The Legend of Drizzt Reading Order
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What’s in the Legend of Drizzt Reading Order?

Of all the many characters found in the Forgotten Realms saga, Drizzt Do’urden is perhaps the most popular. For a non-human character, he has an impressive number of books, short stories, and even comic adaptations. Every book involving this character (at least in a major way) we include in this timeline. Most of these stories were written by R. A. Salvatore, one of the more famous authors within the Forgotten Realms.

Where to Start Reading the Legend of Drizzt?

This is a point of debate for a lot of people. Many suggest the Icewind Dale trilogy as a starting point, since those came first. However, the Dark Elf trilogy is the true origin story for Drizzt. So either are okay. We, personally, recommend starting with the Dark Elf trilogy.

As always, if you see something that needs changing, adding, or deleting, please let us know. Additionally, if you enjoyed this timeline, you should check out our full Forgotten Realms timeline. It includes everything here, plus the hundreds of books and short stories that make up the Forgotten Realms universe in total.

1BuyGuenhwyvarShort StoryR. A. Salvatore253 DR1995-12-01Collected in Realms of Magic, and The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
2BuyThe First NotchShort StoryR. A. Salvatore1100s DR2011-02-01Collected in The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
3BuyHomelandNovelR. A. Salvatore1328 DR1990-08-01
4BuyHomelandGraphic NovelR. A. Salvatore, Andrew Daab1328 DR2008-07-23Adaptation of the book.
5BuyExileNovelR. A. Salvatore1340 DR1990-12-01
6BuyExileGraphic NovelR. A. Salvatore, Andrew Daab1340 DR2006-03-29Adaptation of the book.
7BuyThe Third LevelShort StoryR.A. Salvatore1341 DR1994-12-27Collected in Realms of Infamy, and The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
8BuySojournNovelR. A. Salvatore1347 DR1991-05-01
9BuySojournGraphic NovelR. A. Salvatore, Andrew Daab1347 DR2015-12-29Adaptation of the book.
10BuyThe Crystal ShardNovelR. A. Salvatore1356 DR1988-01-01
11BuyThe Crystal ShardGraphic NovelR. A. Salvatore, Andrew Daab1356 DR2007-03-06Adaptation of the book.
12BuyStreams of SilverNovelR. A. Salvatore1356 DR1989-01-01
13BuyStreams of SilverGraphic NovelR. A. Salvatore, Andrew Daab1356 DR2007-08-21Adaptation of the book.
14BuyDark MirrorShort StoryR.A. Salvatore1357 DR1993-01-26Collected in Realms of Valor, and The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
15BuyThe Halfling's GemNovelR. A. Salvatore1357 DR1990-01-01
16BuyThe Halfling's GemGraphic NovelR. A. Salvatore, Andrew Daab1357 DR2017-04-25Adaptation of the book.
17BuyThe LegacyNovelR. A. Salvatore1357 DR1992-09-01
18BuyStarless NightNovelR. A. Salvatore1357 DR1993-08-24
19BuySiege of DarknessNovelR. A. Salvatore1358 DR1994-08-30
20BuyThe DoweryShort StoryR. A. Salvatore1358 DR2011-02-01Collected in The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
21BuyPassage to DawnNovelR. A. Salvatore1364 DR1996-08-06
22BuyThe Silent BladeNovelR. A. Salvatore1364 DR1998-10-13
23BuyServant of the ShardNovelR. A. Salvatore1366 DR2000-10-01
24BuyThe Spine of the WorldNovelR. A. Salvatore1366 DR1999-09-07
25BuyThat Curious SwordShort StoryR. A. Salvatore1367 DR2002-04-01Collected in Realms of Shadow, and The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
26BuyWickless in the NetherShort StoryR. A. Salvatore1368 DR2004-08-05Collected in Realms of the Dragons, and The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
27BuyBones and StonesShort StoryR.A. Salvatore1370 DR2008-01-08Collected in Realms of War, and The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
28BuySea of SwordsNovelR. A. Salvatore1370 DR2001-10-01
29BuyThe Thousand OrcsNovelR. A. Salvatore1370 DR2002-10-01
30BuyThe Lone DrowNovelR. A. Salvatore1370 DR2003-10-01
31BuyComrades at OddsShort StoryR.A. Salvatore1371 DR2006-02-07Collected in Realms of the Elves, and The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
32BuyThe Two SwordsNovelR. A. Salvatore1371 DR2004-10-01
33BuyThe Orc KingNovelR. A. Salvatore1372 DR2007-09-25
34BuyThe Pirate KingNovelR. A. Salvatore1377 DR2009-07-07
35BuyThe Ghost KingNovelR. A. Salvatore1385 DR2009-10-01
36BuyIruladoonShort StoryR.A. Salvatore1390s DR2010-01-05Collected in Realms of the Dead, and The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
37BuyTo Legend He GoesShort StoryR. A. Salvatore1439 DR2011-02-01Collected in The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
38BuyGauntlgrymNovelR. A. Salvatore1462 DR2010-10-05
39BuyDungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter Tales - The Legend of Drizzt Vol. 1Graphic NovelR. A. Salvatore, Geno Salvatore1462 DR2013-05-14
40BuyNeverwinterNovelR. A. Salvatore1463 DR2011-10-04
41BuyCharon's ClawNovelR. A. Salvatore1463 DR2012-08-07
42BuyThe Last ThresholdNovelR. A. Salvatore1484 DR2013-03-05
43BuyThe CompanionsNovelR. A. Salvatore1484 DR2013-08-06
44BuyNight of the HunterNovelR. A. Salvatore1484 DR2014-03-11
45BuyRise of the KingNovelR. A. Salvatore1484 DR2014-09-30
46BuyVengeance of the Iron DwarfNovelR. A. Salvatore1485 DR2015-03-03
47BuyArchmageNovelR. A. Salvatore1486 DR2015-09-01
48BuyMaestroNovelR. A. Salvatore1486 DR2016-04-05
49BuyHeroNovelR. A. Salvatore1486 DR2016-10-25
50BuyTimeless: A Drizzt NovelNovelR. A. SalvatoreUnknown2018-09-04
51BuyIf Ever They Happened Upon My LairShort StoryR. A. SalvatoreUnknown2011-02-01Collected in The Legend of Drizzt Anthology
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