The X-Files Episode Order

X-files was the series that taught us to believe. It’s unique perspective on the science fiction genre resonated with much wider audiences, and even prompted several films and a revival more recently. This is the X-Files episode order and timeline.

What’s on The X-Files Episode Order?

The X-Files episode order includes all nine original seasons of The X-Files, as well as its continuing series, the films, and the spin-off series: Millenium and The Lone Gunmen.

This timeline does not include any of the books or comics based on the series. Though some of the comics were heralded as canon when they were first released, Chris Carter has stated that the new revival series did not follow that story-line. However, if you want to see a timeline that includes all of the comics anyway, check out this site. Otherwise, this chronological list only focuses on the on-screen canon, aka the shows and the films.

Where to Start?

As one might expect, the best place to start watching the X-Files is with the beginning of the series. It’s a long series, but you will find it difficult to understand what is going on if you jump in later in the series. The spin-off series are okay, but they pale in comparison to the original series. So start there first.

1BuyX-Files 1.01: PilotTV EpisodeRobert Mandel1993-09-10X-Files
2BuyX-Files 1.02: Deep ThroatTV EpisodeDaniel Sackheim1993-09-17X-Files
3BuyX-Files 1.03: SqueezeTV EpisodeHarry Longstreet1993-09-24X-Files
4BuyX-Files 1.04: ConduitTV EpisodeDaniel Sackheim1993-10-01X-Files
5BuyX-Files 1.05: The Jersey DevilTV EpisodeJoe Napolitano1993-10-08X-Files
6BuyX-Files 1.06: ShadowsTV EpisodeMichael Katleman1993-10-22X-Files
7BuyX-Files 1.07: Ghost in the MachineTV EpisodeJerrold Freedman1993-10-29X-Files
8BuyX-Files 1.08: IceTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1993-11-05X-Files
9BuyX-Files 1.09: SpaceTV EpisodeWilliam Graham1993-11-12X-Files
10BuyX-Files 1.10: Fallen AngelTV EpisodeLarry Shaw1993-11-19X-Files
11BuyX-Files 1.11: EveTV EpisodeFred Gerber1993-12-10X-Files
12BuyX-Files 1.12: FireTV EpisodeLarry Shaw1993-12-17X-Files
13BuyX-Files 1.13: Beyond the SeaTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1994-01-07X-Files
14BuyX-Files 1.14: Gender BenderTV EpisodeRob Bowman1994-01-21X-Files
15BuyX-Files 1.15: LazarusTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1994-02-04X-Files
16BuyX-Files 1.16: Young at HeartTV EpisodeMichael Lange1994-02-11X-Files
17BuyX-Files 1.17: E.B.E.TV EpisodeWilliam Graham1994-02-18X-Files
18BuyX-Files 1.18: Miracle ManTV EpisodeMichael Lange1994-03-18X-Files
19BuyX-Files 1.19: ShapesTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1994-04-01X-Files
20BuyX-Files 1.20: Darkness FallsTV EpisodeJoe Napolitano1994-04-15X-Files
21BuyX-Files 1.21: ToomsTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1994-04-22X-Files
22BuyX-Files 1.22: Born AgainTV EpisodeJerrold Freedman1994-04-29X-Files
23BuyX-Files 1.23: RolandTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1994-05-06X-Files
24BuyX-Files 1.24: The Erlenmeyer FlaskTV EpisodeR. W. Goodwin1994-05-13X-Files
25BuyX-Files 2.01: Little Green MenTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1994-09-16X-Files
26BuyX-Files 2.02: The HostTV EpisodeDaniel Sackheim1994-09-23X-Files
27BuyX-Files 2.03: BloodTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1994-09-30X-Files
28BuyX-Files 2.04: SleeplessTV EpisodeRob Bowman1994-10-07X-Files
29BuyX-Files 2.05: Duane BarryTV EpisodeChris Carter1994-10-14X-Files
30BuyX-Files 2.06: AscensionTV EpisodeMichael Lange1994-10-21X-Files
31BuyX-Files 2.07: 3TV EpisodeDavid Nutter1994-11-04X-Files
32BuyX-Files 2.08: One BreathTV EpisodeR. W. Goodwin1994-11-11X-Files
33BuyX-Files 2.09: FirewalkerTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1994-11-18X-Files
34BuyX-Files 2.10: Red MuseumTV EpisodeWin Phelps1994-12-09X-Files
35BuyX-Files 2.11: Excelsis DeiTV EpisodeStephen Surjik1994-12-16X-Files
36BuyX-Files 2.12: AubreyTV EpisodeRob Bowman1995-01-06X-Files
37BuyX-Files 2.13: IrresistibleTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1995-01-13X-Files
38BuyX-Files 2.14: Die Hand Die VerletztTV EpisodeKim Manners1995-01-27X-Files
39BuyX-Files 2.15: Fresh BonesTV EpisodeRob Bowman1995-02-03X-Files
40BuyX-Files 2.16: ColonyTV EpisodeNick Marck1995-02-10X-Files
41BuyX-Files 2.17: End GameTV EpisodeRob Bowman1995-02-17X-Files
42BuyX-Files 2.18: Fearful SymmetryTV EpisodeJames Whitmore, Jr.1995-02-24X-Files
43BuyX-Files 2.19: Død KalmTV EpisodeRob Bowman1995-03-10X-Files
44BuyX-Files 2.20: HumbugTV EpisodeKim Manners1995-03-31X-Files
45BuyX-Files 2.21: The CalusariTV EpisodeMichael Vejar1995-04-14X-Files
46BuyX-Files 2.22: F. EmasculataTV EpisodeRob Bowman1995-04-28X-Files
47BuyX-Files 2.23: Soft LightTV EpisodeJames Contner1995-05-05X-Files
48BuyX-Files 2.24: Our TownTV EpisodeRob Bowman1995-05-12X-Files
49BuyX-Files 2.25: AnasaziTV EpisodeR. W. Goodwin1995-05-19X-Files
50BuyX-Files 3.01: The Blessing WayTV EpisodeR. W. Goodwin1995-09-22X-Files
51BuyX-Files 3.02: Paper ClipTV EpisodeRob Bowman1995-09-29X-Files
52BuyX-Files 3.03: D.P.O.TV EpisodeKim Manners1995-10-06X-Files
53BuyX-Files 3.04: Clyde Bruckman's Final ReposeTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1995-10-13X-Files
54BuyX-Files 3.05: The ListTV EpisodeChris Carter1995-10-20X-Files
55BuyX-Files 3.06: 2ShyTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1995-11-03X-Files
56BuyX-Files 3.07: The WalkTV EpisodeRob Bowman1995-11-10X-Files
57BuyX-Files 3.08: OublietteTV EpisodeKim Manners1995-11-17X-Files
58BuyX-Files 3.09: NiseiTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1995-11-24X-Files
59BuyX-Files 3.10: 731TV EpisodeRob Bowman1995-12-01X-Files
60BuyX-Files 3.11: RevelationsTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1995-12-15X-Files
61BuyX-Files 3.12: War of the CoprophagesTV EpisodeKim Manners1996-01-05X-Files
62BuyX-Files 3.13: SyzygyTV EpisodeRob Bowman1996-01-26X-Files
63BuyX-Files 3.14: GrotesqueTV EpisodeKim Manners1996-02-02X-Files
64BuyX-Files 3.15: Piper MaruTV EpisodeRob Bowman1996-02-09X-Files
65BuyX-Files 3.16: ApocryphaTV EpisodeKim Manners1996-02-16X-Files
66BuyX-Files 3.17: PusherTV EpisodeRob Bowman1996-02-23X-Files
67BuyX-Files 3.18: Teso Dos BichosTV EpisodeKim Manners1996-03-08X-Files
68BuyX-Files 3.19: Hell MoneyTV EpisodeTucker Gates1996-03-29X-Files
69BuyX-Files 3.20: Jose Chung's From Outer SpaceTV EpisodeRob Bowman1996-04-12X-Files
70BuyX-Files 3.21: AvatarTV EpisodeJames Charleston1996-04-26X-Files
71BuyX-Files 3.22: QuagmireTV EpisodeKim Manners1996-05-03X-Files
72BuyX-Files 3.23: WetwiredTV EpisodeRob Bowman1996-05-10X-Files
73BuyX-Files 3.24: Talitha CumiTV EpisodeR. W. Goodwin1996-05-17X-Files
74BuyX-Files 4.01: HerrenvolkTV EpisodeR. W. Goodwin1996-10-04X-Files
75BuyX-Files 4.02: HomeTV EpisodeKim Manners1996-10-11X-Files
76BuyX-Files 4.03: TelikoTV EpisodeJames Charleston1996-10-18X-Files
77BuyMillennium 1.01: PilotTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1996-10-25Millennium
78BuyX-Files 4.04: UnruheTV EpisodeRob Bowman1996-10-27X-Files
79BuyMillennium 1.02: GehennaTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1996-11-01Millennium
80BuyX-Files 4.05: The Field Where I DiedTV EpisodeRob Bowman1996-11-03X-Files
81BuyMillennium 1.03: Dead LettersTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1996-11-08Millennium
82BuyX-Files 4.06: SanguinariumTV EpisodeKim Manners1996-11-10X-Files
83BuyMillennium 1.04: The JudgeTV EpisodeRandall Zisk1996-11-15Millennium
84BuyX-Files 4.07: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking ManTV EpisodeJames Wong1996-11-17X-Files
85BuyMillennium 1.05: 522666TV EpisodeDavid Nutter1996-11-22Millennium
86BuyX-Files 4.08: TunguskaTV EpisodeKim Manners1996-11-24X-Files
87BuyMillennium 1.06: Kingdom ComeTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1996-11-29Millennium
88BuyX-Files 4.09: TermaTV EpisodeRob Bowman1996-12-01X-Files
89BuyMillennium 1.07: Blood RelativesTV EpisodeJim Charleston1996-12-06Millennium
90BuyX-Files 4.10: Paper HeartsTV EpisodeRob Bowman1996-12-15X-Files
91BuyMillennium 1.08: The Well-Worn LockTV EpisodeRalph Hemecker1996-12-20Millennium
92BuyMillennium 1.09: Wide OpenTV EpisodeJim Charleston1997-01-03Millennium
93BuyMillennium 1.10: The Wild and the InnocentTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1997-01-10Millennium
94BuyX-Files 4.11: El Mundo GiraTV EpisodeTucker Gates1997-01-12X-Files
95BuyMillennium 1.11: WeedsTV EpisodeMichael Pattinson1997-01-24Millennium
96BuyX-Files 4.12: Leonard BettsTV EpisodeKim Manners1997-01-26X-Files
97BuyMillennium 1.12: Loin Like a Hunting FlameTV EpisodeDavid Nutter1997-01-31Millennium
98BuyX-Files 4.13: Never AgainTV EpisodeRob Bowman1997-02-02X-Files
99BuyMillennium 1.13: Force MajeureTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1997-02-07Millennium
100BuyX-Files 4.14: Memento MoriTV EpisodeRob Bowman1997-02-09X-Files
101BuyMillennium 1.14: The Thin White LineTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1997-02-14Millennium
102BuyX-Files 4.15: KaddishTV EpisodeKim Manners1997-02-16X-Files
103BuyMillennium 1.15: SacramentTV EpisodeMichael W. Watkins1997-02-21Millennium
104BuyX-Files 4.16: UnrequitedTV EpisodeMichael Lange1997-02-23X-Files
105BuyX-Files 4.17: Tempus FugitTV EpisodeRob Bowman1997-03-16X-Files
106BuyMillennium 1.16: CovenantTV EpisodeRoderick J. Pridy1997-03-21Millennium
107BuyX-Files 4.18: MaxTV EpisodeKim Manners1997-03-23X-Files
108BuyMillennium 1.17: WalkaboutTV EpisodeCliff Bole1997-03-28Millennium
109BuyX-Files 4.19: SynchronyTV EpisodeJames Charleston1997-04-13X-Files
110BuyMillennium 1.18: LamentationTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1997-04-18Millennium
111BuyX-Files 4.20: Small PotatoesTV EpisodeCliff Bole1997-04-20X-Files
112BuyMillennium 1.19: Powers, Principalities, Thrones and DominionsTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1997-04-25Millennium
113BuyX-Files 4.21: Zero SumTV EpisodeKim Manners1997-04-27X-Files
114BuyMillennium 1.20: Broken WorldTV EpisodeWinrich Kolbe1997-05-02Millennium
115BuyX-Files 4.22: ElegyTV EpisodeJames Charleston1997-05-04X-Files
116BuyMillennium 1.21: MaranathaTV EpisodePeter Markle1997-05-09Millennium
117BuyX-Files 4.23: DemonsTV EpisodeKim Manners1997-05-11X-Files
118BuyMillennium 1.22: Paper DoveTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1997-05-16Millennium
119BuyX-Files 4.24: GethsemaneTV EpisodeR. W. Goodwin1997-05-18X-Files
120BuyMillennium 2.01: The Beginning and the EndTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1997-09-19Millennium
121BuyMillennium 2.02: Beware of the DogTV EpisodeAllen Coulter1997-09-26Millennium
122BuyMillennium 2.03: Sense and AntisenseTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1997-10-03Millennium
123BuyMillennium 2.04: MonsterTV EpisodePerry Lang1997-10-17Millennium
124BuyMillennium 2.05: A Single Blade of GrassTV EpisodeRodman Flender1997-10-24Millennium
125BuyMillennium 2.06: The Curse of Frank BlackTV EpisodeRalph Hemecker1997-10-31Millennium
126BuyX-Files 5.01: ReduxTV EpisodeR. W. Goodwin1997-11-02X-Files
127BuyMillennium 2.07: 19:19TV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1997-11-07Millennium
128BuyX-Files 5.02: Redux IITV EpisodeKim Manners1997-11-09X-Files
129BuyMillennium 2.08: The Hand of St. SebastianTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1997-11-14Millennium
130BuyX-Files 5.03: Unusual SuspectsTV EpisodeKim Manners1997-11-16X-Files
131BuyMillennium 2.09: Jose Chung's Doomsday DefenseTV EpisodeDarin Morgan1997-11-21Millennium
132BuyX-Files 5.04: DetourTV EpisodeBrett Dowler1997-11-23X-Files
133BuyX-Files 5.05: The Post-Modern PrometheusTV EpisodeChris Carter1997-11-30X-Files
134BuyX-Files 5.06: Christmas CarolTV EpisodePeter Markle1997-12-07X-Files
135BuyX-Files 5.07: EmilyTV EpisodeKim Manners1997-12-14X-Files
136BuyMillennium 2.10: Midnight of the CenturyTV EpisodeDwight Little1997-12-19Millennium
137BuyX-Files 5.08: KitsunegariTV EpisodeDaniel Sackheim1998-01-04X-Files
138BuyMillennium 2.11: Goodbye CharlieTV EpisodeKen Fink1998-01-09Millennium
139BuyX-Files 5.09: SchizogenyTV EpisodeRalph Hemecker1998-01-11X-Files
140BuyMillennium 2.12: LuminaryTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-01-23Millennium
141BuyMillennium 2.13: The MikadoTV EpisodeRoderick Pridy1998-02-06Millennium
142BuyX-Files 5.10: ChingaTV EpisodeKim Manners1998-02-08X-Files
143BuyX-Files 5.11: Kill SwitchTV EpisodeRob Bowman1998-02-15X-Files
144BuyX-Files 5.12: Bad BloodTV EpisodeCliff Bole1998-02-22X-Files
145BuyMillennium 2.14: The Pest HouseTV EpisodeAllen Coulter1998-02-27Millennium
146BuyX-Files 5.13: Patient XTV EpisodeKim Manners1998-03-01X-Files
147BuyMillennium 2.15: OwlsTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-03-06Millennium
148BuyX-Files 5.14: The Red and the BlackTV EpisodeChris Carter1998-03-08X-Files
149BuyMillennium 2.16: RoostersTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-03-13Millennium
150BuyMillennium 2.17: SirenTV EpisodeAllen Coulter1998-03-20Millennium
151BuyX-Files 5.15: TravelersTV EpisodeWilliam A. Graham1998-03-29X-Files
152BuyMillennium 2.18: In Arcadia EgoTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-04-03Millennium
153BuyMillennium 2.19: AnamnesisTV EpisodeJohn Peter Kousakis1998-04-17Millennium
154BuyX-Files 5.16: Mind's EyeTV EpisodeKim Manners1998-04-19X-Files
155BuyMillennium 2.20: A Room with No ViewTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-04-24Millennium
156BuyX-Files 5.17: All SoulsTV EpisodeAllen Coulter1998-04-26X-Files
157BuyMillennium 2.21: Somehow, Satan Got Behind MeTV EpisodeDarin Morgan1998-05-01Millennium
158BuyX-Files 5.18: The Pine Bluff VariantTV EpisodeRob Bowman1998-05-03X-Files
159BuyMillennium 2.22: The Fourth HorsemanTV EpisodeDwight Little1998-05-08Millennium
160BuyX-Files 5.19: Folie à DeuxTV EpisodeKim Manners1998-05-10X-Files
161BuyMillennium 2.23: The Time Is NowTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-05-15Millennium
162BuyX-Files 5.20: The EndTV EpisodeR. W. Goodwin1998-05-17X-Files
163BuyThe X-Files: Fight the FutureFilmRob Bowman1998-06-19X-Files
164BuyMillennium 3.01: The InnocentsTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-10-02Millennium
165BuyMillennium 3.02: ExegesisTV EpisodeRalph Hemecker1998-10-09Millennium
166BuyMillennium 3.03: TEOTWAWKITV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-10-16Millennium
167BuyMillennium 3.04: ClosureTV EpisodeDaniel Sackheim1998-10-23Millennium
168BuyMillennium 3.05: ...Thirteen Years LaterTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-10-30Millennium
169BuyMillennium 3.06: Skull and BonesTV EpisodePaul Shapiro1998-11-06Millennium
170BuyX-Files 6.01: The BeginningTV EpisodeKim Manners1998-11-08X-Files
171BuyMillennium 3.07: Through a Glass DarklyTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-11-13Millennium
172BuyX-Files 6.02: DriveTV EpisodeRob Bowman1998-11-15X-Files
173BuyX-Files 6.03: TriangleTV EpisodeChris Carter1998-11-22X-Files
174BuyX-Files 6.04: DreamlandTV EpisodeKim Manners1998-11-29X-Files
175BuyX-Files 6.05: Dreamland IITV EpisodeMichael Watkins1998-12-06X-Files
176BuyMillennium 3.08: Human EssenceTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1998-12-11Millennium
177BuyX-Files 6.06: How the Ghosts Stole ChristmasTV EpisodeChris Carter1998-12-13X-Files
178BuyMillennium 3.09: OmertàTV EpisodePaul Shapiro1998-12-18Millennium
179BuyX-Files 6.07: Terms of EndearmentTV EpisodeRob Bowman1999-01-03X-Files
180BuyX-Files 6.08: The Rain KingTV EpisodeKim Manners1999-01-10X-Files
181BuyMillennium 3.10: Borrowed TimeTV EpisodeDwight Little1999-01-15Millennium
182BuyX-Files 6.09: S.R. 819TV EpisodeDaniel Sackheim1999-01-17X-Files
183BuyMillennium 3.11: Collateral DamageTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1999-01-22Millennium
184BuyX-Files 6.10: TithonusTV EpisodeMichael Watkins1999-01-24X-Files
185BuyMillennium 3.12: The Sound of SnowTV EpisodePaul Shapiro1999-02-05Millennium
186BuyX-Files 6.11: Two FathersTV EpisodeKim Manners1999-02-07X-Files
187BuyMillennium 3.13: AntipasTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1999-02-12Millennium
188BuyX-Files 6.12: One SonTV EpisodeRob Bowman1999-02-14X-Files
189BuyMillennium 3.14: MatryoshkaTV EpisodeArthur Forney1999-02-19Millennium
190BuyX-Files 6.13: Agua MalaTV EpisodeRob Bowman1999-02-21X-Files
191BuyX-Files 6.14: MondayTV EpisodeKim Manners1999-02-28X-Files
192BuyX-Files 6.15: ArcadiaTV EpisodeMichael Watkins1999-03-07X-Files
193BuyMillennium 3.15: Forcing the EndTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1999-03-19Millennium
194BuyX-Files 6.16: AlphaTV EpisodePeter Markle1999-03-28X-Files
195BuyMillennium 3.16: Saturn Dreaming of MercuryTV EpisodePaul Shapiro1999-04-09Millennium
196BuyX-Files 6.17: TrevorTV EpisodeRob Bowman1999-04-11X-Files
197BuyMillennium 3.17: Darwin's EyeTV EpisodeKen Fink1999-04-16Millennium
198BuyX-Files 6.18: MilagroTV EpisodeKim Manners1999-04-18X-Files
199BuyMillennium 3.18: Bardo ThodolTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1999-04-23Millennium
200BuyX-Files 6.19: The UnnaturalTV EpisodeDavid Duchovny1999-04-25X-Files
201BuyMillennium 3.19: Seven and OneTV EpisodePeter Markle1999-04-30Millennium
202BuyX-Files 6.20: Three of a KindTV EpisodeBryan Spicer1999-05-02X-Files
203BuyMillennium 3.20: NostalgiaTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1999-05-07Millennium
204BuyX-Files 6.21: Field TripTV EpisodeKim Manners1999-05-09X-Files
205BuyMillennium 3.21: Via DolorosaTV EpisodePaul Shapiro1999-05-14Millennium
206BuyX-Files 6.22: BiogenesisTV EpisodeRob Bowman1999-05-16X-Files
207BuyMillennium 3.22: Goodbye to All ThatTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1999-05-21Millennium
208BuyX-Files 7.01: The Sixth ExtinctionTV EpisodeKim Manners1999-11-07X-Files
209BuyX-Files 7.02: The Sixth Extinction II: Amor FatiTV EpisodeMichael Watkins1999-11-14X-Files
210BuyX-Files 7.03: HungryTV EpisodeKim Manners1999-11-21X-Files
211BuyX-Files 7.04: MillenniumTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1999-11-28X-FilesUsed as a series finale to Millennium.
212BuyX-Files 7.05: RushTV EpisodeRobert Lieberman1999-12-05X-Files
213BuyX-Files 7.06: The Goldberg VariationTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright1999-12-12X-Files
214BuyX-Files 7.07: OrisonTV EpisodeRob Bowman2000-01-09X-Files
215BuyX-Files 7.08: The Amazing MaleeniTV EpisodeThomas J. Wright2000-01-16X-Files
216BuyX-Files 7.09: Signs and WondersTV EpisodeKim Manners2000-01-23X-Files
217BuyX-Files 7.10: Sein und ZeitTV EpisodeMichael Watkins2000-02-06X-Files
218BuyX-Files 7.11: ClosureTV EpisodeKim Manners2000-02-13X-Files
219BuyX-Files 7.12: X-CopsTV EpisodeMichael Watkins2000-02-20X-Files
220BuyX-Files 7.13: First Person ShooterTV EpisodeChris Carter2000-02-27X-Files
221BuyX-Files 7.14: TheefTV EpisodeKim Manners2000-03-12X-Files
222BuyX-Files 7.15: En AmiTV EpisodeRob Bowman2000-03-19X-Files
223BuyX-Files 7.16: ChimeraTV EpisodeCliff Bole2000-04-02X-Files
224BuyX-Files 7.17: all thingsTV EpisodeGillian Anderson2000-04-09X-Files
225BuyX-Files 7.18: Brand XTV EpisodeKim Manners2000-04-16X-Files
226BuyX-Files 7.19: Hollywood A.D.TV EpisodeDavid Duchovny2000-04-30X-Files
227BuyX-Files 7.20: Fight ClubTV EpisodePaul Shapiro2000-05-07X-Files
228BuyX-Files 7.21: Je SouhaiteTV EpisodeVince Gilligan2000-05-14X-Files
229BuyX-Files 7.22: RequiemTV EpisodeKim Manners2000-05-21X-Files
230BuyX-Files 8.01: WithinTV EpisodeKim Manners2000-11-05X-Files
231BuyX-Files 8.02: WithoutTV EpisodeKim Manners2000-11-12X-Files
232BuyX-Files 8.03: PatienceTV EpisodeChris Carter2000-11-19X-Files
233BuyX-Files 8.04: RoadrunnersTV EpisodeRod Hardy2000-11-26X-Files
234BuyX-Files 8.05: InvocationTV EpisodeRichard Compton2000-12-03X-Files
235BuyX-Files 8.06: RedrumTV EpisodePeter Markle2000-12-10X-Files
236BuyX-Files 8.07: Via NegativaTV EpisodeTony Wharmby2000-12-17X-Files
237BuyX-Files 8.08: SurekillTV EpisodeTerrence O'Hara2001-01-07X-Files
238BuyX-Files 8.09: SalvageTV EpisodeRod Hardy2001-01-14X-Files
239BuyX-Files 8.10: BadlaaTV EpisodeTony Wharmby2001-01-21X-Files
240BuyX-Files 8.11: The GiftTV EpisodeKim Manners2001-02-04X-Files
241BuyX-Files 8.12: MedusaTV EpisodeRichard Compton2001-02-11X-Files
242BuyX-Files 8.13: Per ManumTV EpisodeKim Manners2001-02-18X-Files
243BuyX-Files 8.14: This Is Not HappeningTV EpisodeKim Manners2001-02-25X-Files
244BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.01: PilotTV EpisodeRob Bowman2001-03-04Lone Gunman
245BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.02: Bond, Jimmy BondTV EpisodeBryan Spicer2001-03-11Lone Gunman
246BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.03: Eine Kleine FrohikeTV EpisodeDavid Jackson2001-03-16Lone Gunman
247BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.04: Like Water for OctaneTV EpisodeRichard Compton2001-03-18Lone Gunman
248BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.05: Three Men and a Smoking DiaperTV EpisodeBryan Spicer2001-03-23Lone Gunman
249BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.06: Madam, I'm AdamTV EpisodeBryan Spicer2001-03-30Lone Gunman
250BuyX-Files 8.15: DeadaliveTV EpisodeTony Wharmby2001-04-01X-Files
251BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.07: Planet of the FrohikesTV EpisodeJohn T. Kretchmer2001-04-06Lone Gunman
252BuyX-Files 8.16: Three WordsTV EpisodeTony Wharmby2001-04-08X-Files
253BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.08: Maximum ByersTV EpisodeVincent Misiano2001-04-13Lone Gunman
254BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.09: Diagnosis: JimmyTV EpisodeBryan Spicer2001-04-20Lone Gunman
255BuyX-Files 8.17: EmpedoclesTV EpisodeBarry K. Thomas2001-04-22X-Files
256BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.10: Tango de los PistolerosTV EpisodeBryan Spicer2001-04-27Lone Gunman
257BuyX-Files 8.18: VienenTV EpisodeRod Hardy2001-04-29X-Files
258BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.11: The Lying GameTV EpisodeRichard Compton2001-05-04Lone Gunman
259BuyX-Files 8.19: AloneTV EpisodeFrank Spotnitz2001-05-06X-Files
260BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.12: All About YvesTV EpisodeBryan Spicer2001-05-11Lone Gunman
261BuyX-Files 8.20: EssenceTV EpisodeKim Manners2001-05-13X-Files
262BuyX-Files 8.21: ExistenceTV EpisodeKim Manners2001-05-20X-Files
263BuyThe Lone Gunman 1.13: The Cap'n Toby ShowTV EpisodeCarol Banker2001-06-01Lone Gunman
264BuyX-Files 9.01: Nothing Important Happened TodayTV EpisodeKim Manners2001-11-11X-Files
265BuyX-Files 9.02: Nothing Important Happened Today IITV EpisodeTony Wharmby2001-11-18X-Files
266BuyX-Files 9.03: DæmonicusTV EpisodeFrank Spotnitz2001-12-02X-Files
267BuyX-Files 9.04: 4-DTV EpisodeTony Wharmby2001-12-09X-Files
268BuyX-Files 9.05: Lord of the FliesTV EpisodeKim Manners2001-12-16X-Files
269BuyX-Files 9.06: Trust No 1TV EpisodeTony Wharmby2002-01-06X-Files
270BuyX-Files 9.07: John DoeTV EpisodeMichelle MacLaren2002-01-13X-Files
271BuyX-Files 9.08: HellboundTV EpisodeKim Manners2002-01-27X-Files
272BuyX-Files 9.09: ProvenanceTV EpisodeKim Manners2002-03-03X-Files
273BuyX-Files 9.10: ProvidenceTV EpisodeChris Carter2002-03-10X-Files
274BuyX-Files 9.11: Audrey PauleyTV EpisodeKim Manners2002-03-17X-Files
275BuyX-Files 9.12: UnderneathTV EpisodeJohn Shiban2002-03-31X-Files
276BuyX-Files 9.13: ImprobableTV EpisodeChris Carter2002-04-07X-Files
277BuyX-Files 9.14: Scary MonstersTV EpisodeDwight Little2002-04-14X-Files
278BuyX-Files 9.15: Jump the SharkTV EpisodeCliff Bole2002-04-21X-FilesUsed as a series finale to The Lone Gunman.
279BuyX-Files 9.16: WilliamTV EpisodeDavid Duchovny2002-04-28X-Files
280BuyX-Files 9.17: ReleaseTV EpisodeKim Manners2002-05-05X-Files
281BuyX-Files 9.18: Sunshine DaysTV EpisodeVince Gilligan2002-05-12X-Files
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