The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire

About The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire

Blood of the Empire is not exactly the best addition to the Star Wars franchise as a whole, but it does provide a pleasant supplement to the Old Republic video game. While I was reading it I admit, I was a bit confused and not all that intrigued, even though it does do some good. But I had to read it twice to get it.

What Blood of the Empire is best at is the artwork, which is beautiful, though sometimes framed in such a way as to make the continuity from frame to frame to be a little confusing. It was difficult to understand everything that was going on. There also seems to be a lot of action involved. But the inking was great and that’s what drew me in.

The characters and plot of the story are in themselves ok, but the way they are portrayed is more amateur. While it is easy to tell that there is a much larger plot at work, and that the characters in this comic will have big parts to play, just what that big part is, is completely unknown and difficult to see without a second or third reading. I didn’t find the characters to be all that interesting, despite the foreshadowing. It didn’t work for me.

Continuity Note: Blood of the Empire takes place before the video game also called The Old Republic, and was published online as a web-comic in three segments. Many of the characters play big parts in the upcoming storyline.

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The Old Republic: Blood of the Empire
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