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In what may turn out to be one of the longest fantasy series in recorded history, we present to you the Xanth reading order.

What’s on the Xanth Reading Order?

The Xanth reading order takes all of the Xanth books, by Piers Anthony, and places them in chronological order. Thankfully, despite the fact that there are over 40 books in the series, the timeline is relatively simple, with each book coming chronologically after the next and no short stories or random adaptations to other mediums to worry about.

All of the books were written in order, and there are no tie-in short stories or other works of media. That makes our job a lot easier. Regardless, it can be hard to know where to start with the number of Xanth books out there, so we hope that this timeline helps you grasp everything you need. This series is ongoing, so you will likely see more in the future. Check back for more updates.

As with many of our series, we recommend you start this one at the beginning.

If you liked this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, such as the Dragonriders of Pern timeline. And if you see anything that needs to be added or changed, please let us know!

1BuyA Spell for ChameleonNovelPiers Anthony1977-09-01Xanth
2BuyThe Source of MagicNovelPiers Anthony1979-02-01Xanth
3BuyCastle RoognaNovelPiers Anthony1979-07-01Xanth
4BuyCentaur AisleNovelPiers Anthony1982-01-01Xanth
5BuyOgre, OgreNovelPiers Anthony1982-10-01Xanth
6BuyNight MareNovelPiers Anthony1983-01-01Xanth
7BuyDragon on a PedestalNovelPiers Anthony1983-10-01Xanth
8BuyCrewel Lye: A Caustic YarnNovelPiers Anthony1984-12-12Xanth
9BuyGolem in the GearsNovelPiers Anthony1986-02-01Xanth
10BuyVale of the VoleNovelPiers Anthony1987-01-01Xanth
11BuyHeaven CentNovelPiers Anthony1988-10-01Xanth
12BuyMan from MundaniaNovelPiers Anthony1989-10-01Xanth
13BuyIsle of ViewNovelPiers Anthony1990-10-01Xanth
14BuyQuestion QuestNovelPiers Anthony1991-10-01Xanth
15BuyThe Color of Her PantiesNovelPiers Anthony1992-09-01Xanth
16BuyDemons Don't DreamNovelPiers Anthony1993-02-01Xanth
17BuyHarpy ThymeNovelPiers Anthony1994-01-01Xanth
18BuyGeis of the GargoyleNovelPiers Anthony1995-02-01Xanth
19BuyRoc and a Hard PlaceNovelPiers Anthony1995-10-01Xanth
20BuyYon Ill WindNovelPiers Anthony1996-01-01Xanth
21BuyFaun & GamesNovelPiers Anthony1997-10-01Xanth
22BuyZombie LoverNovelPiers Anthony1998-01-01Xanth
23BuyXone of ContentionNovelPiers Anthony1999-10-01Xanth
24BuyThe DastardNovelPiers Anthony2000-10-01Xanth
25BuySwell FoopNovelPiers Anthony2001-10-01Xanth
26BuyUp in a HeavalNovelPiers Anthony2002-10-01Xanth
27BuyCube RouteNovelPiers Anthony2003-10-01Xanth
28BuyCurrant EventsNovelPiers Anthony2004-10-01Xanth
29BuyPet PeeveNovelPiers Anthony2005-01-01Xanth
30BuyStork NakedNovelPiers Anthony2006-01-01Xanth
31BuyAir ApparentNovelPiers Anthony2007-10-16Xanth
32BuyTwo to the FifthNovelPiers Anthony2008-10-16Xanth
33BuyJumper CableNovelPiers Anthony2009-10-01Xanth
34BuyKnot GneissNovelPiers Anthony2010-10-12Xanth
35BuyWell-Tempered ClavicleNovelPiers Anthony2011-11-22Xanth
36BuyLuck of the DrawNovelPiers Anthony2012-12-01Xanth
37BuyEsrever DoomNovelPiers Anthony2013-10-22Xanth
38BuyBoard StiffNovelPiers Anthony2014-01-06Xanth
39BuyFive PortraitsNovelPiers Anthony2015-01-20Xanth
40BuyIsis OrbNovelPiers Anthony2016-10-18Xanth
41BuyGhost Writer in the SkyNovelPiers Anthony2017-04-18Xanth
42BuyFire SailNovelPiers Anthony2019-11-05Xanth
43BuyJest RightNovelPiers Anthony2020-07-14Xanth

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