Halo Timeline and Chronology

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One of the most successful franchises in video game history, the Halo story has expanded more than any other game series before it with its multiple series of books, comics, and more!

What’s on the Halo Timeline?

This list attempts to create a reading order (or in some cases viewing/playing order) for all major pieces of Halo media. This includes primarily all video games, novels, films, and comic books. This list does not attempt to split up any media into individual scenes/pages, but rather focuses on an easy to follow reading/playing/watching list (with a few exceptions). In the event that two works cover the exact same time-frame we first list the first published work. Additionally we base the placement within the timeline on where the work ends rather than where it begins.

This list of Halo media includes:

  • The Halo Games: Considered the “core” medium for the Halo franchise. These include the main series of games, as well as a few mobile games such as Spartan Assault.
  • Novels/Comics: Halo has more tie-in novels and comics than any other video game franchise. I include them in the timeline.
  • Films/Short Films: Though the Halo franchise has never seen a theatrical release, the series does include a few films that were released through other mediums, often online.

There are a few other pieces of media that fit in, such as the Hunt the Truth podcast, and you can find it all in chronological order below. We hope you enjoy!

Where do I start reading the Halo books?

Since this is a franchise based on video games, you should definitely start with those. We recommend the Halo: Master Chief Collection for the best starting experience. However, if you’re looking to start reading the books and/or comics, you should start with The Fall of Reach, which has the richest background information for the game franchise.

As always, if you have questions or comments about this timeline, we recommend you visit our Contact page. We hope you enjoy.

1BuyEvolutions: Soma the PainterShort StoryN/A2009-11-24100,000 BC
2BuyCryptumNovelGreg Bear2011-01-04100,000 BC
3BuyPrimordiumNovelGreg Bear2012-01-03100,000 BC
4BuySilentiumNovelGreg Bear2013-03-19100,000 BC
5BuyFractures: Defender of the StormShort StoryJohn Jackson Miller2016-09-20100,000 BC
6BuyFractures: Promises to KeepShort StoryChristie Golden2016-09-20100,000 BC
7BuyFractures: Untitled StoryShort StoryN/A2016-09-20100,000 BC
8BuyLegends: The DuelShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010-02-162142 CE
9BuyThe Fall of Reach: Boot CampGraphic NovelBrian Reed2011-04-272514 CE
10BuyEvolutions: PariahShort StoryB. K. Evenson2009-11-242528 CE
11BuyContact HarvestNovelJoseph Staten2007-10-302525 CE
12BuyThe Fall of Reach - The Animated SeriesShort FilmIan Kirby2015-10-272525 CE
13BuyCollateral DamageGraphic NovelAlex Irvine2018-12-182525 CETies together with Silent Storm.
14BuySilent Storm: A Master Chief StoryNovelTroy Denning2018-09-042526 CETies together with Collateral Damage.
15BuyHalo 4: Forward Unto DawnFilmStewart Hendler2012-11-022526 CEBulk of this miniseries goes here. Frame story takes place in 2558 CE.
16BuyOblivion: A Master Chief StoryNovelTroy Denning2019-09-242526 CE
17BuyFall of Reach Adjunct #1Short StoryEric Nylund2010-01-012531 CEIncluded in the TOR edition of The Fall of Reach.
18BuyLegends: HomecomingShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010-02-162531 CE
19BuyFall of Reach Adjunct #4Short StoryEric Nylund2010-01-012531 CEIncluded in the TOR edition of The Fall of Reach.
20BuyHalo Wars: GenesisGraphic NovelEnsemble Studios2009-03-032531 CE
21BuyHalo WarsGameEnsemble Studios2009-02-262531 CE
22BuyLegends: PrototypeShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010-02-162532 CE
23BuyEvolutions: Midnight in the Heart of MidlothianShort StoryFrank O'Connor2009-11-242532 CE
24BuyThe Cole ProtocolNovelTobias S. Buckell2008-11-252535 CE
25BuyFractures: The Ballad of Hamish BeamishShort StoryFrank O'Connor2016-09-202535 CE
26BuyTales from Slipspace: Something Has HappenedComic IssueAlex Irvine2016-10-252537 CE
27BuyLegends: The BabysitterShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010-02-162542 CE
28BuyFall of Reach Adjunct #3Short StoryEric Nylund2010-01-012543 CEIncluded in the TOR edition of The Fall of Reach.
29BuyLegends: The PackageShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010-02-162544 CE
30BuyBattle BornNovelCassandra Rose Clarke2019-01-012548 CE
31BuyMeridian DivideNovelCassandra Rose Clarke2019-10-012548 CE
32BuyEvolutions: HeadhuntersShort StoryJonathan Goff2009-11-242551 CE
33BuyHelljumpersGraphic NovelPeter David2010-03-10January 2552 CE
34BuyThe Fall of Reach: CovenantGraphic NovelBrian Reed2011-12-142525 CE
35BuyEvolutions: Blunt InstrumentsShort StoryFred Van Lente2009-11-24July 2552 CE
36BuyBlood LineGraphic NovelFred Van Lente2010-07-28July 2552 CE
37BuyThe Fall of ReachNovelEric Nylund2001-10-302514-2552 CE
38BuyFall of Reach Adjunct #6Short StoryEric Nylund2010-01-01August 2552 CEIncluded in the TOR edition of The Fall of Reach.
39BuyThe Fall of Reach: InvasionGraphic NovelBrian Reed2012-07-18August 2552 CE
40BuyFall of Reach Adjunct #5Short StoryEric Nylund2010-01-01August 2552 CEIncluded in the TOR edition of The Fall of Reach.
41BuyFall of Reach Adjunct #7Short StoryEric Nylund2010-01-01August 2552 CEIncluded in the TOR edition of The Fall of Reach.
42BuyHalo: ReachGameBungie2010-09-14August 2552 CE
43BuyFall of Reach Adjunct #2Short StoryEric Nylund2010-01-01August 2552 CEIncluded in the TOR edition of The Fall of Reach.
44BuyEvolutions: DirtShort StoryTobias Buckell2009-11-24September 2552 CE
45BuyHalo: Combat EvolvedGameBungie2001-11-15September 2552 CEAnniversary remake of the original was released in November 15, 2011.
46BuyThe FloodNovelWilliam C. Dietz2003-04-01September 2552 CE
47Halo: Fireteam RavenGame343 Industries2018-07-10September 2552 CE
48BuyHalo Graphic Novel: Breaking QuarantineComic IssueTsutomu Nihei2006-07-19September 2552 CE
49BuyHalo Graphic Novel: The Last Voyage of the Infinite SuccorComic IssueLee Hammock2006-07-19September 2552 CE
50BuyEvolutions: Stomping on the Heels of a FussShort StoryEric Raab2009-11-242552 CE
51BuyFirst StrikeNovelEric Nylund2003-12-02October 2552 CE
52BuyHalo Graphic Novel: Armor TestingComic IssueEd Lee, Jay Faerber, Andrew Robinson2006-07-19October 2552 CE
53BuyHalo 2GameBungie2004-11-09October 2552 CEAnniversary remake of the original was released in November 11, 2014.
54BuyBroken CircleNovelJohn Shirley2014-11-042552 CE
55BuyEvolutions: Palace HotelShort StoryRobert McLees2009-11-24October 2552 CE
56BuyHalo Graphic Novel- Second Sunrise Over New MombasaComic IssueJean Giraud2006-07-19October 2552 CE
57BuyHalo 3: ODSTGameBungie2009-09-22October 2552 CE
58BuyEvolutions: Mona LisaShort StoryTessa Kum, Jeff VanderMeer2009-11-24October 2552 CE
59BuyGhosts of OnyxNovelEric Nylund2006-10-312552 CE
60BuyEvolutions: Wages of SinShort StoryN/A2009-11-24November 2552 CE
61BuyUprisingGraphic NovelBrian Michael Bendis2009-06-17November 2552 CE
62BuyEvolutions: Human WeaknessShort StoryKaren Traviss2009-11-24November 2552 CE
63LandfallShort FilmNeill Blomkamp2007-07-10November 2552 CE
64BuyHalo 3GameBungie2007-09-252552 CE
65BuyEvolutions: The Impossible Life & The Possible Death of Preston ColeShort StoryEric Nylund2009-11-24December 2552 CE
66BuyGlasslandsNovelKaren Traviss2011-10-252553 CE
67BuyInitiationGraphic NovelBrian Reed2014-01-212553 CE
68BuyEvolutions: From the Office of Dr. William Arthur IqbalShort StoryFrank O'Connor2009-11-242553 CE
69BuyShadow of IntentShort StoryJoseph Staten2015-12-072553 CEIncluded in Fractures
70BuyFractures: Breaking StrainShort StoryJames Swallow2016-09-202553 CE
71BuyThe Thursday WarNovelKaren Traviss2012-10-022553 CE
72BuyMortal DictataNovelKaren Traviss2014-01-212553 CE
73BuyLast LightNovelTroy Denning2015-09-152553 CE
74BuyFractures: A Necessary TruthShort StoryTroy Denning2016-09-202553 CE
75BuyRetributionNovelTroy Denning2017-08-292553 CE
76BuyPetraShort StoryChristopher Schlerf2010-01-012553 CE
77BuyLone WolfGraphic NovelAnne Toole2019-06-252553 CEReleased and included with the re-issue of First Strike.
78BuyFractures: Lessons LearnedShort StoryMatt Forbeck2016-09-202554 CE
79BuyHunters in the DarkNovelPeter David2015-06-162555 CE
80BuyNew BloodNovelMatt Forbeck2015-03-022555 CE
81BuyHalo: NightfallFilmSergio Mimica-Gezzan2015-03-162556 CE
82BuyLegends: OriginsShort FilmFrank O'Connor2010-02-162556 CE
83BuyFractures: AnarosaShort StoryKevin Grace2016-09-202556 CE
84BuyFractures: Into the FireShort StoryKelly Gay2016-09-202557 CE
85BuySmoke and ShadowNovelKelly Gay2016-11-282557 CEContinues the storyline of Into the Fire.
86BuyRenegadesNovelKelly Gay2019-02-192557 CE
87BuyTales from Slipspace: Hunting PartyComic IssueJonathan Goff2016-10-25?
88BuyHalo 4Game343 Industries2012-11-06July 2557 CE
89BuyHalo: Spartan AssaultGame343 Industries2013-07-182557 CE
90Halo: Spartan StrikeGame343 Industries2015-04-162557 CE
91BuySaint's TestimonyShort StoryFrank O'Connor2015-07-27January 2558 CEIncluded in Fractures
92BuyTales from Slipspace: Knight Takes BishopComic IssueTyler Jeffers2016-10-25January 2558 CE
93BuyHalo 4: Sparten OpsGame343 Industries2012-11-062558 CE
94BuyTales from Slipspace: Fireteam Majestic Poker NightComic IssueKody Chamberlain2016-10-252558 CE
95BuyEscalation, Vol. 1Graphic NovelChristopher Schlerf2014-10-212558 CE
96BuyEscalation, Vol. 2Graphic NovelBrian Reed2015-04-212558 CE
97Hunt the Truth (Season 1)Audio Drama343 Industries2015-03-222558 CEAvailable on iTunes.
98BuyEscalation, Vol. 3Graphic NovelBrian Reed2015-09-292558 CE
99BuyEscalation, Vol. 4Graphic NovelDuff Boudreu2016-03-222558 CE
100BuyTales from Slipspace: On the BrinkComic IssueDuffy Boudreau2016-10-252558 CE
101BuyFractures: OasisShort StoryTobias Buckell2016-09-202558 CE
102BuyTales from Slipspace: Dominion SplinterComic IssueFrank O'Connor2016-10-252558 CE
103BuyEnvoyNovelTobias S. Buckell2017-04-252558 CE
104BuyLegacy of OnyxNovelMatt Forbeck2017-11-142558 CEHas narrative connections with the Halo: Fractures short story Lessons Learned, also written by Forbeck.
105Hunt the Truth (Season 2)Audio Drama343 Industries2015-09-222558 CEAvailable on iTunes.
106BuyHalo 5: GuardiansGame343 Industries2015-10-272558 CE
107BuyRise of AtrioxGraphic NovelCullen Bunn, Jody Houser, John Jackson Miller, Alex Irvine, Claire Roe, Josan Gonzalez, Jonathan Wayshak, Tristan Jones2018-05-292558 CE
108BuyFractures: What RemainsShort StoryMorgan Lockhart2016-09-202558 CE
109BuyTales from Slipspace: UndefeatedComic IssueJohn Jackson Miller2016-10-252558 CE
110BuyFractures: Rossbach's WorldShort StoryBrian Reed2016-09-202558 CE
111BuyBad BloodNovelMatt Forbeck2018-04-242558 CE
112BuyHalo Wars 2GameCreative Assembly2017-02-212559 CE
113BuyEvolutions: The ReturnShort StoryKevin Grace2009-11-242559 CE
114BuyShadows of ReachNovelTroy Denning2020-09-222559 CE
115BuyHalo: InfiniteGame343 IndustriesTBDTBD

24 Responses

  1. I realized that you didn’t add any of the live action trailers and I know that at least some of them are cannon. I don’t know when any of them take place except for Deliver Hope (the halo reach one) which I know takes place in April 2552. I don’t know if you’re still going to be editing the document, but I thought you should look into adding those since they are cannon and pretty good.

  2. Nice job on all this hard work, Jason, my dude! Thanks to Abraham for the FoR Adjuncts too; any luck with the First Strike ones too? And as previously commented, I’d love to work the live action trailers into this timeline too (tho I know they’re not all definitively dated). Best to all.

  3. I am working through this list and just got to Tales from Slipspace: Hunting Party and you put it right after Headhunters because it doesn’t have a specific place it could go but based on what I read it probably makes more sense to go sometime after halo 3 but before halo wars 2. As they mention the death of Tatarus, and the fall of the covenant.

  4. I did find that “The Flood” and “First Strike” had Adjuncts too. Most of the “Flood adjuncts took place at some time During the story so most of this is a guess. Flood adjunct 1: Just after H:CE/The Flood, Flood Adjunct 2: During H:CE/The Flood, Sometime shortly after the FLOOD were released. Flood Adjunct 3: During H:CE again sometime after the flood were released. Flood Adjunct 4: Different parts Throughout H: THE FLOOD. Flood Adjunct 5: While the chief is on the Flood infected Covenant ship looking for what remains of Captain Keyes. Flood adjunct 6: I am guessing “L” stood for “Librarian” so I’m guessing It took place during before Silentium. As for the First Strike Adjuncts: FS Adjunct 1: After Silent Storm, Adjunct 2: Unknown time after Halo 3, Adjunct 3: After between “Armor Testing” and Halo 2. Adjunct 4: Right after Halo 3. Hope this helps.

  5. I have managed to figure out a few of the the Live action trailers. You have Landfall and a guy mention “Deliver hope” which takes place between HellJumpers and FoR: Covenant. There is another called, “Birth of a Spartan.” It is about the Spartan From Reach known as Carter (Noble 1). I can’t say exactly where but knowing his age in Reach and the looking at the age he appears to be in the trailer, I am estimating it takes place sometime between “Cole Protocol,” and “the Babysitter.” Another is called, “Remember Reach,” AKA “THe Day Before” Which I would place just after “Blood Line”. There is another called “The Commissioning”, which begins with them Commissioning the Infinity early in 2557, it visually ends with the ship falling towards Requiem, so you could put it just before Halo 4. Another one called, “The Life, ” or “We are ODST.” Probably takes place just before Halo 2. There one called “Scanned” though I couldn’t tell you when or if that takes place. Could take place in the Middle of Halo 4 while the CHief is being Augmented by the Librarian remnant. There Then there is “All Hail,” and “the Cost,” which introduce us to the duality of Chief and Locke, but I couldn’t tell you when or even IF they took place. “A hero falls,” and the “Believe” campaign will take place after “Infinite.” IF they even take place at all.

  6. Have you thought about adding Fistful of Arrows to the list? I know it’s /technically/ not cannon, but both Bungie and 343 have acknowledged it and a few years ago they planned to make it cannon but I don’t think that ever went through. It still fits in modern day cannon though. I personally think it should be added to the list but I also fully understand why it shouldn’t be.

  7. I just learned about Halo: Rebirth which is an epilogue to Silentium. It’s on Halo Waypoint but there are several reuploads on youtube. I think you should add that too.

  8. I found there is another Live action trailer called “Living Monument.” I believe it takes place right after Halo 3.

  9. I found out that Spartan assault takes place in 2554. It’s between “Lone Wolf” and “Hunters in the dark.” I don’t know if it comes Before “Lesson Learned” or after.

  10. I just learned that 343 turned a few of the evolution stories into motion comics. I know of 4. Midnight in the Heart of Midlothian, Headhunters, Mona Lisa, and The Return.

  11. Doing a little searching, I concluded that the new book coming, “Point of Light” will take place sometime between, “Spartan Ops,” and “Envoy.” However, I can’t tell you exactly where.

  12. Yo, Jason.
    -Infinite takes place in 2560, as the gameplay reveal shows.
    -Point of Light is in August 2558, between Envoy and the Oasis short story.
    -Dominion Splinter is immediately after H4.

  13. Point of Light is between the Oasis short story and Envoy, and Dominion Splinter is immediately after Halo 4, Jason.

  14. They just released a new book, “Point of Light.” It continues the “Renegades” story, I’m pretty sure, yet it takes place in August of 2558. So I don’t know where exactly it would fit here but definitely either before or aafter the events of Halo 5

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