Tron Timeline and Chronology

What’s on the Tron Timeline?

This unofficial Tron timeline takes all of the media that is part of Tron’s story, and places it in chronological order. This includes the two films, a handful of comics, and the Uprising animated series. While Tron has spawned multiple video games, only a few are listed here because only these few have any significant story that could be considered part of the Tron universe.

As with our other timelines, be sure to let us know if there’s something we can improve or anything else you’d like to see here. Thank you, and enjoy.

TronFilmSteven Lisberger
TronNovelBrian Daley
Tron 2.0GameMonolith Productions
Tron: The Ghost in the MachineComicLandry Walker
Tron: UprisingTelevisionEdward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz
Tron: BetrayalComicJai Nitz
Tron: Evolution – Battle GridsGamen-Space
Tron: EvolutionGamePropaganda Games
Tron: LegacyFilmJoseph Kosinski
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