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Ok, so to be honest, I hated this book. That said, I think Joe Schreiber is a talented horror novelist. However, I did not like how he made it fit into the Star Wars genre (yes, I classify Star Wars as its own genre) or the way that the horror itself was described and displayed. Thankfully the book is not all that long, so it won’t take very long to read, and if you like horror and Star Wars, then this book will appeal to you. Personally, though, I feel like this particular attempt to diversify the Star Wars universe had failed.

As is the case with most horror novels, Red Harvest is incredibly predictable. At no point was I really afraid for any of the characters because it was clear from the start who would live, and that everyone else would die. Each of the characters was incredibly shallow because of this and contributed to the fact that I did not feel anything for them. The character of Zo did not really strike me as an interesting character, nor a typical Jedi. She was too helpless for a Jedi.

The novel is substantially and unnecessarily gory. While I am not opposed to gore when used properly, I think a lot of what turns up in this book to be completely unnecessary. Most of it seems to be used only to increase the ‘horror’ of the horror novel. However, what this does, makes it feel completely un-Star-Wars-like. This book does not fit into the Star Wars universe in any sense of the word. This is primarily because of the feel of the novel, but it is also due to the lack of connection with the rest of the events surrounding the novel. Although there are a few references to the sacking of Coruscant and the war, this does little to rectify how out of place it feels.

Continuity Note: Red Harvest is a prequel to the novel Death Troopers which takes place much further down the timeline (in between the trilogies). It takes place during the Old Republic time period, but has little to do with that era other than a few references.

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