The Old Republic: Threat of Peace

About The Old Republic: Threat of Peace

Threat of Peace has an interesting story, and one not lacking in originality, but it does present a number of problems that are hard to overlook.

When I first started reading the comic. I was impressed with some of the artwork, and the appearance of the different characters which were easy to identify because of the artwork. But that was about as far as the characters appealed to me. I knew that some of them had to be important (both in and out of the video game) but it was hard to figure them out while reading. It wasn’t until I got to the end of the graphic novel that I found summaries of the different worlds and characters which helped a lot in understanding them, but this was not apparent while reading.

Additionally, since the comic was published in 27 segments online, as a whole it feels very disjointed and rushed. It’s as if they were trying to put as much effort into not confusing people with each 3 page segment that they made it confusing as a whole. But it still doesn’t flow well. That said, the story is interesting once you realize what’s going on, and the ending has a twist that you won’t see coming and has a hint of originality to it. Threat of Peace is aptly named.

Continuity Note: Threat of Peace takes place after it’s predecessor, Blood of the Empire and before the video game. While the two comics have little to do with each other, this one does draw from the Knights of the Old Republic video games, with characters like Satele Shan being descended from Bastila Shan, etc.

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The Old Republic: Threat of Peace
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