Vertigo Comics Reading Order
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An imprint of DC Comics, Vertigo has been the home for more adult content in comic form. Though many characters have weaved themselves in and out of DC continuity.

What’s on the Vertigo Comics Reading Order?

Over the years, DC Comics has needed a home for some of its more adult or more mature content. Hence the imprint Vertigo was born. Some of that content is its own shared universe. However, much of it weaves in and out of the Main Continuity. You’ll recognize some characters like Constantine and the Swamp Thing as being part of the main continuity (most of the time), but are included here as well. However, this timeline includes some Vertigo comics not include on the main continuity timeline. We hope you enjoy!

Where to Start?

It’s hard to say where to start on this timeline. You can begin with the very early stuff, but we’d recommend beginning with the early Hellblazer comics. The Neil Gaiman Sandman comics, or Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing are also essential bits to start with.

As always, if you like this timeline, you might enjoy some of our others, including our massive collection of DC timeline in our DC Comics Hub. And if you see something that needs to be added or changed, be sure to let us know over on our contact page. We love to hear all your feedback! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this Vertigo Comics Reading Order.

1BuyThe Golden Age Sandman Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelGardner Fox2005-01-19The Golden Age
2BuyJack Kirby’s The Losers OmnibusGraphic NovelRobert Kanigher2009-03-17The Golden Age
3BuyThe Sandman By Joe Simon and Jack KirbyGraphic NovelJoe Simon2009-08-18The Golden Age
4BuyThe Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 1Graphic NovelArnold Drake, Bob Haney2002-04-01The Silver Age
5BuyThe Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 2Graphic NovelArnold Drake, Jack Schiff2004-08-04The Silver Age
6BuyShowcase Presents: The Doom Patrol Vol. 1Graphic NovelArnold Drake, Bob Haney2009-04-14The Silver Age
7BuyThe Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 3Graphic NovelArnold Drake2006-03-28The Silver Age
8BuyShowcase Presents: EclipsoGraphic NovelBob Haney2009-09-01The Silver Age
9BuyThe Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 4Graphic NovelArnold Drake2008-02-27The Silver Age
10BuyShowcase Presents: Doom Patrol Vol. 2Graphic NovelArnold Drake, Bob Haney2010-08-24The Silver Age
11BuyThe Doom Patrol Archives Vol. 5Graphic NovelArnold Drake2008-08-05The Silver Age
12BuyShowcase Presents: House of Secrets Vol. 1Graphic NovelBerni Wrightson2008-08-12Bronze Age
13BuyShowcase Presents: The Phantom Stranger Vol. 1Graphic NovelMike Friedrich, John Broome, Mike Sekowsky, Ed Herron, Dennis O'Neil, Robert Kanigher2006-10-18Bronze Age
14BuyDeadman: The Deadman CollectionGraphic NovelDennis O'Neil2001-12-01Bronze Age
15BuyShowcase Presents: House of Secrets Vol. 2Graphic NovelE. Nelson Bridwell2009-10-27Bronze Age
16BuyJack Kirby’s The DemonGraphic NovelJack Kirby2008-11-25Bronze Age
17BuyShowcase Presents: Secrets of Sinister HouseGraphic NovelJoe Orlando, Len Wein, Frank Robbins, Mary DeZuniga, Mike Fleisher, Lynn Marron, Sheldon Mayer, John Albano, Robert Kanigher, Sergio Aragonés, Maxene Fabe, E. Nelson Bridwell, Jack Oleck, Steve Skeates, Maxene Fabe, John Albano, Fred Wolfe, George Kashdan, Dave Wood, Leo Dorfman2010-02-09Bronze Age
18BuySwamp Thing: Dark GenesisGraphic NovelLen Wein2002-12-01Bronze Age
19BuyDC Comics Classics Library: Roots Of The Swamp ThingGraphic NovelLen Wein2009-06-02Bronze Age
20BuyShowcase Presents: The Phantom Stranger Vol. 2Graphic NovelArnold Drake, Bob Haney, Paul Levitz, David Michelinie, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman2008-03-12Bronze Age
21BuyShowcase Presents: The Great Disaster Featuring The Atomic KnightsGraphic NovelSheldon Mayer, Elliot S. Maggin, Wyatt Gwyon, Robin Snyder, Mike Bentley, Roger McKenzie, Len Wein, Steve Skeates, Mary Skrenes, Paul Kupperberg, Jack Oleck, George Kashdan, John Broome, Jack Kirby, Gerry Conway, David Michelinie, Walt Simonson, Cary Bates, Paul Levitz, David Anthony Kraft, Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn2014-06-24Bronze Age
22BuySaga of the Swamp Thing: Book 1Graphic NovelAlan Moore2009-02-10Bronze Age
23BuySaga of the Swamp Thing: Book 2Graphic NovelAlan Moore2009-12-01Bronze Age
24BuySaga of the Swamp Thing: Book 3Graphic NovelAlan Moore2010-06-29Bronze Age
25BuyCrisis on Infinite EarthsGraphic NovelMarv Wolfman2001-01-01Bronze Age
26BuySaga of the Swamp Thing: Book 4Graphic NovelAlan Moore2013-07-16Bronze Age
27BuySaga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 5Graphic NovelAlan Moore2011-07-12Legends
28BuySaga of the Swamp Thing Vol. 6Graphic NovelAlan Moore2011-11-15Legends
29BuySwamp Thing: RegenesisGraphic NovelRick Veitch2004-10-01Vertigo
30BuyHellblazer Vol. 1: Original SinsGraphic NovelJamie Delano2011-03-08Millennium
31BuySwamp Thing: Spontaneous GenerationGraphic NovelRick Veitch2006-03-24Vertigo
32BuySwamp Thing: Infernal TrianglesGraphic NovelRick Veitch2006-12-22Vertigo
33BuyDC Universe: The Stories of Alan MooreGraphic NovelAlan Moore2006-01-04Millennium
34BuyHellblazer Vol. 2: The Devil You KnowGraphic NovelJamie Delano2012-01-03Millennium
35BuyAnimal Man Vol. 1Graphic NovelGrant Morrison2001-05-01Invasion
36BuyDoom Patrol: Crawling From the WreckageGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2000-04-17Invasion
37BuyDoom Patrol: The Painting That Ate ParisGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2004-10-01Invasion
38BuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 1Graphic NovelNeil Gaiman2006-11-01Invasion
39BuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 2Graphic NovelNeil Gaiman2007-10-31Invasion
40BuyHellblazer Vol. 3: The Fear MachineGraphic NovelJamie Delano2012-06-26The 1990s
41BuyThe Books of MagicGraphic NovelNeil Gaiman2014-04-29Vertigo
42BuyBooks of Magic: BindingsGraphic NovelJohn Ney Rieber1995-03-01Vertigo
43BuyBooks of Magic: SummoningsGraphic NovelJohn Ney Rieber1996-05-01Vertigo
44BuyBooks of Magic: The Books of FaerieGraphic NovelBronwyn Carlton, John Ney Rieber1998-06-01Vertigo
45BuyBooks of Magic: ReckoningsGraphic NovelJohn Ney Rieber1997-03-01Vertigo
46BuyBooks of Magic: TransformationsGraphic NovelJohn Ney Rieber1998-09-01Vertigo
47BuyHellblazer Vol. 4: The Family ManGraphic NovelJamie Delano, Dick Foreman2012-11-20Vertigo
48BuyHellblazer Vol. 5: Dangerous HabitsGraphic NovelGarth Ennis2013-05-14Vertigo
49BuyHellblazer Vol. 6: BloodlinesGraphic NovelGarth Ennis, John Smith2013-09-03Vertigo
50BuyHellblazer Vol. 7: Tainted LoveGraphic NovelGarth Ennis, John Smith2014-01-07Vertigo
51BuyHellblazer Vol. 8: Rake at the Gates of HellGraphic NovelGarth Ennis, John Smith2014-06-10Vertigo
52BuyHellblazer Vol. 9: Critical MassGraphic NovelJamie Delano, Eddie Campbell, Paul Jenkins2014-10-21Vertigo
53BuyHellblazer Vol. 10: In The Line Of FireGraphic NovelPaul Jenkins2015-02-17Vertigo
54BuyHellblazer Vol. 11: Last Man StandingGraphic NovelPaul Jenkins2015-08-18Vertigo
55BuyHellblazer Vol. 12: How to Play with FireGraphic NovelPaul Jenkins, Garth Ennis2016-01-19Vertigo
56BuyBooks of Magic: Girl in the BoxGraphic NovelJohn Ney Rieber, Neil Gaiman, Peter Snejbjerg1999-08-20Vertigo
57BuyMythos: The Final TourGraphic NovelJohn Ney Rieber1996-01-01Vertigo
58BuyHouse of Secrets: FoundationGraphic NovelSteven T. Seagle1997-05-01Vertigo
59BuyBooks of Magic: The Burning GirlGraphic NovelJohn Ney Rieber2000-08-01Vertigo
60BuyDestiny: A Chronicle of Deaths ForetoldGraphic NovelAlisa Kwitney2000-03-01Vertigo
61BuyBooks of Magic: Death after DeathGraphic NovelJohn Ney Rieber, Peter Gross2001-11-01Vertigo
62BuyThe Dreaming: Through the Gates of Horn and IvoryGraphic NovelCaitlin R. Kiernan, Peter Hogan, Jeff Nicholson1999-02-22Vertigo
63BuyBooks of Faerie: Auberon's TaleGraphic NovelBronwyn Carlton1999-11-01Vertigo
64BuySwamp Thing: RootsGraphic NovelJon Muth1998-03-01Vertigo
65BuyHellblazer: Son of ManGraphic NovelGarth Ennis2004-05-01Vertigo
66BuyHellblazer Vol. 13: HauntedGraphic NovelWarren Ellis2016-05-17Vertigo
67BuyHuman TargetGraphic NovelLen Wein, Peter Johnson2010-11-09Vertigo
68BuyHellblazer: Setting SunGraphic NovelWarren Ellis2004-10-01Vertigo
69BuyHellblazer: Hard TimeGraphic NovelBrian Azzarello2000-12-01Vertigo
70BuyLucifer: The Devil in the GatewayGraphic NovelMike Carey2001-06-01Vertigo
71BuyHellblazer Vol. 14: Good IntentionsGraphic NovelBrian Azzarello2016-08-23Vertigo
72BuyLucifer: Children and MonstersGraphic NovelLucifer: Children and Monsters2002-01-01Vertigo
73BuyHellblazer: Freezes OverGraphic NovelBrian Azzarello2003-06-01Vertigo
74BuyLucifer: A Dalliance with the DamnedGraphic NovelMike Carey2002-08-01Vertigo
75BuyHuman Target: Final CutGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2002-06-01Vertigo
76BuyHuman Target: Chance MeetingsGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2010-01-19Vertigo
77BuyHellblazer: The GiftGraphic NovelMike Carey2018-01-30Vertigo
78BuyHellblazer Vol. 15: HighwaterGraphic NovelBrian Azzarello2017-01-17Vertigo
79BuyLucifer: NirvanaGraphic NovelMike Carey2002-01-01Vertigo
80BuyLucifer: The Divine ComedyGraphic NovelMike Carey2003-04-01Vertigo
81BuyHellblazer: Red SepulchreGraphic NovelMike Carey2005-06-01Vertigo
82BuyLucifer: InfernoGraphic NovelMike Carey2004-02-01Vertigo
83BuyHellblazer: Lady ConstantineGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2006-03-29Vertigo
84BuyHellblazer Vol. 16: The Wild CardGraphic NovelMike Carey2017-05-30Vertigo
85BuyHellblazer: Black FlowersGraphic NovelMike Carey2005-10-01Vertigo
86BuyLucifer: Mansions of the SilenceGraphic NovelMike Carey2004-10-01Vertigo
87BuyHuman Target: Strike ZonesGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2004-05-01Vertigo
88BuyHellblazer: Staring at the WallGraphic NovelMike Carey2006-01-04Vertigo
89BuyLucifer: ExodusGraphic NovelMike Carey2005-04-01Vertigo
90BuyHuman Target: Living in AmerikaGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2004-12-01Vertigo
91BuySwamp Thing: Bad SeedGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2005-01-01Vertigo
92BuyLucifer: The Wolf beneath the TreeGraphic NovelMike Carey2005-07-01Vertigo
93BuyHellblazer: Stations of the CrossGraphic NovelMike Carey2006-08-23Vertigo
94BuyBooks of Magick: Life During WartimeGraphic NovelSi Spencer2005-03-01Vertigo
95BuyHellblazer: Reasons to Be CheerfulGraphic NovelMike Carey2007-04-07Vertigo
96BuyHellblazer: All His EnginesGraphic NovelMike Carey2006-07-12Vertigo
97BuyThe Losers: Ante UpGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2004-03-01Vertigo
98BuyThe Losers: Double DownGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2004-12-01Vertigo
99BuyThe Losers: Book 1Graphic NovelAndy Diggle2010-02-02VertigoA collection of Ante Up and Double Down
100BuyThe Losers: TrifectaGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2005-06-01Vertigo
101BuyThe Losers: Close QuartersGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2006-01-01Vertigo
102BuyThe Losers: Book 2Graphic NovelAndy Diggle2010-08-10VertigoA collection of Trifecta and Close Quarters
103BuyThe Losers: EndgameGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2006-09-27Vertigo
104BuyLucifer: CruxGraphic NovelMike Carey2006-01-04Vertigo
105BuySwamp Thing: Love in VainGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2005-09-01Vertigo
106BuyHellblazer: Papa MidniteGraphic NovelMat Johnson2006-04-05Vertigo
107BuySwamp Thing: Healing the BreachGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2006-02-01Vertigo
108BuyLucifer: MorningstarGraphic NovelMike Carey2006-07-19Vertigo
109BuyLucifer: EvensongGraphic NovelMike Carey2007-01-24Vertigo
110BuyHellblazer: Empathy is the EnemyGraphic NovelDenise Mina2011-01-01Vertigo
111BuyHellblazer: The Red Right HandGraphic NovelDenise Mina2007-07-04Vertigo
112BuyHellblazer: JoyrideGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2008-02-20Vertigo
113BuyThe Un-Men: Get Your Freak On!Graphic NovelJohn Whalen2008-04-22Vertigo
114BuyHellblazer: The Laughing MagicianGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2008-09-09Vertigo
115BuyThe Un-Men: Children of ParadoxGraphic NovelJohn Whalen2008-11-11Vertigo
116BuyHellblazer: The Roots of CoincidenceGraphic NovelAndy Diggle2009-05-19Vertigo
117BuyDark EntriesGraphic NovelIan Rankin2010-08-31Vertigo
118BuyHellblazer: ScabGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2009-11-10Vertigo
119BuyHellblazer: HookedGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2010-06-22Vertigo
120BuyHellblazer: IndiaGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2010-10-26Vertigo
121BuyHellblazer: Bloody CarnationsGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2011-08-23Vertigo
122BuyHellblazer: Phantom PainsGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2012-02-21Vertigo
123BuyHellblazer: PandemoniumGraphic NovelJamie Delano2011-03-01Vertigo
124BuyHellblazer: The Devil's TrenchcoatGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2012-10-16Vertigo
125BuyHellblazer: Death and CigarettesGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2013-07-02Vertigo
126BuyAnimal Man: Origin of the SpeciesGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2002-07-01The 1990s
127BuyAnimal Man: Deus Ex MachinaGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2003-11-01The 1990s
128BuyDeadman: Lost SoulsGraphic NovelMike Baron, Kelley Jones1995-05-01The 1990s
129BuyDoom Patrol: Down Paradise WayGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2005-11-01The 1990s
130BuyDoom Patrol: MuscleboundGraphic NovelGrant Morrison; Paul Kupperberg;Richard Case2006-08-30The 1990s
131BuyDoom Patrol: Magic BusGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2007-01-31The 1990s
132BuyDoom Patrol: Planet LoveGraphic NovelGrant Morrison, Paul Kupperberg, Richard Case2008-01-16The 1990s
133BuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 3Graphic NovelNeil Gaiman2008-06-17Zero Hour
134BuyAbsolute Sandman Vol. 4Graphic NovelNeil Gaiman2008-11-11Zero Hour
135BuyThe Sandman Presents: Dead Boy DetectivesGraphic NovelEd Brubaker2008-08-26Vertigo
136BuyThe Sandman Presents: Taller TalesGraphic NovelBill Willingham2003-11-01Vertigo
137BuyThe Sandman Presents: The FuriesGraphic NovelMike Carey, Neil Gaiman2002-11-01Vertigo
138BuySandman: Endless NightsGraphic NovelNeil Gaiman2013-10-22Vertigo
139BuyThe Sandman Presents: Thessaly, Witch for HireGraphic NovelBill Willingham2005-09-01Vertigo
140BuySandman Mystery Theatre: Sleep of ReasonGraphic NovelJohn Ney Rieber2007-01-01Vertigo
141BuyJLA: Strength in NumbersGraphic NovelGrant Morrison, Mark Waid, Christopher Priest, Mark Millar1998-12-01Final Night
142BuyKid EternityGraphic NovelGrant Morrison2006-02-01DC One Million
143BuyJSA: Mixed SignalsGraphic NovelKeith Champagne, Geoff Johns2006-09-20Infinite Crisis
144BuyBrave and the Bold: The Lords of LuckGraphic NovelMark Waid2008-12-1652/One Year Later
145BuyBrave and the Bold: The Book of DestinyGraphic NovelMark Waid2009-08-2552/One Year Later
146BuyDoom Patrol: We Who Are About to DieGraphic NovelKeith Giffen2010-06-15Blackest Night
147BuyDoom Patrol: BrotherhoodGraphic NovelKeith Giffen2011-01-18Blackest Night
148BuyAnimal Man Vol. 1: The HuntGraphic NovelJeff Lemire2012-05-08New 52 Vol. 1
149BuySwamp Thing Vol. 1: Raise Them BonesGraphic NovelScott Snyder2012-08-28New 52 Vol. 1
150BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 1: In the DarkGraphic NovelPeter Milligan2012-10-16New 52 Vol. 1
151BuyDC Universe Presents Vol. 1: Deadman and Challengers of the UnknownGraphic NovelPaul Jenkins, Dan DiDio, Jerry Ordway2012-12-04New 52 Vol. 1
152BuySwamp Thing Vol. 2: Family TreeGraphic NovelScott Snyder, Scott Tuft2013-04-16New 52 Vol. 2 - Zero Month
153BuyAnimal Man Vol. 2: Animal Vs. ManGraphic NovelJeff Lemire2013-01-15New 52 Vol. 2 - Zero Month
154BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 2: The Books of MagicGraphic NovelPeter Milligan, Jeff Lemire2013-07-16New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
155BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 3: The Death of MagicGraphic NovelJeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes2014-02-04New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
156BuyTrinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger Vol. 1: A Stranger Among UsGraphic NovelDan DiDio2013-06-04New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
157BuyAnimal Man Vol. 3: Rotworld -- The Red KingdomGraphic NovelJeff Lemire, Scott Snyder2013-09-10New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
158BuySwamp Thing Vol. 3: Rotworld -- The Green KingdomGraphic NovelScott Snyder, Jeff Lemire2013-11-19New 52 Vol. 3 - Death of the Family
159BuyConstantine Vol. 1: The Spark and the FlameGraphic NovelRay Fawkes, Jeff Lemire2014-02-18New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
160BuyTrinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger Vol. 2: Breach of FaithGraphic NovelDan DiDio, J.M. DeMatteis2014-03-11New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
161BuySwamp Thing Vol. 4: SeederGraphic NovelCharles Soule2014-06-10New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
162BuyAnimal Man Vol. 4: Splinter SpeciesGraphic NovelJeff Lemire2014-03-11New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
163BuySwamp Thing Vol. 5: The Killing FieldGraphic NovelCharles Soule2014-12-23New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
164BuyAnimal Man Vol. 5: Evolve or Die!Graphic NovelJeff Lemire2014-11-11New 52 Vol. 4 - Trinity War
165BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 4: Rebirth of EvilGraphic NovelJeff Lemire, J.M. DeMatteis2014-08-26New 52 Vol. 5 - Forever Evil
166BuyTrinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger Vol. 3: The Crack in CreationGraphic NovelDan DiDio2015-01-20New 52 Vol. 5 - Forever Evil
167BuyConstantine Vol. 2: BlightGraphic NovelRay Fawkes2014-08-12New 52 Vol. 5 - Forever Evil
168BuyJustice League Dark Vol. 5: Paradise LostGraphic NovelJ.M. DeMatteis, Len Wein2015-03-03New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
169BuySwamp Thing Vol. 6: The SureenGraphic NovelCharles Soule, Jeff Parker2015-06-09New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
170BuySwamp Thing Vol. 7: Season's EndGraphic NovelCharles Soule2016-02-02New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
171BuySwamp Thing: The Dead Don't SleepGraphic NovelLen Wein2016-10-11New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
172BuyConstantine Vol. 3: The Voice in the FireGraphic NovelRay Fawkes2015-02-24New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
173BuyConstantine Vol. 4: The Apocalypse RoadGraphic NovelRay Fawkes2015-08-25New 52 Vol. 6 - Futures End
174BuyConstantine: The Hellblazer Vol. 1: Going DownGraphic NovelMing Doyle2016-02-16DC You
175BuyConstantine, the Hellblazer Vol. 2: The Art of the DealGraphic NovelJames Tynion IV, Ming Doyle2016-09-27DC You
176BuyNightwing Vol. 2: Back to BludhavenGraphic NovelTim Seeley2017-06-20Rebirth
177BuyShade the Changing Girl Vol. 1: Earth Girl Made EasyGraphic NovelAsher Powell, Cecil Castellucci, Natalia Hernandez2017-07-18Rebirth
178BuyCave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye Vol. 1: Going UndergroundGraphic NovelGerard Way, Jon Rivera, Thomas Scioli2017-07-04Rebirth
179BuyMother Panic Vol. 1: Work in ProgressGraphic NovelJim Krueger, Jody Houser2017-06-20Rebirth
180BuySuperman RebornGraphic NovelDan Jurgens, Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi2017-09-19Rebirth
181BuySuicide Squad Vol. 3: Burning Down the HouseGraphic NovelJohn Ostrander, Rob Williams2017-09-12Rebirth
182BuySuperman: Action Comics Vol. 5: Booster ShotGraphic NovelDan Jurgens2018-08-28Rebirth
183BuyMother Panic Vol. 2: Under Her SkinGraphic NovelJim Krueger, Jody Houser2018-02-27Rebirth
184BuyJustice League of America Vol. 2: Curse of the KingbutcherGraphic NovelSteve Orlando2017-11-14Rebirth
185BuyThe Hellblazer Vol. 3: The Inspiration GameGraphic NovelRichard Kadrey, Tim Seeley2018-03-13Rebirth
186BuyThe Wild Storm Vol. 2Graphic NovelScott Williams, Warren Ellis2018-05-29Rebirth
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