Firefly 1.01: Serenity

About Firefly 1.01: Serenity

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the entire series of Firefly. I can easily say that each time I see the show, it gets better. Firefly was the beginning of our golden age of television. Sadly, it was canceled before the studio became aware of that fact.

“Serenity” is the title of the first two episodes of Firefly. It is not to be confused with the feature film of the same name. All of the characters are introduced, and the show does a terrific job of making each member of the assemble unique and interesting in their own way. Of particular note are the characters of Jane and Shepard. While Shepard has taken on the life of a pastor, you can tell within the first few minutes of his appearance that he has a darker past. Jane appears like a stereotypical thug at the beginning, but we learn that there’s more to him when he stays loyal to his captain. Of course, Captain Reynolds is the best part about the show, played beautifully by Nathan Fillion. Even over the course of two episodes, Joss Whedon has managed to cram a believable background story to each character.

The humor is another brilliant part of the space/western. A lot of the dialogue is witty in a way that hasn’t been seen in the last century or more. It’s clever and not in the least cliche. Very well done.

I also enjoy the worldbuilding involved in this episode. Although we don’t know much yet about the universe at large, we know there’s an alliance between the former U.S.A. and China. They’re kind of the dystopian government now. We know there was a resistance that Malcolm was a part of, but they lost. Now they are outlaws, much in the style of an American western. That is what gives Firefly its true uniqueness and beauty.

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