The Lady of Shalott

Lord Alfred Tennyson’s four-part poem is based on the Arthurian Legend of Elaine of Astolat, who died for that love that surpassed all human understanding. Its recounted version was in the 13th-century Italian book Donna di Scalotta but the poem is an 18th Century work. Lord Tennyson composed the poem in 1842. The poem is … Read more

Historia Brittonum: A History of the Brittonic People

Introduction to Historia Brittonum; and its sections Historia Brittonum (History of Britons) is a purported history of the indigenous Brittonic people.  The text is reputed to have been written c AD 828/829, and survives in numerous recensions that date from after the 11th Century AD.  The Historia Brittonum is commonly attributed to Nennius, as some … Read more

The Round Table

The Round Table is one of the most important components of Arthur’s Camelot. The Knights of the Round Table were men of honor, dignity and courage that protected damsels in distress, went to quests and battled for their country. During times of peace, knights did different activities such as hunting, jousting, and chivalry. The Knights … Read more

The Saxons

Some historians believe that the character of King Arthur is loosely based on a Roman (and/or Welsh) affiliated military leader who successfully fought off a Saxon invasion during the 5th or 6th century. The first attributed author to this theory is a man named Nennuis in the year 830. He described Arthur as a heroic … Read more

Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay has been portrayed in various styles and forms throughout history. Her character has been proposed to be good or evil, depending on the century and author that is followed. The fact she is seen as the hero and villain makes her an intriguing character.

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Cerdic of Wessex

The first king of the kingdom of Wessex, and certainly one of the most interesting of its kings, was a man known as Cerdic. A considerable amount of speculation has been made concerning who this man really was, where he came from, and how he may relate to the Arthurian legends.

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Was King Arthur Welsh?

Castell Dinas Bran, near Llangollen, Denbigshire, Wales, UK

In some casual commentaries on King Arthur, we sometimes encounter the statement that he ‘defended the English from the Anglo-Saxons’. Of course, such a statement is deeply flawed, because the Anglo-Saxons were the nation from which the English developed. The very word ‘English’ is rooted in the word ‘Angle’. So in other words, the English … Read more