X-Men Cinematic Universe Timeline

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This is the first major universe created around the X-men, featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. This X-men Cinematic Universe is easily responsible for bringing the X-men to the public consciousness.

What’s in the X-Men Cinematic Universe Timeline?

The X-men cinematic universe timeline covers Fox’s Marvel universe as seen in the X-men films. This is the shared universe that includes the X-men films, Deadpool, and others.

The Show Legion has an odd relationship with this universe, and its creators have gone back and forth on its canonicity. We’ve included it here, but we don’t actually know if it exists in this reality. If it does, it best exists in the first reality before everything is rebooted with Days of Future Past.

Likewise, the show Gifted also only sort of exists in this continuity. We’ve arranged it as best we could.

It’s also important to note that the continuity for this universe has also undergone a soft reboot. Starting with Days of Future Past, the creators rewrote the previous continuity, and subsequent films (such as Deadpool) exist in the second wave of the chronology. This timeline also does not co-exist with the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU. You can find a separate timeline for the MCU here. As always, if you see something that we need to correct, add, or remove, let us know! We hope you enjoy our X-men cinematic universe timeline.

1BuyX-Men: First ClassFilmMatthew Vaughn2011-06-03First reality
2BuyX-Men Origins: WolverineFilmGavin Hood2009-05-01First reality
3BuyX-Men: BeginningsGraphic NovelJay Faerber, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning2000-06-01First realityThe events of this issue were retconned by X-Men: The Official Game and The Wolverine.
4BuyX-MenFilmBryan Singer2000-07-14First reality
5BuyX2FilmBryan Singer2003-05-02First reality
6BuyX-Men 2: The MovieNovelChuck Austen2003-04-14First reality
7BuyX2 Wolverine’s RevengeGame2006-09-08First reality
8BuyX-Men: The Official GameGame2006-05-16First reality
9BuyX-Men: Last StandFilmBrett Ratner2006-05-26First reality
10BuyThe WolverineFilmJames Mangold2013-07-26First reality
11BuyGifted 1.01: eXposedTV EpisodeBryan Singer2017-10-02First reality
12BuyGifted 1.02: rXTV EpisodeLen Wiseman2017-10-09First reality
13BuyGifted 1.03: eXodusTV EpisodeScott Peters2017-10-16First reality
14BuyGifted 1.04: eXit strategyTV EpisodeKaren Gaviola2017-10-23First reality
15BuyGifted 1.05: boXed inTV EpisodeJeremiah Chechik2017-10-30First reality
16BuyGifted 1.06: got your siXTV EpisodeCraig Siebels2017-11-06First reality
17BuyGifted 1.07: eXtreme measuresTV EpisodeStephen Surjik2017-11-13First reality
18BuyGifted 1.08: threat of eXtinctionTV EpisodeSteven DePaul2017-11-20First reality
19BuyGifted 1.09: outfoXTV EpisodeLiz Friedlander2017-12-04First reality
20BuyGifted 1.10: eXploitedTV EpisodeCraig Siebels2017-12-11First reality
21BuyGifted 1.11: 3 X 1TV EpisodeDavid Straiton2018-01-01First reality
22BuyGifted 1.12: eXtractionTV EpisodeScott Peters2018-01-15First reality
23BuyGifted 1.13: X-roadsTV EpisodeStephen Surjik2018-01-15First reality
24BuyGifted 2.01: eMergenceTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill2018-09-25First reality
25BuyGifted 2.02: unMooredTV EpisodeSteven DePaul2018-10-02First reality
26BuyGifted 2.03: coMplicationsTV EpisodeMichael Goi2018-10-09First reality
27BuyGifted 2.04: outMatchedTV EpisodeDeran Sarafian2018-10-16First reality
28BuyGifted 2.05: afterMathTV EpisodeScott Peters2018-10-30First reality
29BuyGifted 2.06: iMprintTV EpisodeMichael Goi2018-11-06First reality
30BuyGifted 2.07: no MercyTV EpisodeNina Lopez-Corrado2018-11-13First reality
31BuyGifted 2.08: the dreaMTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill2018-11-27First reality
32BuyGifted 2.09: gaMe changerTV EpisodeAllison Liddi-Brown2018-12-04First reality
33BuyGifted 2.10: eneMy of My eneMyTV EpisodeGregory Prange2019-01-01First reality
34BuyGifted 2.11: meMentoTV EpisodeMaggie Kiley2019-01-08First reality
35BuyGifted 2.12: hoMeTV EpisodeDawn Wilkinson2019-01-15First reality
36BuyGifted 2.13: teMptedTV EpisodeJonathan Frakes2019-01-22First reality
37BuyGifted 2.14: calaMityTV EpisodeStephen Surjik2019-02-12First reality
38BuyGifted 2.15: MonstersTV EpisodeScott Peters2019-02-19First reality
39BuyGifted 2.16: oMensTV EpisodeRobert Duncan McNeill2019-02-26First reality
40BuyLegion 1.01: Chapter 1TV EpisodeNoah Hawley2017-02-08Unknown reality
41BuyLegion 1.02: Chapter 2TV EpisodeMichael Uppendahl2017-02-15Unknown reality
42BuyLegion 1.03: Chapter 3TV EpisodeMichael Uppendahl2017-02-22Unknown reality
43BuyLegion 1.04: Chapter 4TV EpisodeLarysa Kondracki2017-03-01Unknown reality
44BuyLegion 1.05: Chapter 5TV EpisodeTim Mielants2017-03-08Unknown reality
45BuyLegion 1.06: Chapter 6TV EpisodeHiro Murai2017-03-15Unknown reality
46BuyLegion 1.07: Chapter 7TV EpisodeDennie Gordon2017-03-22Unknown reality
47BuyLegion 1.08: Chapter 8TV EpisodeMichael Uppendahl2017-03-29Unknown reality
48BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 9TV EpisodeTim Mielants2018-04-03Unknown reality
49BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 10TV EpisodeAna Lily Amirpour2018-04-10Unknown reality
50BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 11TV EpisodeSarah Adina Smith2018-04-17Unknown reality
51BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 12TV EpisodeEllen Kuras2018-04-24Unknown reality
52BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 13TV EpisodeTim Mielants2018-05-01Unknown reality
53BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 14TV EpisodeJohn Cameron2018-05-08Unknown reality
54BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 15TV EpisodeCharlie McDowell2018-05-15Unknown reality
55BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 16TV EpisodeJeremy Webb2018-05-22Unknown reality
56BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 17TV EpisodeNoah Hawley2018-05-29Unknown reality
57BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 18TV EpisodeDana Gonzales2018-06-05Unknown reality
58BuyLegion 2.01: Chapter 19TV EpisodeKeith Gordon2018-06-12Unknown reality
59BuyLegion 3.01: Chapter 20TV EpisodeAndrew Stanton2019-06-24Unknown reality
60BuyLegion 3.01: Chapter 21TV EpisodeCarlos López Estrada2019-07-01Unknown reality
61BuyLegion 3.01: Chapter 22TV EpisodeJohn Cameron2019-07-08Unknown reality
62BuyLegion 3.01: Chapter 23TV EpisodeDaniel Kwan2019-07-15Unknown reality
63BuyLegion 3.01: Chapter 24TV EpisodeArkasha Stevenson2019-07-22Unknown reality
64BuyLegion 3.01: Chapter 25TV EpisodeJohn Cameron2019-07-29Unknown reality
65BuyLegion 3.01: Chapter 26TV EpisodeDana Gonzales2019-08-05Unknown reality
66BuyLegion 3.01: Chapter 27TV EpisodeNoah Hawley, John Cameron2019-08-12Unknown reality
67BuyX-Men: Days of Future PastFilmBryan Singer2014-05-23Time loops back
68BuyX-Men: ApocalypseFilmBryan Singer2016-05-27Second reality
69BuyDark PhoenixFilmSimon Kinberg2019-06-07Second reality
70BuyDeadpoolFilmTim Miller2016-02-12Second reality
71BuyDeadpool 2FilmDavid Leitch2018-05-18Second reality
72BuyLoganFilmJames Mangold2017-03-03Second reality
73The New MutantsFilmJosh Boone2020-08-28Second reality

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  1. for Legion Season 2 & 3 it says S2E1 for each episode in season 2 & S3E1 for every episode in season 3

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