Stargate Episode Order

Stargate started as a film, but eventually became known for its long-running television, becoming one of the top sci-fi shows of its time, right up there with Star Trek. This is the Stargate episode order.

What’s on the Stargate Episode Timeline?

This Stargate episode timeline includes all of the episodes from the three Stargate shows, including SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe. This timeline also includes the 1994 film that launched this story. The timeline does not include any of the comics, books, video games, or the animated Stargate series, since those works are considered largely non-canonical, and therefore not relevant to this timeline.

Where to Start?

This timeline starts with Stargate: Origins, but that is the most recent part of the canon to be released, and it was generally not received well by critics and fans, so we’d recommend starting with the main film instead.

As with our other timelines, don’t forget to let us know if there’s something that needs changing, whether it be adding, taking away, or rearranging pieces of this timeline. And if you liked this timeline, be sure to check out some of our others, such as the Star Trek timeline. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy.

1BuyStargate Origins: CatherineWebMercedes Bryce Morgan2018-06-19Stargate Origins
2BuyStargateFilmRoland Emmerich1994-10-28Stargate
3BuyStargate SG-1 1.01: Children of the Gods, Part 1TV EpisodeMario Azzopardi1997-07-27SG-1Also released as a film, Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods Final Cut
4BuyStargate SG-1 1.02: Children of the Gods, Part 2TV EpisodeMario Azzopardi1997-07-27SG-1Also released as a film, Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods Final Cut
5BuyStargate SG-1 1.03: The Enemy WithinTV EpisodeDennis Berry1997-08-01SG-1
6BuyStargate SG-1 1.04: EmancipationTV EpisodeJeff Woolnough1997-08-08SG-1
7BuyStargate SG-1 1.05: The Broca DivideTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty1997-08-15SG-1
8BuyStargate SG-1 1.06: The First CommandmentTV EpisodeDennis Berry1997-08-22SG-1
9BuyStargate SG-1 1.07: Cold LazarusTV EpisodeKenneth J. Girotti1997-08-29SG-1
10BuyStargate SG-1 1.08: The NoxTV EpisodeCharles Correll1997-09-12SG-1
11BuyStargate SG-1 1.09: Brief CandleTV EpisodeMario Azzopardi1997-09-19SG-1
12BuyStargate SG-1 1.10: Thor's HammerTV EpisodeBrad Turner1997-09-26SG-1
13BuyStargate SG-1 1.11: The Torment of TantalusTV EpisodeJonathan Glassner1997-10-03SG-1
14BuyStargate SG-1 1.12: BloodlinesTV EpisodeMario Azzopardi1997-10-10SG-1
15BuyStargate SG-1 1.13: Fire and WaterTV EpisodeAllan Eastman1997-10-17SG-1
16BuyStargate SG-1 1.14: HathorTV EpisodeBrad Turner1997-10-24SG-1
17BuyStargate SG-1 1.15: SingularityTV EpisodeMario Azzopardi1997-10-31SG-1
18BuyStargate SG-1 1.16: Cor-AiTV EpisodeMario Azzopardi1998-01-23SG-1
19BuyStargate SG-1 1.17: EnigmaTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty1998-01-30SG-1
20BuyStargate SG-1 1.18: SolitudesTV EpisodeMartin Wood1998-02-06SG-1
21BuyStargate SG-1 1.19: Tin ManTV EpisodeJimmy Kaufman1998-02-13SG-1
22BuyStargate SG-1 1.20: There But for the Grace of GodTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith1998-02-20SG-1
23BuyStargate SG-1 1.21: PoliticsTV EpisodeMartin Wood1998-02-27SG-1
24BuyStargate SG-1 1.22: Within the Serpent's GraspTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith1998-03-06SG-1
25BuyStargate SG-1 2.01: The Serpent's LairTV EpisodeJonathan Glassner1998-06-26SG-1
26BuyStargate SG-1 2.02: In the Line of DutyTV EpisodeMartin Wood1998-07-03SG-1
27BuyStargate SG-1 2.03: PrisonersTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith1998-07-10SG-1
28BuyStargate SG-1 2.04: The GamekeeperTV EpisodeMartin Wood1998-07-17SG-1
29BuyStargate SG-1 2.05: NeedTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith1998-07-24SG-1
30BuyStargate SG-1 2.06: Thor's ChariotTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty1998-07-31SG-1
31BuyStargate SG-1 2.07: Message in a BottleTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith1998-08-07SG-1
32BuyStargate SG-1 2.08: FamilyTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty1998-08-14SG-1
33BuyStargate SG-1 2.09: SecretsTV EpisodeDuane Clark1998-08-21SG-1
34BuyStargate SG-1 2.10: BaneTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith1998-09-25SG-1
35BuyStargate SG-1 2.11: The Tok'ra, Part 1TV EpisodeBrad Turner1998-10-02SG-1
36BuyStargate SG-1 2.12: The Tok'ra, Part 2TV EpisodeBrad Turner1998-10-09SG-1
37BuyStargate SG-1 2.13: SpiritsTV EpisodeMartin Wood1998-10-23SG-1
38BuyStargate SG-1 2.14: TouchstoneTV EpisodeBrad Turner1998-10-30SG-1
39BuyStargate SG-1 2.15: The Fifth RaceTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith1998-12-16SG-1
40BuyStargate SG-1 2.16: A Matter of TimeTV EpisodeMartin Wood1998-12-09SG-1
41BuyStargate SG-1 2.17: HolidayTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith1999-01-13SG-1
42BuyStargate SG-1 2.18: Serpent's SongTV EpisodePeter DeLuise1999-01-06SG-1
43BuyStargate SG-1 2.19: One False StepTV EpisodeWilliam Corcoran1999-02-19SG-1
44BuyStargate SG-1 2.20: Show and TellTV EpisodePeter DeLuise1999-02-26SG-1
45BuyStargate SG-1 2.21: 1969TV EpisodeCharles Correll1999-03-05SG-1
46BuyStargate SG-1 2.22: Out of MindTV EpisodeMartin Wood1999-03-12SG-1
47BuyStargate SG-1 3.01: Into the FireTV EpisodeMartin Wood1999-06-25SG-1
48BuyStargate SG-1 3.02: SethTV EpisodeWilliam Corcoran1999-07-02SG-1
49BuyStargate SG-1 3.03: Fair GameTV EpisodeMartin Wood1999-07-09SG-1
50BuyStargate SG-1 3.04: LegacyTV EpisodePeter DeLuise1999-07-16SG-1
51BuyStargate SG-1 3.05: Learning CurveTV EpisodeMartin Wood1999-07-23SG-1
52BuyStargate SG-1 3.06: Point of ViewTV EpisodePeter DeLuise1999-07-30SG-1
53BuyStargate SG-1 3.07: Deadman SwitchTV EpisodeMartin Wood1999-08-06SG-1
54BuyStargate SG-1 3.08: DemonsTV EpisodePeter DeLuise1999-08-13SG-1
55BuyStargate SG-1 3.09: Rules of EngagementTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty1999-08-20SG-1
56BuyStargate SG-1 3.10: Forever in a DayTV EpisodePeter DeLuise1999-10-08SG-1
57BuyStargate SG-1 3.11: Past and PresentTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty1999-10-15SG-1
58BuyStargate SG-1 3.12: Jolinar's MemoriesTV EpisodePeter DeLuise1999-10-22SG-1
59BuyStargate SG-1 3.13: The Devil You KnowTV EpisodePeter DeLuise1999-10-29SG-1
60BuyStargate SG-1 3.14: FootholdTV EpisodeAndy Mikita1999-11-05SG-1
61BuyStargate SG-1 3.15: PretenseTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith2000-01-19SG-1
62BuyStargate SG-1 3.16: UrgoTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2000-01-26SG-1
63BuyStargate SG-1 3.17: A Hundred DaysTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith2000-02-14SG-1
64BuyStargate SG-1 3.18: Shades of GreyTV EpisodeMartin Wood2000-02-09SG-1
65BuyStargate SG-1 3.19: New GroundTV EpisodeChris McMullin2000-02-16SG-1
66BuyStargate SG-1 3.20: Maternal InstinctTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2000-02-25SG-1
67BuyStargate SG-1 3.21: Crystal SkullTV EpisodeBrad Turner2000-03-03SG-1
68BuyStargate SG-1 3.22: NemesisTV EpisodeMartin Wood2000-03-08SG-1
69BuyStargate SG-1 4.01: Small VictoriesTV EpisodeMartin Wood2000-06-30SG-1
70BuyStargate SG-1 4.02: The Other SideTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2000-07-07SG-1
71BuyStargate SG-1 4.03: UpgradesTV EpisodeMartin Wood2000-07-14SG-1
72BuyStargate SG-1 4.04: CrossroadsTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2000-07-21SG-1
73BuyStargate SG-1 4.05: Divide and ConquerTV EpisodeMartin Wood2000-07-28SG-1
74BuyStargate SG-1 4.06: Window of OpportunityTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2000-08-04SG-1
75BuyStargate SG-1 4.07: WatergateTV EpisodeMartin Wood2000-08-11SG-1
76BuyStargate SG-1 4.08: The First OnesTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2000-08-18SG-1
77BuyStargate SG-1 4.09: Scorched EarthTV EpisodeMartin Wood2000-08-25SG-1
78BuyStargate SG-1 4.10: Beneath the SurfaceTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2000-09-01SG-1
79BuyStargate SG-1 4.11: Point of No ReturnTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty2000-09-08SG-1
80BuyStargate SG-1 4.12: TangentTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2000-09-15SG-1
81BuyStargate SG-1 4.13: The CurseTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2000-09-22SG-1
82BuyStargate SG-1 4.14: The Serpent's VenomTV EpisodeMartin Wood2000-09-29SG-1
83BuyStargate SG-1 4.15: Chain ReactionTV EpisodeMartin Wood2000-12-13SG-1
84BuyStargate SG-1 4.16: 2010TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2001-01-03SG-1
85BuyStargate SG-1 4.17: Absolute PowerTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2001-01-19SG-1
86BuyStargate SG-1 4.18: The LightTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2001-01-26SG-1
87BuyStargate SG-1 4.19: ProdigyTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2001-02-02SG-1
88BuyStargate SG-1 4.20: EntityTV EpisodeAllan Lee2001-02-09SG-1
89BuyStargate SG-1 4.21: Double JeopardyTV EpisodeMichael Shanks2001-02-16SG-1
90BuyStargate SG-1 4.22: ExodusTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith2001-02-23SG-1
91BuyStargate SG-1 5.01: EnemiesTV EpisodeMartin Wood2001-06-29SG-1
92BuyStargate SG-1 5.02: ThresholdTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2001-07-06SG-1
93BuyStargate SG-1 5.03: AscensionTV EpisodeMartin Wood2001-07-13SG-1
94BuyStargate SG-1 5.04: The Fifth ManTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2001-07-20SG-1
95BuyStargate SG-1 5.05: Red SkyTV EpisodeMartin Wood2001-07-27SG-1
96BuyStargate SG-1 5.06: Rite of PassageTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2001-08-03SG-1
97BuyStargate SG-1 5.07: Beast of BurdenTV EpisodeMartin Wood2001-08-10SG-1
98BuyStargate SG-1 5.08: The TombTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2001-08-17SG-1
99BuyStargate SG-1 5.09: Between Two FiresTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty2001-08-24SG-1
100BuyStargate SG-1 5.10: 2001TV EpisodePeter DeLuise2001-08-31SG-1
101BuyStargate SG-1 5.11: Desperate MeasuresTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty2001-09-07SG-1
102BuyStargate SG-1 5.12: Wormhole X-Treme!TV EpisodePeter DeLuise2001-09-14SG-1
103BuyStargate SG-1 5.13: Proving GroundTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2001-11-28SG-1
104BuyStargate SG-1 5.14: 48 HoursTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2001-12-05SG-1
105BuyStargate SG-1 5.15: SummitTV EpisodeMartin Wood2001-12-19SG-1
106BuyStargate SG-1 5.16: Last StandTV EpisodeMartin Wood2002-01-09SG-1
107BuyStargate SG-1 5.17: Fail SafeTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2001-12-12SG-1
108BuyStargate SG-1 5.18: The WarriorTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2002-04-12SG-1
109BuyStargate SG-1 5.19: MenaceTV EpisodeMartin Wood2002-04-26SG-1
110BuyStargate SG-1 5.20: The SentinelTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2002-05-03SG-1
111BuyStargate SG-1 5.21: MeridianTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2002-05-10SG-1
112BuyStargate SG-1 5.22: RevelationsTV EpisodeMartin Wood2002-05-17SG-1
113BuyStargate SG-1 6.01: Redemption, Part 1TV EpisodeMartin Wood2002-06-07SG-1
114BuyStargate SG-1 6.02: Redemption, Part 2TV EpisodeMartin Wood2002-06-14SG-1
115BuyStargate SG-1 6.03: DescentTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2002-06-21SG-1
116BuyStargate SG-1 6.04: FrozenTV EpisodeMartin Wood2002-06-28SG-1
117BuyStargate SG-1 6.05: NightwalkersTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2002-07-12SG-1
118BuyStargate SG-1 6.06: AbyssTV EpisodeMartin Wood2002-07-19SG-1
119BuyStargate SG-1 6.07: Shadow PlayTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2002-07-26SG-1
120BuyStargate SG-1 6.08: The Other GuysTV EpisodeMartin Wood2002-08-02SG-1
121BuyStargate SG-1 6.09: AllegianceTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2002-08-09SG-1
122BuyStargate SG-1 6.10: CureTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2002-08-16SG-1
123BuyStargate SG-1 6.11: PrometheusTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2002-08-23SG-1
124BuyStargate SG-1 6.12: Unnatural SelectionTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2002-12-04SG-1
125BuyStargate SG-1 6.13: Sight UnseenTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2002-12-11SG-1
126BuyStargate SG-1 6.14: Smoke & MirrorsTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2002-12-18SG-1
127BuyStargate SG-1 6.15: Paradise LostTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty2003-01-08SG-1
128BuyStargate SG-1 6.16: MetamorphosisTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2003-01-15SG-1
129BuyStargate SG-1 6.17: DisclosureTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty2003-01-22SG-1
130BuyStargate SG-1 6.18: ForsakenTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2003-01-29SG-1
131BuyStargate SG-1 6.19: The ChangelingTV EpisodeMartin Wood2003-02-05SG-1
132BuyStargate SG-1 6.20: MementoTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2003-02-12SG-1
133BuyStargate SG-1 6.21: ProphecyTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2003-02-19SG-1
134BuyStargate SG-1 6.22: Full CircleTV EpisodeMartin Wood2003-02-19SG-1
135BuyStargate SG-1 7.01: FallenTV EpisodeMartin Wood2003-06-13SG-1
136BuyStargate SG-1 7.02: HomecomingTV EpisodeMartin Wood2003-06-13SG-1
137BuyStargate SG-1 7.03: Fragile BalanceTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2003-06-20SG-1
138BuyStargate SG-1 7.04: OrpheusTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2003-06-27SG-1
139BuyStargate SG-1 7.05: RevisionsTV EpisodeMartin Wood2003-07-11SG-1
140BuyStargate SG-1 7.06: LifeboatTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2003-07-18SG-1
141BuyStargate SG-1 7.07: Enemy MineTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2003-07-25SG-1
142BuyStargate SG-1 7.08: Space RaceTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2003-08-01SG-1
143BuyStargate SG-1 7.09: Avenger 2.0TV EpisodeMartin Wood2003-08-08SG-1
144BuyStargate SG-1 7.10: BirthrightTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2003-08-15SG-1
145BuyStargate SG-1 7.11: Evolution, Part 1TV EpisodePeter DeLuise2003-08-22SG-1
146BuyStargate SG-1 7.12: Evolution, Part 2TV EpisodePeter DeLuise2003-12-15SG-1
147BuyStargate SG-1 7.13: GraceTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2004-01-06SG-1
148BuyStargate SG-1 7.14: FalloutTV EpisodeMartin Wood2004-01-13SG-1
149BuyStargate SG-1 7.15: ChimeraTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2004-01-20SG-1
150BuyStargate SG-1 7.16: Death KnellTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2004-01-27SG-1
151BuyStargate SG-1 7.17: Heroes, Part 1TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2004-02-03SG-1
152BuyStargate SG-1 7.18: Heroes, Part 2TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2004-02-10SG-1
153BuyStargate SG-1 7.19: ResurrectionTV EpisodeAmanda Tapping2004-02-17SG-1
154BuyStargate SG-1 7.20: InaugurationTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2004-02-24SG-1
155BuyStargate SG-1 7.21: Lost City, Part 1TV EpisodeMartin Wood2004-03-02SG-1
156BuyStargate SG-1 7.22: Lost City, Part 2TV EpisodeMartin Wood2004-03-09SG-1
157BuyStargate SG-1 8.01: New Order, Part 1TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2004-07-09SG-1
158BuyStargate SG-1 8.02: New Order, Part 2TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2004-07-09SG-1
159BuyStargate Atlantis 1.01: Rising, Part 1TV EpisodeMartin Wood2004-07-16Atlantis
160BuyStargate Atlantis 1.02: Rising, Part 2TV EpisodeMartin Wood2004-07-16Atlantis
161BuyStargate SG-1 8.03: LockdownTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2004-07-23SG-1
162BuyStargate Atlantis 1.03: Hide and SeekTV EpisodeDavid Warry-Smith2004-07-23Atlantis
163BuyStargate SG-1 8.04: Zero HourTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2004-07-30SG-1
164BuyStargate Atlantis 1.04: Thirty-Eight MinutesTV EpisodeMario Azzopardi2004-07-30Atlantis
165BuyStargate SG-1 8.05: IconTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2004-08-06SG-1
166BuyStargate Atlantis 1.05: SuspicionTV EpisodeMario Azzopardi2004-08-06Atlantis
167BuyStargate SG-1 8.06: AvatarTV EpisodeMartin Wood2004-08-13SG-1
168BuyStargate Atlantis 1.06: Childhood's EndTV EpisodeDavid Winning2004-08-13Atlantis
169BuyStargate SG-1 8.07: AffinityTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2004-08-20SG-1
170BuyStargate Atlantis 1.07: Poisoning the WellTV EpisodeBrad Turner2004-08-20Atlantis
171BuyStargate SG-1 8.08: CovenantTV EpisodeMartin Wood2004-08-27SG-1
172BuyStargate Atlantis 1.08: UndergroundTV EpisodeBrad Turner2004-08-27Atlantis
173BuyStargate SG-1 8.09: SacrificesTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2004-09-10SG-1
174BuyStargate Atlantis 1.09: HomeTV EpisodeHolly Dale2004-09-10Atlantis
175BuyStargate SG-1 8.10: EndgameTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2004-09-17SG-1
176BuyStargate Atlantis 1.10: The StormTV EpisodeMartin Wood2004-09-17Atlantis
177BuyStargate SG-1 8.11: GeminiTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2004-12-14SG-1
178BuyStargate Atlantis 1.11: The EyeTV EpisodeMartin Wood2005-01-21Atlantis
179BuyStargate SG-1 8.12: Prometheus UnboundTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2004-12-21SG-1
180BuyStargate Atlantis 1.12: The Defiant OneTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-01-28Atlantis
181BuyStargate SG-1 8.13: It's Good to Be KingTV EpisodeWilliam Gereghty2005-01-04SG-1
182BuyStargate Atlantis 1.13: Hot ZoneTV EpisodeMario Azzopardi2005-02-04Atlantis
183BuyStargate SG-1 8.14: Full AlertTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2005-01-11SG-1
184BuyStargate Atlantis 1.14: SanctuaryTV EpisodeJames Head2005-02-11Atlantis
185BuyStargate SG-1 8.15: Citizen JoeTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2005-01-18SG-1
186BuyStargate Atlantis 1.15: Before I SleepTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2005-02-18Atlantis
187BuyStargate SG-1 8.16: Reckoning, Part 1TV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-01-25SG-1
188BuyStargate SG-1 8.17: Reckoning, Part 2TV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-02-01SG-1
189BuyStargate Atlantis 1.16: The BrotherhoodTV EpisodeMartin Wood2005-02-25Atlantis
190BuyStargate Atlantis 1.17: Letters from PegasusTV EpisodeMario Azzopardi2005-03-04Atlantis
191BuyStargate SG-1 8.18: ThreadsTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2005-02-08SG-1
192BuyStargate Atlantis 1.18: The GiftTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-03-11Atlantis
193BuyStargate SG-1 8.19: Moebius, Part 1TV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-02-15SG-1
194BuyStargate SG-1 8.20: Moebius, Part 2TV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-02-22SG-1
195BuyStargate Atlantis 1.19: The Siege, Part 1TV EpisodeMartin Wood2005-03-18Atlantis
196BuyStargate Atlantis 1.20: The Siege, Part 2TV EpisodeMartin Wood2005-03-25Atlantis
197BuyStargate Atlantis 2.01: The Siege, Part 3TV EpisodeMartin Wood2005-07-15Atlantis
198BuyStargate SG-1 9.01: Avalon, Part 1TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2005-07-15SG-1
199BuyStargate SG-1 9.02: Avalon, Part 2TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2005-07-22SG-1
200BuyStargate Atlantis 2.02: The IntruderTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-07-22Atlantis
201BuyStargate SG-1 9.03: OriginTV EpisodeBrad Turner2005-07-29SG-1
202BuyStargate Atlantis 2.03: RunnerTV EpisodeMartin Wood2005-07-29Atlantis
203BuyStargate SG-1 9.04: The Ties That BindTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2005-08-05SG-1
204BuyStargate Atlantis 2.04: DuetTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-08-05Atlantis
205BuyStargate SG-1 9.05: The Powers That BeTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2005-08-12SG-1
206BuyStargate Atlantis 2.05: CondemnedTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-08-12Atlantis
207BuyStargate SG-1 9.06: BeachheadTV EpisodeBrad Turner2005-08-19SG-1
208BuyStargate Atlantis 2.06: TrinityTV EpisodeMartin Wood2005-08-19Atlantis
209BuyStargate SG-1 9.07: Ex Deus MachinaTV EpisodeMartin Wood2005-08-26SG-1
210BuyStargate Atlantis 2.07: InstinctTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2005-08-26Atlantis
211BuyStargate SG-1 9.08: BabylonTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-09-09SG-1
212BuyStargate Atlantis 2.08: ConversionTV EpisodeBrad Turner2005-09-09Atlantis
213BuyStargate SG-1 9.09: PrototypeTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2005-09-16SG-1
214BuyStargate Atlantis 2.09: AuroraTV EpisodeMartin Wood2005-09-23Atlantis
215BuyStargate SG-1 9.10: The Fourth Horseman, Part 1TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2005-09-16SG-1
216BuyStargate SG-1 9.11: The Fourth Horseman, Part 2TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2006-01-06SG-1
217BuyStargate Atlantis 2.10: The Lost BoysTV EpisodeBrad Turner2005-09-23Atlantis
218BuyStargate Atlantis 2.11: The HiveTV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-01-06Atlantis
219BuyStargate SG-1 9.12: Collateral DamageTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2006-01-13SG-1
220BuyStargate Atlantis 2.12: EpiphanyTV EpisodeNeil Fearnley2006-01-13Atlantis
221BuyStargate SG-1 9.13: Ripple EffectTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2006-01-20SG-1
222BuyStargate Atlantis 2.13: Critical MassTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2006-01-20Atlantis
223BuyStargate SG-1 9.14: StrongholdTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2006-01-27SG-1
224BuyStargate Atlantis 2.14: Grace Under PressureTV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-01-27Atlantis
225BuyStargate SG-1 9.15: EthonTV EpisodeKen Girotti2006-02-03SG-1
226BuyStargate Atlantis 2.15: The TowerTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2006-02-03Atlantis
227BuyStargate SG-1 9.16: Off the GridTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2006-02-10SG-1
228BuyStargate Atlantis 2.16: The Long GoodbyeTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2006-02-10Atlantis
229BuyStargate SG-1 9.17: The ScourgeTV EpisodeKen Girotti2006-02-17SG-1
230BuyStargate Atlantis 2.17: Coup d'ÉtatTV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-02-17Atlantis
231BuyStargate SG-1 9.18: Arthur's MantleTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2006-02-24SG-1
232BuyStargate Atlantis 2.18: MichaelTV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-02-24Atlantis
233BuyStargate SG-1 9.19: CrusadeTV EpisodeRobert C. Cooper2006-03-03SG-1
234BuyStargate Atlantis 2.19: InfernoTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2006-03-03Atlantis
235BuyStargate SG-1 9.20: CamelotTV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-03-10SG-1
236BuyStargate Atlantis 2.20: AlliesTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2006-03-10Atlantis
237BuyStargate SG-1 10.01: Flesh and BloodTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2006-07-14SG-1
238BuyStargate Atlantis 3.01: No Man's LandTV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-07-14Atlantis
239BuyStargate SG-1 10.02: MorpheusTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2006-07-21SG-1
240BuyStargate Atlantis 3.02: MisbegottenTV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-07-21Atlantis
241BuyStargate SG-1 10.03: The Pegasus ProjectTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2006-07-28SG-1
242BuyStargate Atlantis 3.03: IrresistibleTV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-07-28Atlantis
243BuyStargate SG-1 10.04: InsidersTV EpisodePeter F. Woeste2006-08-04SG-1
244BuyStargate Atlantis 3.04: SatedaTV EpisodeRobert C. Cooper2006-08-04Atlantis
245BuyStargate SG-1 10.05: UninvitedTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2006-08-11SG-1
246BuyStargate Atlantis 3.05: ProgenyTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2006-08-11Atlantis
247BuyStargate SG-1 10.06: 200TV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-08-18SG-1
248BuyStargate Atlantis 3.06: The Real WorldTV EpisodePaul Ziller2006-08-18Atlantis
249BuyStargate SG-1 10.07: CounterstrikeTV EpisodeAndy Mikita2006-08-25SG-1
250BuyStargate Atlantis 3.07: Common GroundTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2006-08-25Atlantis
251BuyStargate SG-1 10.08: Memento MoriTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2006-09-08SG-1
252BuyStargate Atlantis 3.08: McKay and Mrs. MillerTV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-09-08Atlantis
253BuyStargate SG-1 10.09: Company of ThievesTV EpisodeWilliam Waring2006-09-15SG-1
254BuyStargate Atlantis 3.09: PhantomsTV EpisodeMartin Wood2006-09-15Atlantis
255BuyStargate SG-1 10.10: The Quest, Part 1TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2006-09-22SG-1
256BuyStargate Atlantis 3.10: The Return, Part 1TV EpisodeBrad Turner2006-09-22Atlantis
257BuyStargate SG-1 10.11: The Quest, Part 2TV EpisodeAndy Mikita2007-04-13SG-1
258BuyStargate Atlantis 3.11: The Return, Part 2TV EpisodeBrad Turner2007-04-13Atlantis
259BuyStargate SG-1 10.12: Line in the SandTV EpisodePeter DeLuise2007-04-20SG-1
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  1. cameron

    shouldn’t stargate sg-1 s8 eps 3 and 4 be before Atlantis s1e1 since those 2 episodes are set within the first week of O’Neill being in charge of the sgc, and within the first like 10mins of first ep of Atlantis Dr weir says she has been preparing for the trip to Atlantis for months

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