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After reading through Running with the Demon, you’re probably going to want to continue with A Knight of the Word. This was my case and I eagerly moved on to more original Terry Brooks fantasy goodness. While not the same as the former novel, A Knight of the Word will not disappoint.

Five years after the events of Running with the Demon, Nest Freemark is notified by a messenger of the Word that John Ross, the man who had helped save her life, has put his own in jeopardy. Ross has turned against his choice to be a Knight of the Word. He tries to live an ordinary life, with an ordinary job, and an ordinary girlfriend.

But not all of his surroundings are as “ordinary” as he thinks, a fact discovered by Nest as she travels to persuade him to retake his post as a servant of the Word. She discovers that a Demon is impersonating one of Ross’ closest acquaintances, but she does not know who. This Demon wants the power John Ross holds dormant, and will do all it can to control it.

Probably my deepest complaint about this novel was that it was somewhat depressing. Both John Ross, and Nest Freemark are under vulnerable emotional stress. Nest is worried because she’s lost the power of Wraith, Ross is wrestling with his past and future, trying to be normal but knowing it will never be so. This makes for a quite depressing read, as there is no one who can lighten the mood. Once again the motivation of the book is somewhat of a mystery. The worst case scenario appears to be the death of John Ross, but, as he is rather depressed during the whole book, this is not such a big deal to the reader.

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A Knight of the Word
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