The Witcher Timeline and Chronology

Also known as the Polish Lord of the Rings, the Witcher saga has gained popularity in western culture largely thanks to the video games from CD Projekt RED.

What’s on the Witcher Timeline?

There are multiple forms of media that tell the story of the Witcher. Of course, it all started with the short stories and novels written by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. These stories later formed the basis for the games made by Polish video game developer CD Projkt RED. Those games quickly gained popularity all over the world, with the Witcher 3 becoming one of the most celebrated video games of all time.

This timeline includes both the original noveles and short stories with the games, even though technically they are two seperate canons. For now, though, there is no reason why they can’t coexist as there are no major contraditictions in the story. Several comics are included as well, which exist primarily in the game chronology.

Where to start the Witcher story?

If you like reading, you’re best off starting with the anthology of short stories, The Last Wish. But if you’re a gamer, we recommend starting with The Witcher 3. The game may be late in the chronology, but you do not have to have played the other games, or read the books, to understand what’s going on. And it’s a fantastic dive (possibly the best) into the Witcher universe.

1BuyThe Last WishAnthologyAndrzej Sapkowski1993-01-01Early YearsOriginal Title: Ostatnie życzenie
2BuySeason of StormsNovelAndrzej Sapkowski2013-11-06Early YearsOriginal Title: Sezon burz
3BuyThe Witcher Vol. 2: Fox ChildrenGraphic NovelPaul Tobin2015-12-29Early Years
4BuySword of DestinyAnthologyAndrzej Sapkowski1992-01-01Early YearsOriginal Title: Miecz przeznaczenia
5Reasons of StateComic IssueMichal Galek2011-06-01Early YearsDigital only comic.
6BuyBlood of ElvesNovelAndrzej Sapkowski1994-01-01Witcher SagaOriginal Title: Krew elfów
7BuyTime of ContemptNovelAndrzej Sapkowski1995-01-01Witcher SagaOriginal Title: Czas pogardy
8BuyBaptism of FireNovelAndrzej Sapkowski1996-01-01Witcher SagaOriginal Title: Chrzest ognia
9BuyThe Tower of the SwallowsNovelAndrzej Sapkowski1997-01-01Witcher SagaOriginal Title: Wieża Jaskółki
10BuyLady of the LakeNovelAndrzej Sapkowski1999-01-01Witcher SagaOriginal Title: Pani Jeziora
11Matters of ConscienceComic IssueMichal Galek2015-10-13Game SagaDigital only comic.
12BuyThe WitcherGame2007-10-26Game Saga
13BuyThe Witcher 2: Assassins of KingsGame2011-05-17Game Saga
14BuyThe Witcher: Killing MonstersGraphic NovelPaul Tobin2015-05-19Game Saga
15BuyThe Witcher 3: The Wild HuntGame2015-05-19Game Saga
16BuyThe Witcher Vol. 1: House of GlassGraphic NovelPaul Tobin2014-10-07Game Saga
17BuyThe Witcher Vol. 3: Curse of CrowsGraphic NovelPaul Tobin, Borys Pugacz-Muraszkiewicz, Karolina Stachyra, Travis Currit2017-07-04Game Saga
  1. Thad Reisen

    Will you be updating the Witcher page with the show and the other games?

    1. Jason Hamilton

      Yes, fairly soon.

  2. Andy

    Have you seen the new Witcher series by Netflix? I quite liked it. What do you think about it?

    1. Jason Hamilton

      I thought it was pretty great! Faithful adaptation.

  3. Jope

    Great job but where will fit the new Netflix serie “The Witcher” in this chronology?

    1. Jason Hamilton

      I’ll add it at some point, but it roughly takes place partly in The Last Wish and partly in Blood of Elves.

  4. Griff1361

    Thronebreaker video game needs to be added too, it takes place before the games but after Reasons of State, not sure of the exact placement as I haven’t read the books but the year it takes place is 1267 if that helps.

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