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What’s on the Quentin Tarantino Universe Timeline?

Quentin Tarantino has directed and written a lot of films, each more crazy and ridiculously amazing than the last. But you might not have known that they are all part of the same universe…sort of. Tarantino himself admited that there were two universes within his films. One was his “real” universe, with films like Resevoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. But there were also in-universe films, meaning films that characters from films like Pulp Fiction would go and see. These in-universe films include Kill Bill and From Dawn Till Dusk, among others.

This timeline attempts to place them all together. Since many films don’t give a clear placement, we’ve placed those in the order of when they were produced. We have, however, placed all of the in-universe films together in one bunch. Films like Inglorious Bastards or The Hateful Eight obviously take place much earlier, so those films are set at the beginning of the timeline.

Where to Start?

Since most of these films stand on their own, you can start wherever you would like. However, since Pulp Fiction is considered a classic and one of Tarantino’s best, we recommend you start with that one. You may then continue with the others in chronological order or however you see fit.

We hope you enjoy this Quentin Tarantino universe timeline. If you did, you might enjoy checking out some of our others, such as the View Askewniverse page.

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