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An Outline of the Cycle’s Contents The Robert Cycle, or Robert de Boron’s Cycle, is also known as La Grant Estoire dou Graal (The Grand History of the Grail), or Roman du Graal (Romance of the Grail), or Livre du Graal (Book of the Grail), or Le Petit Cycle du
Relatively few characters from the Arthurian legends can be definitely confirmed as historical. Aurelius Ambrosius is one of them. He was Arthur’s legendary uncle and he had a large part to play in the founding of Arthur’s dynasty and also in the war against the Saxons. Family The earliest account which gives
Welcome to our resource and summary of Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene. This is an alegorical poem that emerged in the late sixteenth century, and remains one of the largest poems in the English language. Edmund Spenser was a contemporary of other great writers like William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson, but despite
The Romans had an enormous impact on the Arthurian legends. Not only do they appear in the legends themselves, but their historical actions are intimately connected to what occurred in Arthur’s time. For that reason, it is certainly worth examining this nation in closer detail. Their Origin The Romans were
The Saint’s Name and the Uncertainties of the Time-Period Carannog is most commonly known as a 6th-Century AD Welsh abbot, confessor, and saint.  In addition to Carannog/Carantog (in Welsh), his name is variously represented as Cairnech/Cairnach/C(h)ernach/Cernath/Carnath (Irish), Caredec/Karanteg (Breton), Carantocus/Carantacus (Latin), and anglicised as Carantock (among other English variations, such
Here begins the life of Saint Padarn, bishop. Overview of Padarn and his Vita Padarn(us) (Paternus) was an early 6th Century AD consecrated British Christian abbot-bishop.  This British Padarn and Saint Paternus of Avranches in Normandy appear to be the same person.  By tradition, it is said that Paternus of
One of the most famous real-world locations that is said to have a connection to King Arthur is Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh. This is the name of an extinct volcano in Holyrood Park, a royal park composed of a number of different peaks. Arthur’s Seat is the highest of these peaks. It is also the
The arrival of the Saxons into Britain is one of the most important events in the whole history of the British Isles, and in fact, the world. If the Saxons had never taken over control of what is now England, then the entire subsequent history of the country would likely have been completely different.
Few events in the Arthurian legends can lay claim to being undoubtedly historical. One of these rare events is the siege of Mount Badon. This battle was described by Gildas, the only contemporary insular source for the Arthurian period that we have. Let us first have a look at the background
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