Weird Tales Magazine Issues
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Weird Tales is more influential on our modern culture than most of us know. It popularized the supernatural horror genre, and gave us timeless authors like H. P. Lovecraft, and Robert E. Howard. This is the list of Weird Tales Magazine issues.

What is Weird Tales Magazine?

Weird Tales is a fantasy and horror fiction pulp magazine that started in 1922. While it covered pretty much all forms of fantasy of the day, most of these came in the form of supernatural horror (before Tolkien, pretty much all fantasy was either supernatural horror or children’s fairy tales).

The magazine ran continuously until 1954. It was later revived several times, and continues to this day.

What’s in this List of Weird Tales Magazines?

This list contains every issue of Weird Tales that has ever been published. However, in some cases, details are scant, and all we have is the issue volume, number, and release date. Wherever possible, we’ve collected as many PDF scans of the issues that we can. If you don’t see a PDF here, that likely means that we were unable to find it online. As we find more resources with more information on the different issues out there, we will include them here.

And if you have more information about this magazine or other pulp magazines, be sure to let us know and we can update the page accordingly. Thank you for visiting!

1Weird Tales Vol. 1, No. 1MagazineEdwin Baird1923-03-01R. R. Epperly
2Weird Tales Vol. 1, No. 2MagazineEdwin Baird1923-04-01R. M. Mally
3Weird Tales Vol. 1, No. 3MagazineEdwin Baird1923-05-01William F. Heitman
4Weird Tales Vol. 1, No. 4MagazineEdwin Baird1923-06-01William F. Heitman
5Weird Tales Vol. 2, No. 1MagazineEdwin Baird1923-07-01R. M. Mally
6Weird Tales Vol. 2, No. 2MagazineEdwin Baird1923-09-01
7Weird Tales Vol. 2, No. 3MagazineEdwin Baird1923-10-01
8Weird Tales Vol. 2, No. 4MagazineEdwin Baird1923-11-01
9Weird Tales Vol. 3, No. 1MagazineEdwin Baird1924-01-01R. M. Mally
10Weird Tales Vol. 3, No. 2MagazineEdwin Baird1924-02-01R. M. Mally
11Weird Tales Vol. 3, No. 3MagazineEdwin Baird1924-03-01R. M. Mally
12Weird Tales Vol. 3, No. 4MagazineEdwin Baird1924-04-01R. M. Mally
13Weird Tales Vol. 4, No. 2MagazineEdwin Baird1924-05-01R. M. Mally
14Weird Tales Vol. 4, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1924-11-01Andrew Brosnatch
15Weird Tales Vol. 4, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1924-12-01Andrew Brosnatch
16Weird Tales Vol. 5, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-01-01Andrew Brosnatch
17Weird Tales Vol. 5, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-02-01Andrew Brosnatch
18Weird Tales Vol. 5, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-03-01Andrew Brosnatch
19Weird Tales Vol. 5, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-04-01Andrew Brosnatch
20Weird Tales Vol. 5, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-05-01Andrew Brosnatch
21Weird Tales Vol. 5, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-06-01Andrew Brosnatch
22Weird Tales Vol. 6, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-07-01Andrew Brosnatch
23Weird Tales Vol. 6, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-08-01Andrew Brosnatch
24Weird Tales Vol. 6, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-09-01Andrew Brosnatch
25Weird Tales Vol. 6, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-10-01Andrew Brosnatch
26Weird Tales Vol. 6, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-11-01Andrew Brosnatch
27Weird Tales Vol. 6, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1925-12-01Joseph Doolin
28Weird Tales Vol. 7, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-01-01Andrew Brosnatch
29Weird Tales Vol. 7, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-02-01C. Barker Petrie Jr.
30Weird Tales Vol. 7, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-03-01Andrew Brosnatch
31Weird Tales Vol. 7, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-04-01E. M. Stevenson
32Weird Tales Vol. 7, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-05-01Andrew Bensen
33Weird Tales Vol. 7, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-06-01E. M. Stevenson
34Weird Tales Vol. 8, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-07-01E. M. Stevenson
35Weird Tales Vol. 8, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-08-01C. Barker Petrie Jr.
36Weird Tales Vol. 8, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-09-01E. M. Stevenson
37Weird Tales Vol. 8, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-10-01C. Barker Petrie Jr.
38Weird Tales Vol. 8, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-11-01E. M. Stevenson
39Weird Tales Vol. 8, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1926-12-01Joseph Doolin
40Weird Tales Vol. 9, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-01-01C. Barker Petrie Jr.
41Weird Tales Vol. 9, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-02-01C. Barker Petrie Jr.
42Weird Tales Vol. 9, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-03-01C. C. Senf
43Weird Tales Vol. 9, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-04-01C. C. Senf
44Weird Tales Vol. 9, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-05-01C. C. Senf
45Weird Tales Vol. 9, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-06-01C. C. Senf
46Weird Tales Vol. 10, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-07-01C. C. Senf
47Weird Tales Vol. 10, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-08-01Hugh Rankin
48Weird Tales Vol. 10, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-09-01C. C. Senf
49Weird Tales Vol. 10, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-10-01C. C. Senf
50Weird Tales Vol. 10, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-11-01C. C. Senf
51Weird Tales Vol. 10, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1927-12-01Hugh Rankin
52Weird Tales Vol. 11, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-01-01C. C. Senf
53Weird Tales Vol. 11, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-02-01C. C. Senf
54Weird Tales Vol. 11, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-03-01C. C. Senf
55Weird Tales Vol. 11, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-04-01C. C. Senf
56Weird Tales Vol. 11, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-05-01C. C. Senf
57Weird Tales Vol. 11, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-06-01C. C. Senf
58Weird Tales Vol. 12, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-07-01C. C. Senf
59Weird Tales Vol. 12, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-08-01C. C. Senf
60Weird Tales Vol. 12, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-09-01C. C. Senf
61Weird Tales Vol. 12, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-10-01C. C. Senf
62Weird Tales Vol. 12, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-11-01C. C. Senf
63Weird Tales Vol. 12, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1928-12-01Hugh Rankin
64Weird Tales Vol. 13, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-01-01C. C. Senf
65Weird Tales Vol. 13, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-02-01Hugh Rankin
66Weird Tales Vol. 13, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-03-01C. C. Senf
67Weird Tales Vol. 13, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-04-01Hugh Rankin
68Weird Tales Vol. 13, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-05-01C. C. Senf
69Weird Tales Vol. 13, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-06-01Hugh Rankin
70Weird Tales Vol. 14, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-07-01C. C. Senf
71Weird Tales Vol. 14, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-08-01Hugh Rankin
72Weird Tales Vol. 14, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-09-01C. C. Senf
73Weird Tales Vol. 14, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-10-01Hugh Rankin
74Weird Tales Vol. 14, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-11-01C. C. Senf
75Weird Tales Vol. 14, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1929-12-01Hugh Rankin
76Weird Tales Vol. 15, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-01-01C. C. Senf
77Weird Tales Vol. 15, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-02-01Hugh Rankin
78Weird Tales Vol. 15, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-03-01C. C. Senf
79Weird Tales Vol. 15, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-04-01Hugh Rankin
80Weird Tales Vol. 15, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-05-01C. C. Senf
81Weird Tales Vol. 15, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-06-01Hugh Rankin
82Weird Tales Vol. 16, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-07-01C. C. Senf
83Weird Tales Vol. 16, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-08-01Hugh Rankin
84Weird Tales Vol. 16, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-09-01C. C. Senf
85Weird Tales Vol. 16, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-10-01Hugh Rankin
86Weird Tales Vol. 16, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-11-01C. C. Senf
87Weird Tales Vol. 16, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1930-12-01Hugh Rankin
88Weird Tales Vol. 17, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1931-01-01C. C. Senf
89Weird Tales Vol. 17, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1931-02-01C. Barker Petrie Jr.
90Weird Tales Vol. 17, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1931-04-01C. C. Senf
91Weird Tales Vol. 17, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1931-06-01C. C. Senf
92Weird Tales Vol. 18, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1931-08-01C. C. Senf
93Weird Tales Vol. 18, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1931-09-01C. C. Senf
94Weird Tales Vol. 18, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1931-10-01C. C. Senf
95Weird Tales Vol. 18, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1931-11-01C. C. Senf
96Weird Tales Vol. 18, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1931-12-01C. C. Senf
97Weird Tales Vol. 19, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-01-01C. C. Senf
98Weird Tales Vol. 19, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-02-01C. C. Senf
99Weird Tales Vol. 19, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-03-01C. C. Senf
100Weird Tales Vol. 19, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-04-01C. C. Senf
101Weird Tales Vol. 19, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-05-01C. C. Senf
102Weird Tales Vol. 19, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-06-01J. Allen St. John
103Weird Tales Vol. 20, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-07-01C. C. Senf
104Weird Tales Vol. 20, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-08-01T. Wyatt Nelson
105Weird Tales Vol. 20, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-09-01Margaret Brundage
106Weird Tales Vol. 20, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-10-01Margaret Brundage
107Weird Tales Vol. 20, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-11-01J. Allen St. John
108Weird Tales Vol. 20, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1932-12-01J. Allen St. John
109Weird Tales Vol. 21, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-01-01J. Allen St. John
110Weird Tales Vol. 21, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-02-01J. Allen St. John
111Weird Tales Vol. 21, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-03-01Margaret Brundage
112Weird Tales Vol. 21, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-04-01J. Allen St. John
113Weird Tales Vol. 21, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-05-01J. Allen St. John
114Weird Tales Vol. 21, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-06-01Margaret Brundage
115Weird Tales Vol. 22, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-07-01Margaret Brundage
116Weird Tales Vol. 22, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-08-01Margaret Brundage
117Weird Tales Vol. 22, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-09-01Margaret Brundage
118Weird Tales Vol. 22, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-10-01Margaret Brundage
119Weird Tales Vol. 22, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-11-01Margaret Brundage
120Weird Tales Vol. 22, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1933-12-01Margaret Brundage
121Weird Tales Vol. 23, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-01-01Margaret Brundage
122Weird Tales Vol. 23, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-02-01Margaret Brundage
123Weird Tales Vol. 23, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-03-01Margaret Brundage
124Weird Tales Vol. 23, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-04-01Margaret Brundage
125Weird Tales Vol. 23, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-05-01Margaret Brundage
126Weird Tales Vol. 23, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-06-01Margaret Brundage
127Weird Tales Vol. 24, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-07-01Margaret Brundage
128Weird Tales Vol. 24, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-08-01Margaret Brundage
129Weird Tales Vol. 24, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-09-01Margaret Brundage
130Weird Tales Vol. 24, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-10-01Margaret Brundage
131Weird Tales Vol. 24, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-11-01Margaret Brundage
132Weird Tales Vol. 24, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1934-12-01Margaret Brundage
133Weird Tales Vol. 25, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-01-01Margaret Brundage
134Weird Tales Vol. 25, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-02-01Margaret Brundage
135Weird Tales Vol. 25, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-03-01Margaret Brundage
136Weird Tales Vol. 25, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-04-01Margaret Brundage
137Weird Tales Vol. 25, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-05-01Margaret Brundage
138Weird Tales Vol. 25, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-06-01Margaret Brundage
139Weird Tales Vol. 26, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-07-01Margaret Brundage
140Weird Tales Vol. 26, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-08-01Margaret Brundage
141Weird Tales Vol. 26, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-09-01Margaret Brundage
142Weird Tales Vol. 26, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-10-01Margaret Brundage
143Weird Tales Vol. 26, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-11-01Margaret Brundage
144Weird Tales Vol. 26, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1935-12-01Margaret Brundage
145Weird Tales Vol. 27, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-01-01Margaret Brundage
146Weird Tales Vol. 27, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-02-01Margaret Brundage
147Weird Tales Vol. 27, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-03-01Margaret Brundage
148Weird Tales Vol. 27, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-04-01Margaret Brundage
149Weird Tales Vol. 27, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-05-01Margaret Brundage
150Weird Tales Vol. 27, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-06-01Margaret Brundage
151Weird Tales Vol. 28, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-07-01Margaret Brundage
152Weird Tales Vol. 28, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-08-01Margaret Brundage
153Weird Tales Vol. 28, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-10-01J. Allen St. John
154Weird Tales Vol. 28, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-11-01Margaret Brundage
155Weird Tales Vol. 28, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1936-12-01J. Allen St. John
156Weird Tales Vol. 29, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-01-01Margaret Brundage
157Weird Tales Vol. 29, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-02-01Virgil Finlay
158Weird Tales Vol. 29, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-03-01Margaret Brundage
159Weird Tales Vol. 29, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-04-01Virgil Finlay
160Weird Tales Vol. 29, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-05-01Margaret Brundage
161Weird Tales Vol. 29, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-06-01Margaret Brundage
162Weird Tales Vol. 30, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-07-01Virgil Finlay
163Weird Tales Vol. 30, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-08-01Margaret Brundage
164Weird Tales Vol. 30, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-09-01Margaret Brundage
165Weird Tales Vol. 30, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-10-01Margaret Brundage
166Weird Tales Vol. 30, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-11-01Margaret Brundage
167Weird Tales Vol. 30, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1937-12-01Virgil Finlay
168Weird Tales Vol. 31, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-01-01Margaret Brundage
169Weird Tales Vol. 31, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-02-01Virgil Finlay
170Weird Tales Vol. 31, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-03-01Margaret Brundage
171Weird Tales Vol. 31, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-04-01Virgil Finlay
172Weird Tales Vol. 31, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-05-01Margaret Brundage
173Weird Tales Vol. 31, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-06-01Margaret Brundage
174Weird Tales Vol. 32, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-07-01Virgil Finlay
175Weird Tales Vol. 32, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-08-01Margaret Brundage
176Weird Tales Vol. 32, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-09-01Margaret Brundage
177Weird Tales Vol. 32, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-10-01Margaret Brundage
178Weird Tales Vol. 32, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-11-01A. R. Tilburne
179Weird Tales Vol. 32, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1938-12-01Ray Quigley
180Weird Tales Vol. 33, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-01-01Virgil Finlay
181Weird Tales Vol. 33, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-02-01Virgil Finlay
182Weird Tales Vol. 33, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-03-01Virgil Finlay
183Weird Tales Vol. 33, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-04-01Virgil Finlay
184Weird Tales Vol. 33, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-05-01Harold S. DeLay
185Weird Tales Vol. 34, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-06-01Virgil Finlay
186Weird Tales Vol. 34, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-08-01Virgil Finlay
187Weird Tales Vol. 34, No. 3MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-09-01Virgil Finlay
188Weird Tales Vol. 34, No. 4MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-10-01Harold S. DeLay
189Weird Tales Vol. 34, No. 5MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-11-01Virgil Finlay
190Weird Tales Vol. 34, No. 6MagazineFarnsworth Wright1939-12-01Hannes Bok
191Weird Tales Vol. 35, No. 1MagazineFarnsworth Wright1940-01-01Virgil Finlay
192Weird Tales Vol. 35, No. 2MagazineFarnsworth Wright1940-03-01Hannes Bok
193Weird Tales Vol. 35, No. 3MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1940-05-01Hannes Bok
194Weird Tales Vol. 35, No. 4MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1940-07-01Margaret Brundage
195Weird Tales Vol. 35, No. 5MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1940-09-01Ray Quigley
196Weird Tales Vol. 35, No. 6MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1940-11-01Margaret Brundage
197Weird Tales Vol. 35, No. 7MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1941-01-01Harold S. De Lay
198Weird Tales Vol. 35, No. 8MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1941-03-01Margaret Brundage
199Weird Tales Vol. 35, No. 9MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1941-05-01Hannes Bok
200Weird Tales Vol. 35, No. 10MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1941-07-01Hannes Bok
201Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 1MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1941-09-01Margaret Brundage
202Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 2MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1941-11-01Hannes Bok
203Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 3MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1942-01-01Gretta
204Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 4MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1942-03-01Hannes Bok
205Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 5MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1942-05-01Ray Quigley
206Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 6MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1942-07-01Margaret Brundage
207Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 7MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1942-09-01A. R. Tilburne
208Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 8MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1942-11-01Richard Bennett
209Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 9MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1943-01-01A. R. Tilburne
210Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 10MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1943-03-01E. Franklin Wittmack
211Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 11MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1943-05-01Margaret Brundage
212Weird Tales Vol. 36, No. 12MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1943-07-01E. Franklin Wittmack
213Weird Tales Vol. 37, No. 1MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1943-09-01A. R. Tilburne
214Weird Tales Vol. 37, No. 2MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1943-11-01A. R. Tilburne
215Weird Tales Vol. 37, No. 3MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1944-01-01Harold S. De Lay
216Weird Tales Vol. 37, No. 4MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1944-03-01John Giunta
217Weird Tales Vol. 37, No. 5MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1944-05-01Margaret Brundage
218Weird Tales Vol. 37, No. 6MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1944-07-01A. R. Tilburne
219Weird Tales Vol. 38, No. 1MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1944-09-01A. R. Tilburne
220Weird Tales Vol. 38, No. 2MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1944-11-01Matt Fox
221Weird Tales Vol. 38, No. 3MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1945-01-01Margaret Brundage
222Weird Tales Vol. 38, No. 4MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1945-03-01A. R. Tilburne
223Weird Tales Vol. 38, No. 5MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1945-05-01Pete Kuhlhoff
224Weird Tales Vol. 38, No. 6MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1945-07-01Lee Brown Coye
225Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 1MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1945-09-01Pete Kuhlhoff
226Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 2MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1945-11-01Lee Brown Coye
227Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 3MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1946-01-01A. R. Tilburne
228Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 4MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1946-03-01Lee Brown Coye
229Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 5MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1946-05-01Ronald Clyne
230Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 6MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1946-07-01Matt Fox
231Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 7MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1946-09-01Pete Kuhlhoff
232Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 8MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1946-11-01Boris Dolgov
233Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 9MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1947-01-01A. R. Tilburne
234Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 10MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1947-03-01Boris Dolgov
235Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 11MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1947-05-01Matt Fox
236Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 11 (duplicate numbering is correct)MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1947-07-01Lee Brown Coye
237Weird Tales Vol. 39, No. 12MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1947-09-01Boris Dolgov
238Weird Tales Vol. 40, No. 1MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1947-11-01Matt Fox
239Weird Tales Vol. 40, No. 2MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1948-01-01Boris Dolgov
240Weird Tales Vol. 40, No. 3MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1948-03-01Lee Brown Coye
241Weird Tales Vol. 40, No. 4MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1948-05-01Matt Fox
242Weird Tales Vol. 40, No. 5MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1948-07-01Matt Fox
243Weird Tales Vol. 40, No. 6MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1948-09-01Lee Brown Coye
244Weird Tales Vol. 41, No. 1MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1948-11-01John Giunta
245Weird Tales Vol. 41, No. 2MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1949-01-01Lee Brown Coye
246Weird Tales Vol. 41, No. 3MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1949-03-01Matt Fox
247Weird Tales Vol. 41, No. 4MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1949-05-01John Giunta
248Weird Tales Vol. 41, No. 5MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1949-07-01Matt Fox
249Weird Tales Vol. 41, No. 6MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1949-09-01Michael Labonski
250Weird Tales Vol. 42, No. 1MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1949-11-01Matt Fox
251Weird Tales Vol. 42, No. 2MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1950-01-01Matt Fox
252Weird Tales Vol. 42, No. 3MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1950-03-01Lee Brown Coye
253Weird Tales Vol. 42, No. 4MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1950-05-01Boris Dolgov
254Weird Tales Vol. 42, No. 5MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1950-07-01Matt Fox
255Weird Tales Vol. 42, No. 6MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1950-09-01Bill Wayne
256Weird Tales Vol. 43, No. 1MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1950-11-01Frank Kelly Freas
257Weird Tales Vol. 43, No. 2MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1951-01-01Charles A. Kennedy
258Weird Tales Vol. 43, No. 3MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1951-03-01Bill Wayne
259Weird Tales Vol. 43, No. 4MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1951-05-01Lee Brown Coye
260Weird Tales Vol. 43, No. 5MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1951-07-01Charles A. Kennedy
261Weird Tales Vol. 43, No. 6MagazineDorothy McIlwraith1951-09-01Lee Brown Coye
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361Weird Tales #361MagazineAnn VanderMeer2013-06-01Jeff Wong
362Weird Tales #362MagazineAnn VanderMeer2014-03-01Danielle Tunstall
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