Stephen King Multiverse Timeline

Many are surprised to learn that most of Stephen King’s work is part of a larger Stephen King Multiverse. That is why we assembled the best reading order that we could come up with. We hope you enjoy!

What’s on the Stephen King Multiverse Timeline?

So, there’s a lot to unpack in this timeline. And we had to make a number of decisions on how to assemble everything on the timeline. Most of the stories take place in a few fictional towns in Main, like Castle Rock and Derry. They’re all mostly seperate stories, so it’s hard to know what chronology is appropriate. In most cases, if there isn’t chronology information available online, we place the story in the year it was written.

Important note: this timeline DOES NOT include adaptations. There are just too many adaptations that adding them would be a mess. We do however include stories from other mediums if they offer new story material. For example, we include the Dark Tower film because it’s not an adaptation, it’s a continuation of the Dark Tower series. It’s a sequel. That is also why we include the Castle Rock series. It’s new story set in Stephen King’s universe.

It’s also worth noting that not all of Stephen King’s books really work in their continuity. You can get around this when you realize that this is a multiverse. There are alternate realities included, and the Dark Tower series is kind of the linch pin between all of reality.

Where to Start Reading Stephen King?

This is a very difficult question to ask. There are many jumping off points for Stephen King’s work. If you want a general overview of the entire universe, then using this timeline in order might be your choice. Otherwise, we’d suggest a few of the good books to start with: Carrie, Salem’s Lot, The Shining, IT, or any of his brand new novels. You could also start with the Dark Tower books, which are listed here, and on their own timeline.

1BuyJerusalem's LotShort StoryStephen King18501978-02-01
2BuyUncle Otto's TruckShort StoryStephen KingPost-Depression1983-10-01
3BuyThe BodyNovellaStephen King19601982-08-27
4BuyJoylandNovelStephen King19732013-06-04
5BuyApt PupilNovellaStephen King19741982-08-27
6BuyGwendy's Button BoxNovellaStephen King, Richard Chizmar19742017-05-16
7BuySalem's LotNovelStephen King19751975-10-17
8BuyRita Hayworth and Shawshank RedemptionNovellaStephen King19751982-08-27
9BuyEyes of the DragonNovelStephen KingPre-Dark Tower1987-02-02
10BuyThe TalismanNovelStephen King, Peter StraubPre-Dark Tower1984-11-08
11BuyThe Little Sisters of EluriaNovellaStephen KingPre-Dark Tower1998-08-25
12BuyOne for the RoadShort StoryStephen King19771978-02-01
13BuyThe ShiningNovelStephen King19771977-01-28
14BuyThe GunslingerNovelStephen King19771982-06-10Jake Chambers appears in this book and he is from New York of 1977, hence its placement here on the timeline.
15BuyThe Drawing of the ThreeNovelStephen King19771987-05-01
16BuyThe WastelandsNovelStephen King19771991-08-01
17BuyCarrieNovelStephen King19791974-04-05
18BuyThe Dead ZoneNovelStephen King19791979-08-01
19BuyCujoNovelStephen King19801981-09-08
20BuyThe StandNovelStephen King19801978-09-01
21BuyFirestarterNovelStephen King19801980-09-29
22BuyThe MistNovellaStephen King19801980-01-01
23BuyChristineNovelStephen King19831983-04-29
24BuyPet SemetaryNovelStephen King19831983-11-14
25BuyITNovelStephen King19851986-09-15
26BuyWizard and GlassNovelStephen King19861997-11-04
27BuyThe Wind Through the KeyholdNovelStephen KingMany Whens2012-02-21
28BuyWolves of CallaNovelStephen KingMany Whens2003-11-04
29BuyMiseryNovelStephen King19871987-06-08
30BuyThe TommyknockersNovelStephen King19871987-11-10
31BuyThe Dark HalfNovelStephen King19891989-10-20
32BuyHearts in AtlantisAnthologyStephen King19891999-09-14The last story in this anthology takes place roughly around 1989, and the previous stories are all linked. So that's why we place it here.
33BuySun DogShort StoryStephen King19901990-09-24
34BuyNeedful ThingsNovelStephen King19911991-10-01
35BuyDolores ClaiborneNovelStephen King19921992-11-01
36BuyGerald's GameNovelStephen King19921992-05-01
37BuyIt Grows on YouShort StoryStephen King19931974-10-01
38BuyInsomniaNovelStephen King19941994-09-15
39BuyRose MadderNovelStephen King19941995-06-01
40BuyThe Man in the Black SuitShort StoryStephen King19941994-10-31
41BuyDesperationNovelStephen King19961996-09-24Parallel universe with The Regulators
42BuyThe RegulatorsNovelStephen King19961996-09-24Parallel universe with Desperation
43BuyThe Green MileNovelStephen King19961996-03-28The frame story is set in 1996.
44BuyEverything's EventualNovellaStephen King19972002-03-19
45BuyBag of BonesNovelStephen King19981998-09-22
46BuySong of SusannahNovelStephen KingMany Whens2004-06-08
47BuyThe Dark TowerNovelStephen KingMany Whens2004-09-21
48BuyBlack HouseNovelStephen King, Peter Straub20012001-09-15
49BuyDreamcatcherNovelStephen King20012001-03-20
50BuyFair ExtensionNovellaStephen King20012010-11-01
51BuyLisey's StoryNovelStephen King20062006-10-24
52BuyCellNovelStephen King20062006-01-24
53BuyBlazeNovelStephen King20072007-06-12
54BuyDuma KeyNovelStephen King20082008-01-22
55BuyUrNovellaStephen King20092009-02-12
56BuyPremium HarmonyShort StoryStephen King20092009-11-09
57Buy1922NovellaStephen King20102010-11-01
58BuyA Good MarriageNovellaStephen King20102010-11-01
59BuyMile 81NovellaStephen King20112011-09-01
60Buy11/22/63NovelStephen King20112011-11-08
61BuyDoctor SleepNovelStephen King20132013-09-24
62BuyAfterlifeShort StoryStephen King20132013-06-01
63BuyMr. MercedesNovelStephen King20142014-06-03
64BuyRevivalNovelStephen King20142014-11-11
65BuyFinders KeepersNovelStephen King20152015-06-02
66BuyDrunken FireworksShort StoryStephen King20152015-06-30
67BuyMister YummyShort StoryStephen King20152015-11-03
68BuyEnd of WatchNovelStephen King20162016-06-07
69BuyUnder the DomeNovelStephen King20172009-11-10
70BuyThe Dark Tower (2017 film)FilmNikolaj Arcel20172017-08-04This is an original story set after the Dark Tower series, though it does have similarities to previous stories.
71BuySleeping BeautiesNovelStephen King, Owen King20172017-09-26
72BuyThe OutsiderNovelStephen King20182018-05-22
73BuyElevationNovelStephen King20182018-10-30
74Castle Rock 1.01: SeveranceTV EpisodeMichael Uppendahl20182018-07-25
75Castle Rock 1.02: Habeas CorpusTV EpisodeMichael Uppendahl20182018-07-25
76Castle Rock 1.03: Local ColorTV EpisodeDan Attias20182018-07-25
77Castle Rock 1.04: The BoxTV EpisodeMichael Uppendahl20182018-08-01
78Castle Rock 1.05: HarvestTV EpisodeAndrew Bernstein20182018-08-08
79Castle Rock 1.06: FilterTV EpisodeKevin Hooks20182018-08-15
80Castle Rock 1.07: The QueenTV EpisodeGreg Yaitanes20182018-08-22
81Castle Rock 1.08: Past PerfectTV EpisodeAna Lily Amirpour20182018-08-29
82Castle Rock 1.09: Henry DeaverTV EpisodeJulie Anne Robinson20182018-09-05
83Castle Rock 1.10: RomansTV EpisodeNicole Kassell20182018-09-12
  1. woruB leinaD

    When are you going to add the institution and season 2 of Castle Rock?

    1. Jason Hamilton

      Shouldn’t be too long.

  2. John Minnich

    even though Gwendy’s Magic Feather (The sequel to Stephen King and Richard Chalizers Gwendy’s Button Box) wasn’t written by Stephen King but by Richard Chalizer, shouldn’t Magic Feather still be in the Stephen King multiverse considering its a sequel to a Stephen King book?

  3. Aboy

    Shouldn’t 1922 be in the year 1922 and not in the year 2010

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