Morgause (also known as Mogawse) is a lesser known character in Arthurian lore, but one of particular importance in many versions. The Literary History of Morgause In the 11th century, Morgause was known only as Orcades which is linked to the Latin name for the Orkney Islands. This is where Gawain, one of Mogause’s sons, … Read more

The Saxons

Some historians believe that the character of King Arthur is loosely based on a Roman (and/or Welsh) affiliated military leader who successfully fought off a Saxon invasion during the 5th or 6th century. The first attributed author to this theory is a man named Nennuis in the year 830. He described Arthur as a heroic … Read more

Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay has been portrayed in various styles and forms throughout history. Her character has been proposed to be good or evil, depending on the century and author that is followed. The fact she is seen as the hero and villain makes her an intriguing character.

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