Young Justice Timeline

One of the most critically-acclaimed animated shows of all time, the series was strong enough to warrant a re-boot years later.

What’s in the Young Justice Timeline?

This is the Young Justice Universe timeline, which consists mostly of the television show by Greg Weisman. It includes the comics that followed it. You will also find a Young Justice video game, that is also part of this timeline. It’s set between seasons 1 and 2 of the show.

Even though the show, unfortunately, ended early, it’s popularity was enough to entice the studio with season 3: Outsiders. This one comes through the DC Universe streaming service.

Young Justice is largely considered to be one of the best-animated shows that DC has ever produced. However, it does not tie-in with other known animated DC universes. As with all of our DC timelines, if you enjoyed this one, check out our DC Comics Hub for everything DC! And if you see anything that needs correction or updating, let us know on our contact page. We love to hear any and all feedback you may have for us!

1BuyYoung Justice 1.01: Independence DayTV EpisodeJay Oliva2010-11-26Young Justice
2BuyYoung Justice 1.02: FireworksTV EpisodeSam Liu2010-11-26Young Justice
3BuyYoung Justice 1.03: Welcome to Happy HarborTV EpisodeJay Oliva2011-01-21Young Justice
4BuyYoung Justice 1.04: Drop-ZoneTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2011-01-28Young Justice
5BuyYoung Justice 1.05: SchooledTV EpisodeMichael Chang2011-02-04Young Justice
6BuyYoung Justice 1.06: InfiltratorTV EpisodeJay Oliva2011-02-11Young Justice
7BuyYoung Justice 1.07: DenialTV EpisodeMichael Chang2011-02-18Young Justice
8BuyYoung Justice 1.08: DowntimeTV EpisodeJay Oliva2011-03-04Young Justice
9BuyYoung Justice 1.09: BereftTV EpisodeMichael Chang2011-03-11Young Justice
10BuyYoung Justice 1.10: TargetsTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2011-09-16Young Justice
11BuyYoung Justice 1.11: TerrorsTV EpisodeJay Oliva2011-09-23Young Justice
12BuyYoung Justice 1.12: HomefrontTV EpisodeMichael Chang2011-09-30Young Justice
13BuyYoung Justice 1.13: Alpha MaleTV EpisodeJay Oliva2011-10-07Young Justice
14BuyYoung Justice 1.14: RevelationTV EpisodeMichael Chang2011-10-14Young Justice
15BuyYoung Justice 1.15: HumanityTV EpisodeMatt Youngberg2011-10-21Young Justice
16BuyYoung Justice 1.16: FailsafeTV EpisodeJay Oliva2011-11-04Young Justice
17BuyYoung Justice 1.17: DisorderedTV EpisodeMichael Chang2011-11-11Young Justice
18BuyYoung Justice 1.18: SecretsTV EpisodeJay Oliva2011-11-18Young Justice
19BuyYoung Justice 1.19: MisplacedTV EpisodeMichael Chang2012-03-03Young Justice
20BuyYoung Justice 1.20: ColdheartedTV EpisodeVictor Cook2012-03-10Young Justice
21BuyYoung Justice 1.21: ImageTV EpisodeJay Oliva2012-03-17Young Justice
22BuyYoung Justice 1.22: AgendasTV EpisodeMichael Chang2012-03-24Young Justice
23BuyYoung Justice 1.23: InsecurityTV EpisodeJay Oliva2012-03-31Young Justice
24BuyYoung Justice 1.24: PerformanceTV EpisodeMichael Chang2012-04-07Young Justice
25BuyYoung Justice 1.25: Usual SuspectsTV EpisodeJay Oliva, Tim Divar2012-04-14Young Justice
26BuyYoung Justice 1.26: Auld AcquaintanceTV EpisodeMichael Chang, Lauren Montgomery2012-04-21Young Justice
27BuyYoung Justice: LegacyGameGreg Weisman, Brandon Vietti, Sharon Scott2013-11-19Young Justice
28BuyYoung Justice 2.01: Happy New YearTV EpisodeTim Divar2012-04-28Young Justice
29BuyYoung Justice 2.02: EarthlingsTV EpisodeDoug Murphy2012-05-05Young Justice
30BuyYoung Justice 2.03: AlienatedTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2012-05-12Young Justice
31BuyYoung Justice 2.04: SalvageTV EpisodeTim Divar2012-05-19Young Justice
32BuyYoung Justice 2.05: BeneathTV EpisodeDoug Murphy2012-05-26Young Justice
33BuyYoung Justice 2.06: BloodlinesTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2012-06-02Young Justice
34BuyYoung Justice 2.07: DepthsTV EpisodeTim Divar2012-06-09Young Justice
35BuyYoung Justice 2.08: SatisfactionTV EpisodeDoug Murphy2012-09-29Young Justice
36BuyYoung Justice 2.09: DarkestTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2012-10-06Young Justice
37BuyYoung Justice 2.10: Before the DawnTV EpisodeTim Divar2013-01-05Young Justice
38BuyYoung Justice 2.11: CorneredTV EpisodeDoug Murphy2013-01-12Young Justice
39BuyYoung Justice 2.12: True ColorsTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2013-01-19Young Justice
40BuyYoung Justice 2.13: The FixTV EpisodeTim Divar2013-01-26Young Justice
41BuyYoung Justice 2.14: RunawaysTV EpisodeDoug Murphy2013-02-02Young Justice
42BuyYoung Justice 2.15: WarTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2013-02-09Young Justice
43BuyYoung Justice 2.16: ComplicationsTV EpisodeTim Divar2013-02-16Young Justice
44BuyYoung Justice 2.17: The HuntTV EpisodeDoug Murphy2013-02-23Young Justice
45BuyYoung Justice 2.18: InterventionTV EpisodeMelchior Zwyer2013-03-02Young Justice
46BuyYoung Justice 2.19: SummitTV EpisodeTim Divar2013-03-09Young Justice
47BuyYoung Justice 2.20: EndgameTV EpisodeDoug Murphy2013-03-16Young Justice
48Young Justice 3.01: Princes AllTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2019-01-04Young Justice
48BuyYoung Justice Vol. 1Graphic NovelGreg Weisman, Kevin Hopps, Art Baltazar, Franco Aureliani2012-01-17Young Justice
49Young Justice 3.02: Royal WeTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2019-01-04Young Justice
49BuyYoung Justice Vol. 2: Training DayGraphic NovelGreg Weisman, Kevin Hopps2012-11-20Young Justice
50Young Justice 3.03: Eminent ThreatTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2019-01-04Young Justice
50BuyYoung Justice Vol. 3: Creature FeaturesGraphic NovelGreg Weisman, Kevin Hopps2013-02-19Young Justice
51Young Justice 3.04: Private SecurityTV EpisodeVinton Hueck2019-01-11Young Justice
51BuyYoung Justice Vol. 4: InvasionGraphic NovelGreg Weisman, Kevin Hopps2013-12-17Young Justice
52Young Justice 3.05: Away MissionTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2019-01-11Young Justice
53Young Justice 3.06: Rescue OpTV EpisodeVinton Hueck2019-01-11Young Justice
54Young Justice 3.07: EvolutionTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2019-01-18Young Justice
55Young Justice 3.08: TriptychTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2019-01-18Young Justice
56Young Justice 3.09: Home FiresTV EpisodeVinton Heuck2019-01-18Young Justice
57Young Justice 3.10: Exceptional Human BeingsTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2019-01-25Young Justice
58Young Justice 3.11: Another FreakTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2019-01-25Young Justice
59Young Justice 3.12: Nightmare MonkeysTV EpisodeVinton Heuck2019-01-25Young Justice
60Young Justice 3.13: True HeroesTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2019-01-25Young Justice
61Young Justice 3.14: InfluenceTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2019-07-02Young Justice
62Young Justice 3.15: LeverageTV EpisodeVinton Heuck2019-07-02Young Justice
63Young Justice 3.16: Illusion of ControlTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2019-07-02Young Justice
64Young Justice 3.17: First ImpressionTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2019-07-09Young Justice
65Young Justice 3.18: Early WarningTV EpisodeVinton Heuck2019-07-16Young Justice
66Young Justice 3.19: Elder WisdomTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2019-07-23Young Justice
67Young Justice 3.20: Quiet ConversationsTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2019-07-30Young Justice
68Young Justice 3.21: Unknown FactorsTV EpisodeVinton Heuck2019-08-06Young Justice
69Young Justice 3.22: Antisocial PathologiesTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2019-08-13Young Justice
70Young Justice 3.23: TerminusTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2019-08-20Young Justice
71Young Justice 3.24: Into the BreachTV EpisodeVinton Heuck2019-08-27Young Justice
72Young Justice 3.25: OverwhelmedTV EpisodeChristopher Berkeley2019-08-27Young Justice
73Young Justice 3.26: NevermoreTV EpisodeMel Zwyer2019-08-27Young Justice
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