Sword of Truth Reading Order

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The Sword of Truth series can easily stand alongside the Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones as one of the most in-depth, immersive sags in fantasy history. With over a dozen books, and two seasons of a television show, it’s one of the best reads for epic fantasy fanatics.

What’s on the Sword of Truth Reading Order?

This is the unofficial Sword of Truth reading order for the series of books written by Terry Goodkind. This timeline also includes the Legend of the Seeker television show, which unfortunately only lasted two seasons and adapted the first two books of the series.

Even though the show took creative liberties to conform to the medium, it still stayed true to the original vision that Goodkind had, so for that reason, it is included here on the timeline.

Don’t forget to let us know if there’s anything missing, or if you have any questions about this or any of our timelines. We hope you enjoy!

Where to Start Reading the Sword of Truth?

We recommend you start at the beginning with Wizard’s First Rule, the first book written. However, it won’t spoil you too much to read the two prequels ahead of time. And there’s also the show, Legend of the Seeker, that serves as a good draw into the story for those not quite willing to commit to such a massive series.

1BuyThe First Confessor: The Legend of Magda SearusNovelTerry Goodkind2012-07-02Prequels
2BuyDebt of BonesNovelTerry Goodkind1998-08-25Prequels
3BuyWizard's First RuleNovelTerry Goodkind1994-08-15First Series
4BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.01: ProphecyTV EpisodeMark Beesley2008-11-01First Series
5BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.02: DestinyTV EpisodeMark Beesley2008-11-01First Series
6BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.03: BountyTV EpisodeJesse Warn2008-11-08First Series
7BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.04: BrennidonTV EpisodeJonathan Brough2008-11-15First Series
8BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.05: ListenerTV EpisodeMark Beesley2008-11-22First Series
9BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.06: ElixirTV EpisodeCharlie Haskell2008-11-29First Series
10BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.07: IdentityTV EpisodeGarth Maxwell2008-12-06First Series
11BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.08: DennaTV EpisodeMichael Hurst2009-01-10First Series
12BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.09: PuppeteerTV EpisodeMark Beesley2009-01-17First Series
13BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.10: SacrificeTV EpisodeMichael Hurst2009-01-24First Series
14BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.11: ConfessionTV EpisodeGarth Maxwell2009-01-31First Series
15BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.12: HomeTV EpisodeCharlie Haskell2009-02-21First Series
16BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.13: RevenantTV EpisodeGeoffrey Cawthorn2009-02-28First Series
17BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.14: HartlandTV EpisodeMark Beesley2009-03-07First Series
18BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.15: ConversionTV EpisodeAndrew Merrifield2009-03-14First Series
19BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.16: BloodlineTV EpisodeGarth Maxwell2009-03-21First Series
20BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.17: DeceptionTV EpisodeChris Martin-Jones2009-03-28First Series
21BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.18: MirrorTV EpisodeJonathan Brough2009-04-25First Series
22BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.19: CursedTV EpisodeMark Beesley2009-05-02First Series
23BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.20: SanctuaryTV EpisodeGarth Maxwell2009-05-09First Series
24BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.21: FeverTV EpisodeJonathan Brough2009-05-16First Series
25BuyLegend of the Seeker 1.22: ReckoningTV EpisodeMichael Hurst2009-05-23First Series
26BuyStone of TearsNovelTerry Goodkind1995-09-15First Series
27BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.01: MarkedTV EpisodeMark Beesley2009-11-07First Series
28BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.02: BanelingTV EpisodeMichael Hurst2009-11-14First Series
29BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.03: BrokenTV EpisodeNicki Paluga2009-11-21First Series
30BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.04: TouchedTV EpisodeGarth Maxwell2009-11-28First Series
31BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.05: WizardTV EpisodeJonathan Brough2009-12-05First Series
32BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.06: FuryTV EpisodeAndrew Merrifield2009-12-12First Series
33BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.07: ResurrectionTV EpisodeJesse Warn2010-01-09First Series
34BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.08: LightTV EpisodeJonathan Brough2010-01-16First Series
35BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.09: DarkTV EpisodeGarth Maxwell2010-01-23First Series
36BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.10: PerditionTV EpisodeMark Beesley2010-01-30First Series
37BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.11: TornTV EpisodeChris Martin-Jones2010-02-13First Series
38BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.12: HungerTV EpisodeMichael Hurst2010-02-20First Series
39BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.13: PrincessTV EpisodeGarth Maxwell2010-02-27First Series
40BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.14: BoundTV EpisodeChris Martin-Jones2010-03-20First Series
41BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.15: CreatorTV EpisodeMike Smith2010-03-27First Series
42BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.16: DesecratedTV EpisodeGarth Maxwell2010-04-10First Series
43BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.17: VengeanceTV EpisodeMichael Hurst2010-04-17First Series
44BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.18: WalterTV EpisodeAndrew Merrifield2010-04-24First Series
45BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.19: ExtinctionTV EpisodeJesse Warn2010-05-01First Series
46BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.20: EternityTV EpisodeGarth Maxwell2010-05-08First Series
47BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.21: UnbrokenTV EpisodeMichael Hurst2010-05-15First Series
48BuyLegends of the Seeker 2.22: TearsTV EpisodeMark Beesley2010-05-22First Series
49BuyBlood of the FoldNovelTerry Goodkind1996-10-15First Series
50BuyTemple of the WindsNovelTerry Goodkind1997-09-15First Series
51BuySoul of the FireNovelTerry Goodkind1999-03-15First Series
52BuyFaith of the FallenNovelTerry Goodkind2000-08-22First Series
53BuyThe Pillars of CreationNovelTerry Goodkind2001-11-20First Series
54BuyNaked EmpireNovelTerry Goodkind2003-07-21First Series
55BuyChainfireNovelTerry Goodkind2005-01-04First Series
56BuyPhantomNovelTerry Goodkind2006-07-18First Series
57BuyConfessorNovelTerry Goodkind2007-11-13First Series
58BuyThe Omen MachineNovelTerry Goodkind2011-08-16Richard and Kahlan
59BuyThe Third KingdomNovelTerry Goodkind2013-08-20Richard and Kahlan
60BuySevered SoulsNovelTerry Goodkind2014-08-12Richard and Kahlan
61BuyWarheartNovelTerry Goodkind2015-11-17Richard and Kahlan
62BuyThe Scribbly ManNovellaTerry Goodkind2019-04-04Children of D'Hara
63BuyHateful ThingsNovellaTerry Goodkind2019-07-22Children of D'Hara
64BuyWastelandNovellaTerry Goodkind2019-10-07Children of D'Hara
65BuyWitch's OathNovellaTerry Goodkind2020-01-06Children of D'Hara
66BuyInto DarknessNovellaTerry Goodkind2020-06-30Children of D'Hara
67BuyDeath's MistressNovelTerry Goodkind2017-01-24Nicci Chronicles
68BuyShroud of EternityNovelTerry Goodkind2018-01-09Nicci Chronicles
69BuySiege of StoneNovelTerry Goodkind2019-01-01Nicci Chronicles
70BuyHeart of Black IceNovelTerry Goodkind2020-01-21Nicci Chronicles
71BuyThe Law of NinesNovelTerry Goodkind2009-08-18StandaloneModern universe with SOT parallels. Set 1000 years after the Sword of Truth novels..

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