Shakespeare Plays and Media List

William Shakespeare has had more influence on stories around the world than any other non-religious figure. His plays have been translated into many languages, adapted an infinite number of times, and entered our pop-culture in more ways than we know. This is the Shakespeare timeline.

What’s in the Shakespeare Timeline?

This is one of the few instances where we sort by release date. We’re huge fans of Shakespeare’s work, and he was the subject of our first non-science fiction or fantasy timeline. However, since Shakespeare’s plays are not a shared universe, there’s no other order to list. So we sort by date. We have also included some of the debated plays. These plays may have had more than one author besides Shakespeare.

We’ve also included various adaptations and derivative work. We don’t include ALL adaptations and inspired work because that list would be nearly unending. But we have picked a few of what we think are some of the most notable of the stories produced after Shakespeare himself. We hope you enjoy that list, and be sure to let us know if you have a beloved adaptation that you would include on this list.

Shakespeare is a subject of much study. His works are well documented. That said, if you see something we should include on this list, let us know. We might have missed something. You can do this on our contact page. Additionally, if you liked this timeline you might like some of our others, so feel free to look around.

Where to start reading Shakespeare?

Generally speaking, the schools have it about right. The tragedies are usually a good place to learn to appreciate Shakespeare. So we recommend Hamlet or Macbeth. However, some of his comedies are still funny today. You might want to start with Twelfth Night, or Much Ado About Nothing. Or you could read all of them in order, based on this timeline.

1BuyThe Two Gentlemen of VeronaPlayWilliam Shakespeare1589-01-01Elizabethan Era
2BuyThe Taming of the ShrewPlayWilliam Shakespeare1590-01-01Elizabethan Era
3BuyHenry VI, Part 2PlayWilliam Shakespeare1590-06-01Elizabethan Era
4BuyHenry VI, Part 3PlayWilliam Shakespeare1591-01-01Elizabethan Era
5BuyTitus AndronicusPlayWilliam Shakespeare1591-01-01Elizabethan Era
6BuyHenry VI, Part 1PlayWilliam Shakespeare1591-06-01Elizabethan EraPossibly written as a prequel to the other Henry VI plays.
7BuyRichard IIIPlayWilliam Shakespeare1592-01-01Elizabethan Era
8BuySir Thomas MorePlayWilliam Shakespeare1592-01-01Elizabethan EraShakespeare only wrote parts of this play.
9BuyEdward IIIPlayWilliam Shakespeare1592-06-01Elizabethan Era
10BuyVenus and AdonisPoemWilliam Shakespeare1593-01-01Elizabethan Era
11BuyThe Rape of LucrecePoemWilliam Shakespeare1594-01-01Elizabethan Era
12BuyThe Comedy of ErrorsPlayWilliam Shakespeare1594-03-01Elizabethan Era
13BuyLove's Labour's LostPlayWilliam Shakespeare1594-06-01Elizabethan Era
14Love's Labour's WonPlayWilliam Shakespeare1595-01-01Elizabethan EraA lost play.
15BuyRichard IIPlayWilliam Shakespeare1595-03-01Elizabethan Era
16BuyRomeo and JulietPlayWilliam Shakespeare1595-06-01Elizabethan Era
17BuyA Midsummer Night's DreamPlayWilliam Shakespeare1595-09-01Elizabethan Era
18BuyKing JohnPlayWilliam Shakespeare1596-01-01Elizabethan Era
19BuyThe Merchant of VenicePlayWilliam Shakespeare1596-03-01Elizabethan Era
20BuyHenry IV, Part 1PlayWilliam Shakespeare1596-06-01Elizabethan Era
21BuyThe Merry Wives of WindsorPlayWilliam Shakespeare1597-01-01Elizabethan Era
22BuyHenry IV, Part 2PlayWilliam Shakespeare1597-03-01Elizabethan Era
23BuyMuch Ado About NothingPlayWilliam Shakespeare1598-01-01Elizabethan Era
24BuyHenry VPlayWilliam Shakespeare1599-01-01Elizabethan Era
25BuyJulius CaesarPlayWilliam Shakespeare1599-03-01Elizabethan Era
26BuyAs You Like ItPlayWilliam Shakespeare1599-06-01Elizabethan Era
27BuyHamletPlayWilliam Shakespeare1599-09-01Elizabethan Era
28BuyTwelfth NightPlayWilliam Shakespeare1601-01-01Elizabethan Era
29BuyTroilus and CressidaPlayWilliam Shakespeare1601-03-01Elizabethan Era
30BuyMeasure for MeasurePlayWilliam Shakespeare1603-01-01Elizabethan Era
31BuyOthelloPlayWilliam Shakespeare1603-01-01Elizabethan Era
32BuyAll's Well That Ends WellPlayWilliam Shakespeare1604-01-01Elizabethan Era
33BuyKing LearPlayWilliam Shakespeare1605-01-01Elizabethan Era
34BuyTimon of AthensPlayWilliam Shakespeare1605-03-01Elizabethan Era
35BuyMacbethPlayWilliam Shakespeare1606-01-01Elizabethan Era
36BuyAnthony and CleopatraPlayWilliam Shakespeare1606-03-01Elizabethan Era
37BuyPericles, Prince of TyrePlayWilliam Shakespeare1607-01-01Elizabethan Era
38BuyCoriolanusPlayWilliam Shakespeare1608-01-01Elizabethan Era
39BuyThe Winter's TalePlayWilliam Shakespeare1609-01-01Elizabethan Era
40BuyShakespare SonnetsAnthologyWilliam Shakespeare1609-03-01Elizabethan Era
41BuyCymbelinePlayWilliam Shakespeare1610-01-01Elizabethan Era
42BuyThe TempestPlayWilliam Shakespeare1610-03-01Elizabethan Era
43CardenioPlayWilliam Shakespeare1612-01-01Elizabethan EraA lost play.
44BuyHenry VIIIPlayWilliam Shakespeare1612-03-01Elizabethan Era
45BuyThe Two Noble KinsmenPlayWilliam Shakespeare1613-01-01Elizabethan Era
46BuyThe Taming of the Shrew (1929)FilmSam Taylor1929-10-26Films
47BuyHenry V (1944)FilmLaurence Olivier1944-11-22Films
48BuyHamlet (1948)FilmLaurence Olivier1948-05-04Films
49BuyMacbeth (1948)FilmOrson Welles1950-12-27Films
50BuyJulius Caesar (1953)FilmJoseph L. Mankiewicz1953-06-04Films
51BuyKiss Me KateFilmGeorge Sidney1953-11-26Films
52BuyJoe MacBethFilmKen Hughes1955-10-18Films
53BuyRichard III (1955)FilmLaurence Olivier1955-12-13Films
54BuyAn Age of Kings 1.01: Richard II: The Hollow CrownTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-04-28An Age of Kings
55BuyAn Age of Kings 1.02: Richard II: The Deposing of a KingTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-05-12An Age of Kings
56BuyAn Age of Kings 1.03: Henry IV: Rebellion from the NorthTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-05-26An Age of Kings
57BuyAn Age of Kings 1.04: Henry IV: The Road to ShrewsburyTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-06-09An Age of Kings
58BuyAn Age of Kings 1.05: Henry IV: The New ConspiracyTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-06-23An Age of Kings
59BuyAn Age of Kings 1.06: Henry IV: Uneasy Lies the HeadTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-07-07An Age of Kings
60BuyAn Age of Kings 1.07: Henry V: Signs of WarTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-07-21An Age of Kings
61BuyAn Age of Kings 1.08: Henry V: The Band of BrothersTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-08-04An Age of Kings
62BuyAn Age of Kings 1.09: Henry VI: The Red Rose and the WhiteTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-08-25An Age of Kings
63BuyAn Age of Kings 1.10: Henry VI: The Fall of a ProtectorTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-09-08An Age of Kings
64BuyAn Age of Kings 1.11: Henry VI: The Rabble from KentTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-09-22An Age of Kings
65BuyAn Age of Kings 1.12: Henry VI: The Morning's WarTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-10-06An Age of Kings
66BuyAn Age of Kings 1.13: Henry VI: The Sun in SplendourTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-10-20An Age of Kings
67BuyAn Age of Kings 1.14: Richard III: The Dangerous BrotherTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-11-03An Age of Kings
68BuyAn Age of Kings 1.15: Richard III: The Boar HuntTV EpisodeMichael Hayes1960-11-17An Age of Kings
69BuyWest Side StoryFilmRobert Wise, Jerome Robbins1961-10-18Films
70BuyOthello (1965)FilmStuart Burge1965-12-15Films
71BuyChimes at MidnightFilmOrson Welles1965-12-22Films
72BuyThe Taming of the Shrew (1967)FilmFranco Zeffirelli1967-03-08Films
73BuyRomeo and Juliet (1968)FilmFranco Zeffirelli1968-03-05Films
74BuyA Midsummer Night's Dream (1968)FilmPeter Hall1968-09-01Films
75BuyJulius Caesar (1970)FilmStuart Burge1970-06-04Films
76BuyAntony and Cleopatra (1972)FilmCharlton Heston1972-03-02Films
77BuyThe Merchant of Venice (1973)FilmJohn Sichel1973-10-07Films
78BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 1.01: Romeo and JulietTV EpisodeAlvin Rakoff1978-12-03BBC Shakespeare
79BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 1.02: Richard IITV EpisodeDavid Giles1978-12-10BBC Shakespeare
80BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 1.03: As You Like ItTV EpisodeBasil Coleman1978-12-17BBC Shakespeare
81BuyMacbeth (1979)FilmPhilip Casson1979-01-04Films
82BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 1.04: Julius CaesarTV EpisodeHerbert Wise1979-02-11BBC Shakespeare
83BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 1.05: Measure for MeasureTV EpisodeDesmond Davis1979-02-18BBC Shakespeare
84BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 1.06: Henry VIIITV EpisodeKevin Billington1979-02-25BBC Shakespeare
85BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 2.01: Henry IV, Part 1TV EpisodeDavid Giles1979-12-09BBC Shakespeare
86BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 2.02: Henry IV, Part 2TV EpisodeDavid Giles1979-12-16BBC Shakespeare
87BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 2.03: Henry VTV EpisodeDavid Giles1979-12-23BBC Shakespeare
88BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 2.04: Twelfth NightTV EpisodeJohn Gorrie1980-01-06BBC Shakespeare
89BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 2.05: The TempestTV EpisodeJohn Gorrie1980-02-27BBC Shakespeare
90BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 2.06: HamletTV EpisodeRodney Bennett1980-05-25BBC Shakespeare
91BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 3.01: The Taming of the ShrewTV EpisodeJonathan Miller1980-10-23BBC Shakespeare
92BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 3.02: The Merchant of VeniceTV EpisodeJack Gold1980-12-17BBC Shakespeare
93BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 3.03: All's Well that Ends WellTV EpisodeElijah Moshinsky1981-01-04BBC Shakespeare
94BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 3.04: The Winter's TaleTV EpisodeJane Howell1981-02-08BBC Shakespeare
95BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 3.05: Timon of AthensTV EpisodeJonathan Miller1981-04-16BBC Shakespeare
96BBC Television Shakespeare 3.06: Antony and CleopatraTV EpisodeJonathan Miller1981-05-08BBC Shakespeare
97BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 4.01: OthelloTV EpisodeJonathan Miller1981-10-04BBC Shakespeare
98BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 4.02: Troilus and CressidaTV EpisodeJonathan Miller1981-11-07BBC Shakespeare
99BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 4.03: A Midsummer Night's DreamTV EpisodeElijah Moshinsky1981-12-13BBC Shakespeare
100BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 5.01: King LearTV EpisodeJonathan Miller1982-09-19BBC Shakespeare
101BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 5.02: The Merry Wives of WindsorTV EpisodeDavid Jones1982-12-08BBC Shakespeare
102BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 5.03: Henry VI, Part 1TV EpisodeJane Howell1983-01-02BBC Shakespeare
103BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 5.04: Henry VI, Part 2TV EpisodeJane Howell1983-01-09BBC Shakespeare
104BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 5.05: Henry VI, Part 3TV EpisodeJane Howell1983-01-16BBC Shakespeare
105BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 5.06: Richard IIITV EpisodeJane Howell1983-01-23BBC Shakespeare
106BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 6.01: CymbelineTV EpisodeElijah Moshinsky1983-07-10BBC Shakespeare
107BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 6.02: MacbethTV EpisodeJack Gold1983-11-05BBC Shakespeare
108BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 6.03: The Comedy of ErrorsTV EpisodeJames Cellan Jones1983-12-24BBC Shakespeare
109BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 6.04: The Two Gentlemen of VeronaTV EpisodeDon Taylor1983-12-27BBC Shakespeare
110BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 6.05: CoriolanusTV EpisodeElijah Moshinsky1984-04-21BBC Shakespeare
111BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 7.01: King JohnTV EpisodeDavid Giles1984-11-24BBC Shakespeare
112BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 7.02: PericlesTV EpisodeDavid Jones1984-12-08BBC Shakespeare
113BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 7.03: Much Ado About NothingTV EpisodeStuart Burge1984-12-22BBC Shakespeare
114BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 7.04: Love's Labour's LostTV EpisodeElijah Moshinsky1985-01-05BBC Shakespeare
115BuyBBC Television Shakespeare 7.05: Titus AndronicusTV EpisodeJane Howell1985-04-27BBC Shakespeare
116BuyHenry V (1989)FilmKenneth Branagh1989-10-06Films
117BuyOthello (1990)FilmTrevor Nunn1990-06-23Films
118BuyHamlet (1990)FilmFranco Zeffirelli1990-12-19Films
119BuyRosencrantz & Guildenstern Are DeadFilmTom Stoppard1991-02-08Films
120BuyMy Own Private IdahoFilmGus Van Sant1991-09-29Films
121BuyA Thousand AcresNovelJane Smiley1991-10-23Novels
122BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 1.01: A Midsummer Night's DreamTV EpisodeRobert Saakiants1992-11-09The Animated Tales
123BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 1.02: The TempestTV EpisodeStanislav Sokolov1992-11-16The Animated Tales
124BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 1.03: MacbethTV EpisodeNikolai Serebryakov1992-11-23The Animated Tales
125BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 1.04: Romeo and JulietTV EpisodeEfim Gamburg1992-11-30The Animated Tales
126BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 1.05: HamletTV EpisodeNatalia Orlova1992-12-07The Animated Tales
127BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 1.06: Twelfth NightTV EpisodeMaria Muat1992-12-14The Animated Tales
128BuyMuch Ado About Nothing (1993)FilmKenneth Branagh1993-05-07Films
129BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 2.01: Richard IIITV EpisodeNatasha Orlova1994-11-02The Animated Tales
130BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 2.02: The Taming of the ShrewTV EpisodeAida Ziablikova1994-11-09The Animated Tales
131BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 2.03: As You Like ItTV EpisodeAlexei Karayev1994-11-16The Animated Tales
132BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 2.04: Julius CaesarTV EpisodeYuri Kulakov1994-11-30The Animated Tales
133BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 2.05: The Winter's TaleTV EpisodeStanislav Sokolov1994-12-07The Animated Tales
134BuyShakespeare: The Animated Tales 2.06: OthelloTV EpisodeNikolai Serebryakov1994-12-14The Animated Tales
135BuyOthello (1995)FilmOliver Parker1995-12-15Films
136BuyRichard III (1995)FilmRichard Loncraine1995-12-29Films
137BuyTwelfth Night (1996)FilmTrevor Nunn1996-09-06Films
138BuyRomeo + JulietFilmBaz Luhrmann1996-11-01Films
139BuyHamlet (1996)FilmKenneth Branagh1996-12-25Films
140BuyShakespeare in LoveFilmJohn Madden1998-12-11Films
141Buy10 Things I Hate About YouFilmGil Junger1999-03-31Films
142BuyA Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)FilmMichael Hoffman1999-05-14Films
143BuyTitus (1999)FilmJulie Taymor1999-12-24Films
144BuyLove's Labour's Lost (2000)FilmKenneth Branagh2000-03-31Films
145BuyHamlet (2000)FilmMichael Almereyda2000-05-12Films
146BuyGet Over ItFilmTommy O'Haver2001-03-09Films
147BuyGertrude and ClaudiusNovelJohn Updike2001-07-05Novels
148BuyOFilmTim Blake Nelson2001-08-31Films
149BuyKing of TexasFilmUli Edel2002-03-23Films
150BuyThe Madness of LoveNovelKatharine Davies2005-01-11Novels
151BuyThe Merchant of Venice (2004)FilmMichael Radford2005-02-18Films
152BuyShakespeaRe-Told 1.01: Much Ado About NothingTV EpisodeBrian Percival2005-11-07ShakespeaRe-Told
153BuyShakespeaRe-Told 1.02: MacbethTV EpisodeMark Brozel2005-11-14ShakespeaRe-Told
154BuyShakespeaRe-Told 1.03: The Taming of the ShrewTV EpisodeDavid Richards2005-11-21ShakespeaRe-Told
155BuyShakespeaRe-Told 1.04: A Midsummer Night's DreamTV EpisodeEd Fraiman2005-11-28ShakespeaRe-Told
156BuyShe's the ManFilmAndy Fickman2006-03-17Films
157BuyMacbeth (2006)FilmGeoffrey Wright2006-09-21Films
158BuyOpheliaNovelLisa Klein2006-10-31Novels
159BuyThe Dead Father’s ClubNovelMatt Haig2007-02-01Novels
160BuyConfessions of a Triple Shot BettyNovelJody Gehrman2008-04-17Novels
161BuySomething WickedNovelAlan M. Gratz2008-10-16Novels
162BuyKing Lear (2008)FilmTrevor Nunn2008-12-26Films
163BuySomething RottenNovelAlan M. Gratz2009-01-08Novels
164BuyHamlet (2009)FilmGregory Doran2009-12-26Films
165BuyTwo Gentlemen of LebowskiNovelAdam Bertocci2010-10-26Novels
166BuyKill Shakespeare Volume 1: A Sea of TroublesGraphic NovelAnthony Del Col, Conor McCreery2010-11-09Kill Shakespeare
167BuyThe Tempest (2010)FilmJulie Taymor2010-12-10Films
168BuyMacbeth (2010)FilmRupert Goold2010-12-12Films
169BuyThe Weird SistersNovelEleanor Brown2011-01-20Novels
170BuyGnomeo & JulietFilmKelly Asbury2011-02-11Films
171BuyAnonymousFilmRoland Emmerich2011-10-28Films
172BuyKill Shakespeare Volume 2: The Blast of WarGraphic NovelAnthony Del Col, Conor McCreery2011-11-22Kill Shakespeare
173BuyCoriolanus (2011)FilmRalph Fiennes2012-01-20Films
174BuyI, IagoNovelNicole Galland2012-04-24Novels
175BuyThe Hollow Crown 1.01: Richard IITV EpisodeRupert Goold2012-06-30The Hollow Crown
176BuyThe Hollow Crown 1.02: Henry IV, Part 1TV EpisodeRichard Eyre2012-07-07The Hollow Crown
177BuyThe Hollow Crown 1.03: Henry IV, Part 2TV EpisodeRichard Eyre2012-07-14The Hollow Crown
178BuyThe Hollow Crown 1.04: Henry VTV EpisodeThea Sharrock2012-07-21The Hollow Crown
179BuyWarm BodiesNovelIsaac Marion2012-12-25Novels
180BuyWarm BodiesFilmJonathan Levine2013-02-01Novels
181BuyMuch Ado About Nothing (2012)FilmJoss Whedon2013-06-21Films
182BuyWilliam Shakespeare's Star WarsBookIan Doescher2013-07-02Shakespeare's Star Wars
183BuyKill Shakespeare Volume 3: The Tide of BloodGraphic NovelAnthony Del Col, Conor McCreery2013-10-01Kill Shakespeare
184BuyRomeo & Juliet (2013)FilmCarlo Carlei2013-10-11Films
185BuyWilliam Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh BackBookIan Doescher2014-03-18Shakespeare's Star Wars
186BuyWilliam Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth ReturnBookIan Doescher2014-07-01Shakespeare's Star Wars
187BuyCymbeline (2014)FilmMichael Almereyda2014-09-03Films
188BuyKill Shakespeare Volume 4: The Mask of NightGraphic NovelAnthony Del Col, Conor McCreery2014-12-25Kill Shakespeare
189BuyStrange MagicFilmGary Rydstrom2015-01-23Films
190BuyWilliam Shakespeare's The Phantom of MenaceBookIan Doescher2015-04-07Shakespeare's Star Wars
191BuyWilliam Shakespeare's The Clone Army AttackethBookIan Doescher2015-07-07Shakespeare's Star Wars
192BuyWilliam Shakespeare's Tragedy of the Sith's RevengeBookIan Doescher2015-09-08Shakespeare's Star Wars
193BuyMacbeth (2015)FilmJustin Kurzel2015-10-02Films
194BuyThe Gap of TimeNovelJeanette Winterson2015-10-06Hogarth Shakespeare
195BuyShylock is My NameNovelHoward Jacobson2016-02-09Hogarth Shakespeare
196BuyExit, Pursued by a BearNovelE.K. Johnston2016-03-15Novels
197BuyThe Taming of the DrewNovelStephanie Kate Strohm2016-04-05Novels
198BuyThe Hollow Crown 2.01: Henry VI, Part 1TV EpisodeDominic Cooke2016-05-07The Hollow Crown
199BuyThe Hollow Crown 2.02: Henry VI, Part 2TV EpisodeDominic Cooke2016-05-14The Hollow Crown
200BuyThe Hollow Crown 2.03: Richard IIITV EpisodeDominic Cooke2016-05-21The Hollow Crown
201BuyA Midsummer Night's Dream (2016)FilmDavid Kerr2016-05-30Films
202BuyVinegar GirlNovelAnne Tyler2016-06-21Hogarth Shakespeare
203BuyHag-SeedNovelMargaret Atwood2016-10-11Hogarth Shakespeare
204BuyThe Prince of CatsGraphic NovelRon Wimberly2016-10-26Novels
205BuyNew BoyNovelTracy Chevalier2017-05-11Hogarth Shakespeare
206BuyWill 1.01: The Play's The ThingTV EpisodeShekhar Kapur2017-07-10Will
207BuyWill 1.02: Cowards Die Many TimesTV EpisodeShekhar Kapur2017-07-10Will
208BuyWill 1.03: The Two GentlemenTV EpisodeShekhar Kapur2017-07-17Will
209BuyWill 1.04: Brave New WorldTV EpisodeElliott Lester2017-07-24Will
210BuyWill 1.05: The Marriage of True MindsTV EpisodeElliott Lester2017-07-31Will
211BuyWill 1.06: Something Wicked This Way ComesTV EpisodeMagnus Martens2017-08-07Will
212BuyWill 1.07: What Dreams May ComeTV EpisodeMagnus Martens2017-08-14Will
213BuyWill 1.08: Your HousesTV EpisodeJonathan Teplitzky2017-08-21Will
214BuyWill 1.09: Play the DevilTV EpisodeJonathan Teplitzky2017-08-28Will
215BuyWill 1.10: Once, Bright AngelTV EpisodeShekhar Kapur2017-09-04Will
216BuySpeak Easy, Speak LoveNovelMcKelle George2017-09-19Novels
217BuyWilliam Shakespeare's The Force Doth AwakenBookIan Doescher2017-10-03Shakespeare's Star Wars
218BuyDunbarNovelEdward St. Aubyn2017-10-24Hogarth Shakespeare
219BuyKill Shakespeare - Past is Prologue: JulietGraphic NovelConor McCreery2017-11-01Kill Shakespeare
220BuyMacbeth (novel)NovelJo Nesbø2018-04-05Hogarth Shakespeare
221BuyKing Lear (2018)FilmRichard Eyre2018-05-28Films
222BuyWilliam Shakespeare's Jedi the LastBookIan Doescher2018-07-10Shakespeare's Star Wars
223BuyWilliam Shakespeare's Much Ado About Mean GirlsBookIan Doescher2019-04-23Pop Shakespeare
224BuyWilliam Shakespeare's Get Thee Back to the Future!BookIan Doescher2019-04-23Pop Shakespeare
225BuyOpheliaFilmClaire McCarthy2019-06-28Films
226BuyWilliam Shakespeare's The Taming of the CluelessBookIan Doescher2020-04-21Pop Shakespeare
227BuyWilliam Shakespeare's The Merry Rise of SkywalkerBookIan Doescher2020-07-28Shakespeare's Star Wars
228West Side Story (2020)FilmSteven Spielberg2020-12-18Films
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