The Inheritance Cycle Reading Order

Christopher Paolini launched a new phenomena when he released the first book in his series: Eragon. He was only 15 when he wrote it, and his family was also among the early pioneers of self-publishing. Since then the series has released four books, a feature film, and looks to be continuing in the future. This is the Inheritcance Cycle reading order.

What’s on the Inheritance Cycle Reading Order?

The Inheritance Cycle only consists of the books by Christopher Paolini and a group of short stories written by him and his sister. However, the author has expressed interest in continuing the stories in the series, so we may see this timeline expand in the future. Besides, this fantasy series has received wide popularity, so we couldn’t not include it on this site.

Don’t forget to let us know if you see any problems with this or any of the other timelines. We hope you enjoy what you see, and help us make it a lot better. So here is the Inheritance Cycle reading order, including the film.

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1BuyEragonNovelChristopher PaoliniThe Inheritance Cycle2003-08-26
2BuyEragonFilmStefen FangmeierThe Inheritance Cycle2006-12-15
3BuyEldestNovelChristopher PaoliniThe Inheritance Cycle2005-08-23
4BuyBrisingrNovelChristopher PaoliniThe Inheritance Cycle2008-09-20
5BuyInheritanceNovelChristopher PaoliniThe Inheritance Cycle2011-11-08
6BuyThe Fork, the Witch, and the WormAnthologyChristopher Paolini, Angela PaoliniThe Inheritance Cycle2018-12-31
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