Sasinowski2019-12-06Blood of Ra
130BuySon of the HittitesNovelKylie Quillinan2019-12-20The Amarna Age
131BuyEye of HorusNovelKylie Quillinan2020-08-15The Amarna Age

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