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Force Storm is a great introduction to a great new era of the Star Wars universe. I admit when I heard they were going to do a series based 36-25,000 years before the movies I felt like they may have spread themselves too thin. But after looking at it, I admit it’s exciting. Even casual Star Wars fans would be interested in learning about the origin of the Jedi. There were many parts got me excited, plus a few that didn’t.

The best part is the construction of the Star Wars worlds and cultures. Being 30,000 years before the movies, a number of things had to be different, while still maintaining the Star Wars feel. Force Storm does this beautifully. The cultures are sufficiently different to be original, but enough similarities exist that it feels you are in the same universe. The artwork does a lot to help, creating a clean, easy-to-follow narrative that is vibrant and alive. The writing, though lacking a bit in dialogue and focusing more on external narration helps move the story along. The dialogue has a number of cheesy lines here and there and is not nearly as witty as similar Star Wars media.

While some of the characters are compelling, I feel like this particular graphic novel gives us too many to work with. With the exception of the lead antagonist, Xesh, most of the characters do not gain much interest simply because there are so many of them. It would have been better to start out smaller I think. However, what you can see of the characters presents them as three-dimensional with important pasts that we haven’t discovered yet.

Continuity Note: This graphic novel draws a lot on previously published material despite how far in the past it is set. Knights of the Old Republic is used heavily with references to the Star Forge, as well as the powerful species known as the Rakata. Chronologically, this is the first piece of Star Wars literature.


Force Storm #1-5

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Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm
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