Pokemon Game Timeline

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Pokemon games have been a staple of the franchise ever since the wildly popular Red and Blue games. Those games, and those that followed, have perhaps been what sustained the handheld industry for its initial years.

What’s on the Pokemon Game Timeline?

The Pokemon games have long been a huge part of the franchise. While others may have been introduced via the card game, or the television series, a huge group of us fell in love with the little fighters because of the mobile games. Pokemon Red and Blue were hugely popular, and were remade several times over the years.

This timeline includes all those games (though we don’t include every new version of a singlar game). And it also includes a few console games, particularly those released more recently. While the timeline for Pokemon is kind of loose, we hope you will enjoy playing through these games in this rough chronological order.

Where do I start playing Pokemon games?

The answer to this question really depends on what gaming platform you use. If you’re a mobile gamer, Pokemon Go is where its at. For portable game consoles, you might want to start with Pokemon FireRed. If you have a modern console, such as the Nintendo Switch, then we’d recommend starting with Pokken Tournament. Thankfully, most of these games can stand on their own, so it doesn’t matter much.

1Pokemon GoGameTatsuo Nomura2016-07-06Pokemon Games
2BuyPokemon: Let's Go PikachuGameJunichi Masuda2018-11-16Pokemon Games
3BuyPokemon FireRed and LeafGreenGameJunichi Masuda2005-06-27Pokemon GamesPokémon FireRed and Emerald have connection with each other, so Brendan starts he's journey when Red beats the League and goes to Sevii
4BuyPokemon EmeraldGameShigeki Morimoto2005-04-29Pokemon GamesPokémon FireRed and Emerald have connection with each other, so Brendan starts he's journey when Red beats the League and goes to Sevii. Director's cut version of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
5BuyPokemon ColosseumGameManabu Yamana2003-11-21Pokemon Games
6BuyPokemon RangerGameToshinobu Matsumiya, Akihito Toda2006-10-31Pokemon Games
7BuyPokemon HeartGold and Soul SilverGameShigeki Morimoto2010-03-14Pokemon GamesEnhanced remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver.
8BuyPokemon PlatinumGameTakeshi Kawachimaru2009-03-22Pokemon GamesDirector's cut version of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.
9BuyPokemon Ranger: Shadows of AlmiaGameKatsuyoshi Irie2008-11-10Pokemon Games
10BuyPokemon Ranger: Guardian SignsGameYukinori Torii2010-10-04Pokemon Games
11BuyPokemon XD: Gale of DarknessGameManabu Yamana2005-09-28Pokemon Games
12BuyPokemon Black and WhiteGameJunichi Masuda2011-03-06Pokemon Games
13BuyPokemon Black 2 and White 2GameTakao Unno2012-10-07Pokemon Games
14BuyPokemon X and YGameToshinobu Matsumiya, Masafumi Nukita, Suguru Nakatsui2013-10-12Pokemon Games
15BuyPokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra MoonGameToshinobu Matsumiya, Ryota Muranaka, Hitomi Sato2017-11-17Pokemon GamesDirector's cut versions of Pokémon Sun and Moon.
16BuyPokken Tournament DXGameHaruki Suzaki2017-09-22Pokemon Games

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