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What started as a small, gritty realization of one of DC’s minor characters, the Green Arrow, has turned into a huge television universe. This is the Arrowverse episode viewing order (as well as a few books and comics), putting it all together.

What’s on the Arrowverse Timeline?

Welcome to our unofficial Arrowverse timeline, which assembles all of the media comprising the DCTV universe that started with Arrow on the CW. This is just one of our DC Comics timelines. This timeline includes media from the following:

  • Arrow: The CW show following Oliver Queen as Green Arrow as he defends Star City.
  • The Flash: The CW show following Barry Allen who gains super speed and becomes the Flash, defending his home town of Central City.
  • Legends of Tomorrow (LoT): A time-travel adventure on the CW, featuring multiple characters.
  • Vixen: An animated adventure found exclusively online. It features the character Vixen, a woman from Detroit with a magic totem that allows her to gain the abilities of any animal.
  • Constantine: A show that originally debuted on NBC, but ended after one season. The show was adopted into the Arrowverse timeline when the main character appeared on a season 4 episode of Arrow.
  • Tie-in comics: Several shows have tie-in comics and a few books that flesh out the characters/stories.
  • Supergirl: Though Supergirl exists in an alternate dimension from the Arrowverse, the Flash does possess the ability to travel the multiverse, therefore making it possible to meet Supergirl in her own dimension. Additionally, this show eventually merged with the main Arrowverse timeline.
  • Black Lightning: This show started as its own thing, not part of Arrowverse continuity, but that changed with the Crisis on Infinite Earths event that brought these timelines, including Black Lightning, together.
  • Batwoman: The show that started with a backdoor pilot in the 2018 crossover, Batwoman eventually received her own series in 2019.

We hope you enjoy this unofficial Arrowverse timeline, and please let us know if there are any inconsistencies or errors. Furthermore, if you loved this timeline, be sure to look at some of our other timelines, like Smallville.

1BuyArrow Special Edition: Test DriveComic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2012-07-13
2BuyArrow 1.01: PilotTV EpisodeDavid NutterArrow2012-10-10
3BuyArrow 1.02: Honor Thy FatherTV EpisodeDavid BarrettArrow2012-10-17
4BuyArrow #1Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2012-11-08
5BuyArrow 1.03: Lone GunmenTV EpisodeGuy BeeArrow2012-10-24
6BuyArrow 1.04: An Innocent ManTV EpisodeVince MisianoArrow2012-10-31
7BuyArrow #2Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-01-02
8BuyArrow 1.05: DamagedTV EpisodeMichael SchultzArrow2012-11-07
9BuyArrow 1.06: LegaciesTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2012-11-14
10BuyArrow #3Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-01-30
11BuyArrow 1.07: Muse of FireTV EpisodeDavid GrossmanArrow2012-11-28
12BuyArrow 1.08: VendettaTV EpisodeKen FinkArrow2012-12-05
13BuyArrow #4Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-02-27
14BuyArrow 1.09: Year's EndTV EpisodeJohn DahlArrow2012-12-12
15BuyArrow 1.10: BurnedTV EpisodeEagle EgilssonArrow2013-01-16
16BuyArrow #5Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-03-27
17BuyArrow 1.11: Trust But VerifyTV EpisodeNick CopusArrow2013-01-23
18BuyArrow 1.12: VertigoTV EpisodeWendey StanzlerArrow2013-01-30
19BuyArrow #6Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-04-24
20BuyArrow 1.13: BetrayalTV EpisodeGuy BeeArrow2013-02-06
21BuyArrow 1.14: The OdysseyTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2013-02-13
22BuyArrow #7Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-05-22
23BuyArrow 1.15: DodgerTV EpisodeEagle EgilssonArrow2013-02-20
24BuyArrow 1.16: Dead to RightsTV EpisodeGlen WinterArrow2013-02-27
25BuyArrow #8Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-06-26
26BuyArrow 1.17: The Huntress ReturnsTV EpisodeGuy BeeArrow2013-03-20
27BuyArrow 1.18: SalvationTV EpisodeNick CopusArrow2013-03-27
28BuyArrow #9Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-07-24
29BuyArrow 1.19: Unfinished BusinessTV EpisodeMichael OfferArrow2013-04-03
30BuyArrow 1.20: Home InvasionTV EpisodeKen FinkArrow2013-04-24
31BuyArrow #10Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-08-21
32BuyArrow 1.21: The UndertakingTV EpisodeMichael ShultzArrow2013-05-01
33BuyArrow 1.22: Darkness on the Edge of TownTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2013-05-08
34BuyArrow #11Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-09-18
35BuyArrow 1.23: SacrificeTV EpisodeDavid BarrettArrow2013-05-15
36BuyArrow #12Comic IssueMarc Guggenheim, Andrew KreisbergArrow2013-10-23
37BuyArrow: VengeanceNovelOscar Balderrama, Lauren CertoArrow2016-02-23
38BuyArrow 2.01: City of HeroesTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2013-10-09
39BuyArrow 2.02: IdentityTV EpisodeNick CopusArrow2013-10-16
40BuyArrow 2.03: Broken DollsTV EpisodeGlen WinterArrow2013-10-23
41BuyArrow 2.04: CrucibleTV EpisodeEagle EgilssonArrow2013-10-30
42BuyArrow 2.05: League of AssassinsTV EpisodeWendey StanzlerArrow2013-11-06
43Blood RushWebLauren Certo, Grace DeVoll, Marc Guggenheim & Wendy MericleArrow2013-12-11
44BuyArrow 2.06: Keep Your Enemies CloserTV EpisodeGuy BeeArrow2013-11-13
45BuyArrow 2.07: State v. QueenTV EpisodeBethany RooneyArrow2013-11-20
46BuyArrow 2.08: The ScientistTV EpisodeMichael SchultzArrow2013-12-04
47BuyArrow 2.09: Three GhostsTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2013-12-11
48BuyArrow 2.10: Blast RadiusTV EpisodeRob HardyArrow2014-01-15
49BuyArrow 2.11: Blind SpotTV EpisodeGlen WinterArrow2014-01-22
50BuyArrow 2.12: TremorsTV EpisodeGuy BeeArrow2014-01-29
51BuyArrow 2.13: Heir to the DemonTV EpisodeWendey StanzlerArrow2014-02-05
52BuyArrow 2.14: Time of DeathTV EpisodeNick CopusArrow2014-02-26
53BuyArrow 2.15: The PromiseTV EpisodeGlen WinterArrow2014-03-05
54BuyArrow 2.16: Suicide SquadTV EpisodeLarry TengArrow2014-03-19
55BuyArrow 2.17: Birds of PreyTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2014-03-26
56BuyArrow 2.18: DeathstrokeTV EpisodeGuy BeeArrow2014-04-02
57BuyArrow 2.19: The Man Under the HoodTV EpisodeJesse WarnArrow2014-04-16
58BuyArrow 2.20: Seeing RedTV EpisodeDoug AarniokoskiArrow2014-04-23
59BuyArrow 2.21: City of BloodTV EpisodeMichael SchultzArrow2014-04-30
60BuyArrow 2.22: Streets of FireTV EpisodeNick CopusArrow2014-05-07
61BuyArrow 2.23: UnthinkableTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2014-05-14
62BuyArrow Season 2.5Graphic NovelMarc Guggenheim, Keto Shimuizu, Brain Ford SullivanArrow2015-09-29
63BuyThe Flash 1.01: City of HeroesTV EpisodeDavid NutterFlash2014-10-07
64BuyArrow 3.01: The CalmTV EpisodeGlen WinterArrow2014-10-08
65BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #1Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2014-10-01
66BuyThe Flash 1.02: Fastest Man AliveTV EpisodeDavid NutterFlash2014-10-14
67BuyArrow 3.02: SaraTV EpisodeWendey StanzlerArrow2014-10-15
68BuyThe Flash 1.03: Things You Can't OutrunTV EpisodeJesse WarnFlash2014-10-21
69BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #2Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2014-11-05
70BuyArrow 3.03: Corto MalteseTV EpisodeStephen SurjikArrow2014-10-22
71BuyThe Flash 1.04: Going RogueTV EpisodeGlen WinterFlash2014-10-28
72BuyArrow 3.04: The MagicianTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2014-10-29
73BuyArrow 3.05: The Secret Origin of Felicity SmoakTV EpisodeMichael SchultzArrow2014-11-05
74BuyThe Flash 1.05: PlastiqueTV EpisodeDermott DownsFlash2014-11-11
75BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #3Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2014-12-03
76BuyArrow 3.06: GuiltyTV EpisodePeter LetoArrow2014-11-12
77BuyThe Flash 1.06: The The Flash is BornTV EpisodeMillicent SheltonFlash2014-11-18
78BuyArrow 3.07: Draw Back Your BowTV EpisodeRob HardyArrow2014-11-19
79BuyThe Flash 1.07: Power OutageTV EpisodeLarry ShawFlash2014-11-25
80BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #4Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2015-01-07
81BuyThe Flash 1.08: The Flash vs. ArrowTV EpisodeGlen WinterFlash2014-12-02The season's 2-part crossover.
82BuyArrow 3.08: The Brave and the BoldTV EpisodeJesse WarnArrow2014-12-03The season's 2-part crossover.
83BuyThe Flash 1.09: The Man in the Yellow SuitTV EpisodeRalph HemeckerFlash2014-12-09
84BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #5Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2015-02-04
85BuyArrow 3.09: The ClimbTV EpisodeThor FreudenthalArrow2014-12-10
86BuyThe Flash 1.10: Revenge of the RoguesTV EpisodeNick CopusFlash2015-01-20
87BuyArrow 3.10: Left BehindTV EpisodeGlen WinterArrow2015-01-21
88BuyThe Flash 1.11: The Sound and the FuryTV EpisodeJohn F. ShowalterFlash2015-01-27
89BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #6Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2015-03-04
90BuyArrow 3.11: Midnight CityTV EpisodeNick CopusArrow2015-01-28
91BuyThe Flash 1.12: Crazy for YouTV EpisodeRob HardyFlash2015-02-03
92BuyArrow 3.12: UprisingTV EpisodeJesse WarnArrow2015-02-04
93BuyThe Flash 1.13: The Nuclear ManTV EpisodeGlen WinterFlash2015-02-10
94BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #7Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2015-04-01
95BuyArrow 3.13: CanariesTV EpisodeMichael SchultzArrow2015-02-11
96BuyThe Flash 1.14: FalloutTV EpisodeSteve SurjikFlash2015-02-17
97BuyArrow 3.14: The ReturnTV EpisodeDermott DownsArrow2015-02-18
98BuyVixen (Season 1)WebGreg BerlantiVixen2017-05-23Found online at CW Seed. Combined with part 2 to form Vixen: The Movie.
99BuyArrow 3.15: Nanda ParbatTV EpisodeGregory SmithArrow2015-02-25
100BuyThe Flash 1.15: Out of TimeTV EpisodeThor FreudenthalFlash2015-03-17
101BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #8Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2015-05-06
102BuyArrow 3.16: The OfferTV EpisodeDermott DownsArrow2015-03-18
103BuyThe Flash 1.16: Rogue TimeTV EpisodeJohn BehringFlash2015-03-24
104BuyArrow 3.17: Suicidal TendenciesTV EpisodeJesse WarnArrow2015-03-25
105BuyThe Flash 1.17: TrickstersTV EpisodeRalph HemeckerFlash2015-03-31
106BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #9Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2015-06-03
107BuyArrow 3.18: Public EnemyTV EpisodeDwight LittleArrow2015-04-01
108BuyThe Flash 1.18: All Star Team UpTV EpisodeKevin TancharoenFlash2015-04-14
109BuyArrow 3.19: Broken ArrowTV EpisodeDoug AarniokoskiArrow2015-04-15
110BuyThe Flash 1.19: Who Is Harrison Wells?TV EpisodeWendey StanzlerFlash2015-04-21
111BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #10Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2015-07-01
112BuyArrow 3.20: The FallenTV EpisodeAntonio NegretArrow2015-04-22
113BuyThe Flash 1.20: The TrapTV EpisodeSteve ShillFlash2015-04-28
114BuyArrow 3.21: Al Sah-himTV EpisodeThor FreudenthalArrow2015-04-29
115BuyThe Flash 1.21: Grodd LivesTV EpisodeDermott DownsFlash2015-05-05
116BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #11Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2015-08-05
117BuyArrow 3.22: This Is Your SwordTV EpisodeWendey StanzlerArrow2015-05-06
118BuyThe Flash 1.22: Rogue AirTV EpisodeDoug AarniokoskiFlash2015-05-12
119BuyArrow 3.23: My Name Is Oliver QueenTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2015-05-13
120BuyThe Flash 1.23: Fast EnoughTV EpisodeDermott DownsFlash2015-05-19
121BuyThe Flash: Season Zero #12Comic IssueAndrew KreisbergFlash2015-09-02
122BuyConstantine 1.01: Non Est AsylumTV EpisodeNeil MarshallConstantine2014-10-24
123BuyConstantine 1.02: The Darkness BeneathTV EpisodeSteve ShillConstantine2014-10-31
124BuyConstantine 1.03: The Devil's VinylTV EpisodeRomeo TironeConstantine2014-11-07
125BuyConstantine 1.04: Feast of FriendsTV EpisodeJohn F. ShowalterConstantine2014-11-14
126BuyConstantine 1.05: Danse VaudouTV EpisodeJohn BadhamConstantine2014-11-21
127BuyConstantine 1.06: The Rage of CalibanTV EpisodeNeil MarshallConstantine2014-11-28
128BuyConstantine 1.07: Blessed Are the DamnedTV EpisodeNick GomezConstantine2014-12-05
129BuyConstantine 1.08: The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 1TV EpisodeTJ ScottConstantine2014-12-12
130BuyConstantine 1.09: The Saint of Last Resorts, Part 12TV EpisodeRomeo TironeConstantine2015-01-16
131BuyConstantine 1.10: Quid Pro QuoTV EpisodeMary HarronConstantine2015-01-23
132BuyConstantine 1.11: A Whole World Out ThereTV EpisodeTom WrightConstantine2015-01-30
133BuyConstantine 1.12: Angels and Ministers of GraceTV EpisodeSam HillConstantine2015-02-06
134BuyConstantine 1.13: Waiting for the ManTV EpisodeDavid BoydConstantine2015-02-13
135BuyArrow: The Dark ArcherGraphic NovelJohn Barrowman, Carole BarrowmanArrow2016-09-06
136BuyVixen (Season 2)WebGreg BerlantiVixen2017-05-23Combined with part 1 to form Vixen: The Movie.
137BuySupergirl 1.01: PiLegends of TomorrowTV EpisodeGlen WinterSupergirl2015-10-26Supergirl exists in a seperate universe, but eventually crosses over with the main Arrow/Flash timeline.
138BuyArrow 4.01: Green ArrowTV EpisodeThor FreudenthalArrow2015-10-07
139BuyThe Flash 2.01: The Man Who Saved Central CityTV EpisodeRalph HemeckerFlash2015-10-06
140BuyThe Flash 2.02: Flash of Two WorldsTV EpisodeJesse WarnFlash2015-10-13
141BuyArrow 4.02: The CandidateTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2015-10-14
142BuySupergirl 1.02: Stronger TogetherTV EpisodeGlen WinterSupergirl2015-11-02
143BuySupergirl 1.03: Fight or FlightTV EpisodeDermott DownsSupergirl2015-11-09
144BuyThe Flash 2.03: Family of RoguesTV EpisodeJohn F. ShowalterFlash2015-10-20
145BuyArrow 4.03: RestorationTV EpisodeWendey StanzlerArrow2015-10-21
146BuyArrow 4.04: Beyond RedemptionTV EpisodeLexi AlexanderArrow2015-10-28
147BuySupergirl 1.04: How Does She Do It?TV EpisodeThor FreudenthalSupergirl2015-11-23
148BuySupergirl 1.05: LivewireTV EpisodeKevin TancharoenSupergirl2015-11-16
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150BuyThe Flash 2.05: The Darkness and the LightTV EpisodeSteve ShillFlash2015-11-03
151BuyArrow 4.05: HauntedTV EpisodeJohn BadhamArrow2015-11-04
152BuyArrow 4.06: Lost SoulsTV EpisodeAntonio NegretArrow2015-11-11
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154BuyThe Flash 2.06: Enter ZoomTV EpisodeJJ MakaroFlash2015-11-10
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156BuySupergirl 1.07: Human for a DayTV EpisodeLarry TengSupergirl2015-12-07
157BuySupergirl 1.08: Hostile TakeoverTV EpisodeKaren GaviolaSupergirl2015-12-14
158BuyThe Flash 2.07: Gorilla WarfareTV EpisodeDermott DownsFlash2015-11-17
159BuyThe Flash 2.08: Legends of TodayTV EpisodeRalph HemeckerFlash2015-12-01The season's 2-part crossover for Flash and Arrow, acting as a prequel to Legends of Tomorrow
160BuyArrow 4.08: Legends of YesterdayTV EpisodeThor FreudenthalArrow2015-12-02The season's 2-part crossover for Flash and Arrow, acting as a prequel to Legends of Tomorrow
161BuyArrow 4.09: Dark WatersTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2015-12-09
162BuyArrow 4.10: Blood DebtsTV EpisodeJesse WarnArrow2016-01-20
163BuySupergirl 1.09: Blood BondsTV EpisodeSteve ShillSupergirl2016-01-04
164BuySupergirl 1.10: Childish ThingsTV EpisodeJamie BabbitSupergirl2016-01-18
165BuyThe Flash 2.09: Running to Stand StillTV EpisodeKevin TancharoenFlash2015-12-08
166BuyThe Flash 2.10: Potential EnergyTV EpisodeRob HardyFlash2016-01-19
167BuyLegends of Tomorrow 1.01: PiLegends of Tomorrow, part 1TV EpisodeGlen WinterLegends of Tomorrow2016-01-21Legends of Tomorrow travels time, but this chronology represents that of the characters themselves.
168BuyLegends of Tomorrow 1.02: PiLegends of Tomorrow, part 2TV EpisodeGlen WinterLegends of Tomorrow2016-01-28
169BuyLegends of Tomorrow 1.03: Blood TiesTV EpisodeDermott DownsLegends of Tomorrow2016-02-04
170BuyAdventures of Supergirl: Chapter 1Comic IssueSterling GatesSupergirl2016-01-25
171BuyFlash: The Haunting of Barry AllenNovelSusan Griffith, Clay GriffithFlash2016-11-29
172BuyArrow: A Generation of VipersNovelSusan Griffith, Clay GriffithArrow2017-03-28
173BuySupergirl 1.11: Strange Visitor from Another PlanetTV EpisodeGlen WinterSupergirl2016-01-25
174BuyThe Flash 2.11: The Reverse-Flash ReturnsTV EpisodeMichael A. AllowitzFlash2016-01-26
175BuyArrow 4.11: A.W.O.L.TV EpisodeCharLegends of Tomorrowte BrandströmArrow2016-01-27
176BuyThe Flash 2.12: Fast LaneTV EpisodeRachel TalalayFlash2016-02-02
177BuyArrow 4.12: UnchainedTV EpisodeKevin FairArrow2016-02-03
178BuyArrow 4.13: Sins of the FatherTV EpisodeGordon VerheulArrow2016-02-10
179BuySupergirl 1.12: BizarroTV EpisodeJohn ShowalterSupergirl2016-02-01
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181BuySupergirl 1.13: For the Girl Who Has EverythingTV EpisodeDermott DownsSupergirl2016-02-08
182BuyThe Flash 2.13: Welcome to Earth-2TV EpisodeMillicent SheltonFlash2016-02-09
183BuyThe Flash 2.14: Escape from Earth-2TV EpisodeJJ MakaroFlash2016-02-16
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185BuyLegends of Tomorrow 1.05: Fail-SafeTV EpisodeDermott DownsLegends of Tomorrow2016-02-18
186BuyArrow 4.14: Code of SilenceTV EpisodeJames BamfordArrow2016-02-17
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188BuySupergirl 1.14: Truth, Justice and the American WayTV EpisodeLexi AlexanderSupergirl2016-02-22
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193BuyLegends of Tomorrow 1.08: Night of the HawkTV EpisodeJoe DanteLegends of Tomorrow2016-03-10
194BuyAdventures of Supergirl: Chapter 4Comic IssueSterling GatesSupergirl2016-03-07
195BuySupergirl 1.15: SolitudeTV EpisodeDermott DownsSupergirl2016-02-29
196BuyThe Flash 2.16: TrajectoryTV EpisodeGlen WinterFlash2016-03-22
197BuyArrow 4.16: Broken HeartsTV EpisodeJohn ShowalterArrow2016-03-23
198BuyAdventures of Supergirl: Chapter 5Comic IssueSterling GatesSupergirl2016-03-21
199BuySupergirl 1.16: FallingTV EpisodeLarry TengSupergirl2016-03-14
200BuyThe Flash 2.17: Flash BackTV EpisodeAlice TroughtonFlash2016-03-29
201BuyArrow 4.17: Beacon of HopeTV EpisodeMichael SchultzArrow2016-03-30
202BuyLegends of Tomorrow 1.09: Left BehindTV EpisodeJohn F. ShowalterLegends of Tomorrow2016-03-31
203BuyArrow 4.18: Eleven-Fifty-NineTV EpisodeRob HardyArrow2016-04-06
204BuyLegends of Tomorrow 1.10: ProgenyTV EpisodeDavid GeddesLegends of Tomorrow2016-04-07
205BuyLegends of Tomorrow 1.11: The Magnificent EightTV EpisodeThor FreudenthalLegends of Tomorrow2016-04-12
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208BuyThe Flash 2.18: Versus ZoomTV EpisodeStefan PleszczynskiFlash2016-04-19
209BuyAdventures of Supergirl: Chapter 7Comic IssueSterling GatesSupergirl2016-04-18
210BuySupergirl 1.18: World's FinestTV EpisodeNick GomezSupergirl2016-03-28Supergirl takes place in an alternate universe, but Flash can travel the multiverse and joins Supergirl in this episode.
211BuyThe Flash 2.19: Back to NormalTV EpisodeJohn F. ShowalterFlash2016-04-26
212Chronicles of CiscoWebAndrew KreisbergWebisodes2016-05-10
213BuyAdventures of Supergirl: Chapter 8Comic IssueSterling GatesSupergirl2016-05-02
214BuySupergirl 1.19: MyriadTV EpisodeAdam KaneSupergirl2016-04-11
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216BuySupergirl 1.20: Better AngelsTV EpisodeLarry TengSupergirl2016-04-18
217BuyThe Flash 2.20: RuptureTV EpisodeArmen V. KevorkianFlash2016-05-03
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219BuyThe Flash 2.21: The Runaway DinosaurTV EpisodeKevin SmithFlash2016-05-10
220BuyArrow 4.19: Canary CryTV EpisodeLaura BelseyArrow2016-04-27
221BuyLegends of Tomorrow 1.13: LeviathanTV EpisodeGregory SmithLegends of Tomorrow2016-04-28
222BuyArrow 4.20: GenesisTV EpisodeGregory SmithArrow2016-05-04
223BuyLegends of Tomorrow 1.14: River of TimeTV EpisodeAlice TroughtonLegends of Tomorrow2016-05-05
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226BuyThe Flash 2.22: InvincibleTV EpisodeJesse WarnFlash2016-05-17
227BuyArrow 4.22: Lost in the FloodTV EpisodeGlen WinterArrow2016-05-18
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229BuyThe Flash 2.23: The Race of His LifeTV EpisodeAntonio NegretFlash2016-05-24
230BuyArrow 4.23: SchismTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2016-05-25
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232BuyAdventures of Supergirl: Chapter 11Comic IssueSterling GatesSupergirl2016-06-13
233BuyAdventures of Supergirl: Chapter 12Comic IssueSterling GatesSupergirl2016-06-27
234BuyAdventures of Supergirl: Chapter 13Comic IssueSterling GatesSupergirl2016-07-10
235BuyThe Flash 3.01: FlashpointTV EpisodeJesse WarnFlash2016-10-04
236BuyArrow 5.01: LegacyTV EpisodeJames BamfordArrow2016-10-05
237BuySupergirl 2.01: The Adventures of SupergirlTV EpisodeGlen WinterSupergirl2016-10-10
238BuyThe Flash 3.02: ParadoxTV EpisodeRalph HemeckerFlash2016-10-11
239BuyArrow 5.02: The RecruitsTV EpisodeJames BamfordArrow2016-10-12
240BuyLegends of Tomorrow 2.01: Out of TimeTV EpisodeDermott DownsLegends of Tomorrow2016-10-13
241BuySupergirl 2.02: The Last Children of KryptonTV EpisodeGlen WinterSupergirl2016-10-17
242BuyThe Flash 3.03: MegentaTV EpisodeArmen V. KevorkianFlash2016-10-18
243BuyArrow 5.03: A Matter of TrustTV EpisodeGregory SmithArrow2016-10-19
244BuyLegends of Tomorrow 2.02: The Justice Society of AmericaTV EpisodeMichael GrossmanLegends of Tomorrow2016-10-20
245BuySupergirl 2.03: Welcome to EarthTV EpisodeRachel TalalaySupergirl2016-10-24
246BuyThe Flash 3.04: The New RoguesTV EpisodeStefan PleszczynskiFlash2016-10-25
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249BuySupergirl 2.04: SurvivorsTV EpisodeJames MarshallSupergirl2016-10-31
250BuyThe Flash 3.05: MonsterTV EpisodeC. Kim MilesFlash2016-11-01
251BuyArrow 5.05: Human TargetTV EpisodeLaura BelseyArrow2016-11-02
252BuyLegends of Tomorrow 2.04: AbominationsTV EpisodeMichael AllowitzLegends of Tomorrow2016-11-03
253BuySupergirl 2.05: CrossfireTV EpisodeGlen WinterSupergirl2016-11-07
254BuyArrow 5.06: So it BeginsTV EpisodeJohn BehringArrow2016-11-09
255BuyLegends of Tomorrow 2.05: CompromisedTV EpisodeDavid GeddesLegends of Tomorrow2016-11-10
256BuySupergirl 2.06: ChangingTV EpisodeLarry TengSupergirl2016-11-14
257BuyThe Flash 3.06: ShadeTV EpisodeJJ MakaroFlash2016-11-15
258BuyArrow 5.07: VigilanteTV EpisodeGordon VerheulArrow2016-11-16
259BuyLegends of Tomorrow 2.06: Outlaw CountryTV EpisodeCherie NowlanLegends of Tomorrow2016-11-17
260BuySupergirl 2.07: The Darkest PlaceTV EpisodeGlen WinterSupergirl2016-11-21
261BuyThe Flash 3.07: Killer FrostTV EpisodeKevin SmithFlash2016-11-22
262BuySupergirl 2.08: MedusaTV EpisodeStefan PleszczynskiSupergirl2016-11-28Part of the season's 4-way crossover
263BuyThe Flash 3.08: Invasion!TV EpisodeDermott DownsFlash2016-11-29Part of the season's 4-way crossover
264BuyArrow 5.08: Invasion!TV EpisodeJames BamfordArrow2016-11-30Part of the season's 4-way crossover
265BuyLegends of Tomorrow 2.07: Invasion!TV EpisodeGregory SmithLegends of Tomorrow2016-12-01Part of the season's 4-way crossover
266BuyThe Flash 3.09: The PresentTV EpisodeRachel TalalayFlash2016-12-06
267BuyArrow 5.09: What We Leave BehindTV EpisodeAntonio NegretArrow2016-12-07
268BuyLegends of Tomorrow 2.08: The Chicago WayTV EpisodeRalph HemeckerLegends of Tomorrow2016-12-08
269BuySupergirl 2.09: Supergirl LivesTV EpisodeKevin SmithSupergirl2017-01-23
270BuyThe Flash 3.10: Borrowing Problems from the FutureTV EpisodeMillicent SheltonFlash2017-01-24
271BuyLegends of Tomorrow 2.09: Raiders of the Lost ArtTV EpisodeDermott DownsLegends of Tomorrow2017-01-24
272BuyArrow 5.10: Who Are You?TV EpisodeGregory SmithArrow2017-01-25
273BuySupergirl 2.10: We Can Be HeroesTV EpisodeRebecca JohnsonSupergirl2017-01-30
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276BuyArrow 5.11: Second ChancesTV EpisodeMark BuntingArrow2017-02-01
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278BuyThe Flash 3.12: UntouchableTV EpisodeRob HardyFlash2017-02-07
279BuyLegends of Tomorrow 2.11: TurncoatTV EpisodeAlice TroughtonLegends of Tomorrow2017-02-07
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All comments.

  1. Jason Hamilton

    First few episodes are there. But the first season takes place before the last crossover, so they’re higher up.

  2. Jason Hamilton

    As far as I know, they are still around the same time. It’s not clear where the jump forward happens yet. It only lists up to episode 5 because that’s the number of episodes that had the information I needed when I last updated the timeline. Next time I update (in a month or so) I’ll have more info.

  3. Kev

    Awesome List. Just watching all the series according to the Timeline. Very Helpful. Keep it coming!

  4. Jason Hamilton

    I’m working on it. The code isn’t working.

  5. dugo1

    Why is Vixen Season 2 at this place? At this point in time, Firestorm is still ronnie Raymond, Ray Palmer is presumed dead and Oliver and felicity are still out of Team arrow. Am I wrong?

  6. Jason Hamilton


  7. Jason Hamilton

    I will soon.

  8. Roy Bendy

    Looking online at other timelines, I noticed that black lightning and Constantine episodes were incorporated into the season’s of other shows instead of being lumped together by itself which was nice because you didn’t have to watch a whole season at once and try to remember what happened in all other shows if you couldn’t watch a whole season of black lightning or constantine in a couple days because of life. I just think incorporating the episodes of black lightning and constantine into the other arrowverse shows seasons (I would just note that black lightning isn’t part of the arrowverse originally, it didn’t tie in until 3rd season) feels more natural when watching the timeline.

  9. Chris

    Heres a big one, with Crisis on Infinite Earth tying the other DC films and TV shows together, will you be adding the Christopher Reeve/Brandon Routh Superman, the 60’s Batman TV show, the Burton Batman era, Birds of Prey, etc, into the Arrowverse timeline or is that too complicated?

    1. Jason Hamilton

      Too complicated. But I’ll be making notes and linking to some of the other timelines that are included in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

  10. No name

    Still missing to much ties as with Titans, Lucifer and Raising Dion?

    1. Jason Hamilton

      They tied in almost every DC show or movie universe there is, so there would be simply too much to try and put on one timeline. There will be notes linking to other universes, but this will remain primarily for Earth Prime only, aka the bulk of the Arrowverse.

  11. Kev

    Little mistake with Batwoman. In the middle of season 1 switching from 1.** to 5.**.

    Keep the awesome work up!

  12. Angel

    could you maybe make a new timeline and name it as the “DC multiverse timeline”? 😀

    1. Jason Hamilton

      That would essentially be everything in the DC Comics category on this site.

  13. Angel

    Ah, I hear you lol I guess what I meant was everything thats crossed over with the arrowverse with the latest crossover event could be placed together in a multiverse timeline and strictly only those. For example the 90s flash, smallville, birds of prey, the film superman returns, the DCEU movies due to flash appearance, lucifer, and the dc universe shows (titans, doom patrol, swamp thing, star girl). But if all that seems unnecessarily too much I am completely understanding of that lol. Either way thanks for your work and effort. 🙂

  14. Aylex

    You list the first twelve issues of the Arrow comic, but what about issues #13-#36? When are we supposed to read them?

  15. NYCƉiesel

    This is amazing!

    You’re a Legend, Jason!

  16. Marc

    Awsome work, but I noticed two minor mistakes

    Arrow 6.03 – 6.06 are wrongly labeled as 3.03 – 6.06
    Batwoman 1.06 – 1.09 is wrongly labeled as 5.06 – 5.09

  17. Derek

    I don’t know how accurate this list is but according to Google, Legends of Tomorrow ends at Season 5, Episode 12, but your list ends at Season 5, Episode 8… Also, I have had this problem with google before, I do not if it is you or Google who mislabeled the episode, but Google says S5 E9 is Zari, Not Zari but for this list, it’s S5 E8?

  18. Shea

    What about arrow issues 13 and onward.

  19. Daniel

    for the people that use this list, how accurate is it?

  20. Daniel

    i thought there were more issues of Arrow.

  21. Daniel

    36 issues of Arrow, to be exact

  22. Violet

    Why is Vixen the movie or seasons 1 and 2 way before Arrow Season 4 episode 15 which is the first time I remember seeing Vixen on anything other than her own movie and show. There is a lot that happens between when the time line has us watch Vixen and the time we actually see her on Arrow. It’s easy to forget who she is with that many episodes in between. Plus Jefferson isn’t Firestorm yet when you have us watch Vixen and yet he his Firestorm in Vixen. I suggest you change the timeline to include Vixen closer to where Arrow season 4 episode 15 is in the time line. Also the titles for Supergirl season 1 episodes 4 and 5 are turned around. Livewire should be episode 4 and How Does She Do It? is episode 5, but the time line has it reversed.

  23. Violet

    Yes, Legends of Tomorrow’s Zari, not Zari is supposed to be season 5 episode 9 according to Netflix. episode 8 is supposed to be Romeo v. Juliet: Dawn of Justice.

  24. Violet

    I should add that overall even with the few mistakes I’ve found I really like your timeline and find it helpful in tying together all the arrowverse shows. I also agree that I would probably also read additional comics and books related to these DC Arrowverse shows if they were added to this timeline as well. Thanks for your hard work putting this timeline together.

  25. Violet

    I just read The Flash: Hocus Pocus book that you included in this timeline, however I discovered that it’s the first book in a four book series. Perhaps you should add the other three books to the series too since you added the first one. I’m hooked on the first book and was disappointed when I discovered it was to be continued.

  26. Andrew

    You got dinner Batwoman season 5 episodes listed. You been time traveling?

  27. Violet

    I just realized that Legends of Tomorrow Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 5 is also supposed to be Episode 5.1, then the next episode Meet the Legends is supposed to be 5.2, but you didn’t number the crisis on infinite earths episode and labeled the “Meet the Legends” episode with 5.1, so all the episodes after that are labeled 5.2, 5.3 etc causing them to be all one number off from the number they should be labeled. Just fyi. 🙂 Thanks for all you did do though with this outline. It has been really useful in going through all the shows to watch and keep track of them even with the few mistakes we’ve found.

  28. Violet

    Batwoman 1.6-1.9 is incorrectly labeled as 5.6-5.9

  29. Violet

    Are you going to ever go through our comments and correct the mistakes we’ve found? Some of us have found some mistakes awhile ago and they don’t look they’ve ever been fixed.

  30. Violet

    Arrow 6.03-6.05 is also incorrectly labeled as 3.03-3.05

  31. Idran

    I’m not really sure what kind of order this is supposed to be? It’s not strictly airdate order because you’ve got things all over the map when it comes to that. It looks like it’s trying at in-universe chronology based on the placement of Vixen? But the Constantine placement doesn’t fit that either. We know that Rage of Caliban ends on Halloween, so the early episodes have to at least span the fall (and probably fall 2014), but shoving it between Arrow S3 and Arrow S4 couldn’t possibly fit that.

  32. Danny

    There used to be a sorting field between Chronological and Release order? Why was that removed

    1. Jason Hamilton

      Switched to a different plugin. You can still sort by clicking the header fields for “#” and “Date”


    Are you going to update this when/as the other ARROWVERSE shows come out and the previous ones continue???