The Matrix Timeline

What’s on The Matrix Timeline?

The Matrix timeline consists mostly of the films, the animated shorts included inĀ Animatrix, a few video games, and several short comic stories printed in two volumes. Many of the comics and some of the animated shorts are ambiguous in their placement in the timeline. However, most of them take place in the years before the first film, so most of them are lumped together in that portion of the timeline.

As always, if you find anything that is missing, or needs to be changed, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re always looking for ways to improve the timeline or weed out errors. Thank you, and enjoy!

Animatrix: The Second RenaissanceShort FilmMahiro Maeda
“Bits and Pieces of Information”ComicWachowski Brothers
“The Miller’s Tale”ComicPaul Chadwick
Animatrix: A Dectective StoryShort FilmShinichiro Watanabe
“The King of Never Return”ComicTed McKeever
“Run, Saga, Run”ComicKeron Grant
“Artistic Freedom”ComicRyder Windham
“Broadcast Depth”ComicBill Sienkiewicz
“Burning Hope”ComicJohn Van Fleet
“Farewell Performance”ComicJim Krueger
“A Life Less Empty”ComicTed McKeever
“Wrong Number”ComicVince Evans
“There Are No Flowers in the Real World”ComicDavid Lapham
“Hunters and Collectors”ComicGregory Ruth
Animatrix: World RecordShort FilmTakeshi Koike
Animatrix: MatriculatedShort FilmPeter Chung
Animatrix: ProgramShort FilmYoshiaki Kawajiri
“System Freeze”ComicPoppy Brite
“Sweating the Small Stuff”ComicBill Sienkiewicz
“Deja vu”ComicPaul Chadwick
“An Asset to the System”ComicTroy Nixey
“Butterfly”ComicDave Gibbons
“A Sword of a Different Color”ComicTroy Nixey
The MatrixFilmWachowski Brothers
Animatrix: Kid’s StoryShort FilmShinichiro Watanabe
Animatrix: Final Flight of the OsirisShort FilmAndy Jones
Enter the MatrixGameShiny Entertainment
The Matrix ReloadedFilmWachowski Brothers
“Day In…Day Out”ComicKeron Grant
The Matrix RevolutionsFilmWachowski Brothers
The Matrix: Path of NeoGameShiny Entertainment
“I Kant”ComicKaare Andrews
“Saviors”ComicSpencer Lamm
“A Path Among Stones”ComicGregory Ruth
Animatrix: BeyondShort FilmKoji Morimoto
The Matrix OnlineGameMonolith Productions
GoliathComicNeil Gaiman
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