Realm of the Elderlings Reading Order

What’s in the Realm of the Elderlings Reading Order?

This is the unofficial Realm of the Elderlings reading order, featuring the books written by Robin Hobb. The series takes place on the world of Eda and El, and Hobb has written several series set within the same universe, and they are all listed here. Most of Hobb’s books have existed in this world.

Thankfully most of the books were released in chronological order. There are a few short stories and such that take place earlier, or in between books. We recommend publication order, though you won’t be too confused if you follow chronologically.

“Homecoming”Short StoryRobin Hobb
The Willful Princess and the Piebald PrinceNovelRobin Hobb
“Cat’s Meat”Short StoryRobin Hobb
Assassin’s ApprenticeNovelRobin Hobb
“Words Like Coins”Short StoryRobin Hobb
“Blue Boots”Short StoryRobin Hobb
Royal AssassinNovelRobin Hobb
Assassin’s QuestNovelRobin Hobb
“The Inheritance”Short StoryRobin Hobb
Ship of MagicNovelRobin Hobb
The Mad ShipNovelRobin Hobb
Ship of DestinyNovelRobin Hobb
Fool’s ErrandNovelRobin Hobb
The Golden FoolNovelRobin Hobb
Fool’s FateNovelRobin Hobb
Dragon KeeperNovelRobin Hobb
Dragon HavenNovelRobin Hobb
City of DragonsNovelRobin Hobb
Blood of DragonsNovelRobin Hobb
Fool’s AssassinNovelRobin Hobb
Fool’s QuestNovelRobin Hobb
Assassin’s FateNovelRobin Hobb
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