Terminator Timeline

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Even though this franchise has struggled to stay afloat since Terminator 3, it’s still one of the more beloved sci-fi franchises, thanks to some incredible films to start with. But did you know there are also books and comics? This is the Terminator timeline.

What’s on the Terminator Timeline?

The Terminator timeline is tricky to arrange, since it involves time travel, the result of which leads to alternate timelines. Terminator has also spawned a lot of comics and other tie-in media, most of which is not considered canonical, especially the comics that often crossed over with the likes of Robocop or other franchises.

However, we have included some of these on the timeline. We also include the Sarah Connor Chronicles that aired on television, even though these have only a loose connection to the films. All in all, we think this is the best order to experience a more complete story of the Terminator franchise.

Where to Start?

By far the best place to start is with the first two films, Terminator, and Terminator 2: Judgement Day. These films are the reason the franchise has lasted this long, even though most would agree that none of the sequels have ever been that good.

If you like this timeline, be sure to share with your friends, and check out some of our other timelines, such as the Dune reading order.

1BuyThe Terminator 2029 to 1984Graphic NovelZack Whedon2010-03-01Terminator
2BuyThe TerminatorFilmJames Cameron1984-10-26Terminator
3BuyTempest and One ShotGraphic NovelJohn Arcudi, James A. Robinson1990-08-01Terminator
4BuyThe Terminator: The Enemy WithinGraphic NovelIan Edginton1991-11-01Terminator
5BuyThe Terminator: Hunters and KillersGraphic NovelToren Smith1992-03-01Terminator
6BuyThe Terminator: EndgameGraphic NovelJames Robinson1992-09-01Terminator
7BuyThe Terminator: Death ValleyGraphic NovelAlan Grant1998-08-01Terminator
8BuyThe Terminator: Enemy of My EnemyGraphic NovelDan Jolley2014-02-01Terminator
9BuyThe Terminator: Sector WarGraphic NovelBrian Wood2018-08-01Terminator
10BuyTerminator 2: Judgment DayFilmJames Cameron1991-07-01Terminator
11BuyTerminator 2: Cybernetic DawnGraphic NovelDan Abnett1995-11-01Terminator
12BuyTerminator 2: Nuclear TwilightGraphic NovelMark Paniccia1995-11-01Terminator
13BuyT2: InfiltratorNovelS. M. StirlingTerminator
14BuyT2: Rising StormNovelS. M. StirlingTerminator
15BuyT2: The Future WarNovelS. M. StirlingTerminator
16BuyTerminator: Secondary ObjectivesGraphic NovelJames Robinson1991-07-01Terminator
17BuyThe Terminator: The Dark YearsGraphic NovelSteven Grant1999-08-01Terminator
18BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.01: PilotTV EpisodeDavid Nutter2008-01-13Terminator
19BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.02: Gnothi SeautonTV EpisodeDavid Nutter2008-01-14Terminator
20BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.03: The TurkTV EpisodePaul Edwards2008-01-21Terminator
21BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.04: Heavy MetalTV EpisodeSergio Mimica Gezzan2008-02-04Terminator
22BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.05: Queen's GambitTV EpisodeMatt Earl Beesley2008-02-11Terminator
23BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.06: Dungeons & DragonsTV EpisodeJeffrey Hunt2008-02-18Terminator
24BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.07: The Demon HandTV EpisodeCharles Beeson2008-02-25Terminator
25BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.08: Vick's ChipTV EpisodeJ. Miller Tobin2008-03-03Terminator
26BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.09: What He BeheldTV EpisodeMike Rohl2008-03-03Terminator
27BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.01: Samson and DelilahTV EpisodeDavid Nutter2008-09-08Terminator
28BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.02: Automatic for the PeopleTV EpisodeJeffrey Hunt2008-09-15Terminator
29BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.03: The MousetrapTV EpisodeBill Eagles2008-09-22Terminator
30BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.04: Allison from PalmdaleTV EpisodeCharles Beeson2008-09-29Terminator
31BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.05: Goodbye to All ThatTV EpisodeBryan Spicer2008-10-06Terminator
32BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.06: The Tower Is Tall but the Fall Is ShortTV EpisodeTawnia McKiernan2008-10-20Terminator
33BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.07: Brothers of NablusTV EpisodeMilan Cheylov2008-11-03Terminator
34BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.08: Mr. Ferguson Is Ill TodayTV EpisodeMichael Nankin2008-11-10Terminator
35BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.09: ComplicationsTV EpisodeSteven DePaul2008-11-17Terminator
36BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.10: Strange Things Happen at the One Two PointTV EpisodeScott Peters2008-11-24Terminator
37BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.11: Self Made ManTV EpisodeHolly Dale2008-12-01Terminator
38BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.12: Alpine FieldsTV EpisodeCharles Beeson, Bryan Spicer2008-12-08Terminator
39BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.13: Earthlings Welcome HereTV EpisodeFélix Enríquez Alcalá2008-12-15Terminator
40BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.14: The Good WoundTV EpisodeJeff Woolnough2009-02-13Terminator
41BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.15: Desert CantosTV EpisodeJ. Miller Tobin2009-02-20Terminator
42BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.16: Some Must Watch, While Some Must SleepTV EpisodeScott Lautanen2009-02-27Terminator
43BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.17: Ourselves AloneTV EpisodeJeff Woolnough2009-03-06Terminator
44BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.18: Today Is the Day, Part 1TV EpisodeGuy Norman Bee2009-03-13Terminator
45BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.19: Today Is the Day, Part 2TV EpisodeGuy Norman Bee2009-03-20Terminator
46BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.20: To the LighthouseTV EpisodeGuy Ferland2009-03-27Terminator
47BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.21: Adam Raised a CainTV EpisodeCharles Beeson2009-04-03Terminator
48BuyThe Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.22: Born to RunTV EpisodeJeffrey Hunt2009-04-10Terminator
49BuyTerminator: InfinityGraphic NovelSimon Furman2007-07-01Terminator
50BuyTerminator: RevolutionGraphic NovelSimon Furman2009-01-01Terminator
51BuyTerminator 3: Rise of the MachinesFilmJonathan Mostow2003-07-02Terminator
52BuyTerminator DreamsNovelAaron Allston2003-12-19Terminator
53BuyTerminator HuntNovelAaron Allston2004-11-25Terminator
54BuyTerminator Salvation: The Machinima SeriesWebTor Helmstein, Ian Kirby2009-05-18Terminator
55BuyTerminator Salvation: Cold WarNovelGreg Cox2009-10-20Terminator
56BuyTerminator Salvation: From the AshesNovelTimothy Zahn2009-03-17Terminator
57BuyTerminator Salvation: Movie PrequelGraphic NovelDara Naraghi2009-02-01Terminator
58BuyTerminator SalvationFilmMcG2009-05-21Terminator
59BuyTerminator Salvation: Trial by FireNovelTimothy Zahn2010-08-17Terminator
60BuyTerminator Salvation: The Final BattleGraphic NovelJ. Michael Straczynski2013-12-01Terminator
61BuyTerminator: ResistanceGame2019-11-15Terminator
62Terminator Genisys: The YouTube ChroniclesWebCharles Paek2015-06-22Terminator
63BuyTerminator GenisysFilmAlan Taylor2015-07-01Terminator
64BuyTerminator: Dark FateFilmTim Miller2019-11-01TerminatorThis film takes place in continuity with Terminator 1 and 2, and ignores all other films and content.

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