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Weird Tales Magazine Issues

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Weird Tales is more influential on our modern culture than most of us know. It popularized the supernatural horror genre, and gave us timeless authors like H. P. Lovecraft, and Robert E. Howard. This is the list of Weird Tales Magazine issues.

What is Weird Tales Magazine?

Weird Tales is a fantasy and horror fiction pulp magazine that started in 1922. While it covered pretty much all forms of fantasy of the day, most of these came in the form of supernatural horror (before Tolkien, pretty much all fantasy was either supernatural horror or children’s fairy tales).

The magazine ran continuously until 1954. It was later revived several times, and continues to this day.

What’s in this List of Weird Tales Magazines?

This list contains every issue of Weird Tales that has ever been published. However, in some cases, details are scant, and all we have is the issue volume, number, and release date. Wherever possible, we’ve collected as many PDF scans of the issues that we can. If you don’t see a PDF here, that likely means that we were unable to find it online. As we find more resources with more information on the different issues out there, we will include them here.

And if you have more information about this magazine or other pulp magazines, be sure to let us know and we can update the page accordingly. Thank you for visiting!