The Old Kingdom Reading Order

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The Old Kingdom is one of those series that was at the forefront of young adult fantasy literature, even before Harry Potter was as popular as he was. This is the Old Kingdom reading order.

What’s on the Old Kingdom Reading Order?

The Old Kingdom reading order includes all of the books written by Garth Nix, including the prequel novels, and the short stories that are part of the series. Currently, Garth Nix is writing more in the series, so we can expect this timeline to expand a bit in the future. So far, the series is pretty short, consisting of only the main books in the saga, the prequel, novellas, and short stories.

As with our other timelines, don’t forget to let us know if we got something wrong. And if you like this timeline, don’t hesitate to look at some of our others, such as the Hunger Games timeline. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy!

1BuyClariel: The Lost AbhorsenNovelGarth Nix2014-10-14Old Kingdom
2BuySabrielNovelGarth Nix1995-01-01Old Kingdom
3BuyLiraelNovelGarth Nix2001-01-01Old Kingdom
4BuyAbhorsenNovelGarth Nix2003-01-01Old Kingdom
8BuyGoldenhandNovelGarth Nix2016-10-04Old Kingdom
5BuyNicholas Sayre and the Creature in the CaseNovellaGarth Nix2009-10-06Old Kingdom
7BuyTo Hold the BridgeNovellaGarth Nix2010-06-01Old KingdomCollected in Legends of Australian Fantasy
6BuyAn Extract of the Journal of Idrach the Lesser NecromancerShort StoryGarth Nix2009-10-06Old KingdomCollected in Across the Wall
9Doctor Crake Crosses the WallShort StoryGarth Nix2017-01-01Old Kingdom

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