Tron Timeline and Chronology

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What started as an innovative computer sci-fi film, has endured a number of false starts in its lifetime, with Disney ultimately abandoning it in favor of buying Star Wars instead. But it remains beloved by many fans. This is the Tron timeline.

What’s on the Tron Timeline?

This unofficial Tron timeline takes all of the media that is part of Tron’s story, and places it in chronological order. This includes the two films, a handful of comics, and the Uprising animated series. While Tron has spawned multiple video games, only a few are listed here because only these few have any significant story that could be considered part of the Tron universe.

Where to Start?

Probably the best place to start is with the original film. This isn’t much of a need to go through much of the other media apart from the films, unless you’re an avid fan of the franchise. Tron: Uprising is really good, however.

As with our other timelines, be sure to let us know if there’s something we can improve or anything else you’d like to see here. And if you liked this timeline, be sure to check out some of our others, such as the Back to the Future timeline. Thank you, and enjoy.

1BuyTronFilmSteven Lisberger1982-07-09Tron
2BuyTron: A NovelNovelBrian Daley1982-05-12Tron
3BuyTron 2.0GameDouglas Carrigan2003-08-26Tron
4BuyTron: The Ghost in the MachineGraphic NovelLandry Walker2009-06-30Tron
5BuyTron Uprising 1.01: Beck's BeginningTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-05-18Tron
6BuyTron Uprising 1.02: The Renegade, Part 1TV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-06-07Tron
7BuyTron Uprising 1.03: The Renegade, Part 2TV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-06-14Tron
8BuyTron Uprising 1.04: BlackoutTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-06-21Tron
9BuyTron Uprising 1.05: IdentityTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-06-28Tron
10BuyTron Uprising 1.06: IsolatedTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-07-05Tron
11BuyTron Uprising 1.07: Price of PowerTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-07-12Tron
12BuyTron Uprising 1.08: The RewardTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-10-19Tron
13BuyTron Uprising 1.09: Scars, Part 1TV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-10-26Tron
14BuyTron Uprising 1.10: Scars, Part 2TV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-11-02Tron
15BuyTron Uprising 1.11: GroundedTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-12-03Tron
16BuyTron Uprising 1.12: We Both Know How This EndsTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-12-10Tron
17BuyTron Uprising 1.13: The StrangerTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-12-17Tron
18BuyTron Uprising 1.14: TaggedTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-12-24Tron
19BuyTron Uprising 1.15: State of MindTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2012-12-31Tron
20BuyTron Uprising 1.16: Welcome HomeTV EpisodeRobert Valley2013-01-07Tron
21BuyTron Uprising 1.17: RendezvousTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2013-01-14Tron
22BuyTron Uprising 1.18: No BoundsTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2013-01-21Tron
23BuyTron Uprising 1.19: TerminalTV EpisodeCharlie Bean2013-01-28Tron
24BuyTron: BetrayalGraphic NovelJai Nitz2010-11-16Tron
25BuyTron: Evolution - Battle GridsGameD.H. Cheng2010-12-07Tron
26BuyTron: EvolutionGameChris Borders2010-12-07Tron
27BuyTron: LegacyFilmJoseph Kosinski2010-12-17Tron

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  1. Like your list here. One thing though, you should probably note that Tron 2.0 was de-canonized when Legacy was made, so the only one It’s connected to is the first movie.

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