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The Shannara series has become one of the quintessential fantasy series of the last two generations. What started in 1977 has become a huge sprawling series.

What’s on the Shannara Reading Order?

This Shannara reading order comes from the series of books written by Terry Brooks. The Shannara Chronicles is a television series, developed by MTV, based on the book series. The show starts with Elfstones of Shannara. This timeline lists all of the Shannara books and tie-in series. These include the Word/Void series. It also includes the show, even though the show does not perfectly follow the books.

The Shannara series has a lot of separate stories, often appearing in trilogies. While Terry Brooks has continued to write books in chronological order over the years, he has occasionally gone back and written prequel novels. He even created a graphic novel as part of the timeline. Now that MTV has adapted the series, more people have interest in reading the books. So enjoy this timeline which should hopefully help you catch up on the lore of the epic Shannara timeline.

Where to Start Reading Shannara?

While not the chronological beginning, you should probably start with the trilogy that began the epic series. These books are The Sword of Shannara, Elfstones of Shannara (which is where the MTV show starts), and Wishsong of Shannara. After that, it doesn’t matter if you go back to read the prequels, or if you continue with the sequels. That said, the Word/Void trilogy stands alone, and exists much earlier than the main Shannara storyline. So that’s another good place to start, especially since it begins the chronology.

1BuyImaginary FriendsShort StoryTerry Brooks1991-10-23The Word and the VoidWritten as a prototype of the Word/Void trilogy.
2BuyRunning with the DemonNovelTerry Brooks1997-08-19The Word and the Void
3BuyA Knight of the WordNovelTerry Brooks1998-07-28The Word and the Void
4BuyAngel Fire EastNovelTerry Brooks1999-10-26The Word and the Void
5BuyArmageddon's ChildrenNovelTerry Brooks2006-08-01Genesis of Shannara
6BuyThe Elves of CintraNovelTerry Brooks2007-08-28Genesis of Shannara
7BuyThe Gypsy MorphNovelTerry Brooks2008-08-26Genesis of Shannara
8BuyBearers of the Black StaffNovelTerry Brooks2010-08-01Legends of Shannara
9BuyThe Measure of the MagicNovelTerry Brooks2011-08-01Legends of Shannara
10BuyFirst King of ShannaraNovelTerry Brooks1996-03-19Shannara Prequel
11BuyAllanon's QuestShort StoryTerry Brooks2012-07-01Paladins of ShannaraCollected in Paladins of Shannara
12BuyThe Sword of ShannaraNovelTerry Brooks1977-01-01Main Trilogy
13BuyThe Black IrixShort StoryTerry Brooks2013-06-01Paladins of ShannaraCollected in Paladins of Shannara
14BuyThe Elfstones of ShannaraNovelTerry Brooks1982-01-01Main Trilogy
15BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 1.01: Chosen, Part 1TV EpisodeJonathan Liebesman2016-01-05Shannara ChroniclesLoose adaptation of Elfstones of Shannara
16BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 1.02: Chosen, Part 2TV EpisodeJonathan Liebesman2016-01-05Shannara Chronicles
17BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 1.03: FuryTV EpisodeJames Marshall2016-01-12Shannara Chronicles
18BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 1.04: ChangelingTV EpisodeJames Marshall2016-01-19Shannara Chronicles
19BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 1.05: ReaperTV EpisodeBrad Turner2016-01-26Shannara Chronicles
20BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 1.06: PykonTV EpisodeBrad Turner2016-02-02Shannara Chronicles
21BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 1.07: BreaklineTV EpisodeJesse Warn2016-02-09Shannara Chronicles
22BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 1.08: UtopiaTV EpisodeJesse Warn2016-02-16Shannara Chronicles
23BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 1.09: SafeholdTV EpisodeBrad Turner2016-02-23Shannara Chronicles
24BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 1.10: EllcrysTV EpisodeBrad Turner2016-03-01Shannara Chronicles
25BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 2.01: DruidTV EpisodeBrad Turner2017-10-11Shannara ChroniclesA continuiation of the original Elfstones of Shannara story.
26BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 2.02: WraithTV EpisodeBrad Turner2017-10-18Shannara Chronicles
27BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 2.03: GraymarkTV EpisodeJames Marshall2017-10-25Shannara Chronicles
28BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 2.04: DwellerTV EpisodeJames Marshall2017-11-01Shannara Chronicles
29BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 2.05: ParanorTV EpisodeToa Fraser2017-11-08Shannara Chronicles
30BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 2.06: CrimsonTV EpisodeBrad Turner2017-11-08Shannara Chronicles
31BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 2.07: WarlockTV EpisodeJames Marshall2017-11-15Shannara Chronicles
32BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 2.08: AmberleTV EpisodeJames Marshall2017-11-15Shannara Chronicles
33BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 2.09: WilderunTV EpisodeToa Fraser2017-11-22Shannara Chronicles
34BuyThe Shannara Chronicles 2.10: BloodTV EpisodeBrad Turner2017-11-22Shannara Chronicles
35BuyThe Weapon Master's ChoiceShort StoryTerry Brooks2013-01-01Paladins of ShannaraCollected in Paladins of Shannara
36BuyThe Wishsong of ShannaraNovelTerry Brooks1985-04-12Main Trilogy
37BuyIndomitableShort StoryTerry Brooks2003-12-30OtherCollected in Legends II
38BuyThe Dark Wraith of ShannaraGraphic NovelTerry Brooks2008-03-25Other
39BuyThe Scions of ShannaraNovelTerry Brooks1990-03-01Heritage of Shannara
40BuyThe Druid of ShannaraNovelTerry Brooks1991-03-01Heritage of Shannara
41BuyThe Elf Queen of ShannaraNovelTerry Brooks1992-03-01Heritage of Shannara
42BuyThe Talismans of ShannaraNovelTerry Brooks1993-03-01Heritage of Shannara
43BuyIlse WitchNovelTerry Brooks2000-09-05Voyage of the Jerle Shannara
44BuyAntraxNovelTerry Brooks2001-09-18Voyage of the Jerle Shannara
45BuyMorgawrNovelTerry Brooks2002-09-02Voyage of the Jerle Shannara
46BuyJarka RuusNovelTerry Brooks2003-08-26High Druid of Shannara
47BuyTanequilNovelTerry Brooks2004-08-31High Druid of Shannara
48BuyStrakenNovelTerry Brooks2005-09-06High Druid of Shannara
49BuyWards of FaerieNovelTerry Brooks2012-08-01Dark Legacy of Shannara
50BuyBloodfire QuestNovelTerry Brooks2013-03-01Dark Legacy of Shannara
51BuyWitch WraithNovelTerry Brooks2013-07-01Dark Legacy of Shannara
52BuyThe High Druid's BladeNovelTerry Brooks2014-07-01Defenders of Shannara
53BuyThe Darkling ChildNovelTerry Brooks2015-06-01Defenders of Shannara
54BuyThe Sorcerer's DaughterNovelTerry Brooks2016-05-01Defenders of Shannara
55BuyThe Black ElfstoneNovelTerry Brooks2017-06-13The Fall of Shannara
56BuyThe Skaar InvasionNovelTerry Brooks2018-06-19The Fall of Shannara
57BuyThe Stiehl AssassinNovelTerry Brooks2019-05-28The Fall of Shannara
58BuyThe Last DruidNovelTerry Brooks2020-10-27The Fall of Shannara
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