Solar Cycle Reading Order

What’s on the Solar Cycle Reading Order?

The Solar Cycle timeline takes all of the books written in the series by Gene Wolfe and places them in a chronological list. The series consists of several smaller series set within the same universe. It all started with the Book of the Sun series, and took off from there with several other series following. Though the series remain rather separate from each other, they are still part of the same continuity.

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The CatShort StoryGene Wolfe
The MapShort StoryGene Wolfe
Empires of Foliage and FlowerShort StoryGene Wolfe
The Shadow of the TorturerNovelGene Wolfe
The Claw of the ConciliatorNovelGene Wolfe
The Sword of the LictorNovelGene Wolfe
The Citadel of the AutarchNovelGene Wolfe
The Urth of the New SunNovelGene Wolfe
The Tale of the Student and His SonShort StoryGene Wolfe
Folia’s Story: The Armiger’s DaughterShort StoryGene Wolfe
Nightside the Long SunNovelGene Wolfe
Lake of the Long SunNovelGene Wolfe
Calde of the Long SunNovelGene Wolfe
Exodus From the Long SunNovelGene Wolfe
On Blue’s WatersNovelGene Wolfe
In Green’s JunglesNovelGene Wolfe
Return to the WhorlNovelGene Wolfe
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